Best Table Saw Blade For Ripping Hardwood 2022

Hardwood is widely used for a wide range of construction and woodwork projects. There are a handful of projects that require for the hardwood to be ripped instead of cutting it along the grain. Since in this case, the cuts have to be made in the opposite direction to the wood’s natural grains, a regular saw is unable to do the job.

Here is where a table saw blade for ripping comes in. It is a much stronger blade that has the ability to pierce through wood and cut it against the grain. A vast majority of such table saw blades can be found in the market.

Top 6 Best Ripping  Hardwood Table Saw Blades Reviews 2022

But if you want to invest in a saw blade that will not let you down, here are the top rated  six table saw blades for ripping hardwood that we swear by:

1. Freud  LM72R010

The Freud Heavy-Duty Rip Blade promises ease of use and cleaner cuts. This is a blade that has been made for ripping so the tough construction and the laser-cut edges allow it to be used with ease while ensuring a smooth finish.

Carbide Construction

This ripping table saw blade is made out of Hi-Density carbide. Carbide is a strong metal, therefore, the blade can easily rip through hardwood. It is also coated with the Perma-Shield No-Stick coating to reduce friction and make the blade easier to use. The reduced friction allows the blade to easily move through the hardwood without the user having to push or drag the blade.

Maximum Control

The blade features laser-cut slots all around. These slots reduce the vibration of the blade and also allow the blade to be moved along the sides. The construction of the blade enhances stability so that the users can take control of the blade and the quality of the cuts can be improved as much as possible.

Smooth Finish

Since it is a large-sized blade, it moves through the material at once and makes the cuts in a single go. Moreover, the teeth and the edges of the blade allow it to make smoother cuts so that the splintering and cracking of the wood can be prevented.

The Expert Opinion
The performance and the cut quality of this table saw blade is surely amazing. The large size allows the users to make deep cuts while the teeth cut the wood without damaging the surface. All in all, it is a great blade, especially for those who want clean and smooth cuts.
  • Coating to prevent drag and corrosion
  • Durable, high-density carbide construction
  • Flat tooth design for a smoother finish
  • The blade teeth crack quite easily

2. Concord  WCB1000T030HP

If you are looking for a professional quality table saw blade, this Concord 10-inch Saw Blade will not let you down. From the construction to the performance, each and every feature of this blade makes it worth buying.

Premium Quality

This is a premium quality table saw blade that is made out of high quality carbide. The blade has an enhanced cutting capacity and can be used to rip both softwoods as well as hardwood. You can make cuts with varied thickness ranging from 1- 3 ½ inch thick when using this table saw blade.

Thin Kerf

This blade features a thinner kerf. The kerf paired with the lower hook angle allows users to cut closer to the target line and make cleaner cuts while minimizing material wastage. The feed pressure of the blade is enhanced and the surface of the material remains smooth after cutting.

Extensive Use

If you are looking for one blade that can be used with a wide range of saws, this blade will not let you down. This blade is compatible with miter saws, table saws, circular saws, hand saws and even chop saws. When installed on a powerful saw, the blade can be rotated at a speed of 5500 RPM.

The Expert Opinion
This is a versatile blade that can be used with a wide range of saws and is suitable for cutting both hardwood as well as softwood. The very same blade can be used for ripping as well as crosscutting.
  • Versatile compatibility and extensive use
  • Thin kerf design for accuracy and clean cuts
  • High quality and durable table saw blade
  • The blade leads to splinters when used for crosscutting


Made out of tough carbide, it is a strong and sturdy cutting saw blade that is easy to use and control. The cutting quality and the performance make this blade an amazing choice for people who are looking for a reliable ripping blade.


This blade is made out of tungsten carbide. The material is tough and durable therefore, it can easily cut through wood. The blade features a total of 40 teeth that allow it to make deep and clean cuts. When used, the blade leaves the surface smooth and splinter-free.


The laser-cut design of this blade makes it very stable and easy to use. There are a total of four expansion slots in the blade that prevent overheating and also serve as noise trapping vents. Therefore, you will notice that the blade operates quite silently as compared to other table saw blades.


If you are someone who works on a wide range of projects, you should surely invest in this blade. You can use this blade for ripping, general cutting as well as crosscutting. Moreover, this blade can also be used with a wide range of materials including wood and plywood.

The Expert Opinion
This blade comes with extensive usage. It can be used for plywood as well as laminated wood. The varied use of this blade is a feature that makes it an excellent investment.
  • Expansion slots for trapping noise and preventing the blade from warping
  • Extensive use and varied compatibility
  • Tough tungsten carbide construction for durability
  • Blade gets dull rather quickly

4. Oshlun SBW-100024

The design and the construction of the blade enhance its durability as well as performance. The tooth design resists kickback and manages expansion so that the blade does not warp or get bent easily.


This blade is made out of professional quality carbide that is tough and strong. As a result, you will not experience this blade warping, corroding or bending. The strength of this blade allows it to be used for ripping through even the toughest materials without incurring any damage.

Control And Use

You will find expansion slots all around the blade. These expansion slots allow the blade to expand in case of heating and thus prevent the material from burning. The design of the saw blade ensures that the vibration of the blade can be minimized and the carbide tip teeth enhance the strength of the blade so that it can cut through materials with minimal wastage.

Precise Cuts

The laser-cut teeth and the thin kerf combines to allow the blade to make precise cuts. The blade moves closer to the target line and is easy to move and adjust. As a result, the cuts made by this blade are precise, clean and leave no splinters on the material.

