10 Best 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw of 2021

Whoever lands on this page must have an idea of what a miter saw is and how it works, but we also know how expensive they could be so you’d want to be sure that whichever saw you buy is worth the purchase? Miter saws also known as chop saws or drop saws, the 12-inch sliding compound miter saw allows you to do a variety of fine cuts using various angles.

The saw may look scary considering its huge look and powerful blades, but once you get a hold of it, it works wonders. A great tool if you run a workshop, or a tradesman or do contract-based carpentry or planning a big home project like upgrading your garden or building a fence or renovating your outdoor space, these sliding compound miter saws will make easy work of any job.

The 12-inch sliding compound miter saws are a must-have for small home tasks as well as big construction jobs. They are powerful enough to cut bigger, larger boards and last a much longer time. The 12-inch miter saws have a powerful motor and big blade which increases work efficiency and gets the work done faster.

Best 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saws Reviews

So here we have compiled a list of the 10 best 12 inch sliding compound miter saws for you to choose from. Obviously, every saw has its pros and cons but whichever you’ll go for, you won’t regret it later.

After going through the product reviews, one must check the buyer’s guide, frequent and relevant asked questions which will make it easy for you to decide which sliding miter saw will suit your needs better.

Here is a list of top rated 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw as per our editors;

1. DEWALT DWS779 – Best Miter Saw for Workshop

If you are a hotshot woodworker with huge construction projects, then this premium quality DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter saw which is a 12″ double bevel with a powerful 15amp motor that generates a speed of 3,800 revolutions per minute (RPM) is the right choice with its durable performance and versatile, unique cuts.

Higher speed means more cutting power allowing you to accurately cut wood or timber creating fine, smoother surfaces.

This saw with its cutting-edge technology, tough sliding fences supporting crown moldings, advanced bevel system, dual horizontal steel rails, and stainless steel miter plates with 10 positive stops releases accuracy, sustainability, and durability which can endure any extreme usage on the jobs sites.

A 56 pounds’ tool with easy to adjust cam-lock miter handle with a detent for accurate miter angles. You can cut up to 2×14 and 2×12 width of timber wood at 90° and 45° respectively for an elegant back fence design meanwhile giving blades room to make adjustments at all angles.

The Expert Opinion
This saw doesn’t have many cons, most of the people who bought this miter saw are happy with their purchase. It is one of the toughest saw with its razor-sharp blades offering precision and accuracy for daily use.
  • Easy to adjust
  • Backed by a 3 years’ warranty
  • It has a dust collection mechanism that efficiently gathers more than 75 percent of the remains generated during cutting
  • Comes with a blade wrench, carbide blade, and a vertical material clamp
  • You’d have to buy LED separately, doesn’t come with the package

2. Bosch GCM12SD – Sharp 60 Tooth Saw Blade

Bosch always excels by offering more advanced features, like this one here has a patented axial glide system which allows greater width in crosscuts with improved alignment and works best for crown moldings.

It has a dual bevel system that goes up to 47 degrees on both sides and the high-quality stainless steel miter angles have 7 positive stops for accuracy and durability.

The saw is an ideal one with its visible bevel readings, simple access to all bevel controls, a huge cutting capacity, and the marked detent at the stainless steel miter scales at all common angles. Even the pre-aligned Square lock quick release fences installed make cutting larger pieces easy and for extra support, the fence can slide using the single touch lock/unlock button.

Any sliding compound miter saw can do the softwood like cladding and framework but only the powerful ones like Bosch with their 15amp motor, strong 60 teeth saw blade can efficiently do the decking, fencing, flooring, and lumber. The saw with more teeth tends to create a smoother, finer finish.

