11 Best Chainsaw For Large Trees 2022

Merely trimming tree branches and twigs are not flawlessly possible by the lower duty tools like cutters, axes, splitters, or others.

Cutting larger trees is even tougher than this, so we require a heavy-duty chainsaw for this purpose. Good chainsaws can not only be used for felling giant trees but they can be used multi purposely.

As knocking down big trees is one of the hardest jobs for a chainsaw, besides milling lumber, so you need to have the best, powerful, and reliable professional-grade chainsaw available in the market.

11 Best Chainsaw For Felling Large Trees Reviews 2022

We at SAWBUZZ strive to provide you with the best of information after hours of researching and revising. We have shortlisted the following 11 product choices amongst the chainsaws which are best for felling big trees.

1. Husqvarna 450 Rancher II – Reliable & Powerful

The Swedish firm Husqvarna is devoted to providing exceptional quality outdoor power tools, stretching out from lawnmowers to chainsaws. The Husqvarna 450 rancher is a lightweight, user-friendly, and also environment-friendly chainsaw.

It is one of the most powerful gas-powered chainsaw models on the market, featuring the unique x-torque engine allowing you to cut even the largest of woods like butter, with efficient fuel consumption and very few emissions as compared to other gas saws.

The engine supplies an amazing 3.2 horsepower and features an 18 inch guide bar and chain, however, it is flexible and can accept various bar sizes from 13 to 20 inches, and can easily tackle cutting 29 inches diameter trees.

The tool is equipped with a centrifugal air injection mechanism that prevents dust and debris from entering the air filter, and the filter can easily be replaced using the quick release trigger on the saw’s cover.

The highlighting features on this chainsaw include a smart start, tool-less chain tensioner, fuel pump, and auto combined on/off switch for easier starting and turning off as well, all of which account to make it a great option for cracking multiple jobs in a day.

The Expert Opinion
The Husqvarna rancher II will last for years can and is designed to save you a lot of time. It is pretty much affordable and forceful. If you’re a landowner and wish to regularly cut logs or your pine and prune trees, the Husqvarna 450 is definitely for you.
  • Lightweight design
  • Smart start Technology
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reliable engine
  • Auto on/off switch
  • Few manufacturing problems

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2. ECHO CS-590 – Lumber Wolf

Echo CS-590 is a dependable workhorse with a weight of .01 ounces, is fully capable to become a perfect chainsaw for large trees. Having a 20 inches long chain and bar with 20 inches cutting length, it can slice through thick logs effortlessly.

Featuring a 2 stroke 59.8cc engine in a professional-grade motor, once started this beast won’t let any big trees and woods without falling off. This chainsaw also does not require frequent maintenance.

The changeable chain and bar which come in the package are Oregon Pro. It has good power to weight ratio as well. All in all, this chainsaw is worth a try for its compression release valve, oiler, powerful engine which delivers great speed.

Additionally, the Echo CS-590 has a great vibration dampening system, providing full control on the saw without any buzzing hands, allowing it to be used for several hours without much fatigue.

Echo is a bit more expensive as compared to other chainsaws but it is also one of the better ones and offers ones of the best warranties, and the fuel tank has enough capacity to get you through few hours of work, you wouldn’t have to stop in the middle of the task to fill the tank up.

The Expert Opinion
Echo is a good company and CS-590 is a beast of a saw from them, rightly called the timber wolf. This chainsaw is comfortable and easy to use, that is why it is making it to run down this. Also, its anti-vibration system is really helpful.
  • Variable bar and chain
  • Decompression valve
  • Super lightweight
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
  • Lubrication Oiler
  • Troublesome start-up

3. Greenworks CS80L211 – Medium-Sized Chainsaw

Make landscaping easy with Greenworks PRO 80V max system. CS80L211 is a powerful cordless battery-run outdoor power equipment, which is user-friendly as well as eco-friendly to be used around homes, parks & other venues with zero gas, zero emission & almost no maintenance.

This chainsaw simply starts with the push of a button and gets you through the larger tree cutting tasks with lesser vibration, less sound, and creating less mess. They offer the performance of gas at a low operational cost.

The CS80L211 features a 40 cm (16 inches) long Oregon bar and chain, a brushless motor to provide you a longer run-time with less wear and tear of the equipment and up to 30% more torque, providing all the power & performance of a gas saw with a lower operational cost.

This saw offers good safety, by the incorporation of a brake guard, a hand protector for an instant start as well as security. Their battery-operated tools are designed to deliver true cutting performance in every voltage ranging from 24 volts to 82 volts.

