10 Best 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw of 2021

After a detailed review of the 12-inch sliding compound miter saw, we wanted to give our viewers a comprehensive review of the best 10-inch sliding miter saw, so each buyer can buy one as per their needs…a perfect miter saw.

If you are a professional doing big construction jobs, or a home worker who loves doing home upgradations, the sliding compound miter saws with their wide range of models and high-quality cutting techniques is an essential tool, but so many models are available in the market that sometimes getting a right tool becomes a tricky task.

Best 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw Reviews

We, therefore, have considered each and every aspect starting from performance, power, cutting capacity, strength, accuracy, and extra value-added features before creating the list of the 10 overall best miter saws for you. After going through each review, check out the relevant questions and buyers guide before making the final purchase.

Here is a list of top rated 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw for money as per our editors;

1. Delta 26-224 – Best for DIYers

Cruzer is a 10-inch diameter blade with a flexible flip-down feature that has a 16-inch wide cross cutting capacity. The military-grade construction with the robotic arm and heavy-duty bearings allows efficient gliding through the cuts. The cord was placed at the back of the saw protecting it from getting in the way of the blade.

A potent 15amp motor ensures 45-degrees left or right beveling with 7 positive stop points and miter angles at 50 ° left or 60 ° right at 10 positive stops at various common positions. Accessible override and bevel switch for quick adjustment and movement. The spindle locks on the saw to make sure everything remains tight and secured.

Featuring all the safety features like the shadow line-cutting technique for accurate cutting and the electric blade to stop the blade faster once the trigger is released. The table extensions make cutting long wood pieces convenient. While doing the cutting and alignment, the blade guards provides a clear sight of the cutting area.

The Expert Opinion
With its capacity to cut wider longer boards like fencing, decking, and moldings with ease, this delta is our premium choice whether you are a Diyer or a professional.
  • Dust port for excellent dust collection and vacuum connection
  • Comfortable grip handles and easy to reach trigger for quick control
  • Alignment issue

2. Bosch CM10GD – Best for crown Molding

Bosch’s leading axial glide structure offers flawless alignment and wider crosscuts and takes much less workspace by replacing the conventional sliding rail system thus enhancing overall work productivity. For base and nested crown molding, they have put the chop lock which locks the head in place and makes cutting crown molding handy.

The axial feature allows users’ full control over the saw’s cutting movements. Equipped with one fixed and one adjustable fence for increased crown cutting capacity, bevel set-ups, and adjustments, add a professional level proficiency. Bosch has visible miter scales with adjustable miter detents for absolute precision.

A reliable 10-inch saw with a 15-ampere motor that produces a no-load 4500 RPM speed, deeply cuts the wood piece with absolute ease. An easily transportable 64 pounds saw perfect for tight spaces. The soft-grip trigger handle makes everyday usage comfortable.

The Expert Opinion
Due to its missing laser and soft start feature, this saw has faced some criticism, but it is not something you ignore. This particular saw is excellent for interior works and for cutting crown moldings.
  • Excellent dust collection capacity including a dust chute and a vacuum adaptor
  • A 60 teeth carbide blade for quick smoother cuts
  • Lightweight yet durable with the perfect cutting capacity
  • No soft start-up
  • Missing laser guidance

3. Makita XSL06Z – Best Cordless Dual Miter Saw

Makita stays true to their word by continuously bringing innovation to the Power tool industry.The XSL06Z is a brushless motor cordless tool that comes with a Lithium-Ion (36V) power battery kit. The tool runs on LXT batteries, because it is electronically operated, you are free from the hassle of managing the cord.

Makita is the developer of the brushless motor that entirely eradicated the carbon brushes. The electronically regulated brushless motor has the capacity to produce up to 4400 RPM for high-quality, firm cuts. The BL motor stays cool leading to longer tool life. The reduced footprint allows the tool to be flushed up against the wall.

The innovative single slide-glide 2 rail system designed for out-of-the-box cutting accuracy. You wouldn’t have to adjust the speed using any controls; Makita 10 inch cordless dual miter saw will automatically adjust the torque and cutting speed for you which will help achieve optimum performance results.