The Expert Opinion
Want an unmatched smooth cut, then choose this Bosch glide miter saw. Though it does not have the laser system, the axial glide system just covers it all, it smoothly folds and unfolds.
  • A compact design saving up to 12 inches of table space.
  • Offers 1-year warranty with 30 days’ cashback
  • A soft-easy to grip handle along with a combined dust tube and vacuum adaptor makes sawdust collection efficient
  • Weighs about 88 pounds which makes it difficult to move
  • Sawdust is placed in the area where it sometimes enters the other parts

3. DEWALT DWS716XPS – Powerful blade with precision cuts

A sturdy 12-inch Dewalt is a double-bevel compound Miter saw which is more than capable of handling professional as well home renovation tasks. Instead of flipping the material, the double bevel design allows users to flip the saw. With its 15amp powerful motor which produces 3800 RPM allows cutting heavier objects faster and saves your time and energy.

The upgraded XPS cut line system placed at the back of the handle uses the LED lighting system which allows you to place your saw blade with your cut line for accuracy and visibility, and the location will prevent anything from blocking the LED while you work. You can also adjust your desired settings with the adjustable miter detents override without worrying about the saw slipping into the detents.

The ability to crosscut 2×8 inch and 2×6 inch dimensional timber or wood board at 90 and 45 degrees respectively. Dewalt stays true to their word by ensuring accuracy and productivity with their adjustable stainless steel detent plates with 14 positive stops.

The Expert Opinion
An ineffectual dust system is a flaw but this one has a capacity to make any angle cut imaginable. This saw makes sure that all your cuts, whether beveled, square, or miter ones are all chiseled, smooth, and firm.
  • Lightweight with built-in carry handle for easy movability
  • Stainless steel detent plates wouldn’t wear out soon
  • Advanced high visibility bevel scale makes reading markings on bevel gauge easy
  • Equipped with new blade bolt design, longer base legs, well-integrated quick clamp, and removable table saw blade guard.
  • An ineffective dust collection system
  • Its lightweight design can cause some damage during use

4. TACKLIFE PMS03A – Great Value

The 12-inch Tacklife sliding compound miter saw with a powerful 15amp motor produces up to 3800 rpm speed per minute with laser cut technique for meticulous cuts and resilience. The integrated Laser technique managed with a single switch is equipped with a laser marker to accurately mark the cutting line to make the whole sawing process more professional.

Ultra-sharp 40 tooth tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade for cutting plastics, wood, soft metals, and aluminum alloy. Easy to grip handle and double linear sliding rails make all the cutting of heavy materials smooth and steady. This Sliding rail cutting design provides extra cutting width. It boasts an extended 12-inch cutting capacity.

They have carved the miter scale reading for clear visibility and durability so it doesn’t fall off. The double bevel allowed to freely adjust the angle. The miter scale has adjustable positive stops for square, compound, and bevel cuts. They have equipped it with a large dust collection bag for a clean and healthy environment and a port for a vacuum cleaner to fully clean the work settings.

The Expert Opinion
A user-friendly masterpiece every carpenter would want to buy. Must add a great built and value with all the functionality of an expensive tool at this price range.
  • The large working table provides a great balance
  • Vice clamping system secures the pieces during cutting
  • A locking device to improve safety
  • This package comes with a user manual, 2 years maintenance card, Allen wrenches to easily replace blades, and a clamping device.
  • Laser light disappears in brightly lit conditions
  • Not an ideal choice for beginners

5. Cruzer Miter Saw – With Carbide Blade

This compact Delta Cruzer with its 18-inch cutting capacity and a 12-inch carbide blade with the flip-down design gives it an edge to do the most demanding, versatile jobs in a clean, firm manner without leaving any rough edges behind. The sliding fence provides enough width to allow cutting 71/2 crown and 6 1/5 inches standing base moldings.

Equipped with a shadow line cutting line technology provides a cutting line on your workpiece for a consistent, deep cut, it would help you cut where you intend to. The high-quality military guard aluminum body with the safety brake feature allows immediate stop of the blade once pressed.

The strong 15amp power motor with ‘robot arm’ design and heavy-duty bearings not only makes it a lifelong, durable saw but also helps in the smooth cutting operation. Upfront bevel controls with push miter detent override and positive miter stop at various common angles lead to accurate alignment and faster actions.

