9 Best 4 1/2 Circular Saw 2022

Circular saws are definitely a versatile tool but the regular ones can be too cumbersome at times. That’s exactly where a small handheld circular saw turns out to be convenient. They are an ideal choice if you’re short on space or require the saw for a small shop.

The 4 1/2 inch compact circular saws are not only lightweight but easy to transport and handle as well. They offer possibilities that larger saws don’t provide. They are great to tackle a variety of small projects in confined spaces providing fast and convenient solutions.

9 Top  4 1/2 Inch Circular Saw Reviews 2022

Let’s closely look at the  4 1/2 inch circular saws to determine which is the best in all aspects and decide which one merits out for the overall crown.

1. WORX WX429L – A Great Saw for DIY’ers

Full-size circular saws can be a pain at times, so the smaller, the better. The 4.4 Pounds WORXSAW is the perfect choice that is easier to store, lighter to travel and is convenient on the job site or in your workshop as you can operate it with one hand. No setup required, just take hold of it and go make quick plunge cuts with less fatigue.

The 4-½ inch carbide-tipped wood cutting blade of this circular saw has half the kerf of the regular 7 ¼ inch circular saw blades, causing less strain and the motor can spin it twice as fast with a no-load speed of 3500/rpm. The blade can be easily switched for metal, plastic, or tile cutting blades, with a simple 3-step process.

This AC Compact Circular Saw from Worx features an excellent depth of cut(1 11/16 inch max)  for slicing up to 2-inch nominal lumber.  And this saw also features an integrated safety trigger to prevent accidental cutting combined with a parallel guide, which makes it a great saw for DIY’ers or any other small projects.

The Left-sided blade optimization of this provides a clear line of sight on the workpiece you’re cutting, which is ideal for the right-handed users along with the adjustable gauge which offers quick adjustments from 0-45-degree bevel settings with a handy lever. The provided dust port allows you to hook up your shop vacuum system so it can pull away from the sawdust as you work.

The Expert Opinion
If you need a small but versatile saw to use around the house, or for small projects, you can’t go wrong with the WX429L at this price providing full-size capabilities when used for the right size and right kind of material.
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Safety trigger
  • A bit low on power

2. Rockwell RK3441K – Appropriate for overhead tasks

With All the functionality of a full-sized circular saw, The Rockwell RK3441K is about 50% lighter weighing only 5 lbs. So it’s not only easy to transport but easy to operate too. For a more balanced composition, they have implanted the motor in the handle of this circular saw; which allows you to control most of the weight of the saw with your hand encouraging smoother movements.

The 4-1/2 inch 24T TCT blade when combined with a 5 amp motor and no-load 3,500 RPMs has the functionality to handle all sorts of projects; especially cutting 2 inch lumber and 2×4  in a single pass. The smaller, thinner kerf blade in this saw requires less effort and motor strain, providing the performance of full-size circular saws with minimum energy usage.

The inline grip design is comfortable to use for prolonged periods, while the left-handed blade lodging allows the user to see exactly the point you’re cutting, offering straighter and accurate cuts. The saw features an easy to access depth adjustment lever which allows for a maximum vertical cutting depth of 1-11/16 inches, whereas the bevel adjustment lever supports the most common angled cuts from 0 to 45 degrees (max cutting depth 1-1/8 inch).

With a built-in vacuum port, you simply can hang up any dust vacuum to pull remains straight out of the air while the saw is in use, improving visibility and atmosphere. Rockwell RK3441K comes with a parallel guide and a spindle lock button which permits quick and safe blade changes (compatible with any 4-1/2″ blade).