It comes with additional batteries and a rapid charger that charges fast and the batteries are multiple tools compatible. The 80 V G-max Lithium-Ion batteries allow you to keep sawing for about 60 minutes and get charged quickly within 30 minutes.

The Expert Opinion
Greenworks is an innovative brand providing modern solutions to people who love gardening and working in greener, and cleaner environments. This medium-sized chainsaw is better for cutting down large trees; however, you must protect the chainsaw from overheating.
  • Easily interchangeable battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Zero emissions, minimum maintenance
  • Fitted Oregan chain
  • Good run time
  • Average efficiency

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4. Oregon Cordless Chainsaw – With Power sharp Self-Sharpening System

Weighing only 12 Lbs , Oregon’s powerful brushless motor delivers high speed and high torque with a 4.0Ah battery to instantly cut through limbs and branches. The premium 40volts battery ensures zero emissions and optimum output.

The battery takes roughly four hours to charge that’s a long time but only when it’s totally depleted. But the motor makes efficient use of its power source maximizing productivity so the battery might not be that big of an issue.

Using the Powersharp sharpening system, with just a pull of a lever you can sharpen the saw chain wherever you are within a few seconds. A great feature to be on-board, as the saw works best when the chain is properly sharpened otherwise drive sprouts and guide bar soon wear out.

The 16-inch guide bar has the ability to tackle any outdoor tasks. Featuring an overload protection mechanism that will automatically shut off the motor in case the saw is pushed too hard. The built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system keeps the chain lubricated reducing friction while increasing the saw’s run time.

The chainsaw gets activated with a pull trigger, without any hassle of pull cords. The saw operates quietly which will a relief for the ears. Also, equipped with durable steel bucking spikes that help a lot when cutting vertically.

The Expert Opinion
Designed by the world’s leading chain saw manufacturer, the lightweight saw along with an excellent lithium-ion technology provides longer run-times, with the capacity to make up to 400 2-3 inch cuts on a single charge. The cordless saw is suited for homeowners looking to do some maintenance, rather than for felling or storm cleanup.
  • Powersharp sharpening system
  • Built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system
  • No-load chain speed of 2796 fpm
  • Tool-less tensioner
  • Automatic oiler has 4.1 oz tank capacity
  • The rear handle doesn’t have a rubberized grip
  • The battery takes a bit long time to charge

5. Makita EA6100PRGG – Excellent Cutting Performance

If you are looking for a high-powered but low-weighted machine, then Makita’s 20-inch professional chain saw with a 61cc engine offers an ideal power-to-weight balance, which can be perfect for you. This combination of power and compactness delivers excellent performance.

The stratified air scavenging engine delivers 4.6 HP, spinning the chain at 13,800RPM with fast acceleration boosting fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. The saw features a spring-assisted starter to quickly fire-up the machine without exerting much force on the engine thus optimizing its performance.

The saw’s tough magnesium construction is weather-resistant, and the slide-out baffles can be customized for efficient operation during cold weather. The floating sprocket system perfectly aligns the rim sprocket with the bar for smooth chain motion.

It is also equipped with an industrial-grade cartridge air filter for efficient cleaning and extended filter life. The round smooth edges make cleaning mess-free and the chips from the chain compartment can easily be cleaned even after rip cutting.

The saw is engineered in a way that maintaining and cleaning become hassle-free. With an advanced vibration dampening mechanism along with an easy-grip handle so that the saw can comfortably be used for long hours.

The Expert Opinion
The gas solutions provided by Makita for preserving their lifetime legacy of reliability with a gas-powered lineup that fires up your backyard work, from sun-up till the equipment is down! Comes with the outclass safety features including a two-point chain brake and touch & stop lever for immediate shut-off.
  • Powerful engine
  • Adjustable lateral chain tensioning
  • Vibration dampening system
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Heavy-duty air filter
  • expensive

6. Craftsman S185 – With 2-Cycle Power Engine

Craftsman has been in the business of creating powerful, affordable, and long-lasting tools for professionals as well homeowners since 1927. The s185 is another great innovation comprising of a 42cc full crank 2-cycle power engine distributing efficient power while reducing the vibrations ensuring equipment’s longer life.

The premium 18-inch bar saw is engineered with advanced power and a low kickback chain that easily and quickly cuts through tough large trees and also effortlessly manages some serious storm damage making it an all-around superior performer.