The Expert Opinion
The Cruzer sliding compound miter saw is a valuable accessory that significantly saves your time and energy doing woodwork. These types of wide, reliable fences are perfect for jobs that require minute detailing.
  • The heavy-duty military-grade aluminum body represents strong built
  • Shadow line LED system
  • A well thought dual-bevel system
  • 5 years’ warranty
  • Flimsy handle in comparison with the saw weight
  • A small dust port doesn’t collect much dust

6. Metabo HPT C12FDHS – Best for Tall Pivoting Aluminum Fence

Hitachi is a premium quality brand in the manufacturing business and its powerful tools are known as Metabo HFT, and they have been quite popular making high-end miter saw. It offers various bevel cuts with easy to read bevel scales. The miter scale ranges from 0-52 degrees both left and right with a wide cutting capacity.

The Micro-bevel adjustment knob dials-in the perfect angle for you, so you can adjust the miter scale on the most common angles with the thumb actuated miter stops to make the most precise, thick cuts with its huge blade.

Good addition for beginners is its laser marker system which will help make the cut accurate by adjusting the cut mark. The miter saw head bevels to the left and right to support the material so it stays secured during cutting. You can cut a variety of wood with this saw, very efficient for aluminum sliding sashes, metals, soft fiberboard, door frames, crown molding, hardwood
flooring, plywood, and ornamental paneling.

This saw can smoothly make the deep, firm cuts on the above-mentioned materials with a strong 15 amp powerful motor which has an output of 1500 watts. With the tall 5 inch aluminum fence you can easily cut crown molding. Metabo is a handy tool not only for house remodeling but for other big construction projects as well.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw is super-efficient in doing several cuts for door frames, crown molding, aluminum fencing, or other wood projects that you may be interested in.
  • Great value for money, inexpensive and efficient
  • Powerful tool
  • Portable 46 pounds saw allows moving it convenient
  • Works well and doesn’t make much noise
  • The laser marker is not very accurate
  • An ineffective dust collection system

7. Makita LS1219L – With DXT technology and Drive Gear Box

When it comes to innovation, Matika never disappoints. We can define Matika’s 12-inch dual bevel compounding miter saw as a simple-to-execute saw with its dead-on accuracy. You’d feel like all the saws function the same but when it comes to Matika they went over and beyond with their out-of-box precision by offering features like Deep and Exact Cutting Technology (DXT) and a double steel rail sliding system to reduce footprints.

It has a 15-inch cross-cutting capacity at 90 degrees and increases the vertical cutting capacity to 6-3/4 inches in cutting crown and baseboard moldings. They have introduced an innovative guard system and direct drive gearbox with no belts to efficiently transfer power from the motor to the blade. You can easily control the bevel operations with the upfront controls.

DXT and 6 linear ball bearing features have been installed for minimum deflection and meticulous cuts. For efficient dust extraction, they have designed dual dust collection ports so you can work in a clean, healthy environment. It can deliver 3800 rpm with the 15amp power motor which offers sustainability and for material stability, they have attached an aluminum base to support the board.

The Expert Opinion
Though it is super expensive, if you can get smooth sliding, precise cuts, and accurate angles with a deep, exact cutting technology it wouldn’t be such a bad investment.
  • An improved sliding rail system
  • Outstanding safety feature
  • Introduced a new straight drive gearbox
  • Laser indicator indicating the line-of-cut
  • Excellent engineering of dust extraction
  • A little bit Expensive
  • Outdated laser

8. SKILSAW SPT88-01 – With Worm Drive Feature

Skilsaw introduced this launchpad for its new line Worm Drive Miter Saw. They manufactured miter saw by using the worm drive feature for strength and durability.  You’d be surprised to see the power and strength it demonstrates and how much weight Skilsaw has given to its safety features.

In this technology era, we see a lot of compact and energy-efficient tools, and this is one of its kind. This lightweight saw with easy to grip firm handles makes transportation easy.

Skills saw Worm Drive feature provides magnificent power-saving and quality material for the durability of the product that is much needed in today’s industrial and construction field. Top-class durable material has been used in the construction of this saw.

It provides a 15 Amp Dual-Field motor with LED Shadow Light that helps workers provide high precision cuts with greater accuracy, this technology is better than the laser marker system.

