11 Best Chainsaw For Farm Use 2022

Needing to use a chainsaw more than once yearly but not on daily basis, more like for semi-regular usage, a farm chainsaw is just the right type for you.

Because some chainsaws ought to work for making a living for someone whether on a farm or out on the rancho. The “Farm & Ranch” chainsaws are ideal for a range of uses along with being used on the homesteads as they have what it takes to get any job done.

Whether you own a home or a homestead or need to look after a farm, a chainsaw will prove to be extremely useful for you.  Even if you need to heat your home using wood or logs, you should definitely have the best chainsaw for farm use.

Farm and ranch saws running on gas are also called ranchers and are considered prosumer tools because these are a mix of both professional saws and consumer saws on the market with reasonable price tags.

11 Best Farm Chainsaws Reviews 2022

Ranchers and farm chainsaws are extremely useful tools, but choosing the best one can be a little overwhelming. So for making an informed decision when buying one, researching is crucial.

The good news is that through lots of hard work and investigation, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best chainsaws that will be great to be used in your farmstead or ranch.

1. Husqvarna 440E Gas Chainsaw – A User-Friendly Farm Saw

It is a gasoline-powered all-around chain saw from Husqvarna’s new lightweight & efficient 440E series. Powered by a 41 cc two-cycle engine this chain saw weighs only 9.8 pounds making it ideal for medium-duty jobs like storm clean-ups and useful around farms.

The engine features chromium plated cylinder and X-Torq technology of Husqvarna designed for low emissions, fuel economy and elongates the service life. The modified Pull StartingTM system houses a spring-assisted mechanism for easy startup.

The saw is designed to drive an 18-inch chain bar equipped with screw chain tensioning and an inertia chain brake system. This makes the saw easy to start and maneuver in the fields and farms.

The patented LowVibTM system efficiently suppresses the vibration transferred to the user to mitigate the fatigue. The efficient Super clean air filter can be easily accessed for cleaning and keeps the fuel consumption low.

The air injection system ensures the removal of debris particles before they hit the filter improving engine efficiency. The tank cap is designed in a flip-up manner for quick and easy refilling.

The Expert Opinion
It is a user-friendly and simple to operate chainsaw. It is a lightweight chain saw and most suited for moderate jobs on your farm. This saw is loaded with efficiency cumulative features and is a great choice for not-so-routine users.
  • Powerful and light
  • Well balanced with anti-vibration system
  • Ease of starting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Suitable only for medium-duty jobs

2. Echo CS-400 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw- Economical Farm / Home Chainsaw

Echo has created a line of tools for the homeowners and casual users who don’t need a large, heavy chainsaw as a lighter machine is much easier to handle for them. So, the entire Echo chainsaws endorse lightweight but are potent enough to handle tough farm duties.

The CS-400 18 Inch gasoline-powered chain saw features an easy start-up through the Pro-Fire® ignition system for wild starts without any frustration with a 2-stroke, 40.2cc engine which blasts off strikingly and runs smooth and strong all through the task.

This 10.1 Pounds, compact chainsaw features an 18 inch long Bar & Chain and comes fully assembled, ready for prompt use. Durability is a strength of Echo chainsaws.

The tool-free chain is easily adjustable and the changeable air filter makes maintenance easy, along with the top or rear handle configurations as per the comfort of use of the user.

However, this chainsaw is not designed for commercial use but is intended for home or farm use and minor remodeling. CS-400 features a low kick nose design with a narrow blade to lessen the saw kickbacks at you.

The Expert Opinion
The Echo CS 400 chainsaw is not designed for industrial use; however, it has the power and easy handling to do both heavy-duty and light cutting at an economical price, however for a minimal amount of time. If you’re a homeowner looking for a chainsaw to be used around your farm, consider the Echo CS 400 Chainsaw.
  • Easy start-up
  • Durable, 2-stroke engine
  • Top or rear handle configurations
  • Superior quality machine
  • Pro-Fire® ignition system
  • Warranty service not up to the mark

3. Greenworks 20262, 12 inches Cordless Chainsaw – Most Affordable Farm Chainsaw

GreenWorks is a recognized manufacturer of power tools offering a diversity of machines, but their chainsaw line is much acknowledged in the market. 20262 is a 12-inch battery-powered Chainsaw from Greenworks running on the G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion platform to deliver high performance with fade-free power.