The Expert Opinion
The leading industry technology with its state of the art design gives users what they desire: durability and utmost performance.
  • LXT technology delivers power, speed, and durability
  • The direct gear-box and guard system installed for the largest cutting capacity
  • The easy access upfront bevel lock for quick bevel adjustments
  • A little bit Expensive

4. Delta S26-263 – Best for Homeowner

For a DIYer or a homeowner or even a professional, this Delta Shopmaster is just the right investment. This 10-inch compound miter saw has a 12-inch crosscut capacity. You can complete a lot of hardwood cutting at a quicker pace with Shopmaster’s 15-amp competent motor.

Table extensions were included in the package to prevent the board from tilting because longer workpieces require more support. Upgraded battery-operated laser system with an on and off button to place the blade on the exact, predictable part on the board. A spindle lock to secure the blade at a stationary position.

This saw’s bevel angles can cut nominal 2×12 at the full bevel, it bevels left from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Perfect for cutting boards, fencing, timber, and even thick logs.  An affordable saw with the Electric brake safety features, when triggered it reverses the flow of electricity making the saw stop within seconds.

The Expert Opinion
If you are in a place where you have to make precise, smooth cuts on extremely expensive pieces, then this Shopmaster is the must-have tool for you.
  • Lightweight, portable unit for easy transport from site to site
  • Electric brake stops the motor within seconds of pressing the trigger
  • Comes with a work clamp and dust bag
  • Due to the saw vibration, the table moves off the mark even when it is locked down

5. Hitachi C10FCH2 – Best for Woodworkers

An aggressive 15-amp tool that produces 5000 RPM no-load speed for miter and cross-cut, which is a lot, considering it can cut any hard material at ease with the maximum 1950-watt output and 1520 watt input power. Hitachi comes with a predictable blade laser marker to create an accurate cutting experience for its users.

Weighing only 26.5 pounds, this 10 inch Hitachi compound miter saw is a great saw at an awesome price. For improved flexibility and exactitude, miter detent angles and bevel angles with adjustable bevel stops were fitted in the saw. Build-in clamps and a large table are included to hold your material in place.

They extended the flip pivoting fence up to 4-inches for vertical crown moldings cutting and the 10 ½ inch TCT blade with its sharp edges is feasible for hard woodwork and with intricate trim designs. Hitachi has given maximum control to the users by using the soft synthetic grip handle which minimizes the vibrations during operation.

The Expert Opinion
Hitachi is known to create tools for professional woodworkers who need a huge and power-packed miter saw, and this is one of their best creations.
  • Durable saw with an industry-backed warranty
  • This professional-grade power tool can cut through any woodwork, concrete, metal substances, and also beneficial for trimming, drilling, and fastening.
  • Easy to access carbon brushes for saw’s long life
  • Not a very efficient dust collection mechanism
  • Laser alignment is a bit off

6. Metabo HPT C10FSHCT – Zero Rear Clearance Slide System

Who wouldn’t want to buy this lightweight, tough saw at such a good price, with a huge brand name, who never compromise on their quality? You throw whatever tough job at this reliable, powerful tool and it would never disappoint. The 15 amperes improved motor with more power and more torque to evenly cut through the board.

Compact design with reduced footprint and the inserted laser guide with the LED features make visibility clear in dark settings. Light weightiness not only makes storage feasible but the professional carpenters and tradesman can easily move the tool from site to site. The easy to access bevel stop mechanism allows quick modifications.

Despite the weight, this power tool can easily make a left and right miter and bevel cuts at different angles, providing you the flexibility to use the saw for a variety of tasks, while doing the bevel cut you can easily flip the blade leaving the material where it was. This sliding saw has a zero rear clearance so the head easily glides on fixed rails.

The Expert Opinion
The increased power and torque of this saw makes tackling the toughest jobs effortless. Metabo is a very effective miter saw not only for professionals but also for homeowners.
  • Fitted with a LED for high visibility
  • The improved laser maker system for maximum accuracy
  • The package includes the dust bag, vise clamp, wrench toolbox, and a 40-teeth saw blade
  • Soft-start feature missing

7. JET 70721 – Best Economical Miter Saw

Everybody has a budget, and almost everybody wishes to buy a great value, economical miter saw which can effectively fulfill their buying needs. You can now achieve the maximum precision of bevel and miter cuts with Jet dual bevel compound miter saw. The upfront thumb control lever makes adjusting the miter angles fitting.

