7 Best Scroll Saw For Marquetry 2022

Marquetry is the skill of crafting striking designs and fine-looking patterns on wooden pieces. For this art, you’ll need a sawing power tool that can help you accomplish this purpose by cutting small but complicated thin veneers of wood for your structure. In this case, all you need is a scroll saw.

A great scroll saw can help you create flawless embellished patterns. Scroll Sawing is a rather inexpensive way to get into woodworking. In this article, we have analyzed a few noticeable scroll saws with their various features, and additionally, we have also made a buying guide to help you choose the best scroll saw for marquetry.

Top 7  Best Scroll Saws For Marquetry Reviews 2022

The marquetry technique requires great focus and a high level of precision. Scroll saws are usually designed for making delicate patterns, so the saws and the blades are more about precision than power, which makes them suitable for this job. We will provide you all the necessary information required to make the right purchase.

Here are our recommended Top 7 Scroll Saws For Marquetry which will save your time and money in 2022;

1. DEWALT (DW788) – Overall Best for Marquetry

Like all other Dewalt power tool creations, this one is also a masterpiece in designing intricate workpieces perfectly. The 20-inch dual parallel link arm scroll saw allows precision while reducing the vibrations and noise during cutting and the dependable variable speed along with the easy to access upfront controls promises meticulous detailing on the article.

DEWALT’s dual parallel-linked arm is shorter in length and as they pivot from the back to the front, it minimizes the arm movement allowing the blade to reciprocate the motion leading to a quieter operation with less vibration and the arm helps keep the blade perpendicular to the work that further reduces the chances of undercutting or over cutting leading to smoother cutting.

Weighing around 56 pounds, it feels like a heavy-duty saw but it actually is portable enough to be easily carried around. You can smoothly make the inside cuts by threading the blade through the material as the arm on the saw can effortlessly be lifted. Above all, you can save your time while making the cuts with their exclusive tool-free blade change clamping mechanism.

This saw adds versatility to your specialized cuts by beveling 45 degrees to the left and right, and the 1.3-ampere motor is powerful enough to deliver a variable stroke between ¾ inch length and up to 2 inches deep, allowing room for precision and accuracy. This saw meets the OSHA standards and is approved by CSA and U.L. Listed.

The Expert Opinion
The oversized cast iron table offers stability, doesn’t matter whether you’re shaping customized jigsaw puzzles or doing intricate trim pieces. The on-off trigger, variable speed control, and accessible blade tensioning lever provide quick, accurate adjustments and the dust blower keeps the workplace tidy for a smoother workflow.
  • The double parallel link arm
  • 22-inch flexible shaft length
  • 400-1,750 per minute cutting strokes
  • Tool-free clamps allow quick blade changes

  • The stand is not included

2. JET (727200B) – Best for Intricate Marquetry Designs

An exceptional 22 inch versatile saw specialized in creating detail-oriented pieces’ like jigsaw puzzles, marquetry, intarsia, and toy making. Jet is a pioneer in creating power tools and this sturdy JWSS-22B power tool can take your work to the next level.

You can design beautiful decorative patterns on pieces of wood using this heavy-duty (68.2 lbs.) saw that has a 22-inch throat capacity to tackle the thickest of wood and the spring-loaded arm that has the 45 degrees tilting capacity to the right and 40 degrees to the left, so you can fully optimize your scrolling experience.

You can master the intricacies of marquetry with Jet’s innovative design and outclass features, from the 1.3-ampere power motor and the variable change electronic speed that offers 400 to 1550 strokes per minute (SPM) and to the top lift spring-loaded arm that can be raised up to 10 inches and stays put until being pulled down, so you can enjoy your work stress-free.

The cast iron table provides a stable surface with slots for pre-loaded blades and a built-in wrench that makes blade storage and replacing convenient and the slot can be placed on either side of the saw. It also has a removable dust port and an air blower to keep the shop and cutline clean from debris.

