10 Best Chainsaw For Wood Carving 2022

Not does everyone need a chainsaw for lumber jacking, nor is everyone using a chainsaw a rancher or an arborist. As a matter of fact, many believe that chainsaws can only be used for felling trees and cutting logs or woods, but they truly lack information, a chainsaw is capable of doing intricate art on wood as well.

As wood carving is an art and the chainsaws required for carving are somewhat different from what we have discussed previously.

The best chainsaw for wood carving need not be very potent but it does need some oomph which is required for carving on wood and most importantly the gambling feature in wood carving chainsaw is balance.

The lighter and well-balanced the chainsaw is, the better it is for precise and accurate wood carving.

10 Best Chainsaws For  Carving Reviews 2022

To find out the best chainsaw for wood carving, you need to dig deeper into some factors. We at SAWBUZZ, have gathered the 10 best chainsaws to fulfill your carving needs according to some unbiased carving reviews.

Keep reading carefully the features, power, and specifications along with the pros and cons of each one to decide on the best tool for carving on wood.

1. Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw – Best Sharpen Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 is a unique, self-sharpening chainsaw that will keep your tasks running smoothly. It is one of the few 15 amperes corded electric chainsaws available in the market that has the ability to sharpen itself. The motor offers 15m per second rotation which is more than enough power to perfectly get your carving job done.

With all the conveniences of a typical electric chainsaw including an instant start trigger with just the pull of a button, tool-less chain tensioning mechanism, the latest technology to keep the noise level to the minimum, requires minimal maintenance, and a guide bar to reduce kickbacks.

For added safety, the saw comes with an integrated chain brake system to stop the saw within minutes of pressing the trigger. Though this model is a bit heavier than other electric saw, the ergonomic handle grip and low vibration technology provide enough comfort so you wouldn’t feel much exhaustion.

Oregon has taken a step ahead by incorporating this highly efficient built-in feature; with just a simple pull of a Power sharpener lever, you can sharpen the blade on the spot so you wouldn’t have to use a dull chain again.

This integrated sharpening system will get your chain to sharpen in less than 3 seconds, without having to remove the chain or using any gadgets. At a minimum price, this saw offers a ton of value.

Boating 18 inches bar and chain, this saw can easily cut up to 16 inches thick diameter logs. We all know that complex detailing on any word piece requires a sharp chain, as a dull chain will totally mess up the intricate designs when doing wooden carvings, and this saw with the self-sharpening feature is perfect for that job.

The Expert Opinion
An extremely reliable saw with medium cutting capacity enough to successfully get your carving tasks done. Self-sharpening is a stand-out feature that reduces downtime and maintenance if or when need to sharpen the saw. All in all, it is a durable saw that saves you a lot of money on replacement chains.
  • Affordable and low maintenance
  • Powerful, comfortable to use
  • Built-in chain sharpener
  • Instant start, low vibration technology
  • Powerful for an electric chainsaw
  • A bit Heavier

2. DEWALT DCCS620P1 12-Inch Chainsaw – A Reputable Brand

In today’s innovative world, battery-operated saws have come a long way. They are no longer considered a lighter version of a gas-powered chainsaw, now they have their own value and place in this competitive market; even a lot of people now prefer them as they are a lot safer and require minimal maintenance.

If you are familiar with power tools then you surely would have heard of Dewalt, a well-known brand that doesn’t usually disappoint in its creations, and this one is no exception. DCCS620P1 is one of the best on our list with powerful motor performance and great safety features.

Equipped with a brushless motor offering high power output and efficiency, maximizing the motor runtime and saw’s life. DCCS620P1 comes with a 12 inches bar and chain for low kickback, making it a perfect tool to handle tough outdoor and construction projects.

Whenever cutting the wood using an electric chainsaw, always remember its limitations, this one’s 20V MAX 5Ah battery has a capacity to do up to 90 cuts on a pressure 4×4 treated wood on a single charge. The battery is part of the 20V MAX* tools system and can be used interchangeably.

This versatile cordless tool kit offers a gas-free operation eliminating carburetor issues, maintenance issues, cold start problems, and doesn’t emit any fumes keeping you and the environment healthy.

