7 Best Chainsaw For Oak Trees 2022

Whether felling or cutting up trees for firewood or splitting some trees around the yards or farms, which especially involves oak trees or hardwood, a chainsaw will prove to be a valuable companion for one as they’re hard to cut whichever way.

With progressions in technology, there are a lot of chainsaw options to choose from than ever before, since Oak is one of the stiffest wood types out there.

Chainsaws range from size 12 inch smaller models to larger 20-inch beasts to bring down large trees and are easily capable to rip through the oak.

7 Best Chainsaws For Cutting Oak Trees Reviews 2022

Keep reading this article to learn about the sizes and chainsaw types to choose from when selecting the best chainsaw to split oak with detailed descriptions about some of the top models available in the market.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24 Inch Gas Chainsaw – Heavy Duty Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 460 is the most powerful chain saws from the famous rancher series. It is powered by a 60.3 cc two-cycle gasoline engine able to generate 3.62 hp to rotate the 24-inch large chain at a whopping 9000 rpm. The engine is designed with a 3 piece crankshaft with an inertia-driven brake for durability and safety.

Its engine features the X-torq technology which automatically adjusts the torque of the chain saw depending on the resistance during cutting thus giving better fuel economy and reduced emissions. It also includes a unique air-purge function which serves to remove air from the fuel supply system of the engine providing easy start-up.

The saw is designed with an automatic chain oiling system that lubricates the saw chain during cutting thus keeping the cut surface cooler to avoid burning. The oil pump is adjustable to accommodate oil circulation based on weather and your personal settings.

Its unique air-injection system generates a centrifugal force to remove the sawdust and debris and helps to keep the filter clean. This adds to the fuel efficiency and elongates the service life of your saw.

Weighing at 22.6 pounds and a 24-inch bar length, this beast is designed for heavy-duty work like splitting oak. The tool-less chain tension adjustment and quick release air filter add to the convenience of chain saw maintenance. The ergonomic front handle and low vibration dampening system are a great supplement to reduce fatigue.

The Expert Opinion
Husqvarna’s 460 Rancher is a great saw for cutting tough wood. With its 24 inch bar and 3.6 horsepowers, this saw can easily cut anything including oak. The power to weight ratio for this saw is ideal as expected with the rancher series. A little heavy for long usage spells, but it is easy to handle. All in all, it is a highly recommended saw.
  • Powerful, sturdy, and durable
  • X-Torq gives intelligent high torque
  • 7 degree offset ergonomic handle
  • Keyless chain tension adjustment
  • Easy air filter cleaning/changing
  • Multi-adjustment settings for oil pump
  • Gasoline engine requires maintenance

2. Echo CS-400 18 inch Gas Chainsaw – Medium Duty Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-400 is a powerful gasoline-powered chain saw designed for professionals. With over 40 cc engine capacity, its two-stroke easy start engine can tackle all types of wood, plastics, and even metals with its 18-inch bar length.

Its smart electronics is responsible to automatically adjust engine timing and simultaneously reducing vibrations together with rubber brushes as opposed to vibration coils. Echo is a well-respected, one of the best chainsaw manufacturers that comes with a small price tag in the industry.

It is equipped with an innovative i-30 starting system which gives it an easy start mechanism. The system also includes a cold-by-pass mode to let it start easily in winter or cold conditions. This reliable tool works smoothly for various outdoor and yard projects.

Along with its heavy-duty air filter, it is supplied with the unique G-force air injection system which pre-cleans the air by removing dust and debris. Despite the design having the option of more than one bar length, the saw retains its perfect balance with an 18-inch bar.

With its sturdy built and steel parts, this 10 pounds chain saw is ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience. Although the chain tensioning system is not toolless; the adjustable oiler adds a great advantage when dealing with tough bone-like oak trees.

The Expert Opinion
Echo CS-400 is a powerful, reliable, and sturdy chainsaw. With its array of features, this saw can easily compete with any top-of-the-line model. It is highly recommended for medium to heavy-duty works. Though this one has a solid look and feel, it balances perfectly and comfortable in the hand with its wrap-around handle.
  • 40cc powerful engine capacity
  • Innovative i-30 easy start system
  • Inertia blade brake
  • Adjustable oiler
  • G-force air injection system
  • Slightly older model

3. Husqvarna 450 18 Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw – Pro-level Chainsaw

The 18 inches powerful Husqvarna 450 is designed for semi-regular usage designed for landowners and serious do-it-yourselfers, delivering 3.2 horsepower, to its 2 strokes highly durable engine using a three-piece crankshaft.

