10 Best Folding Saw For Hunting 2022

Splitting sticks over your knees might sound exciting but neither is it easy nor is it a good tactic. And especially if you’re hunting, you obviously can’t be crackling woods or shrubs. However, there must be a solution, right?

Folding saws may seem like just another addition in an already overfull arsenal of tools, but nonetheless, they’re essential for hunting in the woods, so that if you run into some tough hindrances, you might cut through them easily.

10 Best Folding Saws For Hunting & Bushcraft Reviews 2022

A folding saw keeps you equipped without any extra weight on your shoulders and also takes up very little space. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best and reliable folding saws most suited for hunters and adventurists.

Here are our recommended 1o best Folding Saws For Hunting & Bushcraft which will save your time and money in 2022;

1. EverSaw Folding Hand Saw – Premium Quality Multi-Purpose Hunting Saw

This folding saw from Home Planet Gear is made of sturdy and strong material to avoid breaking and bending the blade. The saw has a maximum closed length of 9 1/2 inches and reaches up to 17 inches when fully opened.

It is equipped with an 8-inch rugged SK5 carbon steel blade which can easily slice through up to 4-inch-thick wood or plastic alike. The blade offers durability and sharpness not common in many folding saws. The sharpened triple cut razor teeth design gives you a smooth and fast cutting experience.

Unlike most common folding saws whose pop buttons get worn-off early allowing it to accidentally snap or open making it a safety hazard; it is designed to have a gear lock mechanism that firmly secures the blade in place. Also, the saw when closed completely envelops the blade so that there are no exposed teeth making it safer to use.

The folding saw features an ergonomically designed handle with a non-slip rubber grip. The thermoplastic ribbed rubber handle makes it comfortable to hold the 10-ounce folding saw. This saw is extremely convenient in carrying either in a backpack or by the waist.

The Expert Opinion
This 8-inch EverSaw is a quality folding saw in the cheaper category of the saws. It is ideal for pruning your garden or cutting shrubbery in the woods. Its carbon steel blade with triple-cut razor teeth and the ergonomic handle are efficient for precise and smooth cutting. However, it is not suitable for dealing with thicker and larger branches.
  • Strong carbon steel blade
  • Triple cut teeth design
  • Gear Lock Safety mechanism
  • Ergonomic ribbed rubber grip handle
  • Quick and easy blade change
  • Moderate friction when cutting tough materials

2. Bahco 396-LAP – Versatile and Cheap

Bahco’s 396-LAP Laplander folding saw is a great tool for your hunting trip. With the ability to easily cut both green as well as dry wood, this folding saw is ideally designed for wilderness enthusiasts, hunters, campers, and home users alike.

The 7-1/2-inch steel blade has a specially designed rust protection coating for low friction. The unique XT teething design with a density of 7 teeth per inch can smoothly cut through any soft or hardwood. A spare blade is also supplied along with the saw.

It features a specially designed two-component plastic handle that is strapped with leather for a strong and perfect grip. A leather strap is also provided along with the saw to carrying it easily for a trip to the woods.

The saw also features a unique safety lock which has a dual locking mechanism both in open as well as closed position (lock-in and lock-out). The lightweight construction of this multi-purpose saw knife allows for it to be easily tucked away in any of your backpack pocket or tool bag.

The Expert Opinion
Bahco’s 9-inch folding saw is great for fuss-free cutting of wood and other materials. Special coating on the blade is excellent for frictionless cutting. Lightweight with a leather strap, this versatile, high-quality and extremely reasonable saw is good for gardening or camping out during a hunt.
  • Value for money
  • Ultra-compact
  • Smooth and easy cutting
  • blade cuts in both directions
  • easy to replace blades
  • Blades can only be replaced

3. REXBETI SK-5 Steel Folding Saw – Heavy Duty with Extra Long Blade

REXBETI offers one of the largest folding saw available in the market. The large 11-inch-long blade is the longest in the category with an overall length in extended / open position length of 22 inches.

It is equipped with a durable SK5 hardened steel blade offering long life and sturdiness.  The blade is designed to have 7 ultra-smooth teeth per inch in a triple cut aggressive staggered configuration. This makes it an excellent choice to cut through wooden branches as thick as 7 inches.

It features a long and comfortable polymeric handle that is coated with rubber to ensure firm gripping in all weathers. The handle is designed in a way to adjust to both small as well as large hands making it suitable for shared usage.

This comfortable and longer blade of the saw makes it ideal for camping, pruning along other activities such as bush crafting and limbing trees. The lightweight saw can also be used for heavy-duty cutting during your hunting and camping trips.