The saw’s lightweight convenient design offers maximum control of the tool and the rubber-coated ergonomic grip provides a great deal of comfort. The saw is equipped with a tool-free chain tensioning and bar tensioning system, simply rotate the knob for proper chain tensioning and bar clamping force.

The Expert Opinion
Dewalt is known for creating high-quality tools, so the user wouldn’t have to worry about unexpected malfunctions or failures. Along with doing detailing on wood, this tool can also be used for other demolition tasks such as cutting beams and tree limbs. Overall, it is an outstanding saw that comes with a charger, battery, and a hard bar cover.
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Well-known brand reputation
  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Good battery life
  • Flimsy oil filler cap

3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw  – Good Value of Money

Power tools are almost a necessity for devoted enthusiasts and professional carpenters and will save them a lot of time and effort when designing a beautiful piece. A great buy is one that can cater to all the needs and abilities of the user.

Black & Decker LCS1240 chainsaw is a highly efficient cordless tool that you can take wherever you go, without having to worry about power sources or headaches one usually gets when operating a gas-powered chainsaw.

This 12-inch electric chainsaw is powered by a 40-volt battery delivering improved run time and optimum usage; a premium Oregan bar and chain ensuring quicker, easier cutting while reducing kickbacks. It also has an automatic in-built oiling system to keep the bar and chain properly lubricated.

The tool comes with a quick and simple tool-less chain tensioning device, which though is common and is found on almost all latest chainsaws but is still considered a nice addition. B&D has a lock-off button to prevent accidental tool activation, as well as a front handguard to shield the user from saw chips and debris.

The provided guide bar scabbard protects the blade when the saw is not in operation. When cutting a number of angles on a long working day, this lightweight, compact design saw with the wrap-around rubber grip will not fatigue your arm and will make maneuvering easy.

The battery can be interchangeably used with other tools in the series and is a part of the 40V MAX* outdoor system. It can make an average of 60 cuts on 4×4 lumber on a fully charged battery. Overall, it’s a reliable tool that’s well-suited to low- to medium-intensity tasks.

The Expert Opinion
The 10 lbs LCS1240 is not only lightweight but powerful enough to efficiently complete your precise artwork without any hurdles and will surely last a long time. It is a high-quality, good solution for all those enthusiasts who are looking for a compact unit with a grip that wouldn’t tire them.
  • Enhanced runtime and performance
  • Precise Cutting with fewer kickbacks
  • Effective Safety features
  • Ergonomic comfort grip
  • Batteries can be swapped with other tools
  • There have been a few reports of oil leakage

4. EGO Power+ CS1800 Cordless Chain Saw – Overall Good Value

An impressive 18 inches saw with a long trigger and great cutting capacity. Ego is relatively new to the industry, but it has already set some high standards in terms of the battery-fuelled revolution, delivering power and competency that defies belief.

The highly efficient brushless motor runs at an excellent 11,000 RPM and the narrow kerf sprout bar allows quick, easily cutting ensuring extended motor life, longer run time, enhanced cutting capacity, and reduced vibrations.

You can even adjust the chain tension using the tool-free chain tensioning adjustments, with just the simple twist of the knob, properly tighten the chain. The saw’s tough engineering keeps it secure even in the harshest weather conditions. A chain brake with a visual indicator has been mounted on the tool for user safety and comfort.

Everything on this chainsaw screams power and innovation. This versatile saw features 56 volts lithium-ion battery that lets you easily complete all of your clean-up tasks, whether it’s mowing the lawn or doing some tough yard work, wood trimming, or other outdoor projects.

Though CS18000 has not a very lightweight design but the ergonomic handle will provide optimal comfort and complete control during usage. It comes with an 18 inches long bar and chain with a double guard bar offering smooth cuts while keeping the kickback low.

Also comes with a bright LED light to illuminate the darker surrounding of your work area or when you are cutting at dusk. This model has a lot of potential with plenty of power and chain speed to cut through various wood materials and the 5 Ah battery offers a good size fuel tank to work with.

The Expert Opinion
Aside from other facts, a battery-powered saw is always a better choice than gas or corded saw, as you won’t have to worry about gas inflammation or oil leaking, and won’t even have to search for power outlets to get your work started. A highly efficient recommended saw with great safety.
  • Highly efficient brushless motor
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Chain kickback brake
  • Extraordinary cutting power and chain speed
  • The battery and charger are not included

5. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Engineered for Optimal Performance

The 455 Rancher is an excellent saw for homeowners, farmers, and casual users who need a strong, heavy-duty, and dependable workmate for all cutting tasks. It combines the best features of its forerunner with the most up-to-date expediting technology and ergonomics.