Not only is it actually lightweight at 6 Pounds, but it also produces up to 50% less noise and vibration than its forerunners. The tool-less chain tensioning system offers easy adjustments of the machine according to the job at hand.

The tough 12-inch steel bar and chain with 3/8 inch’ chain pitch deliver a high cutting performance to get those branches and extremities cut and trimmed with negligible kickback.

The cherry on the top is the compatible 40V G-Max battery with other models of the same company. With effective and ingenious safety features, this chainsaw is easy to use and requires considerably low upkeep.

By means of an automatic oiler, oil is applied to the bar and chain when looked for with a transparent oil tank to keep an eye on the oil levels to ensure durability and optimum use. And the Wrap around handle provides comfort to be used for manifold cutting positions at different angles.

The Expert Opinion
With this small size, this chain saw from Greenworks has surprising power, cutting ability with the ease of handling. However, it cuts relatively slowly on thicker branches so don’t compare it to other heavy-duty, larger saws as it’s best when cutting smaller size wood.
  • Actually lightweight and Portable
  • Automatic Oiling system
  • Rapid charging
  • 4-year warranty
  • Low priced
  • Leaks oil when stored

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4. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw – Most Reliable for Farm use

The 455 Rancher is an ideal saw for homeowners, farm owners, and casual users who demand a potent, heavy-duty, and reliable workmate for all cutting situations. It is a combination of the best characteristics of its ancestor with the latest expediting technology and ergonomics.

Cheers to the smart start technology, which makes this 20-inch gas powered chainsaw easy to start and ready to cut trees, prune limbs or cut firewood. The air injection centrifugal cleaning system helps improve engine life by keeping large dust particles at bay from the air filter; however, the filter is easily replaceable.

The 455 Rancher features a powerful 55. 5cc, 2 stroke engine with a maximum power speed of 9000 rpm equipped with Inertia activated chain brake for a safe operation. This chainsaw by means of its x-torque is sure to lower fuel consumption and lessen emissions.

The side-mounted chain tensioning system makes chain Adjustments quick and easy, while the Automatic chain oiler distributes a steady amount of bar and chain oil for efficient use.

The anti-vibration system reduces vibration levels, while the alienated handle from the motor and chain is comfortable to be held and worked with, offering a more comfortable chainsaw operation.

The Expert Opinion
Due to the higher price tag of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher, we recommend this only to professionals who make a living by cutting trees either on farms or in the woods. As this a powerful chainsaw, it will cut medium-sized to large trees up to 40 inches in diameter, in a matter of seconds with its 20-inch long bar.
  • A powerful 55.5 cc motor
  • Quick-release air filter
  • No vibrations with remarkable handling.
  • Air injection system extends lifespan
  • The 20-inch bar allows cutting large trees
  • It’s expensive as compared to others

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5. Milwaukee (MIL 2727-21HD) 16 inch Chainsaw – With High Output 12.0 Ah Battery

Milwaukee – a global leader manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, known for producing reliable and high-quality efficient saws. MIL 2727-21HD POWERSTATED brushless motor with high output 12.0 Ah battery offers the power to deliver up to 150 cuts on cider and other materials on a single charge.

The advanced intelligence technology ensures optimal saw performance with 50% extra power and provides overload protection by running the motor 50% cooler preventing damage to the engine and the battery during heavy cutting applications.

Milwaukee’s chainsaw comes with a chain brake safety, and an automatic chain oiler for proper chain lubrication improving the overall saw’s productivity. Carefully designed to meet the durability and performance requirements of professionals.

