9 Best Wet Tile Saw For Diy 2021

Cutting tiles, especially those made out of porcelain and stone can be tricky. The goal is to make sure that the tile can be cut cleanly without causing any cracks or breakage. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is trying to cut the tile using an ordinary table saw or miter saw.

Top 9 Best Wet Tile Saws For DIYers Projects

If you too are looking for a saw to use for the purpose of cutting wet tiles, read along as we have compiled a list of the top nine saws for wet tile cutting that come highly recommended based on their performance.

1. DEWALT (D24000)

When you buy this saw for cutting wet tiles, you will get everything in the package, in other words you will get a complete DIY kit. Therefore, you will not have to go ahead and buy anything separately.

The package includes the Wet Tile Saw, Porcelain Tile Blade, Submersible Pump, a Water Pump, Side Water Tray, Rear Water Tray, Cutting Cart Extension, Angle Blade and a Blade Wrench and Hex Wrench. Plus the size of the saw is quite small so it is portable and easy to travel with.

Another amazing feature of this tile saw is the fact that it comes with a cutline indicator. The indicator clearly reflects on the exact location of the cut which surely enhances the accuracy of the cuts and also allows the users to visualize the cuts beforehand. The saw has a cutting capacity of 18 tiles at a time which surely enhances the work efficiency.

The Expert Opinion
If you are a beginner or a perfectionist who wants to use this tile saw to make cuts that are precise and clean, investing in this saw for cutting wet tile would be an excellent decision for you. The compact size and the cutline indicator surely facilitate the usage of the saw and allows the users to get more work done in a smaller amount of time.
  • Compact and portable saw for wet tile cutting
  • Cutline indicator allows the users to make clean and accurate cuts
  • Easy to setup and use
  • The axle of the cart keeps coming off

2. Delta 96-110

Equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor, the blade of this saw rotates at a rapid speed that allows it to cut through the tile’s grains in one go without causing cracks or breakage.

The speed not only facilitates the quality of the cuts but also reduces the risk of the tile breaking during the cutting process. The durability of the saw makes it a favorite amongst DIY enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable saw for cutting wet tiles.

The heavy duty rail system of the saw is also a feature that is worth mentioning. The rail system allows the users to adjust the tile and hold it in place. Moreover, the smooth wheels of the rail system further facilitates the users and allows them to make straight cuts that are properly aligned, smooth and clean.

Box Title
There is no doubt about the fact that this tile saw will allow you to make clean and smooth cuts. The heavy duty rail system paired with the motor and the 10 inch diameter blade allows the users to make cleaner cuts. The saw is easy to use and is equally recommended for both personal and DIY as well as commercial scale projects.
  • Rail system allows users to make clean and straight cuts
  • 15-amp motor rotates the blade at a rapid speed
  • Durable and sturdy saw for cutting wet tile
  • Some parts of the saw seem to be missing


This wet tile saw is one of the best wet tile saws that you will find in the market. An onboard square miter is installed on the saw which helps the users align cuts and ensure that they are cutting at the desired angles. This feature surely enhances the precision of the cuts that are being made.

Since it is a wet tile saw, therefore, the users do have to make use of water to facilitate the cutting process. But the splash guard on the saw controls the water and ensures that it does not splash or damage the tool operator during the DIY projects.

Moreover, the water is accumulated in the stainless steel fixed deck. It can hold water with minimal risk of spilling or leakage. Moreover, there is a drain plug at the base of the steel tree that allows the  users to drain the water once done. Thus, the usage as well as the cleaning process has been simplified for ease and convenience, thanks to the design of the Porter Cable PCR980 Wet Tile Saw.

The Expert Opinion
If you are searching for a wet tile saw that will allow you to make cuts in a precise and accurate manner, while making the cleaning process easier, this saw will not let you down. The design of the saw itself, paired with the water mechanism, allows the users to focus on the cutting rather than having to worry about the water spilling everywhere or having to protect the saw from water damage.
  • Stainless steel holds water without leaks
  • Onboard miter square allows the users to align and coordinate the cuts
  • Easy to use and even easier to clean
  • The saw tends to wobble a little bit

4. SKIL 3550-02

Thanks to the intelligent hydrolock water system, users can use this wet tile saw with ease and a peace of mind. This system ensures that the water remains closer to the blade so the cutting process can be streamlined. This also restricts the movement of the water and keeps it within the desired area, thus, preventing water damage and also reducing the mess created during cutting.