Thanks to the advanced start technology, making this highly efficient 20-inch gas-powered chainsaw easy to start and ready to cut trees, prune branches, or cut firewood in no time. The chains on their chainsaw are designed to optimize and achieve high-level performance.

Featuring a powerful 55. 5cc two-stroke engine running with a maximum power speed of 9000 rpm and an inertia-activated chain brake ensuring a safe cutting operation. The x-torque of this chainsaw ensures that it consumes lesser fuel and emits even lesser pollutants.

Take on your woodworking projects with confidence, knowing that this saw is equipped with the power that it is known for. The air injection centrifugal cleaning device helps extends the life of the engine by holding large dust particles out of the air filter; however, the filter can easily be replaced.

The automatic chain oiler distributes a steady amount of bar and chain oil for efficient consumption, while the side-mounted chain tensioning system makes chain adjustments quick and efficient. Husqvarna chainsaw also comes with a bar cover and 2. 6 oz. pre-mix fuel bottle saving you the trouble of measuring the precise gasoline to oil ratio.

The anti-vibration feature lowers the device’s vibration levels, while the separated handle from the motor and chain is more convenient to hold and operate, making the chainsaw operation much more comfortable. For further safety, Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, chainsaw gloves, and chainsaw helmets are recommended.

The Expert Opinion
Considering the Husqvarna 455 Rancher’s higher price range, we’d only suggest it to professionals who make living designing wood stocks. With its 20-inch long bar, in a matter of seconds, this powerful chainsaw can easily cut medium to large-sized trees up to 40 inches in diameter.
  • A powerful 55.5 cc motor
  • Quick-release air filter
  • Minimum vibrations
  • Air injection system increases the lifespan
  • The 20-inch bar increases the cutting capacity
  • A little bit expensive

6. Remington RM4218CS Gas Powered Chainsaw – Ultimate Cutting Experience

Remington power tools are engineered with cutting-edge technology, advanced standards, and cost-effective solutions that are built to last. RM4218CS Rebel is an 18 inches 42cc 2-Cycle lightweight gas-powered chainsaw with a high-powered engine delivering greater output and efficiency.

The premium 18 inches bar and chain are designed to easily cut through the toughest of wood safeguarding against kickback while delivering exceptional performance. The saw is optimized to ensure user’s safety when doing intricate detailing on wooden pieces.

This lightweight, durable poly chassis is engineered to deliver the ultimate cutting performance, is easier to handle, and designed for prolonged use, reducing your arm fatigue. The saw is also equipped with a QuickStart technology designed for quicker and easier pull starts so you can straight away get to work.

The advanced 3-point anti-vibration system with an ergonomically designed comfortable handle grip makes this chainsaw maneuverable, more balanced, and comfortable to use especially when pruning or trimming the medium-to-large-sized tree branches.

The saw has an automatic adjustable chain oiler with an easy-view window that keeps the chain properly lubricated ensuring smooth and safe saw function at the same time keeps an eye on the oil level. However, the consumer can also manually increase or decrease oil flow that helps keep the chain sharp.

The inertia-activated chain brake is installed for safe working operation. This sturdy chainsaw also comes with a heavy-duty carrying case to easily carry it around, a 2-Cycle Engine Oil, a scrunch, and 2 years limited warranty to secure your investment.

The Expert Opinion
After doing hours of reviews and researches, going through customer feedback, and confirming the integrity of the product, we have added this chainsaw to our list as it is perfect for intricate wood carving that not only offers optimal performance but has enough power capacity to create an incredible masterpiece. Definitely a good buy.
  • 42cc 2-Cycle Powerful Engine
  • Tool-less access to the spark plug
  • Tool-less access to the air filter
  • Adjustable auto oiler system
  • Reduced kickback bar and chain
  • The 3-point Anti Vibration system
  • The chain needs frequent re-tightening or adjustment

7. Husqvarna 120 Mark II Gas Chainsaw – Suitable for Light to Medium Duty Tasks

The Husqvarna 120 is a gas-powered chainsaw engineered with enough power to tackle day-to-day tasks. This 14 inches chainsaw from Husqvarna is built for homeowners and carvers who are looking for lightweight & efficient cutting solutions.