Obviously, you’d want to crosscut wide boards, the reason you bought the compound saw in the first place, the fenced linear bearing allows the controlled sliding motions. The heavy-duty aluminum body combined with the 15-amp power miter ensures superb performance, durability, and long life.

The razor-thin red laser ray provides cut-line precision along with the LED light which offers high visibility in dim surroundings. The extension table supports securing the material. The comfortable, ambidextrous grip handle and the adjustable fences add great versatility and efficient control.

The Expert Opinion
With a number of already available miter saws in the market, sometimes it becomes highly difficult to choose one. Jet is a versatile workhorse without many cons that can efficiently cut angular, bevel, miter, compound, and straight cuts.
  • The advanced red laser shows exactly where the kerf will land to make the accurate cut
  • The miter detent override lets you make fine adjustments to any miter angle by locking the detent action.
  • Doesn’t have a soft start feature

8. WEN MM1011 – Featuring Class II Laser Guide

Invest in the WEN single bevel miter saw which has the capacity to cut even the hardest of wood at any angle. The powerful 15-amp motor that rotates the blades at 4500 RPM can cut through the wide, thick board making deep efficient cuts without leaving any uneven, ragged edges. The compact design is great for movability around sites as well as for storage.

A budget-friendly knows that all miter saws with 9 positive stops and the miter lock allows the saw to stop at the preferred angles. It has the capacity to cut 3 ½ inches thick and 12-inch wide boards and cut 45 degrees’ bevel and miter cut in 2 ½ inches thick and 8 ½ inches, wide boards. Besides, it is also suitable for crown moldings for both nested and vertical capacity.

A clamp assembly is added in the package as it assists in maintaining the control of the saw by preventing the wood movement and holding the material down to stop any misfortunes from happening. Connect the dust port with the dust gathering device for efficient collection of sawdust and debris.

The Expert Opinion
When you are on a budget, sometimes you have to compromise. Though Wen is a single bevel power tool, and can only make bevel cut in one direction it can still achieve the same thing the dual bevel can.
  • A professional 10-inch diameter, 40-Tooth carbide-tipped blade for deep, extensive, and quick woodwork.
  • The innovative laser guide accurately highlights the line of cut
  • Features an efficient dust collection bag, a dust port adapter, 2 table extensions, with a 2- years warranty
  • Difficult to assemble
  • The miter reading markings were made using plastic paper, which starts to peel off after a few uses.

9. Metabo HPT C10FSBS – With Electronic Speed Control

Metabo C10FSBC is a 12-ampere power motor dual bevel 10-inch sliding compound miter saw with a special zero rear clearance sliding feature which allows the saw to slide smoothly on fixed rails so that the sliding motions are not compromised. Positive stop points at the common bevel and miter angles allow quick flipping of the blade, creates a flexible, accurate cutting experience.

The soft-start is a feature that not only reduces the noise but reduces the impact of the inrush current when the motor is started, which prolongs the saw life and durability. The upfront electronic speed control keeps the speed constant and the electric brake system helps avoid accidental cuts, stopping the blade within seconds of releasing the trigger.

Weighing almost 55 pounds, considerably lighter than other heavy saws in the market makes product maneuvering easy. Positive miter stops at the most common angles at both left and right direction with 40 teeth TCT blade doesn’t leave any rough edges behind. It comes with a wrench box for quick adjustments and a sawdust bag for keeping the work atmosphere healthy.

The Expert Opinion
The right woodworking tool is what you need to cut all the right angles. For more stability and flexible cutting experience, they have included the high pivoting fence which secures the material while doing the smoother, wider cuts.
  • The linear ball bearing system for precision and accuracy
  • Visible white markings on the black miter scale allow easy to read measurements
  • The electric brake system
  • Electric speed control feature for keeping speed RPMs constant
  • Doesn’t have a laser light feature

10. Evolution R255SMS – Best Metal Cutting Miter Saw

A modern looking black and orange casting innovative miter saw with its 15-ampere motor designed to cut deeper, wider material with great precision without the hassle of changing blades. The high- torque motor with the supreme quality Japanese Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped (TCT) blade can easily cut through 1/8-inch mild steel. The more teeth on the blade get you even, clean cuts.

