Best Chop Saw for Metal – Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

Metal cutting seems tough but with the right power tools, you can overcome this daunting task with excellence and convenience.  If you are looking for a power tool that has a tremendous amount of raw power and can cut through metals and masonry easily, then no other tool can beat a chop saw.

The particular metal cutting chop saws allow you to cut through a range of metals (even a thicker metal piece) quickly, safely, and easily. This saw will be an addition to the smith’s home workshop or job site, especially for those who are into welding or related disciplines. So, either you are a professional user or DIY’er, choose the right metal saw to make smooth, precise, and clean cuts with minimum effort.

A miter saw resembles a chop saw and operates in a pretty similar way too, making you think that the two are interchangeable but they serve different purposes. The miter saws with abrasive cutting wheels are frequently used in metalwork where they are also known as “drop saws” or more commonly “chop saws”

Top 10 Best Chop Saw for  Cutting Metal Reviews

We have made a complete list of the Metal Chop  saw  Have a look Below.


1. DEWALT DW872  – Multi-cutting Metal Saw

From creating the first radial arm saw to dry cutting saws for heavy-duty metals, Dewalt continues to be the pioneer by introducing new ground-breaking technologies for years to come. This 14-inch multi-cutting carbide blade saw slices through a variety of different materials like ferrous and nonferrous metals at a constant speed and depth chopping 4 times faster than other chops saws.

This  chopping saw spins the blade at a 1300 RPM no-load 15-ampere speed and a horsepower of 4HP making it an excellent choice in the category of sharp, crisp cutting metal saw. This multi-cutter slices are 8 times faster than other portable band saws in 2x2x¼ inch angle iron. It is equipped with heavy-duty compression springs as opposed to the abrasion springs for smooth sliding movement.

As this tool is equipped with a 14-inch 66-tooth carbide blade as opposed to the abrasive wheel, benefits you by eliminating frequent wheel changing associated with the abrasive wheel providing a low cost per cut solution, saving up to 5 centers per cut. You can achieve blur-free, precise cuts reducing grinding, filling, and finished cuts with fewer sparks. It is great for cutting everything from 5” long black pipe to 2-9/16” solid bar stock to struts, rebar, and rods.

A large 5-3/16 inches’ round cutting capacity and 4-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches rectangular cutting capacity allows you to cut deeper, and a wider variety of materials and the wide steel base provides extra support when cutting longer pieces and you can get the accurate angular cuts with its 45-degrees patented adjustable fences.

The Expert Opinion
Though the fence, clamp, and vice together create a great user experience you’d have to check and adjust the square-ness on the fence occasionally. The same feature confuses you by offering you a benefit as well as a drawback at the same time. But the cutting performance and quality built it provides is worth giving it a shot.
  • Equipped with a flexible chip deflector
  • Spindle locks save time and money
  • The strong top metal handle reduces fatigue and makes portability handy
  • sturdy lockdown pin locks the saw head without using any chains
  • A shaky clamping system
  • Poor quality table base


2. Makita LC1230 – Offers Industrial Level Cutting

This 12-inch metal cutting saw is another phenomenal addition from the brand “Makita” simply known for creating industrial-level high performing power tools. Sticking to their history, this 15-ampere motor delivers 1700 RPM power for improved productivity, making it suitable for both beginner and professional as this one can easily cut angle iron, light pipes, conduit, and channel 4 times faster than other abrasive cut-off saws.

Makita is a combination of power and innovation by offering features like a lock-off button with a 2-finger trigger which helps prevent the saw’s accidental starting or a quick-release vice for repeated cut-offs and stock stability, these features can help you overcome any project with ease, there is no comparison with LC1230 when it comes to offering quick, exact cuts.

It has an easy to grip, comfortable D-shaped handle. The workpiece stays cooler during cutting compared to other saws and the shavings collection tray allows easy waste collection and disposal keeping the work environment clean and healthy.

For bevel and miter cutting, the guiding detent plate and quick release fence adjust the angle from 0-45 degrees for precision and accuracy, with a cutting capacity of 4-1/2 inches’ stock at 90 degrees angle and 3-1/2 inches at a 45 degrees’ angle. This economical and durable TCT blade cuts through any material at a faster pace and lasts 50 times longer than abrasive wheels.