Moreover, the engine features Husqvarna’s distinct X-Torq technology, to reduce emissions by at least 60 percent and fuel consumption by about 30 percent, so can easily experience the power of a gas-powered chainsaw without creating any heavy pollutant environment.

Featuring Husqvarna’s Smart Start the engine starts quickly with the least effort by a combined choke/stop controller. Also, the improved fuel pump keeps the fuel lines clear while the see-through fuel indicator makes the fuel level easily visible.

The centrifugal air cleaning system in this chainsaw helps preserve engine life by wiping out destructive debris before it reaches the filter accompanied by a quick-release air filter which allows for quick changes or cleaning.

The 450 is a lightweight model weighing 10.8 Pounds escorted with its distinct LowVib vibration dampeners, rearmost, and an asymmetrical handle, ergonomic trigger to efficiently absorb vibration, sparing you from fatigue, allowing you to work longer.

Additionally, it also includes a snap-lock cylinder cover to save time when changing the spark plugs, inertia activated chain brake with reduced kickback, easy tool-free chain tensioning system along with the assembling of the bar, all of which account for better felling care when working with hardwoods like oak.

The Expert Opinion
The Husqvarna 450 is a medium 18-inch length but the Pro-level chainsaw ideal for tree service squads and foresters for felling oak as well as other hardwood trees. The Husqvarna 450 is a quality gas-driven chainsaw that is great for semi-regular use but won’t cost you the expense of a professional-grade saw.
  • Fuel effective X-Torq engine
  • Excellent power for this size
  • Smart Start and low vibration
  • Inertia-activated chain brake
  • Air-injected cleaning system
  • 2-year warranty
  • Requires regular maintenance

4. Oregon Cordless 16 inch Chainsaw Kit – Self Chain Sharpening

The CS300 16 inch Cordless Chainsaw is offered by the world’s leading chain saw manufacturer Oregon. Featuring a 16-inch long bar and chain, this chainsaw cuts trees and limbs as fast as well as effortlessly offering extreme portability.

The 16 Inch chain can be sharpened on the saw within 3 seconds simply with the pull of a lever by the patented PowerSharp Sharpening System. Moreover, The CS300 also has an automatic oiling system to keep it sharp and well-tensioned.

The CS300 has an automatic lubrication system Moreover, the brushless motor and the 40V MAX Premium battery technology provide no-fade power, delivering a powerful combination of speed, power, and torque with longer run-times.

The CS300 has no slow startups, it starts instantly and weighing only 12 lbs., the CS300 is optimally balanced for easier handling. The premium 40V MAX battery safeguards for any emissions and is capable to make up to 600, 2-3 inch cuts when fully charged and can be recharged about 1,000 times.

Talking about the safety features of CS300, Oregon has accounted well for its user’s safety, with features like reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain, front and rear hand guards, chain brake activated by the inertial forces, and a manual trigger lockout switch plus the overload protection feature.

The Expert Opinion
A distinct feature that sets this chainsaw apart from its competitors is the onboard, integrated chain sharpening system along with being portable. However, it is most suited for only occasional light and medium cutting. So it is not highly recommended for felling oak trees and costs a lot too.
  • Self-sharpening chain system
  • Powerful 40V battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Solid saw construction
  • Long Battery charge time
  • Expensive

5. Husqvarna 455 20 Inch Chainsaw – Semi-Professional Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 965030298 is an ideal high-powered chainsaw for property-owners and casual users being a responsible workmate for all cutting situations, either heavy-duty like oak trees or even medium-level cutting jobs.

The Husqvarna 455, the 20-inch chainsaw is powered by an X-Torq 56cc gas engine to provides an unbelievable amount of power and comes with a 20-inch long bar, which can easily handle jobs like cutting the toughest trees with a, particularly large diameter, like oak.

The anti-vibration system reduces vibration levels while the air injection centrifugal cleaning system helps improve engine life by keeping large dust particles at bay from the air filter; reducing air filter cleanings, though the filter can be easily replaced.

Also, by means of its x-torque, this chainsaw surely lowers fuel consumption and lessens exhaust emissions, agreeing to the world’s most strict environmental regulations. And the forged 3 piece crankshaft provides extreme durability for the toughest cuttings.