The innovative M18 FUEL™ technology allows the machine to achieve full throttle in less than a second providing maximum stability. Also comes with a variable speed dial that maintains the speed under heavy loads without slowing down allowing utter control.

These batteries are compatible across the entire M18™ Fuel system, these quality constructed batteries offer the best protection against tough job site situations. You wouldn’t have to worry about oil mixing, fine-tuning, priming, pulling strings, and fumes generation with this cordless tool.

The Expert Opinion
Milwaukee, with this great chainsaw, has done it again offering exceptional features from a powerful brushless motor to the large 16-inch bar, with a variable speed trigger that starts off with slow cuts and then revs the engine up to full speed creating a full-blown cutting experience.
  • Powerful Brushless motor
  • REDLINK Plus™ intelligence
  • Dual stud chain tensioning design
  • 16″ long Oregon Bar and Chain
  • Compatible with all M18 batteries
  • Sometimes clog on the wet material

6. DEWALT DCCS690B 16-inch XR Brushless Chainsaw – Best in class

The Dewalt DCCS690B 40v, 16-inch Chainsaw is a powerful lithium-ion cordless option that is highly reliable and user-friendly, with high-performing features that are difficult to beat. The battery is perfectly placed in the middle to provide a perfect balance.

A much strong performer than other lithium-powered saws with an XR powerful brushless motor delivering the performance of gas while offering the convenience of cordless. Comes with a low kickback 16″ Oregon bar and chain that smoothly glides through a wide range of cutting diameters and thickness.

It comes ready to use and is simple to operate. The brushless motor has enough power and battery to trim trees and rip logs while still being extremely safe with a chain brake system offering kickback protection, along with a variable speed knob providing maximum user control.

Sturdy construction with low maintenance, easier on ears, and a lightweight design will get you working quickly till you finish the job, with a battery that lasts a long time. Instantly start and stop the machine using the simple pull of the trigger.

The LubriLink and LubriWell auto-oiling feature of the tool provides optimum convenience while delivering smooth, fast cuts, ensuring long chain life, and requires a minimal amount of maintenance. Also, quickly refill the oil by easily turning the oil cap.

The Expert Opinion
This high torque as well as high power 40 volts professional-grade lithium-ion chainsaw has enough power to easily tackle difficult cutting tasks providing maximum elevated output. From felling trees, trimming bushes to pruning branches, this solid saw with sheer power will give you its finest performance.
  • 40 V XR brushless motor
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability
  • solid built, great performer
  • Tool-free tensioning system
  • Low noise, less maintenance
  • The tool doesn’t come with a battery

7. BLACK+DECKER (LCS1240) Cordless Chainsaw – Ideal for Cleanups or Cutting Firewood

The BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* Lithium-Ion is a lightweight, incredibly economical, and reliable electric chainsaw offering high-performance, gas-free cutting that can easily make up to 60 cuts on a 4×4″ lumber on a single charge.

Featuring an OREGON 12-inch low kickback bar and chain for precise, fast cuts. The auto oiling mechanism lubricates the bar and chain for smoother cutting performance.

LCS1240 reliability and durability is what set it apart. Furthermore, you can take it anywhere you want without worrying about inhalation of gas fumes, or gas refills, and extension cords. In other words, this is the optimum solution in terms of portability and convenience.

With a wraparound handle for comfortable cutting at several angles, the 10 lbs LCS1240 lightweight chainsaw is suitable for any type and size of work. The compact design won’t tire you out and will keep you safe, this saw will definitely be your go-to tool for years to come.

This chainsaw uses some good safety measures, including a front handguard preventing sawdust and debris, a lock-off trigger to prevent accidental activation, and a guide bar scabbard to safeguard the blade while not in use. The chain tensioning lever makes it possible to adjust the chain tension without the use of any key.