Comes with a durable polymer chassis that is lighter in weight making it easier to handle without compromising on the power. Engineered for prolonged usage and reliable performance, minimizing exhaustion.

The 18-inch lightweight gas chainsaw comes with a heavy-duty carrying case making it easy to carry around. Equipped with an inertia-activated chain brain and keyless access to the air filter and spark plug for quick and easy replacement.

The saw’s 3-point anti-vibration mechanism combined with the comfort grip minimizes hand fatigue and vibrations while increasing the overall control during cutting. The auto oiler system keeps the chain properly lubricated, also allowing the user to manually adjust the oil flow, to keep the saw and the chain sharp and smooth.

The Expert Opinion
The saw is equipped with all the advanced features including an easy-to-pull start technology so the saw is up and running in mere seconds. This incredible chainsaw is one of the best options in a gas model to fix your yard or to slice wood and even for other extreme outdoor projects.
  • High output engine
  • Adjustable chain oiler with view window
  • Durable poly chassis
  • Side-mounted tensioning system
  • 3 Point Anti Vibration System
  • Bar oil leaks sometimes

7. Echo CS-400 – Ideal for Trimming and Pruning

Echo is a 10.1 lbs. lightweight saw but is equipped with a 40.2cc powerful engine saw that has the ability to cut through the toughest of material. It is a no-frill serious tool, which comes fully assembled to be used right away.

This sturdy saw was specifically constructed keeping the professionals in mind, which comes as a surprise because typically Echo products are focused on “prosumers” meaning they were made for both pros and consumers, but that doesn’t mean the homeowners cannot use this saw.

The saw’s 18-inch standard bar offers the perfect balance with the wraparound comfort grip that the saw doesn’t even slightly trip backward or forward. The saw can endure serious hardship on the job, it has been tried and tested by those who have years of cutting and trimming experiences under their belt.

It is a very practical saw and comes with easy to access features such as the fuel filter and the auto-designed air filter that can easily be replaced when dirty.

Featuring the bar and chain guide disassembled adjustments with the kit that has all the useful components including a user manual, kick-guard, T-wrench, and the ECHO Power Blend XTended Life 2-stroke oil to maintain the saw.

The Expert Opinion
A reliable and efficient gas saw designed for cutting large trees, as well as bigger gardens populated with denser bushes. The adjustable chain mechanism and easy to remove air filters make maintenance hassle-free. The saw is a bit loud so it is recommended to always use some hearing protection when using it.
  • Efficient, high-powered engine
  • Two-stroke engine
  • Automotive air filter design
  • Vibration reduction mechanism
  • Boasts an adjustable oiler
  • Lacks a tool-free chain tensioner

8. Makita-UC3551A – With Zero Harmful Emissions

This is the perfect size chainsaw for most of the users as holding and managing a heavy saw can sometimes be very difficult and cause extreme exhaustion. With just a simple push of a button, you can activate the large trigger and the saw with its soft start feature will run smoothly cutting through several materials.

The 14-inch corded electric saw comes with a lot of convenient features including tool-free chain and blade adjustment for smoother work operations and long life durability. The saw features an ergonomic rubberized grip handle that adds comfort to the jobs by reducing hand fatigue.

The automatic adjustable chain oiler controls the oil flow by releasing oil into the equipment which is critical for continuous heavy cutting. The large oil reservoir has a window to let the user know when the oil level reduces.

For maximum productivity and efficiency, Makita has incorporated an electric chain brake safety feature to prevent wrong cuts. This heavy-duty saw is ideal for quick, competent cutting without the hassle of gas.

The UC3551A has a powerful engine spinning the chain at 2,900 FPM for precise cutting, pruning, and trimming The motor works quietly with zero harmful emissions and requires very minimal maintenance. Can handle large branches but it is better to avoid cutting thick wood.

The Expert Opinion
A versatile saw with a lightweight construction suited for light to medium-duty tasks. They have taken good safety measures; the motor is equipped with a built-in current limiter which reduces the power of the motor when there is too much electric load to protect the motor from burnout enhancing the engine’s life and output.
  • Soft startup and easy usage
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Zero harmful emissions
  • Lightweight with soft grip
  • Keyless blade & chain adjustment
  • Leaks oil when not stored properly

9. Husqvarna 966997203 T435 – Suitable for Light to Medium Cutting

This beast of a saw will surely surpass all your woodworking expectations. The sturdy construction is meant to be used season after season; the exceptional quality will simply melt the wood away. T435 is a lightweight 14-inch gas-powered chain saw designed for some powerful woodworking jobs.