120 Mark II features an x-torque engine designed for lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, making it ideal for tree pruning, hobby work, and other light tasks including occasional pruning and trimming. It’s easy to start, simple to use, and a smart useful tool to have in your shed or garage at any time of year.

Equipped with a sturdy side-mounted tensioning system that saves time and ensures consistent chain tension by allowing quick and easy chain adjustments while working. The saw is equipped with a LowVib technology to reduce vibrations allowing maximum user control during cutting.

The 5 pounds compact solution has a 14 inches bar and chain reducing kickback, a throttle lockout switch, the built-in chain brake to reduce risk and danger during saw operation. The saw’s air injection centrifugal system helps reduces wear and increase the saw’s life by removing large dust particles from reaching the filter.

The combined choke/stop control system ensures easy and quick starting of the saw reducing the risk of engine flooding. The saw also incorporated the latest two-mass principle that isolated the engine from the handle effectively minimizing vibrations and reducing user’s fatigue.

120 Mark II will last for years and is designed to save you a lot of time. Considering the brand reputation and efficiency, it is pretty much affordable. Though it is not very powerful as compared to other models, it has enough capacity to smoothly get the intricate patterns done.

The Expert Opinion
The Husqvarna 120 Mark II is rated as good or excellent by the majority of the users. This saw is a high-performing tool that is very simple to start and use and very well does the jobs it was built for, thanks to a suite of quality features such as quiet working operation and a compact design, it is a great fit for all woodcarvers.
  • Gas-powered chainsaw
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Built-in chain brake
  • Low kickback safety
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • X-torque Engine
  • A bit tricky to get a hang of it

8. Greenworks 20232 Electric Chainsaw – Budget Friendly

GreenWorks is a recognized manufacturer of power tools offering a diversity of machines, but their chainsaw line is much acknowledged in the market. Their tools ranging from cordless to corded fulfilling everybody’s needs. GreenWorks Corded Tools collection offers a reliable solution without the hassle of gas.

Greenworks 20232 is a 16-inch corded chainsaw running the 12 amperes motor to deliver high cutting performance with fade-free power. The tough 16 inches long bar and chain cut through limbs and logs and get them trimmed with negligible kickbacks making the intricate jobs much easier.

Not only is it actually lightweight at 9 lbs, but it also produces up to 50% less vibration and noise than its predecessors. The tool-less chain tensioning system provides easy and quick adjustments to the tool according to the job at hand, reducing the risk of over-tensioning of the chain.

With effective and innovative safety features, this chainsaw is simple to operate and requires considerably low maintenance. When need oil will be added to the bar and chain by an automatic oiler, with a transparent oil tank to keep an eye on the oil levels to ensure durability and optimal consumption.

And the Wrap around handle is comfortable enough to be used for multifarious cutting positions at various angles,  the metal bucking spikes further adds a strong grip, especially when felling a tree. The guide bar and the low-kickback saw chain will help reduce the force of a kickback.

Right away start the saw with just a push of a button. A switch lock will prevent accidental activation of the saw and a trigger switch has been installed for added safety. When the trigger switch is released, the switch lock will automatically reset to the locked position, instantaneously stopping the unit.

The Expert Opinion
This Greenwork chain saw has surprisingly great power, cutting ability, and ease of handling despite its small size. However, on thicker trees, it cuts slowly, so don’t compare it to other heavy-duty saws as this one is better for cutting smaller wood. Overall, it is an excellent tool that will make your life super easy.
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic Oiling system
  • No battery means no charging
  • Easy plug and go
  • Tool-Less chain tensioning
  • Low price with a 4-year warranty
  • Leaks oil when stored
  • Uses plenty of lubricating chain oil

9. Remington RM4218 Gas Powered Chainsaw – With unique 5 points anti-vibration system

Remington’s Rebel RM4218 is a beast of a gasoline-powered chain saw. The powerhouse is a high output, full crank, two-stroke engine with a total engine displacement of 42cc. equipped with Remington’s unique quick start technology, it is ready to go in any environment.