The Expert Opinion
Not like the typical cutoff saws, a sturdy built with an aluminum casting base and robust vice clamps to properly hold and secure your piece. A perfect saw to brilliantly get your metal cutting job done, in a precise and safe way.
  • Large aluminum base for stability
  • 4 times faster performance in cutting angle iron, light pipe, channel, tubing, and conduit
  • Brushes can be easily accessed externally for easy maintenance
  • Wrench and shaft lock for changing the blade
  • Doesn’t have a soft start
  • The blade is steel not stainless, which makes cutting stainless steel boxes difficult


3. Evolution EVOSAW380 – With a 15-inch cutting capacity

A huge capacity, portable dry metal cutting saw with a 15-inch 66-teeth carbide-tipped blade has a metal cutting capacity larger than any other saw. This chopper is specially designed with a high-quality aluminum base for cutting industry-grade metal. It has an average capacity of doing 1200 cuts on a 2×2 mild metal.

For a rectangular tube, it has a maximum cutting capacity at 0x0 degrees of 3-D/4×7-1/8inch and at 0x 45 degrees, 3×4-3/8-inch. The 15-ampere high-torque motor with a horsepower of 2.4 spins the blade at 1450 RPM no-load speed and has the ability to cut metal smoothly with minimal sparks and heat, reduces the load on the motor by keeping the cutting speed consistent leading to durable, increased cutting performance.

The quality material used in creating this saw ensures long blade life, faster cutting than abrasive wheel saws. This cold cut saw comes with a 14-inch mild steel blade to cut metal creating an even smooth finish. With a capacity to adjust 0-45 degrees’ miter cuts and quick-release vice clamps effectively secure industrial metal materials, the adjustable vice with a back wall offers versatile cold cuts.

They have given safety a priority by installing a chip deflection shield protecting the machinist from the stray metal chipping. For a safer and clean work environment, a pull out chip collection tray has been provided which makes disposing of metal chips convenient.

The Expert Opinion
The saw blades are designed with high-grade carbide and brazing techniques to deliver maximum productivity and high performance.
  • The 14-inch mild cutting blade has a 15-inch cutting capacity
  • Quick-release vice clamps
  • Chip Deflection shield
  • A 15-inch blade with this saw could have provided a better cutting capability
  • The cuts are not always precise


4. PORTER-CABLE PCE700 -With great built and trusted Quality

For improved power and long life, a 15-ampere power motor with a 3800 RPM rotational speed and replaceable brushes makes it the right tool for the right application at the job site. Whether it’s a solid bar stock or a pipe, or rods, this saw with its high-grade blade will easily cut them up.

A round cutting capacity of 4-3/4 x 5-1/3-inch, it offers a heavy steel base that provides extra material stability while cutting. PCE700 features a spark deflector which provides protection and a clear line of cut. For easy blade changes, a spindle lock has been added.

The main reason to change the blade is: if it becomes dull and stops producing results or if it isn’t compatible with the saw, that’s when having a spindle lock is advantageous. For convenient removal and cutting of various materials, a quick-release material clamp is designed to be used single-handedly, which is a huge advantage when handling longer, heavier objects.

The miter adjustments on the miter detent plate allow cutting fences at up to 45 degrees’ various angles. Porter has been maintaining a standard of offering unprecedented innovation and performance for more than 100 years.

The Expert Opinion
What more can you ask for A great value metal cutter at a great price, since porter has a hard-earned reputation with a history of creating industrial grade power tools and uncompromising performance.
  • Budget-Friendly
  • High-quality
  • Spindle locks
  • Spark deflector
  • Doesn’t make square cuts accurately
  • At times you’d have to swap the blade for efficient cutting


5. DEWALT D28730 – With Quick-Lock Vise

Dewalt has been in the business of creating world-class revolutionary products since 1922. This 40-pound black chop saw has 2300 watts, a 15-ampere strong power motor to delivers high performance while keeping the motor cool, manages the maximum speed output. This saw is made for a 14-inch blade but it can also accommodate a 12-inch blade if the arbor size is the same.

Handling a chop saw requires a lot of fatigue and hard work, in order to increase user productivity and comfort, and an agronomical D shaped horizontal handle has been fitted. This saw features a quick-lock vise system for faster clamping and material securing.

An economical saw with a sturdy motor features a quick-change spindle lock system for faster blade replacement. The package comes with a 14-inch abrasive wheel and a wrench for changing the blade. The 4 pre-drilled holes allow easy adjustment of the saw and effortless bolt-down to any bench type.