The Expert Opinion
The Rockwell 4-1/2 inch Circular Saw is an effective saw which excels at 2x4s, overhead cutting but is also remarkable on plywood, hardwood, pegboard, and molding, a preferable choice only for cutting wood, eliminating the need to lug out the bulky full-sized saws.
  • Capable of bevel cuts
  • Fairly priced and easier usage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Cuts 2x4s easily
  • Appropriate for overhead tasks
  • Low-quality blade arbor bolt
  • No laser guide

3. DEWALT DCS571B – Easy One Hand Cutting

The DeWalt Atomic 20V Max is a cordless circular saw which uses a brushless motor to spin the 24T blade up to 4500 RPM which is the best in the category of 4 ½ inch Circular Saws. This Circular Saw allows its users to perform easy one-hand cutting on thinner materials.

The DCS571 features a bevel up to 45º integrated with a bevel gear design which lets users cut up to 2x material at right angles and 1x material at 45 degrees. However, there are no positive stops or detents but 15º and 30º markings, and the imprinted measurements are hardly visible.

The on-board blade key storage helps users to change blades with convenience. The stretched out handle heightens the range for rip cutting (339 linear feet of 3/4 inches) OSB and plywood, along with a removable auxiliary handle allows for improved control.

This lighter, compact saw is simply more comfortable to be used for punch list tasks or small projects around the house and easily fits in tight spots where a standard circular saw won’t fit.

This 6.6 Pounds, 4-1/2-inch compact circular saw does an excellent job and it’s worth considering with some additional features including a 1-1/2 inch finger trigger, rip fence, dust port adaptor, and a hanging hook for increased convenience.

The Expert Opinion
The 4-1/2 inch DeWalt DCS571 is a lighter and more compact circular saw which does a good job with its multiple grip positions, lithium-ion power source, and brushless motor on thinner materials, and in confined spaces.
  • Lightweight
  • The narrow, compact design saw
  • Cuts 2x material vertically
  • Dust collection port
  • Manifold grip positions
  • A bit expensive

4. Genesis GCS445SE – With Barrel Grip

With a 4-ampere motor running at 3500 RPM, Genesis GCS445SE is a powerful compact circular saw. Equipped with a 4-1/2 inch 24 teeth premium carbide-tipped blade, it can cut 2X boards quickly and smoothly.

It features a depth gauge control lever and bevel controls at highly accessible positions. This along with a maximum bevel angle of 45 degrees allows you to make swift and accurate adjustments to your required settings.

The saw comes with a spindle lock mechanism making blade change quick and easy. Weighing at only 4.7 pounds, this saw is undoubtedly one of the most compact mini circular saws on the market. It is designed to have a single barrel grip scheme allowing single-handed operation which comes in handy especially for overhead cutting jobs.

It also has a built-in dust extraction hose that can be connected to your pre-existing vacuum adapter for efficient and effortless dust collection, providing a debris-free work area. These features make this saw ideal for DIY’ers, home users, and pros alike.

The Expert Opinion
The Genesis GCS445SE is a low-cost mini circular saw with reasonable power. Its 24 teeth carbide blade can accurately and easily cut through most wooden workpieces including 2X materials without difficulty. The barrel grip is a unique feature that can be of extreme usage for single-handed operations. All in all, it is a good bargain.
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Single barrel grip for one-hand operation
  • Built-in dust port with vacuum adapter
  • Spindle lock for quick blade changes
  • Only suited for cutting wood

5. POPOMAN MTW80B – For Wood, Plastic and Metal Cutting

POPOMAN MTW80B is a cordless mini circular saw operating at 20 volts’ battery pack, able to deliver a 2.0 Ah current. The thing that distinguishes MTW80B from other cordless saws is that it uses a universal battery system that can be used on all POPOMAN and TECCPO cordless tools. It is supplied with a 2A fast charger which is able to fully charge the saw in just an hour.

The saw comes with two different 24 toothed blades; one carbide tipped blade for wood and the other hardened stainless steel blade for cutting soft metals along with auxiliary tools for quickly changing these blades. Its motor can deliver 3500 RPM to the blade allowing it to cut through wood, plastic, or soft metals smoothly and efficiently.

Having a dual system of parallel guide and laser line marker along with a left-hand blade arrangement makes sure to guide you for cutting your workpiece in a straight line.

