10 Best Circular Saw Under $100 In 2022

If one ever sees an under $100 power tool in the market, you will surely be skeptical that how is it supposed to perform well when it is this economical.

It’s almost impossible to cut or carve wood without a saw and a DIY’er, enthusiast or a beginner, and even a professional with other great tools already in their arsenal wouldn’t want to spend a lot for getting a new one. But above all, the circular saw among others is a versatile tool to perfectly shape wood.

So if you want a low budget circular saw but are confused about where to look, or unsure whether an under $100 one, would function properly? What if it lacks in power or has low cutting capabilities? Well, the good news is that we have reviewed the best ones already available in the market for you that not only cover your target price but also offer a great cutting performance.

10 Best Budget Circular Saws Under 100 Dollars

No worries, we have done a thorough review, sparing no details, and if you continue reading you’ll know the good, the bad, the quality, value of these below mentioned 10 best circular saws that not only meet your needs but fits your budget perfectly… Let’s get started.

Here is my list of the Best Budget Circular Saws Below $100 in 2022;

1. DEWALT DWE575 – Lightweight Premium Quality

Getting a lightweight portable saw with a powerful motor and an under $100 price tag… whoa, that’s huge, right? Don’t worry, you can get this and more with Dewalt DWE575, having a high-quality aluminum base and a high-ampere motor that easily cut through the toughest of materials without bogging down.

The saw’s lightest aluminum construction reduces user fatigue along with the anti-hitch lower guard planted in this circular saw, which helps protect against flying debris and provides even operation for small cut-off pieces, easing things when used by a homeowner.

Doesn’t matter if you are installing exterior siding or framing up interior walls, this industrial-grade circular saw is for everyone, from beginners to homeowners to general contractors, remodelers, or framers, it caters to everyone’s demands.

This versatile, easy to carry saw offers a great depth cutting capacity of up to 2 9/16-inch. Equipped with a dust blower to keep the environment tidy as well as the cutline clear, improving visibility because blade visibility is a necessity for attaining accurate angles.

The Expert Opinion
Along with the other awesome features, it also has a 57-degree beveling capacity with positive stops at 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees. From lightweight construction to impeccable cutting capabilities, this premium quality economical saw is a preference of every woodworker.
  • Ergonomic handle and trigger actuation
  • Lightest with the great cutting capability
  • 5200 RPM Power Motor
  • Onboard blade wrench storage
  • Reliable, Compact, and Durable
  • Doesn’t come with brakes

2. Bosch CS10 – With Patented Bevel Louvers and Blower

A number 2 in the list and one of our top recommended circular saw with the upgraded features like advanced composite i-e; magnesium base and footplate that promises to deliver more stability and precision while cutting a variety of different angles.

An effective high torque motor with an impeccable cut-to-weight ratio delivers a 5600 RPM speed, which efficiently gets the job done. It has a lightweight but durable magnesium coated upper guard with an anti-snag guard that sinks blade and the wider footplate provides ease of cutting for better accuracy.

Equipped with patented bevel louvers/vents and a blower that provides proper ventilation and helps keep dust and debris off the work surface, providing a clear view of the cutline. You can easily maintain the brush motor because of the removable end cap.

Weighing only 10.2 pounds, this 7-1/4-inch circular saw with a powerful 15-ampere motor easily cuts through wood and decking with a 56-degree beveling capacity yielding high-level productivity. A comfortable-to-use saw for all the heavy-duty applications is perfect for every pro.

The Expert Opinion
A little pricey in comparison to other tools listed in this article, but with the Bosch reputation and the quality they offer in every tool they create, it is worth spending a bit more, as they design tools ensuring that they can easily withstand years of difficult job site conditions.
  • Spindle lock for holding the blade in place
  • Quality cast-metal magnesium footplate
  • Saw hook for convenient storage
  • The ergonomic grip adds comforts
  • High-contrast bevel and depth scales
  • Weak plastic lever

3. CRAFTSMAN CMES510 – Portable

This tiny, 11 pounds saw fits everywhere, in every tiny corner without compromising on its performance. In our analysis, we have placed it in the 3rd position because it offers all the utilities of the bigger circular saws and delivers everyday cuts at a fast, accurate pace without even slowing down a bit.