Moreover, they can handle 4 x 14 cross cut capacity that gives an edge towards longevity and allow you to fix any joints while on the jobs. Dual bevel cut moves the bevel head left and right with adjustable bevel stops gives you more flexibility on the job.

The Expert Opinion
Professionally created by focusing on all the details that matter to their consumers to build a well-developed portable, exquisite miter saw with the inspiration to create a convenient life for their current and future carpenters.
  • Excellent cutting power
  • Light indicator for shadow cut
  • Strong and durable sliding rails
  • Fully-equipped with safety features
  • Fence extensions create a wobble
  • Stock blade creates noise
  • Dust Elbow needs space improvement

9. Delta Shopmaster S26-272L – Best for crown molding angles

Delta Shopmaster 12 Inch sliding compound miter saw has an amazing 13-inch crosscut capacity at 90 degrees. You can achieve top-class precision with its razor-sharp blade and a 15amp motor speed. It has an angle capacity of 0 to 45 degrees left and 0 to 50 degrees right.

The new laser-cut technology will help you guide by showing you the place where the blade will be on the material you are going to cut to avoid any mistakes. Fitted with the locked-in angle with 10 positive miter points. The 10 positive miter stops can have you achieve fine, clean edges and will also do clean crown moldings.

The shipmaster is equipped with an extendable table for longer deeper cuts. An affordable, long-lasting 25-pound tool with work clamps and upper and lower blade guards for greater support and integration. Equipped with front lock control and an electric brake system which will stop the blade within seconds of pressing the plug.

The Expert Opinion
Whether you are a professional carpenter or anyone who loves to do woodwork as a hobby, this sliding compound miter saw with laser guide technology would be a smart investment.
  • The saw is lightweight
  • Great purchase at a great price
  • Comes with a blade guard, blade wrench, and bevel lock knob
  • The dust bag attached missed a lot of sawdust and sometimes got clogged up
  • Low-quality Material used

10. SKIL 3821-01 – Best Miter Saw with Laser cutline system

SKIL 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw with its adjustable speed and 15amp strong motor that generates up to 4500 rpm can conveniently cut through any type of hardwood or softwood like timber, Oakwood, plywood, or even pipes. A user-friendly, perfect size saw for not only professionals but beginners who don’t have much experience using saws.

The super-efficient Laser cutline guide system is a unique feature that gives you a preview of where the saw is going to cut which allows you the make the necessary adjustment to cut precisely using right angles. The safety locking mechanism is easy to manage.

Everybody using saws need to make various cuts at different angles according to their needs, the Skil compound miter saw with laser detent plates has 9 positive stops which allow you to adjust the saw to get the smooth, clean cuts.

The Expert Opinion
Though this saw has a few cons the pros overshadow the cons. Sometimes it is really hard to find the right tool for your job, some tools are not powerful, others are just too light that they fall apart, but Skil here with its integrated carrying handles and laser detent plates is just the right tool for you.
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Table extensions on the left and right of the saw provide support during cutting
  • Quick mount system makes the installation on the miter saw stand easy
  • Budget-friendly
  • A large dust collection bag for all the dirt, debris, and sawdust
  • Some complained that the cuts and angles made were not accurate
  • The laser cutting technique disappears in the sunlight
  • The laser is placed near the dust pot so sometimes it becomes dirty after a few cuts

Sliding Compound Miter Saw VS Non-Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

A non-sliding compound miter saw can do a bevel cut along with a crosscut, angle cut, and miter cut. If you want an angle other than 90 degrees then you can do it with this versatile blade that has a pivoting arm that can be tilted to different angles.

A sliding compound miter is very similar to the non-sliding one except that they can handle a much wider material. A sliding saw can make both miter and bevel cuts and the rails provide the extra advantage by allowing you to slide the blade forward and backward cutting all the way across thicker material thus making smooth, consistent cuts without having to reposition it.

How to Use a Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

Before you start using this powerful operating tool, make sure to wear safety gear, and carefully read the user manual.