The Expert Opinion
A large-sized folding saw ideal for cutting thick branches and veins. The sturdy triple-cut blade design gives smooth cuts. The overall length is but an issue however the utility it offers is great. This high-quality hunting saw is made for sharp sawing and designed to last long.
  • Longest 11-inch blade
  • Sturdy built
  • Strong carbon steel blade
  • Triple cut teeth design
  • Rubber coated handles
  • Friction issues during cutting

4. Corona RS 7255 – Designed for Professional Use

The Corona RS 7255 Clipper is an 8-inch folding saw designed to smoothly cut through medium-sized branches and shrubbery. The 8-inch large high carbon SK-5 self-cleaning steel blade is exceptional in durability and hardness in cutting 4-inch-thick branches. A hard chrome layer is coated for added strength and reduced friction.

This resourceful clipper’s razor tooth 8-inch curved blade design will bite through bark like butter ensuring maximum efficiency and durability. This rugged multi-cutter is ready to be put to test by the environmental adventurists.

The corrosion-resistant and replaceable curved blade design with 6 teeth per inch give smooth and fast cutting capabilities. The three-sided teeth increase efficiency and reduce friction during cutting. It has an ergonomically designed pistol grip style handle which is co-molded for enhanced comfort and reduced stress.

The secure locking mechanism is quick and easy for latching the blade in position thereby avoiding any accidental injury. The professional-style folding gives safe transportation and storage with excellent cutting ability.

The Expert Opinion
Corona hand saw gives you the best 8-inch curved blade with a pistol grip. The durable chrome coated high carbon SK-5 steel is frictionless and smoothable to with stand repeated utilization on the hardwood. This saw is easy to operate, portable and its blade lock is efficient and secure.
  • Reasonably slim profile
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Safety locks keep the blade in position
  • Pistol style ergonomic grip
  • Easy storage and transportation
  • All teeth may not be covered when folded
  • The thinner blade has a risk of snapping

5. Mossy Oak MO17009 – With 3 Different Types of Blades

For those of you who are not satisfied with a single blade, Mossy is offering 3 high-quality carbon steel coated blades with different lengths, grades, and TPI to manage a variety of materials. As a rule of thumb, more TPI allows slower but smoother cuts and few TPI allows rougher but faster cuts.

So the three types of blades include 7.5 inch wood cutting and 8 inch plastic cutting with 5 and 11 TPI respectively and 65Mn grade to efficiently cut through wood branches, garden debris, small trees, and plastic and the 7.5 inch metal cutting blade is the strongest with 58CRV and 18TPI to sharply tackle the material without bending.

All 3 blades are coated with a black surface making them rust-resistant. The comfortable rubber grip keeps the knife stable during strong pull even in moist weather ensuring true cuts. The saw securely locks in 2 different angles for smooth cutting operations. Comes with a nylon pouch to safely carry the tool.

The knife’s black knob is used to securely change and tighten the blade, preventing it from accidentally closing while cutting. A few of you might experience that whenever you apply pressure to cut the branch, your thumb inadvertently goes to the saw’s light green part where the blade lock is placed accidentally hitting the trigger allowing the blade to move upwards, just be cautious when using the knife.

The Expert Opinion
The MOSSY OAK is a versatile folding hand saw when it comes to both performance and budget, with a tiny construction to conveniently carry it in your pocket. During camping, or while in the bushes, the triple-cut razor-sharp teeth will prove to be quite advantageous for trail maintenance or building shelter.
  • Durable saw and blade construction
  • Secured safety lock mechanism
  • Nylon pouch for storage and carrying
  • Offers 3 blades
  • Non-slippery rubberized handle
  • Inconsistencies with locking system

6. TABOR TOOLS TTS25A – With Curved Blade

Each one of these folding hand saws has its own unique advantages and this one comes with straight and curved 8-inch blade designs. The sharp, rugged steel blade lets you cut through the wood or branches up to 4-inches in diameter without much effort.

The rugged, 3-angle razor teeth on the blade are designed to make deep, satisfying cuts stroking backward cutting whatever tree limbs (oak, pine, or any other) come in the way. The impulse-hardened teeth increase the strength and life of the blade, keeping its hardness intact.

The blade is rust and corrosion resistant even in moist weather. The easily visible red and black non-slip rubberized handle easily fit in every size hand keeping the rugged razor blade stable during the hard pull strokes resulting in true, accurate cuts.

