5 Best Chainsaw For Landscaping 2022

Enrich your land, yards, and residential property around green trees with more color, carvings, and design elements—whilst keeping them all healthy, strong, and green in their own essence.

Chainsaws are great for driving through landscaping projects like carving, trimming, or pruning branches and bushes, or even cutting smaller trees or logs.

In this article, we are going to help you out with the top 5 chainsaws which are best at whatever you do with them and will prove to be ideal for landscapers, making your neighborhood envy your yard/ lawn/ land.

5 Best Chainsaws For Landscaping Reviews 2022

Below we will discuss all the detailed features and specifications with the pros and cons of each one of the products, to help you guide and then decide on the best-suited chainsaw for your landscaping needs.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Best for craving

Husqvarna 460 is amongst the powerful chain saws from the renowned Husqvarna rancher series. It is powered by a 60.3 cc two-stroke gasoline engine which can generate 3.62 hp to rotate the 24 inches long chain (max) at a huge 9000 rpm. The engine is designed with a 3 piece crankshaft with an inertia-operated brake for user safety.

Featuring the X-torq technology engine, it automatically adjusts the torque of the chainsaw depending on the resistance during cutting thus improving fuel economy and reducing emissions. For an easier start-up, it also includes an exclusive air-purge smart start which serves to remove air from the fuel supply system of the engine.

Including an automatic chain oiling system, the chain remains sufficiently lubricated during cutting and keeps the cut surface cooler to avoid burning. The oil pump is also adjustable to accommodate oil circulation.

The distinctive air-injection system in this modern chainsaw with the help of a centrifugal force removes the sawdust whilst keeping the filter clean, adding to the fuel efficiency while elongating the saw’s service life too.

Weighed at 22.6 pounds with a 24 inches bar length, this beast is designed for landscape prosumers, arborists, and ranchers.

The tool-less chain tensioning adjustment and quick-release air filter make chain saw maintenance much convenient. While the ergonomic front handle and low vibration dampening systems are a great add-on and reduce fatigue as well.

The Expert Opinion
Husqvarna’s 460 Rancher is a highly recommended chainsaw for landscapers. With its 24 inches bar and 3.6 horsepowers, this saw can easily cut anything like trees and is best for carving, pruning, and trimming jobs, all of which are required for landscaping. The power to weight ratio for this saw is ideal so the heavyweight is manageable.
  • Unlimited Power with mobility
  • X-Torq gives intelligent high torque
  • 7 degree offset ergonomic handle
  • Low vibration and comfortable
  • Keyless side-mounted chain tensioning
  • Easy air filter cleaning & replacing
  • Multi adjustments for oil pump
  • Heavy thus tiring

2. DEWALT (DCCS620B) 12 Inch Chainsaw –  Best for pruning

DCCS620B is a lightweight and compact, 8.8 pounds battery-operated chainsaw from Dewalt especially designed for those landscapers who don’t want to deal with huge, lumberjack-styled chainsaws.

Running on a 5.0Ah 20V MAX* battery (compatible with other Dewalt products as well), the DCCS620B is equipped with a highly efficient brushless motor technology to deliver an exciting runtime while endorsing a long motor life.

This Cordless chainsaw comes with a 12 inches long bar and chain for tough construction and destruction work, and outdoor cutting or landscaping jobs, with a capacity of over 90 cuts on a single charge on 4×4 pressure treated lumber or logs. This cordless chainsaw requires almost zero maintenance.

The rubber-coated handgrip is soft enough for decent user comfort, decreasing the vibrations significantly. This model has the capability to become vibration-less if the operator is wearing protective gloves making vibrations unnoticeable, making this chainsaw stand out amongst others in this range.

The Dewalt DCCS620B offers proficient safety features including a low kickback tip, tool-free chain tensioning adjustment with a retractable bar tightening knob for the just-right bar clamping force, and a hard bar cover. However, wearing protective gear and read the user manual before turning on the machine can prove very helpful.

The Expert Opinion
As an unsolicited opinion, we would like to say that this Dewalt unit will be a worthy investment for homeowners and landscapers who can use it to its full potential however it is not for professionals. But for beginners, it is not hard to learn how to use it. This model is able to bring enough to the table, for occasional users and DIY’ers as well.
  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Quality Dewalt machine
  • Excellent battery runtime
  • Battery compatible with Dewalt (20V) products
  • Somewhat lacking in power

3. Oregon Cordless 16 inch Chainsaw – Perfect for cutting smaller trees and brush

The world’s leading chain saw manufacturer Oregon offers this16 inch Cordless Chainsaw, The CS300. Putting forth a 16 Inch long bar and chain, this chainsaw cuts trees, stumps, bushes and limbs as fast as well as effortlessly with extreme portability.