  • Start off by marking the material and placing the board against the fence.
  • Once placed, position the clamp and tighten until secure.
  • Before you start the blade, adjust the saw so the blade is near you directly above the board’s edge.
  • Prepare the saw by adjusting the angle and then press the trigger to turn on the saw and bring it to maximum rotation speed before pulling the blade down onto the wood.
  • Now start sawing by moving the blade back and forth. While it is still spinning, be careful and keep the saw away from you as it cuts through the rest of the wood.
  • Once you are done, raise the saw and release the trigger to stop the saw from cutting the wood.

What are the Advantages of a Sliding Miter Saw?

If you are looking to cut wider thicker objects like a fence post, logs, thick boards, or timber/lumber, you wouldn’t have to strain as hard as compared to the regular one, that’s the biggest advantage of using a slider.

It can easily cut up to 16-inch-wide boards so with sliding miter saws you can get clean, accurate furniture-quality cuts, can cut large crown moldings, door frames, or have some mass production stuff to do then this is the right tool for you. They are specifically designed to cut the thicker, wider material all the way across without having to physically change the material direction.

What to Consider When Buying a Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

Before making a final purchase, it is really important to consider a few points. We, here have outlined a number of points to help you select the most suitable one.


A motor with 15amp speed is important when it comes to the performance and durability of the tool. Higher the speed, the more precise the cut.


If you are a beginner and face difficulty making neat, firm cuts, then you should buy the miter saw with the laser feature because this trait puts the red ray light on the wood to help make the accurate cut.


Most miter saws have a dust collection bag behind the saw, which helps collect the sawdust or debris to create a clean working space, so choose the one with the most effective dust chute.


If you want smooth edges go with a higher tooth count and for rough edges, you may use the lower tooth count miter saw.


You can easily cut wide boards with a table or circular saw but only the sliding compound miter saw can repeatedly do the miter, bevel, and compound cut smoothly and deeply. The guide rails allow moving the saw head back and forth conveniently.


An aspect you must consider before buying is whether the miter saw has a single or double bevel because in a dual bevel you wouldn’t have to flip the material on both sides to make the cut.


Buy the one with electric brakes, a single touch lock/unlock feature, and guard fences.


Hope you have found this thorough review of the sliding compound miter saws useful. We have tried to cover each and every point for you so before wrapping up let’s go through them again. A sliding compound miter saw has all the three aspects (basic miter saw, compound miter saw, and sliding miter saw) of the single saw. It can do both miter cuts and bevel cuts, also the sliding rails allow the blades to make lengthy cuts.

All the above-mentioned saws are suitable for timber and plywood which tend to come in larger sizes and require more effort and meticulousness to cut. And the finest saw is the one with the durable motor, built-in table extension, a tall fence to help support the crowns, easy angular adjustments and controls, and angle markings so you can mark appropriately to make the accurate cut. If you are looking for a long-term investment, my recommendation would be to go for a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw instead of 10-inch ones.

All these saws belong to renowned companies who wouldn’t compromise on the quality and sturdiness of the tool and offer extensive warranties, so choose the ones by carefully going through each one’s specifications and choose the one that fulfills your saw needs.

Happy Shopping!

People Also Asked 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Do I need a sliding compound miter saw?
The sliding compound miter saw is a better choice for a professional woodworker than a basic one because the sliding compound can conveniently cut wider wood pieces at consistent angles. But if you are a DIY hobbyist, who does small photo frames, crafts, or to make a small cabinet or do some trimmings then you don’t need a sliding saw, a regular one would do just fine.
What is a sliding compound miter saw used for?
If you are a professional carpenter who has big construction projects that require angular cuts wider than 6 inches with great precision and accuracy, then you should go with the sliding compound miter saw because it saves you a lot of time and hassle.
What Size of a Board can a 12-inch Sliding Miter Saw Cut?
A 12-inch saw usually comes with a heavy 15amp motor which makes it suitable for cutting heavy objects. The sharper and bigger blades of a 12-inch saw have a maximum capacity to cut about 7 1/2 inches, wide enough for 2×8 timber, and a maximum thickness of 3 1/2 inches, sufficient to cut through 4×4 timber, thus increasing both your time and cutting efficiency.

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