The assisted straight-line laser guide ensures accurate cuts and finishes for your next project. This tool with its clear bevel scales and miter detents has the capacity of cutting 50 degrees’ miter angles and 45 degrees’ bevel tilt to achieve a smooth finish. The upgraded tool fence not only increases the cutting capacity but the size of the material you can cut.

The integrated handles on this saw make portability on the job site very easy. You wouldn’t have to deal with the extension cables during working because of the 13-inch extended power cable they have included in the saw. An efficient dust bag with the quick release clamp helps in securing the workpiece giving full control on making the long repeated cut.

The Expert Opinion
Though Evolution is a single bevel sliding saw but it is not a conventional saw it can cut several types of materials like brick, wood, PVC, metal, PVS, and many more. This saw is specifically designed to meet the growing demands of cutting metal.
  • Multi-purpose blade
  • 13-inch power cable
  • Japanese Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped (TCT) for even, clean cuts
  • Can smoothly cut material like metal, wood with nails, plastic, and wood-plastic composite along with other materials
  • Single bevel

what is the difference between a sliding miter saw and a compound miter saw?

sliding miter saw vs compound miter saw


Standing at the hardware store, going through different miter saws, you might be wondering which saw is best for my job and what sort of cuts it can do. The compound miter saw with its pivoting arm can allow you to cut both miter cut and bevel cut at the same time, just tilt the blade to adjust the angle.

The only difference between sliding and compound miter saw is that the sliding saw has rails on them that allow the miter saw to slide back and forth as you cut the material. A sliding miter saw can cut wider pieces suitable for big construction jobs, but the compound saw without the rails are better for thicker materials.

which is better 10 or 12 sliding miter saw?

By now all of you must know that miter saws come with a variety of blade types and sizes under different brand names in the market. You can definitely discover a blade from 71/2 inches to 20 inches. Nonetheless, the most widely used miter saw blade sizes are 10 inches and 12 inches. So let’s dig in and find the key differences between 10-inch vs 12-inch miter saws so as to conclude which one is better are:

  • A 10 inch saw would spin faster (up to 5000rpm) as compared to the 12-inch miter saw which tends to be slower (4000 rpm by max) due to its heavy blade.
  • The 10-inch miter saw is cheaper however a 12-inch miter saw is costly because of the teeth count on the blade and as the number of blades increases so does the worth and cost of the saw.
  • Usually, a 10-inch miter saw comes with a 13-amp motor and hence uses less electricity, whereas a 12-inch miter saw is prone to heavy electricity usage as it comes with a 15- amp motor

Now to cut the story short, the 10-inch miter saw is low-cost to purchase and hence easy to own. However, with a 10-inch miter saw, you cannot cut boards wider than 6 inches which is just about appropriate for most woodworking ventures and is a suitable miter saw for homeowners as well.

what is the Advantages of a Sliding Miter Saw?

Cutting crown moldings with a sliding miter saw is much easier than using the regular miter saw. You can find the best miter saw for cutting crown moldings which will assist you in cutting the huge, wide moldings at diverse angles with all aspects of crown moldings enclosed and discussed.

Sliding compound miter saws feature all the resourcefulness of compound miter saws with an additional sliding feature, allowing the extended forward and backward movement of the blade. The major improvement the sliding feature provides is the improved, bigger length of the cuts it.

But this doesn’t make the sliding saw any better as it is a little lavish saw, certainly making it expensive. Moreover, it is difficult to readjust and a little more dangerous because the built-in safety features could only help a professional saw user, not a beginner or a DIYer, also it is not perfect for extreme angles.

As a sliding miter saw can make all the same cuts as a non-sliding one, it is better to save oneself some bucks unless extremely required.

what is the Difference Between Single Bevel And Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

As opposed to a single bevel saw which can only be rotated towards a single side, a double bevel miter saw can cut at an angle on both sides of the plank eliminating the need of flipping the board around during cutting.