The overall cut quality and usage of the saw is quite easy. Users can make bevel cuts at angles of 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees. This feature allows the users to make both straight as well as angled cuts.

The rip fence is also adjustable further improves the quality of the cuts and allows the users to cut tiles that are around 18 x 18 inches in size.

The Expert Opinion
The quality of the cuts and the overall construction and usage of this saw for cutting wet tiles is nothing less than impressive. This saw for tile cutting is perfect for DIY since it can cut tiles that are around 18 x 18 inches in size. All factors of this saw make it worth every penny that is spent on it. This saw is specially recommended for beginners due to the ease and convenience of use.
  • Table top is made out of aluminum for durability and rest resistance
  • Hydrolock system prevents the water movement and eases the cleanup process
  • Tile extension mechanism can be used to adjust the capacity of the wet tile saw
  • The blade is not installed firmly in place and tends to turn out of balance during use

5. SKIL 3540-02

This saw for cutting wet tiles is not only known for its performance, but is also renowned for its durability. The saw comes with a powerful motor that drives the blade to cut through the tile in a quick manner so as to reduce the chances of the tile breaking or cracking during the process.

The table top is stable so it can easily hold the tile being cut in place. Moreover, the blade itself is easy to control and also adjustable, so the users can use it to make a wide range of cuts.

All the accessories that you need are shipped in a single box when you buy this saw. Therefore, you get everything that you need to start cutting wet tiles and do not need to rush to buy any component or accessory separately. This surely makes this saw one of the most affordable saws for cutting wet tiles.

The Expert Opinion
Easy to use, compact and durable – this saw for cutting wet tiles is quite a popular choice in the market and rightfully so. The saw is lightweight which makes it easy to be carried around. Furthermore, the structure and the design of the saw make it very simple to use. All accessories are included in the package so the users can simply take the saw out of the box and get to using it.
  • All relevant accessories are included in the package
  • Strong and sturdy, durable saw for cutting wet tile
  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • The water tends to spill at times

6. Goldblatt G02772

This single saw can be used to cut through a range of tiles. You can use it to cut porcelain, ceramic as well as marble and slate tiles. The performance of the saw is equally good for all types of materials and will not let you down.

The built-in water reservoir system of the saw keeps the blade cool and lubricated so that the users can work without any interruptions.

The tilting table of the saw is also extendable so the users can adjust the tray and fit tiles of varied sizes in the tray. The tray’s tilt angle can also be adjusted and the tray can be locked in place to ensure that the tile is held tightly and securely in place while the users cut through it.

Box Title
The Goldbatt Tile Wet Saw is a great saw for beginners. It is easy to use, but the features and specifications extend its usage and allow the users to make the most out of this tile cutting saw. From the safety features to the overall cutting quality, every aspect of this tile saw is nothing but impressive.
  • Water reservoir system keeps the blade lubricated and cool
  • Tilted and extendable tray to hold the tile securely
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The saw tends to wobble at times

7. MK Diamond 158252

With ½ horsepower and a powerful motor of 4 amp, this is one of the most powerful wet tile saws in the market. The motor easily rotates the blade at a rapid speed that allows the users to make uniform cuts without risking breaking the tiles.

The blade can be used to make 45 degree cuts as well as 22 ½ inch miter cuts. You will be able to use this saw for cutting wet tile for a wide range of DIY projects.

Another amazing perk of this saw is the fact that it is lightweight and compact. Since it weighs merely 11 pounds, therefore, it is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to travel with their saws for cutting wet tiles. The blade is also included in the package so the users do not have to get anything separately and can start using the saw as soon as they receive it.

The Expert Opinion
If you are someone who is always on the go and needs a saw for cutting wet tiles, you can surely pick the MK Diamond one. The saw is durable and sturdy plus the compact and lightweight construction allows the saw to be carried around with ease. The blade and the motor, every component of the saw is beyond amazing and enhances its performance and utility.
  • Lightweight and compact saw that is easy to carry around
  • Powerful motor rotates the blade through the tiles with ease
  • Can be used to make a range of miter cuts
  • Tends to throw a lot of sparks

8. MK-370EXP

If you are in need of a portable and lightweight tile saw, this product would be the perfect choice for you. Made for professional use, this saw is still quite easy to use. Therefore, you can use it irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional. The blade is strong and a blade guard is installed to keep it protected.