It has a maximum cutting depth of 1-11/16 inches and a maximum bevel angle of 45 degrees giving it the flexibility for high cutting capacity. The ergonomic design of the soft rubber handle provides better control and comfort to your cutting experience. The well-distributed weight of the saw gives it an edge over other cordless saws in terms of maneuverability and ease for both on-site as well as off-site jobs.

Designed with a safety switch and blade guard, weighing a mere 4.8 pounds, this saw is suited for durable and safe operability. The metallic base plate is extended up to 9.5 inches outwards for improved stability and safety.

The Expert Opinion
The Circular Saw Cordless, POPOMAN MTW80B is a sturdy, portable, robust, and precise saw when it comes to cutting wood or non-ferrous metals. Though it is costlier than some other available options but the safety features and wide metallic base allows it to be handled with a single hand and the precision it provides is great.
  • Thick 9.5 inches, wide metallic base plate
  • Double safety switch
  • Single-handed operation
  • Fast charging battery pack
  • Dual mechanism of laser line and parallel guide
  • Less powerful than corded cousins
  • Low battery run on a single charge


GALAX Pro compact circular saw has a 5.8-ampere powerful motor delivering 3500 RPM to 4 1/2 inch blades for smooth and efficient cutting. It is supplied with two titanium carbide-tipped blades, one having 24 teeth and the other with 40 teeth giving it the ability to cut through various types of wooden workpieces, plastics, and some soft metals with ease.

The cutting depth can straightforwardly be changed and the cleverly positioned bevel lever is designed to change the bevel angle up to 45 degrees giving it a maximum cutting capacity of 1-11/16 inches. A double safety power switch system has been installed to prevent accidental start-ups.

The saw is designed in such a way that it distributes the weight evenly over the front and rear. This together with the ergonomically schemed slim grip allows the user to feel less fatigue, especially when making one-handed operation.

The lightweight and compact structure also feature a rip guide to straight cut lines and a built-in dust extraction port which can be attached to a standard vacuum adapter to keep your work area tidy.

The Expert Opinion
Galax Pro with a powerful 5.8 Amp motor that delivers 3,500 RPM to the blade is ideal for average home projects and different DIY cutting jobs. However, due to thickened aluminum casted base plate, it is a little less maneuverable albeit with more stability and durability. The ergonomic handle is however present for a single-handed operation.
  • Double safety power switches system
  • Dust extractor can be attached to the vacuum
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The quality of blades is not that great

7. GALAX PRO – Multi-Material Cutting

WEN 3625 is a compact circular saw which comes with a powerful 5.0-ampere motor rotating it at 3500 RPM. The 24 teeth carbide-tipped blade with a 4-1/2 diameter and 10 mm arbor is great at making finer cuts on different types of wooden workpieces, plastics, and even ceramics.

It is equipped with an easy depth adjustment lever and a maximum level of 45 degrees which gives it a maximum cutting capacity of 1 11/16 inches. The bevel angle can be adjusted anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees for precise and accurate cuts. Lightweight, Solid construction, easy set-up, and usage will last a long time along with providing a smooth cutting experience.

The saw comes preinstalled with laser light to shine a cut line for guidance in a straight line providing accurate cuts. The saw however does not have a removable handle which may or may not be an issue for you, depending upon the style of use. The built-in dust extraction tube can be connected with a vacuum port for a cleaner work area.

Weighing a total of 5.1 pounds, this compact circular saw is lightweight yet packed with a punch to effortlessly cut any type of wood. It is supplied with a blow-mold sturdy plastic carrying case for portability and easygoing storage. This tool is easy to use especially for beginners and is a good bargain as well.