The Expert Opinion
Who wants to deal with gas fumes and loud noises when you can have the B&D electric saw, that is extremely simple to operate. Almost every battery-operated tool has its own power limitations so don’t expect them to cut massive wooden logs, because they won’t, but are certainly capable of tackling medium-length projects, and so is this one.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Wrap-around comfort handles
  • Improved safety features
  • Low kickback bar and chain
  • Limited battery capacity

8. WORX (WG303.1) 16-inch Electric Chainsaw – Extremely Budget-friendly

Though most of the chainsaws present in the market look somewhat similar, at the end of the day, the high-quality performance and cut capacity that comes in the package is what counts. Worx is a powerful 14.5 amps engine saw that comes at a pretty decent price delivering high cutting performance.

The patented auto-tensioning system helps improve the bar, motor, and chain life by preventing over-tensioning of the chain. The auto lubricated mechanism ensures a smoother chain running around the bar at 32 ft/s. Plus, the oil view window lets the user know when they need to refill the tank.

Comes with good safety features to avoid accidental injuries including a quick-stop chain brake system. The fully wrapped ergonomic handles reduce vibrations while giving the opportunity to do both vertical and horizontal cutting with the grip that gives maximum control.

The metal spike bumper on the saw securely grips the wood for more stable, easier cutting while reducing kickbacks, giving you the power and leverage to hold the log so you don’t waste any movement during the cut. Offers a quieter operation with no tip kickbacks.

The advanced efficiency standards, along with the outclass innovative technology provides a cost-effective solution with a built to last a long time. This rugged 16-inch chainsaw is constructed to easily tackle any backyard projects with confidence.

The Expert Opinion
Engineered with cutting-edge technology, the Worx Farm chainsaw is extremely useful and powerful for a wide range of functions along with being used on the farmsteads and ranches as it has the ability to get any job done. Can smoothly cut up a 30-inch log that is already lying on the ground.
  • Very reasonable
  • Rubberized rear grip
  • Metal spike bumper
  • Quick-stop chain brake
  • Auto-tensioning chain
  • Uses way too much oil

9. Makita EA5600FRGG 20 Inch ChainSaw – Perfect Power-to-Weight Ratio

All of the Makita range is designed to compete with the top of the other farm and ranch chainsaw categories. But does Makita have what it takes to reach the Husqvarna prosumer level? Before making a decision, let’s have a look at its features to see where it stands…

EA5600FRGG is a compact 12.8 lbs convenient chainsaw with a 56cc engine that runs at a speed of 13,800 RPM delivering 4.0 HP offering the perfect power-to-weight ratio assists in trimming and cutting a wide range of applications making it well suited for ranch and farm environment.

The saw is equipped with the vibration dampening mechanism engineered to minimize vibrations and maximize control. Comes with a robust cartridge filter arrangement that reduces the maintenance frequency while increases the filter and engine’s life.

Comes with the outclass safety features including a single touch trigger to shut off the engine and the one lever trigger used for cold starting. Additionally, the durable mechanical inertia chain brake keeps users safe by avoiding injuries.

Moreover, the easy-to-access chain compartments along with the smooth, rounded saw texture allow efficient removal of chips, quick cleaning, and maximum user comfort even when doing rip cutting.

The Expert Opinion
The lightweight and compact design with an easy start feature is perfect for de-branching and certainly is built with the capacity to compete at a professional level for some serious farm use. Comes with a large dual spike bar that helps prevent kickback while increasing the overall saw’s productivity.
  • Powerful 56cc engine
  • Spring-assisted start technology
  • Side anchored chain tensioner
  • Mechanical chain brake
  • Bar nuts are held for convenient handling
  • Few complained it is a bit difficult to use

10. Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24 inch Gas Chainsaw – For Both Professionals and Amateurs

A versatile, and powerful farming tool with all the professional-grade features at a price that every consumer will love. This 24-inch rancher is liked by a lot of users because of its excellent performance and great safety features.

The advanced X-torque engine delivers powerful cuts reducing the exhaust emission levels as well as lowering the fuel consumption in conformity with the environmental regulations. The 3.6HP/60.3cc powerful X-Torq motor with 2-Cycle Engine cut through thick trees and branches like butter.