The mid-sized saw is lightweight yet robust enough to effortlessly handle tree pruning and limbs cutting at the backyard, vineyards, parks, and residential areas. The top handle design adds comfort reducing vibrations and fatigue.

The 7.5 lbs weight makes it easy to carry it around from one place to another. The saw is built on a solid guide bar foundation that allows the chains to run smoothly at a high torque speed of 9000RPM. Comes with a rope attachment to easily lift it up the tree.

It features an innovative x-torque motor incorporating an x-cut chain and an x-force bar for better cutting, reduced emissions, and low fuel consumption. Not only does the saw include some unique, modern features but the excellent Husqvarna technology ensures power, efficiency, and durability.

You’d enjoy working with this multi-purpose tool with a narrow tip and a sprocket nose ensuring efficient cutting, smooth chain movement, and reduced kickback. The heavy-duty bar is strongly constructed using solid metal to prevent tool damage. The guide bar is removable in case you’d want to fix your customized unit.

The Expert Opinion
The well-balanced weight and power ratio makes the saw easy to operate, while the start-of-the-art x-torque engine delivers an optimum level of fuel efficiency, a lot of users even have reviewed it as a multi-purpose workhorse. The saw can take a maximum of 14 inches and a minimum of 10 inches of the guide bar.
  • Strong and Powerful Engine
  • Side chain tensioning lever
  • Less fuel consumption
  • X-torque technology
  • High Cutting Power
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting

10. Holzfforma Blue Thunder G070 – For Professional Use

Holzfforma Blue thunder belongs to the Farmertech power tool industry, an expert in designing chainsaws, and other power tools with their spare parts. G070 is a professional-level gasoline chain saw that takes wood cutting to a whole new level.

The 1055C powerful engine is capable of cutting thick large trees without much effort, as well can cut tree branches and limbs smoothly. The 28, 36, and 48 inches’ bar and chain along with the highly-efficient engines create great cutting competencies. This high-performing tool has made the lives of pros as well as homeowners easy.

The 8 HP engine runs at a power speed of 9000RPM, producing high torque, spinning to effortlessly deliver the perfect cuts. Easy to assemble and use with the maximum 70cm, 90cm, or 120cm cutting length.

You wouldn’t regret using this brilliant tool when working on your woodworking tasks whether it involves trees felling, or pruning, or simple limbing. Offers a perfect strength to weight balance, making it ideal for loggers or lumberjacks.

Equipped with both auto and manual oiler mechanism and the 1200ml large fuel tank stores enough fuel to keep the saw running for a long time. The 530ml oil tank pumps enough into the chain to ensure smooth running.

The Expert Opinion
The high-grade 0.404-inch bar and 0.063-inch chain guarantee smooth hardwood cutting operations. And the 13.5 kg weight ensures easy handling and moving the saw without exhaustion. This saw has fewer safety features so without much experience, it can become a really risky tool so always be careful using it.
  • Powerful, hi-torque motor
  • Large fuel and oil tank
  • Auto oil pump lubrication
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Easily cut huge trees
  • Doesn’t have a chain brake

11. OJENAS MS 066 660 – For Landowners and Pros

The Ojenas MS 066 660 is a gasoline-powered heavy-duty saw with a 92 cc 2 Stroke engine to deliver steadfast performance for knocking down even the thicker trees. This saw is suitable to landowners and professionals alike as it can bring down both small and big trees equally smoothly and easily.

A quality 25 inches’ chain without a guide bar has the capacity to attach any guide bar between 25 to 36 inches on its bolt arrangement, making it capable to meet any of your cutting project needs, with almost free maintenance.

MS 066 660 also features a coordinated recoil starter to instantly pull the entire system composed and with very few vibrations. The thick, overlong but sharp of this heavy chainsaw can smash through most wood without much struggle.

The installed ignition coil and oiler can be easily replaced and it can serve as one small engine chainsaw. The chainsaw also includes a tool-free chain tensioner and easily accessible oiler and housing.

Though Ojenas MS is not a very popular chainsaw but surely a very capable one and not by any means an entry-level saw, the 25″ and 30″ bar and chain making it ideal for professional tasks, and the solid foundation ensure it will last a really long time.