This 7-1/4-inch Craftsman high performing saw runs its high torque motor at 5500 RPM aggressively, accurately tackling the toughest of materials. Built with a sturdy, premium quality magnesium shoe/ footplate and metal upper and lower guard, maximizing stability and safety.

It comes with a handy, 55 degree tool free beveling capacity with positive stops at 22.5 and 45-degrees ensuring precise and flawless day-to-day cuts, with an improved cut capacity of up to 21/8 inches.

The compact design makes portability easy, you can take it wherever you go, and the lightweight magnesium along with the contoured handle further adds comfort minimizing the hand fatigue of continuously holding the saw. For convenient storage, this saw comes with a rafter hook.

The Expert Opinion
CMES510 is a must-have tool for a DIYer or a craftsman with enough power to easily cut through 2x lumber in one single, smooth pass. This tool has provided a perfect balance of power, weight, and durability. With enhanced capabilities and safety, it has the power to easily tackle every challenging task.
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Spindle lock safety mechanism
  • High performing motor
  • Adjustable bevel and cutting depth
  • Doesn’t comes with a carry box
  • Not a very effective dust blower system

4. SKIL 5280-01 – With Single Beam Laser Guide

It is not a heavy-duty contractor level saw, but a budget-friendly, easy to use and handle lightweight, high power tool, which is a suitable option for the home user or a hobbyist. You can do rip and crosscut with this 7-1/4” good value saw, which is also great for framing lumber, gang cutting, and plunge cuts in lumber, or plywood.

Sure it doesn’t offer the high-end, pro features but its industrial-grade design along with a 15-ampere power motor can impressively get the job done. It also comes with a single beam laser to guide straight cuts with an indicator light hinting at when the saw is powered on.

Gravitating towards other high-end power tools with all the bells and whistles is too easy, but if you are an average earning person then there is nothing wrong with getting this $60 saw. It offers powerful depth cutting capabilities of up to 2-3/8 inches and can easily cut through 2×4 inch sheets in a single pass.

Weighing only 6.95 pounds, it is not only easy to carry but the compact design makes it easy to handle too, reducing hand fatigue. This saw comes with a carry bag which makes it super handy to move around. The on-tool wrench makes replacing blades effortlessly.

The Expert Opinion
With great beveling abilities, it can easily work on a number of complicated tasks that require working on more than one angle. This tool doesn’t necessarily have to be worthy of professionals to consider it a great tool, its cutting abilities, and user’s admiration is enough to give this one, a shot.
  • Power Indicator light
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • Single Laser Beam Guide
  • A guarded trigger to minimize accidental start-ups
  • Poor quality depth control handle

5. PORTER-CABLE PCC660B – Ideal for Beginners

Every tool has a specialty, and this one too comes with some unique features. We wouldn’t scam you into saying that it is a perfect powerful addition to the woodwork industry, but this can surely be considered a learner tool for those who are planning their ways into the professional world.

Its high performing motor runs at a powerful 4000 RPM allowing it to smoothly cut through an oak wood, thin plywood sheet, or other wood panels, this saw is only capable of cutting wood. The 6-1/2 inch carbide tipped blade has a cutting capacity of 2-1/8-inch, however, investing in a good quality blade can increase the capacity easily.

you will not regret buying Porter & Cable PCC660B as it can smoothly handle small projects from one job site to another, yeah that’s right; maneuvering this little one with its contoured over-molded handle is a comfort. This tool runs on a 20V Max battery system which means that it runs on a high-performance cordless platform.

Though this tool has room for improvement, be patient because it still is a brilliant tool under a $100 budget. It is not very suitable for heavy or dense cutting but good for thin panels, twigs, or branches or for materials below 6-inches inches in thickness, hence it becomes a good choice for beginners.