The Expert Opinion
It is one of the best-selling fine quality tools that can provide guaranteed performance for small or large-scale projects. It features a quick one-step blade changing process using the upper clamps and tensions blade and a removable lower blade, so you can efficiently do the intricate cuts.
  • One step blade changing system
  • Accessible speed and tension controls
  • 22-inch throat capacity
  • Equipped with footswitch and material hold down
  • It is pricey

3. WEN 3921 – Two Direction Speed Best for Marquetry Interior Cuts

When it comes to choosing the best budget, excellent working saw where you won’t have to spend a lot of money but still get genuine cutting experience, there WEN is the best selection. A notable feature in WEN 3921 is its two directional cutting position that offers infinite ripping capabilities, perfect for delicate interior cuts.

Use either pinned or pinless 5-inch blade for the standard angle as it moves in the standard direction towards the back of the table and is preferable for intricate detailing, ideal for inside, beveled, and angled cuts, and provides maximum table support.

Now swap the pinned blade over at a 90-degree angle to cut across the width of the table instead of from front to back and this angle is more suitable for handling longer workpieces increasing the overall cutting abilities. The cast iron base and the spacious work table allow 16-inch depth cutting capacity, easily cuts up to 2 inches’ thick wood, and tilts 45 degrees to the left to achieve the desired angle.

You can adjust the variable speed by simply turning the knob from 550 to 1600 strokes per minute as per your design requirement. Another awesome feature especially for beginners is the LED worm light that illuminates every type and size of the workpiece.

The Expert Opinion
The bottom line is that it is a powerful saw with innovative design and quality build that comes in a pretty reasonable price tag, additionally, it comes with decent features and is a highly accurate, user-friendly saw.
  • Flexible worm LED work light
  • 16-inch ripping capacity
  • 1-1/2-inch dust port and air pump
  • Tool-free blade change
  • A foot lock clamp
  • Few complaints that the saw vibrates during usage

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4. Delta (40-694) – Perfect for Double Bevel Marquetry

Delta has been in the woodworking industry for nearly 90 years and a well-respected brand in this industry. While reading the review, you’d notice Delta has a lot of similarities with Dewalt but this one is a little less pricey than the latter one.

Starting with the parallel-linked arm design which produces fewer vibrations, low noise provides upfront controls and also allows hole-to-hole movement, just keep the blade perpendicular to the work surface like Dewalt to avoid over cutting or undercutting that improves the overall cutting accuracy.

The arm design makes it perfect for doing double bevel marquetry, this saw has an enormous 20-inch x 2-1/8 inch cutting capacity and a wide table as compared to Dewalt suitable for handling larger projects, all in all, it offers great performance at a reasonably good price. For convenient blade changing and adjustments, the saw’s upper arm smoothly lifts and securely locks itself in that elevated position.

The controls like on/off trigger, blade tensioning lever, dust blower, adjustable light, and speed dial are conveniently placed on the arm of the saw for easy access, the electronic speed dial ranging from400-1,750 SPM gives you the ultimate control to cut through a wide range of material.

The Expert Opinion
Delta focuses on innovation by helping advanced-level craftsmen and professionals create some beautifully patterned masterpieces using their woodworking skills. They have just upgraded the whole process by designing a variety of woodworking tools, offering more than you ask for at a really competitive price.
  • Flexible dust blower
  • Convenient blade storage
  • Huge capacity cast iron table
  • Tool-less blade tensioning
  • 45-degrees either direction tilting capacity
  • Cheap-quality on/off trigger

5. Shop Fox (W1713) – Ideal for Veneer Marquetry

Shop Fox has been in the business of providing excellent woodworking tools along with a trouble-free reliable services to their craftsmen for a long time now. The 1/8HP, 1.2-Amps motor produces a no-load speed ranging from 550-1700 SPM, that can smoothly be adjusted using the speed nozzle.

This scroll saw accepts both plain or pin-end blades so you can smoothly do the interior cuts. You can easily install and remove the pin blades when cutting through hardwood, oak, pine, and maple which can save you a lot of time. The hold-down foot allows cutting small detailed pieces of veneer wood perfectly by securely holding the material down, preventing it from rising up during cutting.