The rubberized grip keeps a stronghold even in damp situations and makes it safe for longer use without aching your arm. You can easily fold the knife close using its locking mechanism so it won’t flip back open, making it secure enough for you to safely place it in your back pocket or tool belt.

The Expert Opinion
Tabor is your go-to specialist offering premium quality solutions for your landscaping projects, making sure to leave a long-lasting impression on their users. Along with quality the unique safety lock system efficiently folds and unfolds the knife, preventing the saw from collapsing or snapping.
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Teeth pattern prevent sap accumulation
  • 3-angled curved teeth
  • Blade lock safety system
  • Rugged, non-slip handle
  • The risk of the thin blade snapping

7. Tarvol Folding Hand Saw – Pistol Style Grip

A great folding hand saw as this one will always keep you prepared without weighing you down, an essential tool dealing with your woodworking problems. This versatile functionality saw has often been used for drywall, wood, plants, trees, and bone cutting.

The razor-sharp 65mm grade blade with 7 TPI (Teeth Per Inch) is formulated for strength and stability providing a consistent cutting action through thick branches and wood. The blade is 100% corrosion resistant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it wearing out.

This incredible saw is only 2” wide when closed making it perfect for your outdoor or indoor adventures. The blade has a unique locking mechanism, it locks in an open, closed position and a couple of inches before closing so you don’t accidentally chop your finger.

The 1.2mm blade thickness makes it a perfect choice for home use, DIY, outdoor adventures, pruning, hunting, fishing, and so on. Featuring a pistol-style grip, the ergonomically cushioned handle gives you a comfortable feel when cutting. The saw can conveniently be stored using the hook at the end of the handle.

The Expert Opinion
If you are hunting deeper woods or doing cross-country adventures, this gear would definitely be a useful and beneficial part of your toolbox. Though this seems like a small, compact tool it holds great cutting power. The bright green color will stand the saw out in case you drop it in a thick bush or couldn’t find it.
  • Pistol style grip
  • Distinctive locking mechanism
  • Durable 65Mn grade steel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable for cutting drywall

8. Coher Folding Hand – With 2 Angle Adjustments

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a hunter, an outdoor lover, or simply enjoy taking care of your gardens and are in search of some best camping tools, Coher, with its high-quality foldable knife saw will definitely offer you a perfect solution.

This 17.3-inch hunting tool comes with a 65mm carbon steel blade and razor-sharp triple-cut teeth that allow you to easily clear tree debris or limbing branches from your garden, and the premium quality TPR material guarantees to withstand harsh outdoor situations without rusting the blade.

One of its distinctive features is its 2-angles adjustments, which allow the blade to lock in 2 positions, one straight and the other slightly angled. Along with the unique angle system, the saw locks itself when it is closed or folded. The particular saw design with the secure locking/blocking mechanism makes it best for beginners as well professionals.

A sturdy saw ideal for ripping through wood, PVC, bones, and other stuff comes with an ergonomic non-slip grip attached with a leather strap providing extra stability and easy maneuverability.

The Expert Opinion
It is an excellent choice and one of the best tools when it comes to meeting your woodworking demands. It is extremely lightweight with a sleeve to attach to your belt. A perfect choice for frequent hikers offering exceptional multi-lock safety features, slightly adjust the adjustment to smoothly make the cut.
  • Cuts up to 4” diameter branches
  • Ergonomic handle with leather strap
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy to carry and store
  • 2-angles adjustments
  • The locking mechanism doesn’t last long

9. SOG (F10N-CP) – A Multipurpose Foldable Saw

This 17.25 inches long foldable saw made with high carbon tempered steel teeth is big and powerful enough to surprise a lot of people. This hand saw is capable of doing some huge cutting tasks, some users even claim to have cleared the landing zone using this tooth saw; that’s how tough it is.

You can easily carry this 9.2-ounces light-duty saw around because it is extremely useful, you can work for hours and wouldn’t notice any blade dullness. The removable steel black has a black powder coating to avoid rusting. The removable blade can also be replaced with other SOG-compatible blades.

SOG made sure that these backpacking, hiking saws with sheath lasts a long time. Name it whatever you want, pruning saw, hunting saw, limbing saw, etc., this versatile tool will sharply cut through any material, it comes in a durable sheath cover for convenient storage, simply fold to fit the cover and easily carry it around.

This bushcraft saw is equipped with an over-mold handle that provides a comfortable grip for cutting branches, pruning logs, and trimming bushes, perfect for longer tasks. It offers a perfect balance between a small hand saw and a big folding knife. Cutting deep with every pull stroke the knife.