The striking feature of this chainsaw is the 16-inch chain, which can be sharpened on the saw within 3 seconds simply with the pull of a lever by the patented PowerSharp Sharpening System. Nonetheless, The CS300 also has an automatic oiling system to keep the chain sharp and well-tensioned.

The CS300 fires up instantly and weighing only 12 lbs., this chainsaw is optimally balanced for easier handling while being lightweight. The premium 40V MAX battery defends against any emissions and is capable to make up to 600, 2-3 inch cuts when fully charged with a capacity to be recharged about 1,000 times.

The CS300 also offers automatic lubrication. Moreover, the brushless motor and the 40V MAX Premium battery technology provide no-fade power, delivering a potent combination of speed, power, and torque with longer run-times, making your landscaping projects easier.

Coming to the safety features of this chainsaw, Oregon has taken great care of its user’s safety, with features like reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain, front and rear hand guards, chain brake triggered by the inertial forces, and the overload protection feature with a manual trigger lockout switch.

The Expert Opinion
A distinct feature of the onboard, self-chain sharpening system along with being portable is the appeal of this saw which also sets this chainsaw apart from its competitors. However, it is most suited for only occasional light and medium cutting, so it will prove great for landscapers.
  • Onboard chain sharpening system
  • Powerful 40V battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Lesser vibrations
  • A bit Expensive and noisy

4. Husqvarna 130, 16 Inch Gas Chainsaw – Best For Felling Trees

Husqvarna 130 is yet another powerful chain saw from the famous rancher series. Powered by a 38 cc two-stroke gasoline engine which can generate 2 horsepower and 1.84 Nm of torque; its 16-inch long chain rotates at 55 feet per minute (FPM).

Similar to other chain saws from Husqvarna, its engine is also designed with a 3 piece crankshaft with an inertia-activated brake for user safety.

This saw also features the patented X-torq technology engine, which depending on the resistance experienced by the chain, automatically adjusts the torque thereby improving power delivery and fuel economy. It also packs an air-purge smart start system for an easier start-up.

Designed with an automatic chain lubricating system, it automatically sprays the saw chain with oil during cutting to keep the cut surface cool and avoid burning. This feature comes in very handy especially for hardwood and the system can be adjusted to change the oil circulation rate according to your needs.

The fuel efficiency is further accentuated through its air-injection system which cleans the air before pushing it to burn inside the gasoline engine. The system removes the sawdust and debris from the air using a centrifugal force to keep the filter clean and elongates the service life of your tool.

It also carries several very useful features such as toolless chain tensioning and easy access, quick-release air filter, vibration dampening systems, and an ergonomically designed handle. Weighing at 10.36 pounds, this medium-weight chain saw is made for landscaping jobs.

The Expert Opinion
This is a great chain saw with just the right size and power enough for landowners, DIY’ers, and landscapers. With some unique Husqvarna features, it handles various types of cuttings well making us pretty satisfied with its performance, as it is capable to do much more than its size.
  • Lightweight
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Easy and consistent starting
  • Powerful engine
  • Good build quality
  • The chain brake mechanism is problematic sometimes

5.  Poulan Pro PR5020 20 inch Gas Chainsaw – Best for trimming


Equipped with all the primary features, this reasonable saw is for those who want a gas-powered tool, boasting a 2 stroke DuraLife engine with a displacement of 50cc. With its chromium-plated cylinders ensure fuel efficiency, refinement, and longer engine life, this chain saw is ideal for all small to medium range tasks.

Supported with a 20 inches bar and chain and a powerful 2-stroke engine with the OxyPower technology, this chainsaw ensures more power with lesser fuel consumption. The innovative mechanism provides great power with significantly lower emissions recorded to be less by 70% and fuel consumption lesser by 20%.

The graceful spring-supported Effortless Pull-Start System (EPS) quickly starts the engine with very minimal cord pulls prolonging the saw’s life too. The purge bulb is also protected, reducing any risk of damage.

The ergonomic design of the handle and the technologically advanced anti-vibration system allows one to work for long hours making smooth cuts with lesser stress and fatigue to your body. But, the saw requires a bit of maintenance which can easily be done using the combined tool placed at the rear of the handle.

The adjustable chain tensioning lever mounted on the side of this robust model along with the accessible cylinder cover clips offers a convenient approach to the spark plug and air filter allowing easy handling and maintenance, as you don’t have to unscrew the covers for cleaning air filters or accessing the spark plugs.

