Best Cordless Table Saw of 2022

Table saws sometimes referred to as contractor’s saws have a whole lot of usage in woodworking, carpentry, and construction jobs. You must be wondering if table saws are such a big hit… Why wouldn’t cordless ones be?

The cordless table saw market isn’t a huge one, not many manufacturers have the proficiencies to create such a high-power battery tool. Two of the biggest establishments that not only compete with cordless table saws but with every other power tool they craft i-e Dewalt and Milwaukee.

Every enterprise doesn’t have what it takes to compete with them, especially when it comes to creating battery-operated tools. What will happen if the batteries are not good enough… that’s a deal-breaker, right? because without long lasting batteries these tools are almost useless.

Best Battery Powered Table Saw Reviews 2022

Choosing a battery powered table saw is way harder than choosing a traditional one, firstly there aren’t many options available, and secondly, the available ones are not awesome enough to be included in our list. Let’s review three of the best products we have selected for you.

Choosing a battery powered table saw is way harder than choosing a traditional one, firstly there aren’t many options available, and secondly, the available ones are not awesome enough to be included in our list.

Let’s review Two of the best products we have selected for you.


Dewalt’s next level power source “FLEXVOLT” technology with a 60V battery power fuels the world’s first cordless table saw that automatically adjusts voltage when you change the tool. It offers out-of-the-box accuracy and precision and then the interchangeable batteries are compatible with all of Dewalt’s 20V, 60V, 120V Max tools.


Dewalt has taken a big step by introducing Lithium-Ion technology FLEXVOLT. It offers you the power of corded, packed in a cordless setting. This is the first battery that would automatically adjust the power volts when you switch tools.

The battery has an initial voltage of 20, measured without any workload and the nominal is 18 volts. Flexvolt with its 60V Max and 120V Max battery has the power to change the way you get your work done.

Use the 60v Flexvolt battery on Dewalt’s 20V Max tools to improve the run time up to 4x capacity. This single battery runs on 2 voltages and can be used with Dewalt’s other 60V MAX* and 120V MAX* tools.

Rip Capacity

The 15-ampere brushless motor runs at the no-load speed of 5800 RPM and the arbor size of 5/8-inch has the capacity to cut 2-1/2″ deep at 90 degrees and at a 45-degree angle it can cut up to 1-3/4″.

With a ripping capacity of 24 inches, it can smoothly cut through 4×8 inch sheets of plywood and OSB. For precise narrow rip cut, material clamps have been provided to secure the pieces. In a ¾ inch OSB sheet, this thin kerf 8-1/4 inch table saw blade has the capacity to do 302 linear feet per charge.

Rack and pinion

For an accurate and smoother fence adjustment, they have set up the rack and pinion telescoping rails, the table saw runs on the pins and rails functions so it locks down well.  It prevents the longer pieces from wobbling and smoothly cutting the entire stock, ensuring clean, safe cuts.

You can easily store the accessories in the onboard compartment which includes a riving knife, push stick, wrenches, fence, guard, and miter gauge.


The plastic bases are not very durable and vibrate when cutting huge pieces of wood, which leads to inaccurate cuts. To deal with this issue, they have provided the metal roll cage, a sturdy and durable base that would smoothly secure the material on the tabletop for smooth and accurate cutting.

This metal table coating reduces the friction during ripping. Also, the hassle-free tool adjustments can be done with the Site-Pro modular guarding mechanism.


To prevent accidental restarts that may cause power disruptions, a power-loss reset trigger that defaults to off, has been added.

Dust Collection

A dust collection system below the blade has been placed which efficiently collects most of the sawing waste, keeping the place and atmosphere tidy.


This 48 pounds table saw, 13 inch tall with an easy to carry handle provides a suitable power to weight to size ratio. It can easily be handled using one hand, place it on the back of the truck and take it to whichever job site you are working on.

Components in the Package Include 

  • DEWALT Cordless Table Saw (1)
  • 60V Max Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Carbide Tipped Blade (1)
  • Blade Guard (1)
  • Fast Charger (1)
  • Miter Gauge (1)
  • Blade Wrenches (2)
  • Push Stick (1)
  • Riving Knife (1)
  • User Manual
The Expert Opinion
The efficiency of this saw amazes us, this portable, small size power pack has the capacity of doing multiple jobs using a single, but powerful 60V Max FLEXVOLT battery. All in all, it is an excellent performer with a premium Dewalt reputation and is one reasonably priced tool.
  • Flexvolt 60V Battery
  • 15-ampere, 5800 RPM Power Motor
  • Power of corded in a cordless saw
  • Smooth rack and pin fence movement
  • A power-loss restart trigger
  • The 8 1/4 inch blade has a low cut capacity, a 10-inch would have been a better option

2. Milwaukee 2736-21  – M18 FUEL LINE REDLITHIUM BATTERY

Though it is not the first cordless table saw in the market, but it is the first 18 volts table saw having a great value for users who already have invested in the M18 series, as this is a continuation of an M18 platform.