The 45-degree tilt table mechanism along with the 16-inch cut capacity and the variable speed controls allows cutting a wide array of materials. The cast iron table and the lock knob helps to tilt the table for perfect horizontal angle cuts, without noticeable vibrations. Holes were a bit difficult to mark as no templates were available but were manageable.

The adapters are included for quick and easy blade changing. You can also attach the shop vac to the dust port for maximum collection of debris underneath the table insert, and the air nozzle included blows the air keeping the dust away from the cut line.

The Expert Opinion
All in all, this Shop Fox variable speed scroll saw is a great woodworking tool especially for Diyer enthusiasts or hobbyists who are learning the art of decorative patterns, though it has a few flaws considering the reasonable price and the features they offer, those faults can be overlooked.
  • A large 45-degree tilt table
  • Gooseneck work light
  • The smooth blade replacement system
  • A dust blower and a 1-1/4” dust port
  • CSA certified meeting UL standards
  • Not very suitable for high-speed cuts

6. BUCKTOOL – Best for Window Method Marquetry

A trustworthy brand offering high-quality, exceptional services exceeding the demands and expectations of their esteemed woodworkers. offering genuine, fine-quality workhorse solutions with outstanding safety mechanisms that can withstand the toughest challenges without slowing down.

The specially designed 1.2-ampere DC motor is powerful enough to provide users the opportunity to work on a various variety of materials without making any noise and noticeable vibration. It is an ideal tool for making soft waster veneer cuts for the window method marquetry.

You can easily do the angled and beveled cuts for your windows method marquetry with the 9×16-inch cast-iron table that smoothly tilts 45-degrees to the left providing great stability and accuracy. You can easily stop the tool with the tap of your foot when you need to drill new holes or replace the blade or any other emergency.

The light provided is fixed when wouldn’t bounce during cutting providing a clear view of the cut line. you can also easily access the side panel with the open door for quick blade changing, these blade holders ensure blades durability and accuracy.

The Expert Opinion
In a nutshell, BUCKTOOL is a budget-friendly, reliable scroll saw providing high performance and efficiency you need to successfully conquer your next woodworking job. With sturdy construction and several innovative features, it can very easily get your job done.
  • Detailed installation Manual
  • 16-inch throat depth capacity
  • Fixed LED light ensures no vibrations lighting
  • Quick blade changing
  • Not very good customer service

7. ShopSeries RK7315 – Ideal for Hardwood Marquetry

The ShopSeries is well known to bring about superior engineering and simple designs with reliability to a line of power tools they manufacture. ShopSeries tools help DIY’ers as well as homeowners to get the job done right and with ease.

This 16-inch Scroll Saw is equipped with a 1.2-ampere motor providing a cutting capacity of 2-inch at a 90-degree angle and 1-3/16-inch at 45 degrees smoothly powering through various woodworking jobs including detailed, intricate cuts, joints, and curves. The die-cast aluminum table bevels from 0 to 45 degrees ensure precision and accuracy.

This lightweight yet powerful saw comes with two 5-inch durable tungsten carbide blades and on-board blade storage to prevent them from getting lost or damaged, ensuring long life and quick changing. The Shopseries will help achieve precision while allowing you to quickly complete your tasks without compromising on quality.

Comes with a built-in blower as well as a dust collection port that can be attached to a shop vacuum helps keep the work area tidy and the cutline clear. Equipped with a blade guard to enhance the operator’s safety. They promise performance, reliability, and superior-quality structure that lasts a really long time.

The Expert Opinion
The ShopSeries RK7315 is highly recommended for marquetry because of its variable speed controls which offer efficient cutting of veneers without any vibrations. Although relatively lighter than other models, it is a quite stable and a great option for portability.
  • Blade guard and holder
  • Built-in blower and dust port
  • Ideal for intricate joints and curves
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Blade requires retightening often

The Ultimate Buyer Guide For  Best Marquetry Scroll Saw

Carefully assess your capabilities before buying a scroll saw as they cut fast and require a lot more expertise to operate. Here are a few factors we have shortlisted after extensive research that you must consider before buying a scroll saw for marquetry:

  • Throat Size

One of the main factors when looking for a scroll saw should be its throat size or the ability to cut deep into large workpieces which can be accounted for the quality of the saw. Throat size can simply be described as the space allotted to you for maneuvering your workpiece during cutting and is calculated as the distance between the blade and the holding arm.