The Expert Opinion
This one is a pro chainsaw packed with power and features. It easily handles anything and everything including limbing, ripping, firewood cutting, and tree felling. Its quick start and fuel-efficient design are great for any gasoline chain saw.
  • OxyPower Engine technology
  • Powerful and durable
  • Sits around nicely
  • Soft start plus Purge pump
  • Choke/stop control
  • The bar is a jiff flexible

The Buying Guide Of Landscaping Chainsaws

Landscaping is a delicate art that requires a variety of cutting types like pruning, trimming, limbing, carving, cutting small trees, and even clearing out felling.

Your search for a chainsaw most suitable for landscaping is therefore a complicated one as it should combine the power, maneuverability, flexibility, and control all in one.

We have already discussed the many key features that you must carefully consider before buying a chain saw in our buying guide for chain saws for big trees, limbing, dirt bikes, and Farm Use. Our following buying guide will help you choose the best chain saw for your landscaping requirements.

  • Power Source of chain saw

As you must have known by now, chain saws are operated by three different power sources. Corded electric chain saws powered through an AC electric outlet is the most common and offer light to medium duty cutting solution.

These relatively lightweight chain saws have ample power to perform all of your landscaping; however, they lack in terms of maneuverability due to the length of the cord and/or extension cable.

This lacking in maneuverability can either be compensated via relatively underpowered battery-operated chain saws or the all-powerful gasoline-powered chain saws which are the epitome of power and maneuverability.

The heavy-duty and beefy gas chain saws are but overkill for your pruning, limbing, and carving jobs.

  • Weight of Chain Saw

Landscaping requires a lot of operation time with a chain saw which is a handheld tool, considering its weight is, therefore, an important factor when choosing one. In this reference, the lightest corded electric chain saws clearly win while the heaviest gasoline-powered ones lag far behind.

The heavyweight is also associated with more power offered by the chain saw and therefore your physical strength and skill level also becomes important in this case to avoid any accident/injury from kickback.

  • Bar Length / Chainsaw Size

Another important factor should be the bar/chain length and consequently, the overall size of the chain saw. Bar/chain length effectively defines the cutting capacity of your chain saw.

Due to the dynamically varying nature of cutting associated with landscaping, you may want to keep the size towards lower dimensions.

Similar to weight, the size of a chain saw is also an indirect measure of its power; however, you can always separately buy a smaller bar/chain compatible with your chain saw to enjoy the power of a large saw with the maneuverability of a smaller one.

  • Vibration Dampening, anti-kickback Systems, and ergonomic handle

Since landscaping requires long sessions with your chain saws in your hand, you must have a way to counter the powerful vibrations produces by the power tool.

Together with the weight of the chain saw, this can be pretty uncomfortable. In such situations, a good ergonomic handle design with a padded soft grip comes in very handy to keep your hand at a comfortable angle and help to avoid fatigue.

Many chain saws are also equipped with some kind of anti-vibration system to further ease off the stressing intense vibrations. Also, the degree of kickback should not be ignored which could be quite problematic especially when cutting trees or felling.

  • Fuel-Efficiency & air-injection system of Gasoline chain saws

If you choose to go with gasoline-powered chain saws, the fuel economy and maintenance of the gasoline engine also become two important factors. Fuel economy is emphasized in several modern gasoline chain saws but can cost you some additional money.

You can also choose other systems like air filtration to improve fuel economy on a smaller scale. It is known that funneling cleaner, oxygen-rich air to burn the gasoline increases the efficiency and efficacy of the chain saw.

The so-called “Air injection” system helps to remove sawdust and debris from air being channeled into the engine to keep the filter clean and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Safety Considerations

The utmost important and not-to-be skimmed features are the safety features. Modern chain saws offer several safety features including anti-kickback chain design, non-slip rubber handles, blade guard, and inertia activated chain brakes.

Additionally, secondary safety measures such as non-slip handles, boots and gloves, safety goggles or face shield, etc. are always be taken before using a chain saw.

  • Additional features

In addition to the above-mentioned key features, chain saws are loaded with some additional things to facilitate your cutting and make it comfortable. These features include ease of starting (for gasoline chain saws), tool-less chain tension adjustment, automatic chain oiling mechanism, and LED lights.

For your landscaping project, you can choose the most optimal solution off-the-shelf after carefully considering all these factors and make the best choice.

Wrapping Up

Getting to the end of this article, we would just like to advise you that whenever and wherever landscaping, do trim the bushes and trees, but always try not to damage tree roots. Also DON’T troop the trees with a deck and try not to pile mulch against the tree trunks, as it would ruin the essence of landscaping.

We hope with all these tips, the detailed buying guide, and the best 5 chainsaws recommendations; you are totally going to win over that landscaping project of yours.

Happy Landscaping!!!

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