A built in 45 degree miter system is also installed in the saw so that the users can adjust the blade’s angle and make cuts as needed.

There is also a linear guide bar on the saw that allows the users to control the angle and the length of the cuts and end up with straight and clean cuts.

The Expert Opinion
Equally recommended for beginners and professionals, this saw comes with varied use and is highly recommended due to the performance as well as the cut quality. The features such as the adjustable miter angles and the linear guide bar allow the users to make versatile cuts with extreme accuracy and precision.
  • Built in 45 degree miter system
  • Blade guard protects the blade from damage
  • Lightweight and portable saw for cutting wet tile
  • Draining the tray is a hassle

9. Ridgid  wet tile saw

Durability and ease of use are the two biggest features of this wet tile saw which also make it an ideal pick for DIY projects. The material of the saw is quite durable and sturdy. The material is strong so it does not get damaged easily. The stainless steel tray is also corrosion resistant so it will last for you years to come and the use of water will not damage the saw.

You will also find a blade cooling water reservoir in the saw. This reservoir is specially located closer to the blade so it does not overheat and as a result, it does not damage the tiles during cutting.

Another reason why this reservoir is important is because it minimizes the dust and debris that is produced during tile cutting. The cutting capacity of the tiles is also quite great and it allows the users to get more work done in a smaller time period.

The Expert Opinion
The extended cut capacity of the saw surely enhances its usage and utility. The rip fence of the miter guage is adjustable which allows the users to customize the saw as per their needs and use it to make a wide range of cuts. From straight to angled, you can use this same saw to cut tiles in any way that you want.
  • Stainless steel top for enhanced durability and strength
  • Water cooling reservoir to keep the blade cool
  • Can be used to make straight as well as beveled cuts
  • Makes a lot of noise during use

Things Consider When Buying a Wet Tile Saw for DIYer’s

There are a handful of options of saws for cutting wet tiles in the market. But if you want to buy one that will truly get the job done and help you, you need to take a couple of things into consideration. So here is a quick buying guide mentioning some things that you should consider when buying a saw for cutting wet tiles:

  • Size

You need to pick a saw that is neither too big nor too small. The size of the saw should not weigh it down, especially if you are someone who has to carry the saw along with you.

  • Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of the tile saw is also an important feature that has to be taken into consideration. You need to buy a saw that can manage the cutting process effectively and can be used to cut through tiles of different sizes and dimensions.

  • Water Reservoir

The water reservoir of the saw for cutting wet tiles is an important component. It should be leak proof and should also be easy to drain so that you can easily clean up the saw once you are done cutting the tiles.


To be able to cut through wet tile, you will have to invest in a saw that is specifically made to cut through wet tiles. These saws have a very sharp blade that allows the blade to pierce and move through the tile’s grains at a speed that makes a clean and smooth cut without breaking the tile. And this is only possible if you pick the right saw for cutting wet tiles.

People Also Asked For Best Wet Tile Saws For Diy

What size wet tile saw do I need for a beginner?
As a beginner, it is recommended that you get a small sized saw. The smaller wet tile saws are easier to use and control. Moreover, beginners mostly get started with cutting small to medium sized tiles. And a small size saw should be sufficient to serve this purpose.
How do you cut tile with a wet saw without chipping it?
Cutting a tile without chipping it is only possible if you make use of a saw for cutting wet tile. Ensure that you have a consistent stream of water, there are no blockages along the way and that the blade is rotating smoothly. Now mark the tile that you wish to cut and then push the saw firmly through the tile so that the grains are cut in one go and risk of cracks and breaking of the tile can be reduced by a significant factor.
What kind of blade do you use to cut tile?
You need to use a blade that is extremely sharp when you wish to cut a tile. The tile has to be cut in a consistent and uniform manner. Using a blade that is dull will lead to inconsistent cuts and might also cause the tile to break or crack during the cutting process.

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