The Expert Opinion
This is an extremely lightweight (6.5lbs), affordable, handy cordless circular saw with smooth maneuverability, and a precise cutting capacity of almost 3 inches which makes it a perfect choice for entry-level woodworkers or enthusiasts. We can confidently say that this saw is good news, which comes in a small package.
  • Runs on a 20V Max battery
  • Up to 50-degree bevel cuts capacity
  • Contoured handle grip adds comfort
  • Affordable and compact design
  • 20V MAX battery is sold separately
  • Some parts are cheap plastic

6. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B – Ideal for a variety of home tasks

There is no tool better than Black & Decker that can effortlessly and noiselessly cut through thin wooden planks or sections of drywall and it is also one of the most popular smaller size saws because of its affordability and compactness, and the fact that you can take it wherever you want as it would work perfectly without any power outlet.

Though it is a brilliant power tool but is not suitable for longer cuts or cutting thicker wood as it would either slow down or may stop completely, use this saw according to the user manual and its cutting capacity, obviously one cannot expect a 5 1/2-inch saw for something too big.

The 20V MAX battery (which you’d have to buy separately) has a 1.5Ah capacity, depending on the load, can get you about 45 minutes of work time, and can also cut 2×4 inch of plywood sheet with ease, so we can surely say that this is a good choice for some home improvement tasks.

Works best in tiny spaces and with smaller projects. A petite 6 pounds saw with 5.5 inch blades has enough torque to accurately and quickly cut through everyday tough materials. It also features an easy to access, tool-free bevel and cut depth adjustments so you can have the perfect angular cuts.

The Expert Opinion
A reliable, budget-friendly compact circular saw, with a fairly decent performance and reduced hand fatigue can help you in a variety of home tasks, vastly saves you the time working on the projects and you wouldn’t have to worry about the cables getting in the way of your work.
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable bevel and cutting depth
  • Convenient and quiet
  • The battery runs out soon

7. BLACK+DECKER BDECS300C – With Spindle Lock

Another great power tool for budget-conscious buyers with a laser guide to getting straight, accurate line cuts plus the easy access and use, cutting depth, and bevel adjustments provide a reliable cutting ability making it a recommended model for an entry-level craftsman.

A big name in the kitchen appliances or what should we say… Electric tools industry as a whole, their products are highly valued so obviously power tools would be no exception, we can expect the same performance from them as well, right? We wish we could say the same, but their circular saws are not bad but surely have room for some improvement.

This 7-1/4-inch saw is a great economical option for beginners or home users but not entirely the best choice for professionals. The compactness improves transportability and effectively gets the job done; however, you can always swap the low-quality blade with the higher quality one to achieve a good output.

It is a wonderful tool in its own league, but you cannot expect to construct a house with a $45 saw. The lightweight yet durable construction allows you to keep firm control of the saw at all times without aching your joints. Not only you can easily carry it around, but the 13-ampere power motor and the laser guide system is an extra useful feature for precise cutting.

The Expert Opinion
Thanks to the performance, power capacity, this portable circular saw offers a great value in the market, in the league of budget saws. Obviously, you cannot get an average of 4.5 user reviews for a bad product so this one is worth a try.
  • Spindle lock for quick blade replacement
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Laser guide for accurate cuts
  • Easy bevel Adjustments
  • The safety blade guard needs improvement

8. Ryobi One P505 – Perfect for Light-duty Woodwork

A 5-1/2 inch cordless tool designed to perfectly cut boards to sizes, if you are looking for some small DIY construction, demolition projects, or other home repair woodworking tasks, then this is just the right tool for you. This saw is compatible with all the Ryobi’s 18 Volt cordless series batteries.

For maximum user comfort, they have specially designed the grip zone over-mold handles lined with rubber grips that increase friction between the tool and your hand thus provides a stronger grip, with an extra side handle for convenient maneuverability.

The motor runs at 4700 RPM so it has the power of corded but the portability of a cordless saw. The transparent polyurethane lower blade guard not only provides cutline visibility but enhances safety. You can cut a variety of different angles for several applications with the adjustable bevel scales.

It offers straight out-of-box cutting abilities with the 5 1/2 inch blade; just make sure that you have a battery in your collection beforehand so you can immediately get started. You wouldn’t have to worry about power outlets; since you can work in a remote area using this tool.