Another great addition by Milwaukee to the M18 Cordless Tool Fuel Line, a direct competitor of Dewalt, this tool is what you need if you are planning on going to a totally cordless job site. Their batteries support a wide range of other Milwaukee tools.

The cordless 8-1/4-inch saw features an M18 Battery and a ONE-Key component offers the power and capacity of a 15-ampere corded saw with a huge rip capacity and cutting per charge of up to 600 linear feet.


A POWERSTATED brushless motor is perfectly compatible with the M18 Fuel Line battery series to provide the power that tradesmen look for in corded versions. Milwaukee’s 18-volt battery-operated table saw that runs on a 12 Ah battery have a 24-1/2 Inch ripping capacity.

The 15-ampere brushless motor spins the blade at a powerful 6300 RPM speed, which can smoothly cut 4×8 inch sheets of OSB and plywood in one single pass, gives the performance and outcomes of a corded tool. This higher capacity battery yields a higher cutting performance.

The more the power, the faster the blade will cut through the material. The easy to read and use bevel scale has a maximum bevel capacity of 47 degrees to the left. It also comes with a rapid charger that has the ability to charge both M12 and M18 batteries.

Redlink plus intelligence

Another great invention, the “Redlink plus intelligence” which is also compatible with the entire M18™ series prevents your tool and battery by managing the overload speed during heavy applications that might otherwise damage your tool thus ensuring durability and optimum saw performance.

As opposed to the traditional Redlithium HD package, they have incorporated the high output Redlithium HD 12.0 battery package that runs 50% cooler with 50% more battery power.

A perfect amalgamation of the Powerstate Brushless Motor, with the Redlink plus intelligence and the Redlithium Battery that has the capacity to effortlessly rip down dimensional lumber in one smooth motion.

ONE-KEY Smart Technology

You can now conveniently manage your tool performance using this technology as it connects the wireless tool to your smart devices; providing a clear vision of where and how your tool is being used across the job site.

When your device is within 100 ft. range, the app will record the time, increasing accountability by quickly allowing you to pinpoint the missing pieces.

Integrated Tool Tracking

Now here comes another theft protection feature. You can track the location of the table saw within the 100 ft. range of your smartphone. You can even track the tool even if the battery is dead because it is integrated into the tool, not the battery.

Your tools can be hidden from other smart devices by employing the remote lock-out feature. Milwaukee is doing everything from asset management to tracking to lock-out to ensure that your investment is secured.

In case your tool gets stolen, shut the tool off using the remote control commands so the next time it comes within the One-Key app range, it will become totally useless for the person who has taken it.

Rack and Pinion

You can kick start the saw using the plastic enclosed red-trigger on the front. It also features a rack and pinion fence, which offers quick cuts while maintaining accuracy. A lever beneath the fence on the right side will lock the rip length.

It is a perfect system for easy adjustments and square cuts. It will conveniently lock the material from front and back using the clamps and table extension, so neither the fence nor the material will wobble during cutting.


You can adjust the height up to 2-1/2 inches using the rotational knob with 14 turns to extend the blade completely. A single wrench is provided to smoothly replace the blade, and a lever to change the riving knife.

Durable metal gears for smooth function. Built with a sturdy, durable metal frame for long-term sustainability, that can handle rough job site settings.

Portability and Safety

The 55 pounds 15 x 27 x 24 inches table saw with easy to carry side handles make maneuverability handy. Use the on-board storage to the stock blade, riving knife, miter gauge, push stick, and fence.

The power loss safety switch prevents accidental restarts in case your battery dies or you lose connection. You can also buy a 34-inch scissor-style table especially designed for this saw with adjustable feet.

Dust Collection

A 3-feet dust collection port has been added on the back of the saw for maximum dust accumulation, you can attach either a vacuum or a shop vac for maximum collection of saw debris.

All in all, it is an awesome cordless solution with multiple features for contractors who have to work from one job site to another.

Components in the Package Include 

  • Milwaukee 8-1/4″ Cordless Table Saw (1)
  • M18 Redlithium HD 12.0 battery Pack
  • Blade (1)
  • Blade Guard (1)
  • M18™ & M12™ Rapid Charger
  • Miter Gauge (1)
  • Blade Wrenches (2)
  • Anti-Kick Back Pawls (1)
  • Riving Knife (1)
  • User Manual
The Expert Opinion
This saw is a combination of 3Ps i-e power, productivity, and portability, crafted for professional woodworkers, carpenters, remodelers, and general contractors. This battery-operated saw with dead-on accuracy will get the job done quickly and efficiently and is designed to meet consumer’s needs.
  • M18 Fuel Line battery
  • Great power and run time capacity
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence and REDLITHIUM™ Battery
  • Lightweight enough to conveniently carry it around
  • One-Key technology
  • Integrated Tool tracking
  • Has the power and capacity to shift to a 10-inch blade
  • Could use AC adapter option

Difference Between Milwaukee 2736-21 HD Table Saw & Milwaukee  2736-20 Table Saw

Many have been looking for the differences between these two models forever but couldn’t find any except that in Milwaukee 2736-20, the battery and the rapid charger doesn’t come in the package, only a bare tool is included, which varies the price of both tools a bit, as well.