The Expert Opinion
Oshlun is one of the most renowned table saw blade manufacturers in the market and this product is not different. If you want a blade that can cut through materials with ease while assuring accuracy and precision, this blade should be your go-to choice.
  • Strengthened teeth tips to secure the blade
  • Expansion slots to prevent overheating
  • Aggressive hook angle design to pierce through the material
  • Requires too much effort to rip through hardwood

5. DEWALT DW3106P5

DEWALT is amongst the best saw manufacturers in the market. Their 10-inch miter and table saw blade is nothing less than amazing. From the design to the construction and even the performance, each and every aspect of the saw blade speaks excellence.


Ripping blades have to be sharp and sturdy. The DEWALT miter and table saw blade is made out of tungsten carbide. This tough material not only supports the blade and makes it stronger, but also makes sure that the blade remains sharp even after several uses. You will not find yourself running to get the blade sharpened when using this miter saw blade.

Balanced Blade

The blade comes with a balanced structure. The computer calculated balance is reliable as the blade does not seem tilted or inclined. It also leads to lesser vibrations and allows the blade to make more accurate and precise cuts. The cuts made by this blade have a much smoother finish and do not require sanding.

Ease Of Use

From the installation to the cleaning and even the maintenance, each and every factor adds up to make this blade easy to use. You can easily slide the blade into any miter or table saw. The gap between the teeth of the blade prevents chaffing or the sticking of wooden chips. You can gently shake the blade to get rid of any stuck pieces and it will be ready to be used again.

The Expert Opinion
This blade is undoubtedly very easy to use and efficient. The tooth-based design allows it to make clean and smooth cuts while the balanced design ensures that the blade does not warp or get bent easily.
  • Computer balanced plate for enhanced accuracy
  • Can be used for both hardwood as well as softwood
  • Tungsten carbide construction for added strength
  • Tends to burn the wood while cutting

6. Irwin 1807366

Designed specifically for ripping, this blade is surely a life saver for people who are sick of having to deal with unreliable blades. The added strength of this blade allows it to get the job done in an efficient manner, making things extremely simple for the user.

Precise Cuts

You will not complain of tilted or damaged cuts when you use this saw blade for ripping. The teeth of this blade are precision tensioned and allow it to make cuts that are clean and smooth. You can cut closer to the material and minimize wastage as well.

Large Size

The large size of the blade has a handful of advantages. Firstly, it allows the blade to make deeper cuts. Secondly, it increases the cutting capacity of the blade and allows it to get work done in an efficient manner. The teeth of the blade are spaced for clean cuts and their large build keeps them sharp for longer.


This saw blade will be lasting you for years to come. The large size, carbide construction and on top of all the heat-resistant and non-stick coating, all these features make sure that the customer can make the most out of this blade. This blade will not rust, break, warp or bend.

The Expert Opinion
There is no doubt about the fact that this is one of the most durable blades that you will find in the market. This blade is lightweight, easy to use and durable. Specially designed for ripping, this blade enables the users to get work done easily and in an efficient manner.
  • Large sized teeth for cleaner cuts
  • Precision tensioned design for accurate cuts
  • Durable blade with a non-stick coating to reduce drag
  • Some teeth bend quite easily

What is the Difference Between Cross Cutting and Ripping?

Both cross-cutting as well as ripping are two techniques that are used for cutting wood. The main difference between the two lies in the technique through which the cut is made. When cross-cutting, the blade is moved along the direction of the wood’s natural grain. As a result, the cut is facilitated by the structure of the wood and the saw blade is moved perpendicular to the wood’s natural fibers.

However, in case of ripping, the blade is pushed through the material at an angle that is opposite to the natural grain of the wood. As a result, the cut is being made opposite to the direction of the wood’s grain. Ripping is done by placing the blade parallel to the wood’s natural fibre.

Due to the difference in the two cuts, two different saw blades have to be used for cutting and ripping. The saw blades made of cross-cutting have more teeth and there is little distance between the teeth. While in case of a blade made for ripping, you will notice large-sized teeth with a lot of distance in between so that the wooden fibers stuck in the teeth can be removed easily.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Ripping Hardwood Blade

You might get overwhelmed by the choice of products that you will come across when you start searching for a table saw blade for ripping. But make sure that you take the following factors into account before making any choice:

  • Construction

You should only be investing in a saw blade that is tough and durable. Always check the material of the blade before buying it. Blades made out of tungsten carbide are the best as they can easily move through both softwood as well as hardwood and facilitate ripping.

  • Teeth

The teeth of the blade are the characteristic feature that distinguish a ripping blade from a crosscutting blade. Look for blades with larger teeth and pick the one that has a considerable amount of gap in between the teeth. Such blades can move across the wood fibers to cut it efficiently.

  • Durability

A ripping table saw blade needs to be tough and rigid. Make sure that the blade you pick has strong, coated teeth and will not warp easily. Blades with non-stick and anti-corrosion coating are also highly recommended due to their longevity and durability.


Ripping is a special cutting technique that surely requires a special blade. Ripping saws are strong and durable as it cuts through hardwood surfaces. Hence, you can take our list as a guide to buy the best blade available.

People Also Asked About For Best Table Saw Blade For Ripping Hardwood

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

What is the best blade for ripping hardwood?
If you want to rip hardwood, you should invest in a rip blade. Rip blades have larger, knife-shaped teeth that cut through the wood fiber with ease and leave behind a cleaner edge. The gap between the blades allows it to move across smoothly and also removes sawdust effectively.
How many teeth blade for ripping hardwood?
Generally, a saw blade made for ripping has a lot fewer teeth as compared to a saw blade made for cross-cutting. A saw blade for hardwood ripping should have between ten to forty teeth depending on the size of the blade and the thickness of the hardwood that you wish to rip.
Can you use a crosscut blade for ripping?
Since these are two entirely different cutting techniques, the use of a crosscut blade for ripping is not recommended. A crosscut blade does not have the structure and the design that can facilitate ripping. If you are looking for a blade that can do both jobs, you should try looking for a combination blade

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