Talking about safety, the Husqvarna 455 produces a minimum amount of kickback and vibrations, a combined choke/stop control along with a better grip with a 7° offset handle to reduce user fatigue too, and is comfortable to be held, offering a more comfortable chainsaw operation.

The Expert Opinion
Husqvarna 455 is one of the best 20-inch semi-professional chainsaws out there, featuring the best characteristics of its predecessors with improved technology and ergonomics. It is great for working around the house, and even professionals to put down some heavy, everyday felling including tough oak and other hardwood trees.
  • Powerful, 56cc engine
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Lower emission levels
  • Low vibration design
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Not very quiet

6. Makita EA6100PRGG 20 inch 61 cc Chain Saw – A Powerhouse Chainsaw

The Makita EA6100PR is a Professional grade Chain Saw with a great power-to-weight ratio by means of a 61cc 4.6hp powerful engine packed into a 13.2lb lightweight magnesium frame for durability with a 20-inch bar length for cutting down thick and tough trees like oak.

This heavy-duty chain saw is easier to fire up with an Easy Start spring-supported starter and fewer vibrations with lower emissions, providing a no-load speed of 13,800 RPM for fast speeding up delivering an efficient cutting performance for a wide range of applications.

Additionally, this gas-powered chainsaw certifies for improved fuel efficiency as well as a high-profile cartridge air filter system for prolonged filter life and enhanced durability. Surplus and floating rim sprocket wheel is intended for easy maintenance and better chain life.

With an advanced vibration dampening system, the EA6100PRGG offers a side-mounted chain tensioning including a clean-up friendly chain compartment for efficient wood chips clearance, even when rip cutting or splitting hardwood trees like oak.

Coming to user safety, Makita has taken complete responsibility by providing the Touch & Stop single-lever control to immediately shut-off the engine for safety as well as convenience plus a 2 point durable inertial forces power-driven chain brake.

The Expert Opinion
Makita EA6100PRGG is a heavy-duty, reliable tool that is built to meet all the demanding jobs perfectly. It can prove to be your great companion for cutting tough and larger logs and trees like oak, effortlessly. The 61cc powerful engine delivering 4.6 HP smoothly cut through a variety of materials without bogging down.
  • Huge 4.6 hp with 13,800 RPM
  • Spring-assisted easy startup
  • Lightweight magnesium body
  • Easy cleanup design
  • German engineered
  • Expensive

7. Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw – Ideal for Homeowners

A 16 inches, 40 cm gas-powered chainsaw suitable for handling different tasks around the house. Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs but is perfect for pruning, trees felling, limbing, cutting oak trees, and firewood.

The 5.6 pounds lightweight but ergonomic design of the saw is specially designed for the homeowner with enough power to efficiently get the work done around the yard. Equipped with a LowVib anti-vibration mechanism to minimize vibrations offering better control and comfort use.

Featuring a 38cc engine delivering a 2 horsepower torque and a 16-inch bar and chain for efficient cutting. The saw is equipped with an air injection centrifugal system for air cleaning that helps keep larger dust particles from reaching the air filter improving the filter’s as well engine’s life.

Almost all Husqvarna saws come with an innovative x-torque motor that helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and the auto chain oiler system efficiently lubricates the bar and chain for safe and smooth saw operation.

The simple to use chain tensioning mechanism allows quick and proper chain adjustment ensuring durability. The chainsaw also comes with an inertial-activated chain brake for safe saw working. The combined choke/stop feature ensures smooth starting, minimizing the risk of engine flooding.

The Expert Opinion
For safety use of this high-powered dangerous chainsaw, make sure to use Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, chainsaw gloves, and chainsaw helmets to avoid injury. This easy-to-handle saw is lightweight yet powerful enough to easily cut a decent size oak tree and will help keep your garden courtyard well-maintained.
  • Starts smoothly and consistently
  • An excellent performer for a casual saw
  • High-quality finish
  • Does not leak bar oil
  • An inertial-activated chain brake
  • The carburetor needed a bit of adjustment

The Buying Guide Of Best Chainsaws For Oak Cutting Trees

Since oak trees are some of the toughest kinds of wood, you would require a specifically powerful chain saw for cutting oak trees. In the following section, we present the most important characteristics that you must consider when choosing a chain saw for cutting oak trees.

