5 Best Chainsaw For Dirt Bike 2022

Been Looking for a while but couldn’t find the best chainsaw for your Dirt Bike???

A lot of riders enjoy rough terrains and unclear tracks, a dirt bike is specifically built for that purpose but no matter how tough your bike, there are some obstacles that a rider has to clear including cutting thick logs and dense bushes, that’s why they need to carry a chainsaw with them at all times.

Though the market is full of new innovative features and latest technologies; what you need is a chainsaw that you can easily and safely mount on your dirt bike while traveling through gravel roads tracks or muddy trails.

This article will help you feel confident so you can make an informed decision.

 Best Chainsaws For Dirt Bike Reviews 2022

Choosing the best chainsaw, keeping in mind its size, cutting power and the ability to work on rough bush trails can be a daunting task but we have got you covered. You have come to the right place because that’s what we’ll be discussing in this post.

Below we have selected 5 best worth considering chainsaws that will come in handy for any dirt bike.

1. DEWALT DCCS620P1 Chainsaw – Overall Best in Our List

Carrying a chainsaw onto your dirt bike isn’t as hard as it sounds and if it is Dewalt DCCS620P1 then it becomes all more convenient. It comes with a highly efficient brushless motor offering a great power output that enhances the motor’s life and overall run time.

This 20 Volts Cordless power tool adds versatility to your battery system and is part of the 20V  battery system. Engineered to withstand tough construction jobs, it has the ability to cut up to 90 cuts on a 4×4 pressure treated wood per charge.

This battery-operated tool comes with a 12 inches bar and chain minimizing kickbacks while maximizing efficiency. DCCS620P1 comes with a tool-free chain tensioning mechanism and a knob to properly tighten the bar suitable for clamping force.

The major benefits of this cordless chainsaw are that it doesn’t emit any harmful fumes; the gas-free operation doesn’t require a lot of maintenance eliminating the carburetor issue, so you wouldn’t even have to worry about cold starts or other concerns related to gas-powered chainsaws.

Dewalt DCCS620P1 is an 8.8 pounds lightweight yet powerful saw with the capability to smoothly get the tough outdoor jobs done including clearing of the trails. This compact lightweight design offers maximum control and comfort; mount it properly on your bike which will help keep the saw steady when going through gravel road tracks.

The Expert Opinion
It is always best to get a decent mount to hold a chainsaw that is specifically designed for dirt saws. Whether you are looking to cut beams, or manage tree limbs, cleaning up, or doing some demolition work, it will get through most of the stuff as long as it’s within limitations.
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Affordability
  • High-quality construction
  • The battery is compatible with other Dewalt products
  • Tool-free tensioning system
  • Oil tends to leak sometimes

2. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw – Suitable for Medium intensity Jobs

The best thing about a cordless chainsaw is that you can take it wherever you want, just mount it properly onto your bike and you are all set; wouldn’t have to worry about power outlets or headaches you get using a gas-powered saw, and when it is Black & Decker, you wouldn’t even have to worry about power because they have got you covered.

Powered by a 40 volts battery, this 12-inch electric chainsaw offers increased run time and maximum power efficiency, with a premium Oregan bar and chain ensuring faster, smoother cutting with low kickbacks. LCS1240 comes with an in-built auto oiling mechanism that helps keep the bar and chain lubricated.

It comes with a quick and easy tool-less chain tensioning system which is a standard and can be found in all the modern chainsaw but still, is considered a decent addition. B&D comes with a lock-off button to avoid accidental activation of the tool and a front handguard protects from saw chips overall user’s safety.

When the saw is not in use, the provided guide bar scabbard helps protect the blade. The lightweight, compact design with the wrap-around comfort grip makes maneuvering convenient and doesn’t fatigue the arm when cutting a variety of angles on a long working day.

The battery is part of the 40V MAX* outdoor system and can be interchangeably used. On a full charge, it has the capacity to make an average of 60 cuts on 4×4 lumbers. All in all, it is a great performer suitable for handling low to medium-intensity jobs.

The Expert Opinion
A heavy chainsaw whether mounted on the front or rear can at times throw you off balance while you are riding your bike, that’s why it is really important to get the one, and in this case, get LCS1240 that is not only lightweight (10lbs.) but is powerful enough to get your cutting job done and will last a really long time.
  • Good safety features
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Interchangeable Batteries
  • Increased runtime and cutting output
  • Smoother cutting with low kickbacks
  • A few complaints about oil leakage

3. WORX WG322 Chainsaw – Extremely Lightweight and Compact

Along with a well-known reputation, WG322 20 Volts battery has enough power to cut through logs that come in the way of your trail. You wouldn’t have to be a pro or a lumberjack to operate this compact 10 inch saw that has enough power to easily clean up the after-storm fallen trees or to trim or prune the diseased tree limbs.

The 6.2 pounds lightweight design is ideal to carry around your dirt bikes as it wouldn’t throw you off-balance whether you mount it on the front or back or the bike. No cord or no fumes means no fuss when operating the saw, as is easier to handle compared to the other bulky models.