The carefully designed smart start technology quickly starts the saw without much effort. For extra safety and low vibrations, the saw comes with saw gloves, chainsaw chaps, and a Husqvarna helmet.

The special centrifugal air injection mechanism help removes large sawdust particles before they reach the air filter, resulting in a cleaner filter that reduced cleaning, and improved engine life.

The front handle and the 7-degree offset handle offer better grip, reducing fatigue. The durable orange carrying case with double-wall construction protects the saw from damage during moving and keeps the sharp chain guarded to prevent accidents.

The Expert Opinion
Rancher 460 is a sturdy all-round amazing saw for projects that require a longer 24-inch bar. Comes with exceptional features including LowVib dampening system to reduce vibrations and the inertia-activated chain brake ensuring safe operation, reduced kickbacks during cutting, as a result minimizing accidents.
  • X-torque reduces emissions
  • Automatic chain oiler system
  • Smart start system
  • Good safety features
  • Side-mounted quick chain tensioning
  • A bit noisy

11. Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas Chainsaw – With X-Cut Chain and X-Force

Husqvarna 450e II is a mid-length chainsaw for pros featuring the new x-cut chain and x-force ideal for foresters, landowners, or lumberjacks. This is an excellent all-round chainsaw for the homeowners as well as for those who greatly value professional level power and performance.

A great 18-inch tool with 50. 2cc gas-powered x-torque engine and guide bar and chain ideal for storm clean-up and general farm maintenance. The saw is well equipped with safety features including an inertia-activated chain brake system that initiated the brake when kickback occurs.

The 2 cycle engine with x-torque technology ensures low emissions and low fuel consumption.  The centrifugal system removes the dust before it reaches the air filter and the quick-release air filter system offers easy cleaning and quick filter replacement.

The second generation powerful saw starts quickly and easily because of the smart start and fuel pump technology requiring slower pull. Comes with a quick side-mounted tool-less chain tensioning mechanism, and an auto chain oiler for efficient bar and chain motion, and long life.

Comes with a visible fuel window, auto-stop switch, flip-up tank caps, a comfortable plastic grip, and an anti-kickback chain to help reduce vibrations and facilitate easy saw handling.

The Expert Opinion
The gas-operated highly efficient and powerful chain saw is engineered for optimal performance with the capacity to tackle any project confidently. Additionally, comes with all the value-added safety features required during cutting. Overall, this saw offers a perfect value especially to those who have recently entered the Pro market.
  • Fuel-efficient X-Torque motor
  • Excellent power distribution
  • Very low vibration
  • Inertia-activated chain brake
  • Smart start and fuel pump system
  • Bar and chain oil not included

The Buying Guide of Best Chainsaw For Farm Using Purpose

If you are interested in a chain saw to be used on your farm or ranch, the general guidelines are similar to those given in our article Best tree climbing chain saw .These saws are designed for medium-duty semi-regular usage but tend to tilt towards the higher-end side of the spectrum.

In the following, we describe some key characteristics you should not overlook when choosing a chain saw for your farm/ranch.

  • Power Source of Chain Saws

you can roughly classify the chain saws into three categories based on their power source.

Although the most common type is the corded electric version; these saws are lightweight and reasonably powerful but due to the limitation of the length of the cord, they have less maneuverability and hence are not much suited for off-site jobs like on a farm or a ranch.

This shortcoming can be compensated by using a battery-operated chain saw. These, however, lack the power you may need on your farm. Also, the number of cuts on a single charge may also restrict its usage, but these are ideal to be used on small farms.

The best option is thus a gasoline-powered chain saw which combines the power and maneuverability in one. The only drawback is that they are heavier and make a lot of noise but they do make the job done much easier.

  • Fuel-Efficiency and air-injection system

Most of the gasoline-powered chain saws are notoriously inefficient when it comes to fuel economy in addition to their high emissions output. Some of the updated models however are equipped with high-tech engines providing low fuel consumption with better performance.