  • Type of Chainsaw

As you would have already known from our buying guide for chain saws that based on their power source, the chain saws can be classified into three categories namely corded electric, battery-operated, and gasoline engine chain saws.

Out of these three types, the gasoline-driven are the most powerful ones and since oak trees are one of the toughest and hardest woods found on this planet, you should definitely look for a chain saw with a gasoline-powered engine.

These heavy-duty chain saws are packed with power with up to 2500 watts (~ 8000 rpm) but are heavier and noisier than other types.

  • Bar Size & saw weight consideration

While it is usually recommended that you look for a balance between the power and size of a chain saw; you should go for the most powerful option. However, you must also consider your own physical body capabilities in terms of weight carrying and fatigue to optimally choose the best suited for yourself.

Also, powerful chain saws tend to have a larger bar length which in terms adds to the efficiency, power, and cutting capacity of the chain saw. This factor is also influenced by the skill level of the user.

  • Automatic Chain Oiler

As the oak trees are the toughest wood, cutting through them can cause the burning of the cut surface with a charcoal mark. The provision of an automatic chain oiler comes in handy in this case which keeps the chain cool by applying a coat of oil thus avoiding any wood burning during the cut.

  • Grip and Vibration Dampening

Since the chain saws recommended for oak trees are heavyweight, you should look for an ergonomically designed handle with a padded grip. Also, the intense vibrations of the gasoline engine are another source of personal fatigue especially during the intense cutting of hard oak trees.

A vibration dampening system is therefore one of the primary requirements. It is recommended to not compromise on the grip or the vibration management system as it can add a lot to your cutting efficiency.

  • Fuel-Efficiency of gasoline engine

As you have known that most of the gasoline-powered chain saws are inefficient to the level of notoriety in terms of fuel economy. This does not mean much if you would use the saw casually; but as a regular user, this adds to the cost.

Some gasoline engines also incorporate an air-injection system which is an important design element that keeps the filter clean by removing the dust & debris. This air-injection system also contributes towards a better fuel economy.

  • Safety Features

As with any other power tool, chain saws can be dangerous without any specific safety features. Mostly, heavy-duty chain saws are equipped with chain brakes, anti-kickback chains, and safety guards. These features must be given sufficient thought and should never be taken lightly when purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees.

Additional personal safety measures like wearing ear safety, face shield or goggles, non-slip gloves, and boots should also be ensured during the cutting operation as a secondary safety.

  • Additional features

Many brands offer some additional features on top of those described above although some of these may add a little to the cost. Features like the ease of start and toolless chain adjustment or oil reservoir windows supplement the comfort and convenience of the user.

We can also add a brand warranty into these additional features since it could be important in the long term. You can look for the best features and a warranty matching your usage in your budget windows.

In the end, you should carefully consider your options and analyze various factors cited above to optimally choose the best chain saw for cutting oak trees.

Wrapping Up

So the above mentioned are the best chainsaws for felling as well as splitting oak trees.

Make sure to find the one that’s the best fit for your needs and requirements, it surely is in here, in this article. We at SawBUZZ made sure to research deep down, ONLY to help you pick the best saw for you, for cutting oak trees.

And for a pro tip, do remember that if well maintained, a chainsaw can last for even 10 years or more, so it is indeed a worthy investment.

Happy sawing!

People Also Asked For Best Chainsaw For Cutting Oak Wood

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Is Oak hard to cut with a chainsaw?
Oak is one of the toughest and hardest woods that you can come across and ripping an oak can prove to be a challenge for your chain saw. Hence, you would need the most powerful chain saws with the highest torque and a well-sharpened chain.
What is the best chainsaw for Cutting Oak Trees?
Although you can find some really powerful chain saws to deal with oak trees, the one with the most recommendations is Husqvarna 460 rancher. The saw possesses a powerful 60.3 cc gasoline engine to rotate a 24-inch long bar/chain at a whopping 9000 rpm, which can easily cut through the oak.
How do you cut oak with a chainsaw without burning it?
Since oak is one of the hardest woods, it requires the most powerful chain saw with enormous torque along with a high rpm. The trick to “not burn” oak during cutting is to use the most powerful setting of the saw at a high feed rate with constant oiling. If the feed rate is too slow or you are making a dry cut, the cut surface of oak will most probably burn.

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