This high-performing, efficient tool is equipped with a lot of quality features that making it comfortable to carry around.  This easy to maneuver chain saw comes with an automatic chain tensioning system that guards the saw against over-tightening protecting the chain from damage.

Along with the auto tensioning, an auto lubrication mechanism helps minimizes the friction keeping the chain running smoothly at 3.7 m/s around the bar, keeping the system running efficiently while significantly extending the tool’s life, while the oil level indicator lets you know the amount of oil in the engine.

The saw ensures a smooth fast cutting experience with its 12.5 foot per second chain cutting speed that will easily tear through any reasonably sized tree limb or log. To further extend the functionality you can even buy the Pole Saw attachment to reach up to 10 feet to trim the tree limbs.

The Expert Opinion
With a 20V 2.0 Ah battery and charger, providing power to not only this saw but all other Worx Power Share products on the series. That means you don’t have to buy the battery the next time you buy a Worx Power Share tool. Work is a great tool to cart around on a dirt bike to clear local trails and leaving them open for all other riders.
  • Battery works with other Worx tools
  • Bar & Chain sheath included
  • Quiet and simple to use
  • Doesn’t get tangled with any power cord
  • Extremely lightweight and affordable
  • Works only on small to medium level tasks

4. CRAFTSMAN CMCCS620M1 Cordless Chainsaw – A Lifelong Powerful History

Craftsman has been around for decades carrying a rich, powerful history of serving power tools at an extremely reasonable price to their esteemed carpenters. If you would attach a heavy chainsaw to the rear or front of your bike, you’d surely experience a lot of wobbly moments that can severely hurt you.

So to offer a good solution, we are presenting you a small 12 inches, almost 10 pounds lightweight chainsaw that is compact enough to not only reach in smaller spaces but will keep your balance intact during the entire track ride. The high-performing lithium-ion 4.0 AH battery is compatible with other V20* CRAFTSMAN tools.

Don’t get confused by the size, the 20 volts battery is powerful enough to smoothly do the light wood cutting including clearing the trails, cutting firewood, pruning the trees, trimming the yard, and other DIY projects, providing a longer run time and efficient outcome.

The saw comes with some quality features minimizing the maintenance including a bubble level ensuring precise, straight, horizontal cutting, an auto oiling system to keep the chain lubricated, and an auto-tensioning knob for proper chain tension.

The 12 inches long bar and chain have the capacity to cut up to 10 inches of thick wood logs and can make on average up to 60 cuts on a 4×4 treated pine. The weight along with the top handle design of the saw makes it easy to carry it around without tiring your arm even after a long day of work.

The Expert Opinion
Craftsman is one of the best cordless chainsaws in its class with outclass safety features including inertia-activated chain brake and the high-quality Oregon bar and chain combo ensuring low kickbacks. CRAFTSMAN tools are put to the test in real world situations before getting them in the store to ensure they exceed their client’s expectations.
  • Part of the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System
  • Backed by CRAFTSMAN’s 3 years limited warranty
  • Includes a battery and charger
  • High capacity 4. 0 Ah battery pack
  • Extremely well-balanced weight

    5. Einhell Power X-Change Cordless Chainsaw – Great Safety Features

    A lot of chainsaw mounting techniques are available which are either cheap or free including ratchet straps or bungee cord, but these ways are neither safe nor efficient so it is always wise to use a proper system to mount this dangerous GE-LC 10-inch Einhell Power tool on to your dirt bike before you start the trail.

    Einhell with its 18-volts Power X-change battery system is another efficient tool on our list offering unique cutting capabilities ideal for cutting logs up to 10 inches wide. This is a great handy tool for felling small to medium-size trees, trimming and pruning limbs, cutting trail logs, firewood, or even treated timber.

    Along with offering quality cutting performance, the OREGON guide bar and chain help reduce kickbacks, while the mechanical instant-reaction chain brake system protects the user during thick wood cutting. Features a tough metal stop shoe/claw that helps keep the saw stable when going through wood.

    Einhell has even upgraded its safety by installing a feature that immediately stops the chain in case of kickbacks and the provided catch bolt grabs the chain in case it jumps off the rail. The chainsaw’s ergonomic handle provides a steady grip and fits comfortably in the hand.

    Comes with all the advanced features you’d find in other heavy-duty saws including a key-less chain replacement or chain tensioning system. The auto chain lubrication system with a big oil filler opening to simply top the oil up if required, prolonging the saw’s and chain’s life.