The Expert Opinion
WEN 3625 is a budget mini circular saw equipped with a 5 Amp motor and 4 ½ inch blade. This corded saw is supplied in a carrying case made of tough plastic that allows secure portability and storage. The bevel and depth adjustment capabilities are similar to other mini circular saws available in this category but with a bright laser guideline.
  • Powerful yet compact
  • Laser guide light for straight cuts
  • Durable carrying case
  • Dust collection adapter for vacuum
  • No removable handle

8. WEN 3625 – Preinstalled Laser Light

Weighing less than 4 lbs, the WORXSAW is a slim, compact circular saw with the functionality and power of a much larger saw. With A brushless motor installed, which can extend speeds of up to 6900 RPM because of a reduced arbor diameter, allowing the motor to rotate the 4.5 inch blade two times faster.

The one-hand design along with the vibration absorbent handle makes it easy and comfortable to use all day long. The outstanding maneuverability and portability of this mini saw make rip and plunge cuts a piece of cake. With the easy-to-use bevel adjustment lever, it makes bevel cuts at any degree you need between 0-45°.

This is a perfect saw for stock timber projects because it really shines in slicing up 2-inch lumber with a 1 11/16 inch depth of cut. Along with its left-sided blade design promotes greater visibility of the cut-line, which in turn helps to achieve accurate cuts.

The WORXSAW features an easy to use spindle lock; by using which blades are a snap to change. It entails a dust port, so you can hook up a vacuum and keep your workspace clean and visible plus the integrated safety trigger located on the handle helps protect the accidental operation.

The Expert Opinion
This cordless saw runs on a 20V battery and is convenient for those who already own any of the WORX devices, as it will save the bucks of the battery price. This saw has several features like LED backlighting, dust port, left-sided design, the inclination angle (up to 45°) that guarantee a smooth cut, making the saw worth it.
  • LED backlighting
  • Safety trigger
  • PowerShare tool batteries can be used
  • Battery not included

9. WORX WX531 – Power Punch of a Larger Saw

Similar to most of the compact circular saw models out there in the market, this 4 1/2 inch saw also features a 4 amp electric motor providing 3500 RPM no-load speed, but the plus here is that this electric motor is a bit silent, with an included barrel grip design which aids for single-handed operation.

However, this is not the most powerful option; it is more than enough for most users who wish to work on smaller projects involving wood as well as other soft metals because this saw comes with 2 types of blades. With an easy to use depth and bevel controls, this saw is not only capable to cut through all 2x materials, but can easily make beveled, rip, and crosscuts too!

The saw comes with a spindle lock mechanism making blade change swift and hassle-free. Weighing at only 4.7 pounds, this saw is powerful yet lightweight. It also has an in-built dust extraction hose that can be connected to any pre-existing vacuum adapter for efficient dust collection providing a clean workspace.

The 4 1/2 inch 60 Tooth high speed Carbide tipped saw blade is compatible with the Genesis GCS545C Control Grip Saw which can effortlessly cut through drywall, softwood, thin aluminum, and other construction products as well, eliminating the need to switch to a larger saw.

The Expert Opinion
Genesis’ GCS445SE circular saw is one of the most affordable and compact options in circular saws which comes with a 2-year long warranty for peace of mind. This one comes with two blades, a 24 T carbide tipped blade and a 60 T high-speed steel blade, both in a 4 ½ inch size so, you can expect it to easily cut through drywall, light wood, and thin aluminum with longer-lasting durability.
  • Lightweight, affordable saw
  • 2-year warranty
  • Barrel grip with 2 blades
  • ETL tested and certified
  • Only suitable for straight cuts
  • Very thin 60 Teeth blade

What Are the Benefits of Having a 4 1/2 Inch Circular Saw?

Small 4.5 inch circular saws are extremely useful for small home tasks, DIY projects and a perfect option for a limited workspace. It is a really handy and a must-have tool for your home workshop. Some of the benefits of 4 1/2 circular saws are:

  • They are handheld
  • Ideal for smaller jobs and tight spots
  • They are easy to operate with one hand
  • They are compact and lighter in weight
  • The narrow design allows to cut in spaces a traditional circular saw would never fit

Circular saw is an ergonomic tool with enough power and speed that allows you to do:

  • Crosscutting jobs
  • Rough and quick ripping
  • Bevel cutting
  • Cutting wood, metal, plastic, tiles, and even stone

The Ultimate 4 1/2 Inch Circular Saw Buyer Guide

If you are looking for a mini circular saw, our buying guide will give you an insight on what key features you should focus on and how to choose a mini circular saw that fits your requirements.