The Expert Opinion
This multi-functional outdoor tool is equipped with an 8.25-inch hardened steel blade and differentially tempered extremely sharp teeth that can cut several wood densities; this dependable and versatile garden saw is something one should always keep close at hand.
  • Removable sturdy steel blade
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Comes with a durable sheath
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The blade bends easily

10. Primos Folding Saw – Perfect for dead wood and branches

A very simple and basic saw with an exceptional cutting performance comes wrapped in a nylon bag for convenient, compact storage. The offset teeth design helps make clean, sleek cuts through wood, the cut is so smooth it feels like going through butter.

The compact folding function quietly folds and unfolds, locking the saw in position. Featuring a quick lock push button that saves the user from injuries during camping and hiking, it is strategically placed on the handle to easily reach it during emergencies.

This compact saw is durable enough to withstand rough outdoor conditions. Primo creates outdoor, economical tools that are built to last. A saw designed for hunters, hikers, campers, and other outdoorsy professionals.

The over-molded lightweight handle is covered with a rubberized non-slip grip for the users to comfortably hold the knife without exhausting their hands. It is a rugged, simple to use and affordable hand saw that can efficiently cut the wrist size dead wood without much effort.

The Expert Opinion
It is a great, easy to use, and easy to store knife for someone who wants to cut the medium-sized branches or is going on a small hunt, its 5-inch stainless steel blade will surely get the job done. This saw is an ideal pick for cutting downed branches, deadwood, or overgrown shrubs.
  • Ideal size for your backpack pocket
  • Compact and Durable
  • Offset teeth
  • Lock mechanism
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Got stuck cutting greenwood

The Buying Guide of Best Folding Hunting Saw

When it comes to a folding saw for hunting, you can choose among a plethora of designs and features, built to fulfill any single need.

Therefore, you must carefully inspect your requirements and budget to optimally select the best option available in the market and our following buyer guide is specifically designed to help you with just that.

  • Saw Types

As described earlier, although these saws are built as a general pruning saw, they specialize in just a single specific task. Based on that specialization, pruning saws can be categorized broadly and named as such. The most famous types include pole runners and handheld saws.

Folding saws for hunting belong to the handheld type and can have either straight and/or curved blades and can be used in a variety of cutting jobs.

  • Blade Types

The next important consideration is the type of blade on the folding saw. The different factors include the shape of the blade for soft and/or hardwood and vines. The number count of teeth per inch and their design is also another factor.

Higher teeth count allows precise control on cutting. The design configuration may either have double-sided blades or triple-sided which require less energy when cutting.

The quality of the blade teeth depends on the type/quality of the material it is made. Hardened steel blades last longer than others. The quality is also subjected to the thickness of the blade. Thicker blades are more long-lasting and efficient in cutting than thinner blades.

  • Handle 

One of the most critical portions of the folding saw for hunting is the design of the handle. Saws available in the market may offer rubber grip handles for comfort and grip or plastic/wood handles to cut the cost. Many saws also comprise ergonomically designed handles to reduce fatigue.

  • Number of connections with handle

Generally, the blade is connected with the handle at one point. However, there are some designs in which the blade is attached to the handle via more than one connection and hence lasts longer due to increased support to the blade.

Wrapping Up

We’ve provided in-depth product information of the best folding saws on the market along with a detailed buying guide to help you in filtering through the infinite options of folding saws for hunting.

Finding the right saw for hunting is definitely critical to cutting proficiently and easily, but all of the above-mentioned folding saws are amazing and completely reliable. Choose the one that’s right for you and enlightens your face with a beam.

Happy Hunting!!!

People Also Asked About For Best Folding Saws for Hunting

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Can folding saws be sharpened?
As with any other saw, the folding saw blade also becomes dull over time producing slower and rougher cuts. The blades can be sharpened by either taking the saw to any professional sharpening services or doing it yourself at home. This can easily be done by tightly fastening the blade into a vise and grind the edges carefully.
What can the folding saw be used for?
A folding saw can be categorized as a multipurpose tool for your camping trip where it can clear the brush, or can be used to cut wood for stove or shelter building, etc. Hunting expedition especially requires tools for survival in the wilderness and this folding saw is definitely one such tool. The requirements of bush-craft during hunting can put folding saw on par with survival ax.
Advantages of folding saw for hunting?
As described above, the folding saw is a multipurpose tool ideal for a hunting trip. Whether you need to clear the brush or to make a shelter for camping, you would need to cut wood and clear a reasonably sized area. It is more compact, light-weight, and easier for packing than a conventional saw or even ax.

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