Another important design element is the air-injection system of an engine where a centrifugal cleaner removes the debris and dust before they could reach filters. This system not only increases the life span of the chain saw engine but also results in better fuel economy.

  • Chainsaw Size and weight

Two of the most crucial things when looking for a chain saw for your farm are the size and weight of the chain saw.

Generally speaking, larger chain saws are more powerful and consequently heavier than the smaller ones although exceptions can also be found. Also, the guide bar length becomes an important factor for cutting thicker logs and tall pruning.

Although a gasoline-powered chain saw is mostly recommended for a farm, you should also take your skill level into account before making a choice.

For a casual user or a novice, we would recommend a chain saw as lighter as possible to avoid fatigue during cutting. Additionally, this factor is also strongly dependent on your physical strength in along with your chain saw skills.

  • Vibration Dampening Mechanism and Grip

As explained above, the chain saws suitable for farms are usually heavy, and thus prolonged usage causes fatigue. The intense vibrations from the chain saw may lead to physical damage of tissues inside the hands and arms of the user in such conditions.

It is therefore a prime requirement to look for a chain saw with a suitable vibration dampening or reduction system installed within. This system may include shock reduction coils along with an ergonomically designed “Top handle” for an easy and comfortable grip during cutting.

  • Safety Features

You would have already known that power tools especially chain saws can be dangerous if they lack proper safety features.

For your farm usage, you should look for a chain saw with multi-layered safety features which include anti-kickback chain design, chain brakes, safety guards along with your personal safety equipment like safety goggles, non-slip boots & gloves, etc. for safe and accident-free cutting.

Some models offer Inertia Activated Chain Brakes which greatly reduce the risk of kick-back in case of any harder obstruction (like a knot) in the chainsaw’s path.

  • Additional features

In addition to the standard features described above, many manufacturers offer some value-added features to provide you with a comfortable and easy cutting experience.

The list of these value-added features includes features that directly affect your cutting like tool-less chain adjustments or ease of starting etc. or it may also entail maintenance features like automatic chain oiler and oil reservoir windows.

And finally, you may want to hide under the security umbrella of the brand name and would like to opt for a warranty. Generally, different brands offer different warranty periods with a certain impact on the total price.

You can therefore look for the optimum warranty offer based on your usage and the brand value. It is always good to carefully analyze the value-added features and weigh down the pros and cons based on your requirements and budget before making a choice.

Wrapping Up

Farm life is not easy, so it’s a must to have tools that are meant to make life easier for you. So having the best chainsaw for your farm is mandatory. However, nothing is the best exactly! Along with power, Versatility is the key! Because the most versatile chainsaw will prove to be the most useful, not only around your farm or ranch but also for multi tasks of everyday life.

Nonetheless, Gas chainsaws deliver the most usage with versatility. Also, remember to consider the bar size rendering to the type of cutting you are doing today and what you might come across in the future.

But we assure you that you can’t go wrong with any of the chainsaws on our list.

Happy Farming!!!

People Also Asked For Best Farm Chainsaws

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

What is the best chainsaw for a farm?
Husqvarna is a market leader for decades, known for making high-quality chainsaws. 455 Rancher is one of Husqvarna’s best prosumer chainsaws in our opinion. And it is the most popular and reliable 20 Inch gas-powered rancher saw ideal for farm use, with a bar length from 15 to 20 inches.
How much does a good chainsaw for farm projects cost?
You can get a good quality farm tough chainsaw easily under $500 from a renowned brand, able to handle a lot of use and abuse around a farm or a rancho. Also which will last for a lifetime if handled with proper care and regular maintenance.
What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw for the farm?
Husqvarna being the leader in the market of chainsaws has offered some of the best chainsaws. Husqvarna 455 rancher gas chainsaw with 20-inch bar is the most powerful chainsaw to be used around your farms and homesteads with a weight of only 12.8 pounds is pretty light in addition to being well balanced.

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