  • Battery operated Vs corded

Although many of the 4.5-inch mini circular saws come in corded configuration, there are always some battery-operated models available on market.

With the general advantages of battery-operated versions like portability and lightweight, it usually has a drawback of being either being low powered or having a short operation time on a single charge. Therefore, depending upon if you are a casual home user or a pro contractor, you can always choose a mini circular accommodating your requirements.

  • Motor Power

As you can guess, 4.5-inch circular saws are usually fitted with smaller motors and thus are relatively low powered than their larger cousins.

One of the most basic measures of motor power is the current requirements or amperage of the motor which normally lies between 10 to 15 amperes & as with all forms of power, the bigger the better. So, if you are to make faster cuts look for the highest amperage rating in your budget bracket.

Another measure of power clearly mentioned in the specifications is Watts which is directly linked with RPMs the motor can generate.

However, the RPM requirement changes from material to material and the delivery of power to the blade is also dependent on the drive mechanism. You should opt for the best-suited solution for your home or workshop or DIY projects.

  • Cutting Depth & Bevel Angle

After the power of the motor, the next factors related to performance are cutting depth and bevel angles. Cutting depth dictated by the design of the saw and the blade gives you the flexibility to cut through workpieces of different thicknesses so the deeper a 4.5-inch mini saw can cut, the better it is. However, it has a slight disadvantage of reducing accuracy for maximum depth.

The other thing is the bevel capability which allows the blade to cut at a preset angle for framing and light woodworks. These features can make or break a deal for a compact circular saw and are to be looked at carefully.

  • Dust Collection / Removal

Generally, most circular saws have some sort of dust removal mechanism to clear the line of cut in front of the blade; some circular saws however also have some dust collection mechanism too via connecting through a vacuum hose. You should choose a suitable and efficient mechanism by looking through the product description carefully.

  • LED / Laser Guides

Some 4.5-inch circular saws are also equipped with either LED light or Lasers to shine a line along the path of the blade to guide your cutting. Depending upon your skill level, you may choose to ignore these guiding arrangements or you can choose a saw with the system of your liking for your guidance.

  • Safety Features

Almost all of the 4.5-inch circular saws house some sort of safety arrangements. There are blade guards and blade brakes which activate as you stop pushing the trigger.

Safety should always be given prime importance when working with these dangerous tools and thus maximum safety should be sought when buying a compact, mini circular saw.

People Also Ask

How deep can a 4 1/2 inch circular saw cut?
4 1/2 inch circular saws offer the maximum depth cut from 1.5 inches up to 1.69 inches, because of the reduced diameter of the blade.
How thick can a 4 1/2 circular saw cut?
The 4-1/2-inch circular saw blade has a kerf which is less than half the thickness of their larger 7-1/4 inch cousins (which lie between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch). Mini 4.5 inch circular saws can therefore cut up to 2 inches thick on lumber and panels.
Can a 4 1/2 circular saw cut a 2x4?
A circular saw is an indispensable tool, and 4 1/2 circular saws can effortlessly cut a 2×4 lumber. Although the thinner blade, cuts more swiftly and effectively, creating less strain on the tool, so it must be potent in order to work harder.


Final Thought

Going through the entire article, you must be an expert in compact circular saws by now! Mini circular saws are unbelievable power tools, but since they are labeled “compact,” they have some limitations.

However, which of the 4.5-inch compact circular saws we’ve listed is going to be right for you is a matter of personal estimation and choice but it is also recommended to buy a saw with a few replacement blades to be ready for unexpected work on different materials. We have tried our best to help in one way or the other to make your choice easier. Choose your 4.5 inches saw wisely and have fun in your next project using it!

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