The Expert Opinion
This cordless circular saw is an excellent preference for homeowners as it is ideally intended for most DIY home projects. Even if you are a professional carpenter, it is a reliable backup tool that would never disappoint you. Ryobi delivers excellency with a 3-year warranty, which itself says a lot.
  • On-board wrench for blade replacement
  • Above average, powerful motor
  • Reliable and durable
  • Economical with a compact design
  • No laser guide
  • Battery not included in the package

9. GALAX PRO – Perfect for Beginners

When someone hears about a powerful 7-1/4 inch circular saw, obviously they wouldn’t expect it to run at 5500RPM! How can a small-sized saw run at such great speed? But Galax has introduced a 7.1-pound inexpensive saw with a pure copper power motor that actually delivers a fast, powerful, full-sized saw performance.

It is an ideal choice for novice or beginners with a red laser guide that accurately places the cutline on the target’s surface, along with a graduated ruler design that ensures accurate cuts. Furthermore, for users’ safety and saw’s durability they have added a lightweight, but sturdy plastic lower blade guard.

The 24 teeth carbide-tipped blade combined with the 12 amp power motor, easily cut through wood, tile, plastics, metal, and flooring in a single pass. Iron construction with steel gears, this saw presents the perfect balance of high strength, lightweight, and immaculate cutting abilities.

Integrated blower and dust extraction mechanism keep the line of cut unobstructed and the area clean enhancing cutting visibility, paving ways for better accuracy. It additionally features an adjustable fence and solid base for handling thinner cuts, and the easy access bevel and cutting depth lever quickly adjusts the tilt for improved finesse.

The Expert Opinion
A great power saw for this price, that has the capacity to easily cut through 4×4 posts or even tree branches; not every saw is capable of doing this, so you surely are getting a great value, when buying this one.
  • The double switch prevents accidents
  • Integrated dust blower
  • Steel reinforcement and solid gears
  • Hex nut to replace the blade
  • The laser system is not very effective

10. SKILSAW SPT67WL-01 – Lightest in weight

The lightest sidewinder motor in this circular saw yet again manages to bring about the tradition of SKILSAW quality, durability, and consistency with exceptional cuts. The tough magnesium base, guard, and footplate offer stability during cutting and won’t wear out soon.

You may wonder that the saw seems lightweight; would it be able to endure job site hardships? It has a special functioning inside to help with deeper cuts, to keep the motor cool and is great for smaller pieces as well. A professional 8.6 pounds saw with a 10-foot cord doesn’t get in the way of cutting.

This pro tool has integrated the special worm drive technology into this sidewinder combined with the dual field motor that runs at 15 amperes delivering 5300 RPM to smoothly go through the deeper materials, simultaneously preventing the motor from heating up, and the included dust blower keeps the line of sight clear.

This 7-1/4 inch saw has a 56-degree bevel capacity with positive stop at 0 and 45 degrees permitting you to get a variety of versatile, most demanding cuts, with the maximum depth of cut of 2 7/16 inches vertically. You can even get a full refund after 180 days of cutting, which proves how reliable Skilsaw is.

The Expert Opinion
You can work hours with this saw, this beast wouldn’t get stuck or slow down so you can believe that this one perfectly fits the bill. This tool is ideal for trimming, framing, ceiling, sidings, decking, and other tough jobs. The quality 24 tooth carbide blade smoothly cuts hardwood, softwood, and other engineered wood.
  • Powerful motor
  • Worm drive integrated into sidewinder
  • Dual-field motor
  • The depth adjustment lever is flat

Is it Worth Buying a Circular Saw Below 100 Dollars?

Before getting into the discussion of whether buying a below 100 dollars’ circular saw is worth it or not, let’s dig into the subcategories and the benefits a circular saw offers:

Circular saws are one of the most commonly used power tools and with the right size blade, it has the capacity to cut wood, steel, ceramic, masonry, stone, and more. The sizes range from 4-1/4 to 10-1/4 but the most commonly used are 5-1/2 and 7-1/4 inches.

It is a versatile portable tool for a beginner as well as a professional carpenter with the ability to smoothly cut lumber, or plywood for trims, framing, or bookcases, etc.