But in a wider context, both these tools have the same operating mechanism, running on the M18 Fuel line series, have a Redlink intelligence mechanism for an optimum outcome, and have the same ripping capacity. They both even have the same 5-years tools and workmanship warranty.

Which Cordless table saw is better Dewalt or Milwaukee?

Though the two looked quite similar, they couldn’t be more different. The one major difference is that both run on different volt batteries and motors.

Regarding the battery pack issue, on one hand, Milwaukee has patented M18 Fuel Line batteries which can be used on all of Milwaukee tools lineup while DEWALT has its own FLEXVOLT series of batteries that can switch between voltages when attached to different DEWALT tools.

Milwaukee tools are generally a little bit more compact than Dewalt’s, however just by a notch. Although the DEWALT Atomic Tools lineup gives a bitter competition in terms of compactness and cost-effectiveness, they still are a wee bit heavy.

Milwaukee offers a clever fence design and the batteries last a long time. All in all, it offers more integrated and sophisticated tools than DEWALT which however leads in terms of tool tracking and smart control systems.

Are Cordless Table Saws Good than Corded Electric?

Generally, cordless power tools offer portability, reliability, compactness, and fine workmanship but are relatively low powered. Although there are some sufficiently powerful cordless tools, their use is capped by the battery time after charging afresh.

On the other hand, corded tools have sustained power and can be used round the clock for as much cutting as you want. They generally have a large size with a heavy and sturdy built and often not very suitable for complex fine cutting operations.

What Are The Advantages Of  Cordless Table Saw

Cordless table saws have become better and more capable than ever because people are moving forward and using cordless machines more often, some of the advantages of cordless table saws are as follows:

  • Cordless table saws are the perfect choice if you like working outside or move around the job site
  • They deliver more work-per-charge than any other professional power tool
  • You can push them hard and work all day long with them
  • Cordless Table Saws are easier to use
  • They are usually more portable

The Ultimate Buyer Guide  Of Battery Operated Table Saw

Investing in these battery operated tools requires a lot of money, and you wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t exactly fulfill your requirements. We have tried our best to list down some of the important features for you to keep in mind when buying a powered table saw:

  • Battery Power Capacity

A cordless table saw will almost be useless if the battery fails to last a long time, that’s the main difference between cordless and corded, BATTERY, so buy the one which has more power capacity or the one that comes with more than one battery and that can help you smoothly cut several types of materials without having the need to stop to recharge or change the battery.

  • AC Adapter

Obviously, you buy a cordless saw to conveniently work whenever or wherever you want without having to worry about the power outlets, but in case you are working in your workshop where the power outlet is nearby, so you wouldn’t have to consume the battery, where you can get your work done using the electricity.

If the saw doesn’t have an AC adapter option, that’s ok as it is not a necessity but the one having this choice could prove to be quite handy.

  • Power

The most important factor to consider when buying the saw is power. Though you’d think that the cordless saws wouldn’t have much power as compared to the corded ones, that is so not true, the only issue is that more power the motor takes, the quicker the battery will die, so it is always better to keep a back-up battery just in case.

If you are a buy professional carpenter, choose the saw that comes with a higher voltage battery, but if you are a beginner, a lesser voltage will work just fine too.

  • Safety

Always remember whichever power tool you buy, be it a miter saw, cabinet saw or cordless table saw, always follow all the necessary safety precautions required to run the machine. Try to get the one that offers all the necessary safety features like blade guard, electric brake, anti-kickback pawls, a laser, even with or without these features, always be careful operating the devices.

Final Thoughts

People these days are more inclined towards buying cordless tools as they are easy to use. They offer portable, lightweight solutions to their users, and the compact design usually making storage stress-free. We have tried to make the selecting process easy for you by listing all the details you need to know before buying the one that perfectly matches your demands.

If you think any of the above-mentioned table saws will help you complete your next tasks in an efficient, timely means, think no further, buy either Dewalt or Milwaukee as we can assure you, you are not going to regret your decision anytime later!

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The table saws generally can accommodate both dado sets and dado blades but only limited by the size of the blade. Even a channel “Concord Carpenter” on youtube did a review on both Dewalt and Milwaukee stating that Milwaukee can accept the dado blade, but Dewalt cannot.

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