    The Expert Opinion
    The GE-LC 18 Li cordless chainsaw offers excellent Einhell product quality combined with versatile OREGON blade and chain ensuring smooth, quick, and friendly saw handling for every biker or enthusiast. It is a reliable partner for any tough woodwork jobs, including thinning dense trail bushes or sawing firewood.
    • Toolless chain tensioning and replacing
    • Ergonomic handle Grip
    • Rugged stop claws made of metal
    • Kickback protection with an instant chain brake
    • Automatic chain lubrication
    • The battery and charger are not included

    The Buying Guide of Best Chainsaws For Dirt Bikes

    We have written a lot about buying chain saws for big trees, for farm use, for limbing, etc. so the general outline would essentially the same. In the following section, we focus on discussing these features with respect to their function and impact on a dirt bike ride.

    Our buying guide will help you sort out exactly what features you need for a dirt bike bound chain saw:

    • Power Source

    From our other buying guides, you would have already known that chain saws are powered by three different sources. Since you need this chain saw for a dirt bike ride on trails, you can simply rule out the corded electric versions.

    Out of the remaining two, you can always choose the most powerful but noisy, gasoline-powered chain saw. These saws are however the heaviest among the three types.

    On the other hand, if weight is your concern, you can switch to the battery-operated chain saws. Then again since you would need it out in the field, you have to choose a saw with a long-running time/battery time and should be powerful enough to clear out the fallings on the trail.

    • Bar Length / Chainsaw Size

    The bar length or chain saw size is the most important feature when considering buying a new one. Generally speaking, the larger saws are more powerful but also are the heaviest and similarly consume a lot of fuel/battery charge.

    Dirt bike mounting requires nimbleness and compactness and therefore there usually is a limit to how large a chain saw you can mount on your bike and depending upon your bike, it ranges between 10-inch to 14-inch bar length.

    • Weight considerations

    Consideration of weight is also an important thing when considering mounting a chain saw to a dirt bike. Since you would be riding off-road, you would want to carry a chain saw with as low a weight as possible. However, lightweight chain saws are generally not good for tackling larger or tougher trees.

    Also, you would need to fix the chain saw firmly so as to avoid any damage to your bike which again is somewhat affected by its weight. The chain saw weight is therefore a compromise between required power and the ability to easily carry.

    • Chain saw mount/fixture

    To easily carry the chain saw on a dirt bike, you can either carry it in your backpack if it’s really compact.

    Otherwise, you would need a suitable fixture that is attached to the front wheel of the bike and the chain saw is firmly mounted on that fixture to avoid any jumping/ throbbing while simultaneously keeping your hands and back free to do whatever you need to do.

    • Fuel-Efficiency / battery run time

    Out in the field, clearing out the trail, it would be very disappointing if you suddenly realize that your chain saw ran out of juice. The most appropriate thing is therefore to choose a saw which is the most fuel-efficient if it is a gasoline-powered saw or has a very long battery run time if it is cordless electric.

    It is always a good idea to keep the spare source (canister of gas or fully charged battery pack) with you on your adventure to avoid getting in a bad situation.

    • Safety Matters

    In all that dirt bike rush, do not forget the safety matters of a power tool such as a chain saw. Chain saws are inherently dangerous, however; they are designed with some key safety features for easy and safe usage.

    These include anti-kickback chain, inertia-activated brakes, blade guard, etc. Also, a dirt biker would in any case already is equipped with secondary safety measures like non-slip boots and gloves, and safety goggles.

    • Additional features

    In addition to all these, the additional features offered on various models for conventional sawing are also important in the outdoors. The tool-less chain tensioning system, automatic chain oiling, ease of start, and maintenance are some of the key features which will ease your work a lot.

    Also, the ergonomic design of handle and anti-vibration systems needs a second thought too. The purchase of a chain saw for mounting on your dirt bike is totally different from when you want one for your home use.

    Carefully consider all the points described above and choose the most optimal solutions according to your bike, trail, and type of wood on that trail. Happy sawing!!!

    Wrapping Up

    Wrapping up this article with a detailed buying guide, you have read about the key features of some medium-duty chain saws for mounting on a dirt bike.

    From it, you have ample knowledge to yourself decide which chain saw is best for your need and requirements. Be vigilant and choose wisely among the top 5 chain saws for dirt bikes from above. Happy riding!!!

    People Also Asked For Dirt Bike Chainsaws

    I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

    What is the best size to buy a chainsaw for a dirt bike?

    Although sometimes it depends on the area of trail and degree of fell, the compactness and light weight-ness is required to put a chain saw on a dirt bike. Therefore, the most common sizes being used are between 10 inches and 14 inches bar lengths.

    What you need is the cutting power and only bar size might not be an adequate measure of it. You might want to get a powerful gasoline-powered 10 inches chain saw.

    For saws with longer bar lengths, the weight of the gas tank can be substituted with a battery pack. But it all comes down to how much power you need and how many cuts are you required to make from the saw.

    Is it safe to mount a chainsaw on a dirt bike?

    Mounting a chainsaw on a dirt bike is totally safe and is quite easy with the aid of a suitable chain saw mount which is specifically made for dirt bikes.

    There are a lot of different mounts available in the market which can be attached with any dirt bike and can firmly hold your chain saw close to your bike’s front wheel steadily without exposing any part on the side.

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