The Expert Opinion
This saw is heavy powered but not as heavyweight. However, it is a bit complicated to start to keep the chain tightened, but offers an easy start thanks to the recoil starter. The Ojenas MS 066 660 is best suited to property-owners and pros to fell off both small and big trees.
  • Strong construction
  • Recoil starter
  • Air filters require easy maintenance
  • Few vibrations
  • Thick and overlong chain
  • A bit pricy But Worthy

The Buying Guide of  Best Chainsaws For Cutting Large Trees

You must have liked a few models so far, but to shorten up your list, here we provide the significant factors worth inspection while shopping for a chainsaw for big trees!

  • Power Source

Electric chain saws are either corded or battery-driven. Both are quite powerful, even sometimes they are comparable to the professional gas-powered chainsaws.

Electric saws require are easy to use and are generally lighter in weight and run quietly as well, and are good for large tree cutting but cordless saws prove to be great when cutting trees in jungles or areas without AC power options.

Gas-powered chain saws however are more powerful machines with 2 stroke engines running on a mix of fuel and gas, with some smell of gas.

  • Bar and Chain Length

Most of the efficient electric corded chain saws offer a 14 to 25-inch bar length, which is perfect for most tree cutting. The corded engine sizes for these bar lengths mostly run between 9 and 15-amp power, and 40 to 60 volts in cordless chain saws.

And in the case of the more professional gas-powered chainsaws for felling trees, 16 to 24 inches of bar and chain length, backed by 32 to 62cc engine displacements.

  • Size of the Chainsaw

Smaller chainsaws are capable to cut down trees if used by a skilled professional but with a little more effort and time, but if you want to make felling giant trees easier for you or are casual users it is better to buy the larger bar and chain with heavier engines, spinning the chain more quickly, making the cutting process more effective and under control.

  • Using a Chainsaw

It is very important to learn about the handling and running of your chainsaw is very important before beginning to knock down big trees as you have to have good control over the saw.

  • Anti-vibration Mechanism

A good anti-vibration system is very important when looking for a chainsaw for larger trees in order to maintain control of the saw.

Mostly the anti-vibrators help by lowering the noise too. However, some advanced chainsaws also feature total noiselessness or a thorough anti-vibrator.

  • Maintenance

Whether you are dealing with the corded electric chainsaws, battery-powered chainsaws, or the in-house combustion of gas-run ones, maintenance is crucial.

The modern-day chainsaws are integrated with most features to keep maintenance at a bare minimum including the auto oiling system, jam cleaners, air injections for air filters, and tooless chain tensioning to keep the chain sharp.

Also, most saws have a view window or transparent oil tanks to notify about the oiling level. However, keeping the chainsaw clean regularly is a key to better durability and accurate functioning of the chainsaw for a long time. Also, make sure that the air filter is clear.

  • Safety features

There is nothing worse than having the chainsaw thrown back towards you? It can happen drastically if its tip comes in contact with something that it should not have touched.

It is better to get a one with the jam cleaner added when buying a chainsaw for big trees. Also, the safety concerns worth looking for are chainsaw kickback protection and electronic chain brakes, as the brake stops the chainsaw when it flies up.

However, it is of utmost importance that one should wear proper safety gear before beginning any wood cutting projects involving power tools.

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All of the above-mentioned chainsaws are the best available options in the market and are valuable as big tree cutters. Since we have provided you trustworthy product reviews and a helpful buying guide, you can blindly trust our description instead of spending time surfing the internet or retail markets.

These are all high-quality, user-friendly saws with plenty of power.  Choose wisely according to your demand.

Happy Chainsaws Shopping!!!

People Also Asked For Chainsaws for Large Cutting Trees

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

What is the maximum size of the tree that a 20-inch chainsaw will cut?
Mostly, a 20-inch gas-powered chainsaw is pretty much effective for felling large hardwood trees including oak trees, spruce, pine, hemlock, and beech trees of up to 36 inches diameter.
What size chainsaw do you need to cut down a large tree?
According to a standard criterion, you should choose a chainsaw with an approximate 2 to 3 inches’ longer length than the diameter of the tree to be cut. For example, the 20-inch length bar of a chain saw can effectively cut down an 18-inch thick tree.
Is it possible to use a 20-inch bar on a 16-inch chainsaw?
The answer is both yes and no. As there are different styles and compositions for different chainsaws, so you need a 20-inch bar that is designed to fit on that particular 16 inches saw because the bar has to match the chain arrangement.
Is a 20-inch chainsaw too big?
Mostly, the 20 inch big chainsaws are dedicated for commercial and professional use because they are harder to handle than smaller chainsaws. Also, a 20-inch chainsaw is good for cutting through large thickness wood, such as thick and big trees especially their trunks.

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