The saw is offered with a sprocket-tipped guide bar with a maximum length of 18 inches enabling it to slice through medium trees with ease. The die-cast, all-metal chassis is lightweight and yet sturdy. The inertia-activated chain brake is there to prevent any accident from happening.

The saw is designed with Remington’s unique 5 points anti-vibration system which together with an anti-kickback design of the chain reduces the vibration to a reasonably low level.

The addition of an ergonomically designed cushion-wrapped handle further accentuates the design to mitigate the fatigue of carrying the power tool for a longer duration.

The chain saw is offered with an automatic chain lubricating system which can also be manually adjusted for overly hardwood. Nothing is more satisfying than doing your own woodwork, RM4218 Rebel™ is an all-purpose, perfect tool fulfilling all your woodworking needs.

The saw is designed to have direct side access to the chain tensioning system along with tool-less access to key engine systems like spark plugs and air filters for quick and easy maintenance. The saw is also supplied with a heavy-duty storage/carrying case.

The Expert Opinion
Remington RM4218 is a heavy-duty chain saw with durable construction and a compact design. It has all the necessary safety features like a chain brake, anti-vibration mechanism, and low kickback chain. The sturdy all-metal body is strong enough to bear any accidental drop. All in all, a good chain saw for delicate works.
  • Powerful engine
  • Sturdy built
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Automatic oiling
  • Tool-less access to key engine parts for easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Overheating issue

10. Makita XCU03PTX 14 inch Cordless Chain Saw

Makita’s XCU03PTX1 is a comprehensive tool kit having an XCU03PT1 cordless chain saw along with a coarse grinder and two 18 Volt Battery packs. The battery-operated chain saw is powered by an 18 Volt LXT lithium-ion battery pack able to deliver 5.0 Ah.

The same battery pack can be used for the angle grinder included in the kit as with any other cordless tool within the Makita universe. It is powered by a brushless motor arranged in a direct drive fashion providing high power and speed simultaneously.

The chain can move at a variable speed of 0 to 3940 feet per minute (FPM) for better control and performance. This 11.5 lbs. weighing, compact chain saw is equipped with a 14 inches chain/guide bar and a built-in L.E.D on/off the light to give you better control with greater visibility for precise and intricate cutting jobs.

For user comfort and safety, the XCU03PTX1 is equipped with an automatic power-off function to save battery life which works in case of delayed saw operations.

Plus the front handguard is plotted as such that it actuates the electric chain brake while the built-in lock-off lever locks the chain preventing it from accidental starting.

Featuring the Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™), the sawdust and water remain at bay to minimize the mess around the filters, while the Star Protection Computer Controls™ protects the saw against overheating and overloading, maximizing the chainsaw life.

The Expert Opinion
Along with some patented features and some user comfort features combined with a well-balanced design and a lightweight built, the Makita’s XCU03PTX1 can prove to be a great choice for professional woodcarvers and artists with its soft grip rubber handle which absorbs vibrations.
  • Effective performance with lightweight
  • Built-in LED system
  • Good battery life
  • Large oil reservoir
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Auto oil lubrication
  • Not very user-friendly
  • Can’t cut horizontally

The Buying Guide Of Best Wood Carving Chainsaws

Wood carving is a form of art that requires a powerful chain saw with a steady hand and delicate control. Generally, you would need more than a chain saw for your sculpture. However, the main focus would primarily still be on your chain saw.

Such usage is similar to landscaping where it is required from a chain saw to combine the power, flexibility, and maneuverability all in one only with more strict control.

Although we have talked about how to best purchase a chain saw for a variety of uses including big trees, limbing, dirt bikes, farm use, and landscaping, the key parameter remain the same.

Our following section will guide you about what you should expect from a chain saw for wood carving and how to choose the best one for you.

  • Power Source of chain saw

We have previously described the three types of power sources of the chain saws many times. The most common ones are corded electric chain saws which are powered via an AC electric outlet.

These have ample power with relatively lightweight but they severely lack in terms of flexibility and maneuverability; essentially required for wood carving and hence are not very suited for the job.

This lacking is compensated by using either battery-operated chain saws which are relatively underpowered or by opting for the all-rounder gasoline-powered chain saws. Gasoline chain saws have added advantage of longer run time and the ability to handle heavy-duty jobs.