For a novice user, this generally does not matter much. However, for a pro user, the size of the throat can affect the quality of work and thus is an important thing to consider. Most of the scroll saws available in the market have a throat size in the range of 16-20 inches and you can choose the most optimum one for you as per your requirements.

  • Variable Speed Control

As a general matter of understanding, a casual user can make great cuts with a scroll saw when it is operated at low speed. The higher the scroll saw speed, the higher are the risks of chipping, misalignment, and rough cuts.

Especially when looking for a saw for marquetry purposes, the need for having a variable controlled speed cannot be over-emphasized as different materials may require dissimilar speeds to have a smooth and clean cut.

Therefore, the work quality that you can display with the saw is pretty much dependent on the variable speed and your ability to corroborate/adjust it for proper wood type during cutting operation.

  • Vibration

Unlike a traditional saw with a rotating blade, scroll saw uses to and fro motion of the blade to cut through wood thereby inherently creating vibrations. However, too much vibration may limit the accuracy of cutting and thus affect negatively the quality of your work.

A sturdy frame is generally associated with low vibrations. Also, for the better try to get a practice drive of the saw before finalizing the purchase to better understand the features involved.

  • Bevel Capacity

Many saws these days offer the bevel feature where you can rotate/tilt the blade at a certain angle giving you the freedom and flexibility of angled cuts.

Most of the scroll saws available in the market have a bevel angle between 15 to 45 degrees towards both sides. Depending on your needs and skill, you can opt for appropriate bevel capacity.

  • Noise & dust collection

Unlike their larger cousins with circular blades, scroll saws are much quitter. However, noise can be a measure of the built quality of the scroll saw as a cheaper saw tends to make a lot of sounds.

Also, these saws create a lot less sawdust during cutting as compared to other saws but it still needs to be cleared for delicate crafting especially marquetry. Therefore, you should look for a scroll saw with a dust collection / blowing mechanism.

  • Blade changing mechanism

Depending upon the hardness/softness of the wood/workpiece and level of complication in the cutting, different types of blades may be required and you would need to change the blades very often. A major requirement therefore should be the ease of blade changing.

Wrapping Up

A great scroll saw needs to be flexible, precise, and accurate when it comes to making clean, sophisticated, and detailed cuts for marquetry.  The tools mentioned in the rundown above are all proficient enough for you to learn the art of marquetry and so are worth giving a shot.

But if you are still confused or swamped with all this information that you are unable to make a final decision as to which saw to buy, then we’d suggest you go with the Dewalt scroll saw as it is perfect for carving the decorative patterns out of the thin veneers of wood so you can enjoy your next woodworking task.

Happy Marquetry!!!

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People Also Asked For Best Scroll Saws For Marquetry Projects

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

What is the best scroll saw for marquetry?
DEWALT (DW788) scroll saw is perfect for cutting marquetry with precision as it can flawlessly cut curves with edges. It uses a reciprocating motion of the blade to cut through the wooden pieces. The blades on the saw can be easily removed and then placed into the drilled holes on the wood piece, creating impeccable interior cutouts or other decorative patterns required for marquetry.
Can scroll saws make inside cuts?
One of the key features of a scroll saw is to make curved/arched cuts on the inside of a workpiece, and the beauty of those cuts is that they need to be done perfectly without breaking or cutting through the perimeter of the board.
How to cut interior patterns with a Scroll saw?
To cut the beautiful interiors patterns, drill a 1/4-inch hole in the wood piece, and then place the drilled hole on the scroll saw table directly over the access hole, pass the blade through the hole meanwhile adjusting the blade tension and the drop foot, once you are done with the cut simply remove the blade from the holders.

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