Due to this complex geometry of allowing cutting at an angle on both sides, a double bevel miter saw is generally much heavier and subsequently a little costly than a single bevel miter saw.

Generally speaking, a double bevel miter saw is a much more precise and helpful tool targeting professionals while a single bevel saw is more suitable to homeowners and DIY’ers.

The Buying  Guide of 10 Inch Sliding Miter SAW

  • Size

Miter saws offer an assortment of sizes. But to be more specific, those are the blades on the saws that come in different sizes. Actually, it is the diameter of the miter saw blade used which represents the size of the miter saw. Usually, they are available in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch sizes.

  • Blade

Most of the miter saws are made for cutting wooden boards and trims. However, carbide-tipped saw blades can easily cut other materials like plumbing, tiles, ceramics, and masonry, etc. A miter saw with a sharp pointy tooth blade is great for a variety of uses, including making regular board cuts, compound angle cuts, or angled miter cuts. It is an essential item for general DIY works such as flooring as well as for professional woodcutting.

  • Safety

Most miter saws are safe as long as you’re following the required precautionary and safety measures. The most common things to keep in mind are to wear safety glasses and hearing protection when you’re operating the saw. Never in any case put your hand near or under a running blade even after it is shut off. Let the blade come to a complete stop at the end of each cut before lifting it or removing the cut board.

  • Power, Cost, and Portability

A 12-inches miter saw with larger blades can obviously make broader and deeper cuts with ease, as compared to a smaller sized miter saw (10-inches and less) which is more cost-effective and provides easy handling and portability. But sometimes for beginners, 12-inch blades prove helpful as they are big and also more powerful thus make bigger cuts as they put a lot more power into each cut, but are obviously heavy (which makes portability difficult) and pricey.


After the detailed analysis and review, we have selected the best 10-inch miter saws for you. These mounted circular blades are a powerful woodworking tool which has the ability to cut a variety of materials from timber to metal, even plastic, you simply name it, and they would make your life stress-free. So, make a decision based on the kind of capacity you want your miter saw to endure.

Happy Miter Saw Buying!!

People Also Asked For 10 Inch Miter Saws

What size board will a 10 inch sliding miter saw cut?
A powerful10-inch sliding miter saw allows the woodworker to cut firm, clean cuts at consistent angles. This one has the capacity to cut ha 5 ½ inch wide, adequate for a 2 x 6 timber board and a 2 x 4 lumber cut at a 45-degree angle.
Will a 10 inch sliding miter saw cut a 4x4?
Yes, a 10-inch miter saw has the capacity to cut a 4×4 board but it will be quite difficult to cut it in one single go because a 10-inch sliding miter saw has the maximum capacity to cut a 5 ½ inch wide board. So it is practical to buy a 12-inch miter saw to get the job done quickly and smoothly.
Is a sliding miter saw worth it?
The usefulness of the saw can be determined by looking at the type of project you are working on. A sliding compound miter saw is a specialized tool with the versatility of the compound miter saw with an extra sliding feature that can do both miter and bevel cut on a wide board. And if you plan on working on pieces wider than 8-inches, (which is more than what a non-slider saw cut) and also cutting moldings or baseboards sliding miter saw is worth the investment.
Will a 12 sliding miter saw cut a 6x6?
A 12-inch blade diameter saw can typically cut 2 x 8 and 2 x 6 timber boards, at 90 and 45 degrees angles respectively. But the difference also lies if the miter saw you are using is basic or sliding because a sliding miter saw can cut wider boards e-g they can cut a 2 x 16 diameter board at 90 degrees and a 2 x 12 lumber at 45 degrees.
Do I need a sliding miter saw if I have a table saw?
Table saw and sliding miter saw, both of the saws serve a different purpose. A miter saw can do precise angular, miter or bevel cuts and is a good option for cross-cutting boards and trimmings and cuts under 12 inches. On the other hand, table saws are budget-friendly and can do longer cuts, and can easily rip the entire sheet of plywood. Table saws can do a variety of general cuts but are not designed to make accurate cuts. So that totally depends on the type of work you do. But if you want to explore more extensive woodworking options like crown moldings, fencing, flooring, etc. then you’d definitely need a sliding compound miter saw.

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