To some artists, the gasoline-powered chain saws which are most powerful with respect to electric chain saw of the same size, might be overkill and a battery-operated chain saw might be enough to do the trick.

  • Weight of Chain Saw

Generally, wood carving requires extensive cutting and a lot of operation time of the handheld chain saw. Therefore you need to carefully consider the weight of the chain saw before making a purchase.

Although heavyweight is most of the time directly associated with more power, you might want to choose a lighter weight saw based on your physical strength. Therefore it is always best to have a test run before finalizing a deal.

  • Bar Length / Size

Although the bar/chain length and consequently overall size of the chain saw is very important for cutting, you might not need the longest bar/chain size. Due to dynamic and robust cutting requirements associated with wood carving, you may want to get a chain saw with lower bar dimensions.

Also, this should be noted that the size of a chain saw, similar to its weight, indirectly points to the power of a chain saw. However, a smaller bar/chain compatible with your chain saw can always be bought separately to accentuate the power while having the maneuverability of a smaller chain saw.

  • Vibration Dampening and ergonomic handle

Since wood carving takes long sessions of cutting with a chain saw in your hand, the powerful vibrations produced from it along with its weight can be pretty uncomfortable and affect negatively your health.

To cater to this issue, the chain saws are equipped with some sort of anti-vibration system along with an ergonomically designed handle with a soft padded grip in addition to an anti-kickback chain design.

It is always better to choose the option with the best anti-vibration system and the most comfortable grip to avoid any unnecessary fatigue because the best chainsaw for wood carving needs to be well balanced.

  • Fuel-Efficiency & air-injection system of Gasoline chain saws

In case you have a tilt towards gasoline-powered chain saws, their fuel economy and engine maintenance are two very important factors.

You can directly choose the gasoline chain saw with the most fuel-efficient engine along with emphasizing secondary or contributing systems that add to the fuel efficiency like an air-injection system which cleans the air of sawdust and debris before directing it into the gasoline engine.

This mechanism alone makes your chain saw need less maintenance.

  • Safety Considerations

Although you would be practicing art by using a chain saw for wood carving, you must not in any case skim on the safety features. Various safety features offered in modern chain saws include inertia activated chain brakes, anti-kickback chain design, and blade guard, etc.

The use of secondary safety measures such as non-slip gloves & boots along with safety goggles or face shield etc. is also a must for using a chain saw.

  • Additional features

Finally, in addition to these key characteristics, your chain saw comes with some supplementary features which facilitate your cutting experience.

These might include ease of starting, tool-less chain tension adjustment, automatic chain lubricating systems. Although not a deal-breaker, these additional features can offer you a lot of help by saving precious time and energy during your cutting job.

For your wood carving art, you can pick the most optimal solution from the market by carefully considering all factors above to make the best choice.

Wrapping Up

Wood carving from chainsaws is an art and takes time for one to master this skill. However, all of the above-mentioned chainsaws will prove helpful for wood artists and woodcarvers in their art and caring projects.

Also, most of them are pretty much affordable and light in weight along with being well balanced which is the factor of prime importance to look for, when deciding on a chainsaw for wood carving.

Choose any one of them for your love of art and tools, and you won’t regret it because these chainsaws are going to last for years with you. Happy Wood Carving!!!

People Also Asked For Wood Craving Chainsaws

How long should wood dry before carving?
Traditionally, the lumber is allowed to dry in the air one year per inch of wood thickness. However, most commonly, the wood is dried for at least 6 weeks in moisture-free air.
Can you carve deadwood?
Yes, you can most certainly carve deadwood. In some instances, it is the best wood for carving at it is perfectly dried inside out. The only downside is that the deadwood becomes very hard; but of course, this may not be a problem with a chain saw.
Is olive wood hard to carve?
Olive wood is most popular among artisans because it is relatively easier to carve and owing to its annual structure, has a natural diversity in color and tonal depth.
What is the lightest most powerful chainsaw for wood carving?
Weighing only 8.8 pounds, the DEWALT’s DCCS620P1 is the lightest cordless electric chain saw model in the list above. Despite the lightweight structure, its 12-inch bar length is just enough to make delicate cuts and offer ample maneuverability for wood carving.


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