Choose either the traditional sidewinder saw or the worm drive as they both have the powerful motor to smoothly drive the blade, you can even get the cordless or corded ones whichever suits your work demands better. And it is capable to do almost everything a miter saw can do but is a lot cheaper.

With all the above-mentioned qualities and the capacity to make straight cuts, crosscuts, bevel cuts or rip cuts, it is totally recommended to get a budget-friendly circular saw as the smaller ones can easily fit in places where the larger or other saws wouldn’t even get in.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of  Below $100 Circular Saw

The following features will give you a clearer view of which budget circular saw will be the best match for your intended purpose.

  • Corded Vs Battery Powered

Since a circular saw is a handheld tool, the notion of battery-powered vs corded becomes more practical. While a corded saw has a continuous power supply for an unlimited number of cuts and is relatively more powerful, they lack maneuverability, especially for complicated framing or woodworking.

On the other hand, a battery-operated circular has an added advantage for an off-site job but are relatively costly and may require an additional purchase of spare battery packs for heavy-duty work. Therefore, a budget option would most probably be to choose a corded version.

  • Drive Mechanism

The circular saws consist of two types of drive mechanisms, the cheaper sidewinder mechanism with more RPM and less torque and the costly worm-drive mechanism which is designed to transmit more torque to the blade.

When looking for a budget circular saw, your most probable option will be cheaper sidewinder drive circular saws.

  • Power and RPM

One of the defining features of a power tool is its power which is depicted in terms of current usage (amperes) and blade speed defined as rotations per minutes (RPM).

Regarding the budget option keeping every other feature fixed, it is a no-brainer that the more power a saw is; the costly it would get. You can find a budget circular saw operating at for example 12 amperes easily, which is a good power for most applications.

  • Portability

For a lot of professionals and/or home users, a lightweight circular saw with high portability is the most important factor. There are many budget options in the market focusing on lighter weight, however; these are restricted in terms of motor power and the number of cuts on a single charge.

  • Ergonomic Design

Being a handheld tool, a circular saw is often weighted down due to its comfort in operation. To assist such ease, handles are designed ergonomically with molded rubber grips. These features exist across the board in both cheap as well as costly circular saws.

  • Blade Size and cutting capacity

The cutting capacity of a budget circular saw usually depends upon the size of the blade among other things. Generally, powerful motors have larger blade sizes which add to the cost of the saw and vice versa.

Typically, you get a 4-1/2 inches’ blade in a compact saw, 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 inches’ blade in the cordless circular saw, and 5-1/2 to 7-1/4 inches’ blade in the corded circular saw. It is therefore recommended that you look for the largest blade size you can get in your budget bracket to maximize the cutting capacity.

  • Visibility of Cut Line

The visibility of the cut line is achieved by a two-prong approach. One is to shine a laser or LED light to illuminate the surface and the other is to suck the sawdust out of way to clearly see the direction of your cut. In your average budget circular saws, you should look for both features combined together.

  • Depth adjustment and Bevel Angle

Another important consideration when looking for a circular saw under $100 is regarding the degree of depth adjustment which is also somewhat related to the blade size.

The other feature is the bevel angle which should be at least 45 degrees for accurate & complex framing cuts. You should carefully consider the cutting depth at beveled angles and opt for the best choice available.


We know it is really hard to find the right tool, and as the list goes longer the decision becomes more difficult, but we assure you that we have written all this insight in this article after a detailed analysis and have tried to cover every aspect of each saw, to help you make an informed decision.

We can assure you that the above-mentioned saws are the 10 best circular saws available in the market that comes within your desired budget. However, if you want more features and functionality, you necessarily need to spend more. Good luck with finding the one that is best for all your work conditions, with the best value for your money.

Happy Shopping!!!

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What is the most common size of circular saw you can get under $100?
You can easily buy a 6-1/2 or 7-1/4 inch circular saw under the $100 price tag, other smaller options are available but they wouldn’t offer the same level of power and performance you can get with the 7-1/4 inch one.
What is the best cheap circular saw under $100?
In our opinion, the best budget saw is DEWALT DWE575 with its premium quality and reputation, this saw has the ability to go through the toughest of materials without slowing down, and its small size can fit in everywhere whether to be stored or for cutting.

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