A tough stainless-steel built has a rectangular cutting capacity of up to 4.5 x 6.5 inches and a circular range of up to 5-inches. It has a capacity to make deeper, wider cuts leaving no rough edges behind. The 45-degree pivoting fence helps in achieving precise angles.

The Expert Opinion
Though this sturdy power tool doesn’t have a lot of fancy features it sure has an intense cutting capacity and a user-friendly built, which makes it unique enough to be on our list.
  • Compression springs for smoother function and long life
  • Vise to secure material
  • Efficient quick clamp release function
  • The 2300-watt motor easily cuts through any material type
  • Poor quality blade
  • No alignment marks on the miter detent plate


6. Evolution RAGE4 – A Multipurpose Compact Chop Saw

This multipurpose portable saw is easy to handle than any other cutoff saw or hacksaw. Evolution with its innovative blade and teeth technology can easily cut through mild steel, aluminum, and even wood with embedded nails. When cutting steel, you wouldn’t have to use any coolant, and still, it’d keep the edges burr-free, with only a few sparks and no built-up heat.

A one saw blade tool for many materials. The anti-kickback system will cut various materials in one single move. The movable vise and clamping system allows you to achieve up to 45 degrees’ miter cuts accurately. You can accurately cut up to 0.5 degrees which makes it suitable for your next woodworking project or cutting a perfect 90° picture frame.

The 10-ampere motor has the capacity to cut 1-3/4×1-3/4 inch square, 2-inch round, the 1-3/4×3-3/4 inch rectangle at 90° and 1-5/8×1-5/8-inch rectangle at 45° and ¼-inch weld-ready thick mild steel plate to an exact size.

You can use this for recycled timber, hardwood, and softwood and is also perfect for ferrous and non-ferrous pieces like the installation of copper pipe. Be it aluminum carpet tread, or threaded rod for construction, or even acrylics or drainage tubing plastics, it would cut through the materials without melting or burning the material and would do that without much heat or sparks.

The Expert Opinion
Evolution Rage 4 is a hands-on tool for every tradesman. Place any awkward stuff on it, this 7 ¼ inch tool will easily slice through it, be it rebar, aluminum, steel, or to trim bolts it will get the job done right.
  • Multi-purpose cutting saw
  • Portable
  • Compact: A real space saver, fits in any workspace
  • Dust extraction port at the back allows hose fitting
  • Flimsy built
  • The clamping mechanism sometimes wobbles


7. Ironton – Good value with a moderate price

Ironton is a 15-ampere 14-inch metal cutting dry saw with the capability to cut powerful angle iron, pipe, conduit, and more. It has a cutting capacity of 4- 1/8-inch square stock and 4-3/4-inch round piece at an angle of 45-degrees. A tool-free miter detent plate adjusts the angles from 0-45 degrees for accurate miter cuts.

The carbide tooth blade cuts through the material with minimum sparks or heat, so there is no need for any messy coolant. A clear shield is installed to protect your hand from debris during cuts. The thumb actuated button on the saw protects from accidentally starting the saw with a D shaped comfortable handle grip for improved performance.

The heavy-duty aluminum cast base along with quick-release vise clamps secures the stock and provides extra stability and long life allows you to cut and go. The quick-release vice also makes it convenient to do repeat cuts.

At 1450 RMP no-load blade rotation speed, this saw offers finer cuts and precise solutions as compared to abrasive saws, and this model proves that you can get good features at a reasonable price tag.

The Expert Opinion
A smooth dry cut metal saw with a sturdy blade offers great value by creating pretty neat cuts in a tight budget. And the best part is when the stock comes out; it is cool-to-touch.
  • 1450 RPM no-load speed
  • Huge cutting capability for big jobs
  • Durable carbide-tipped blade for accurate cuts
  • Shield to protect your hand
  • clamping system is not very Good
  • The saw is a bit loud


8. CRAFTSMAN CMEM2500 – Portable Chop Saw

Keeping to their reputation, this saw is also produced with high-quality workmanship. CMEM2500 high performing 15-amp motor delivers a high overload capacity with 3800 RPM that has the ability to cut through any tough material and the power to maintain durability and productivity on the worksite. Plus, it is easy to set up with a perfect feel and balance.

The lightweight 34 lbs. portable design makes transportability from job to job smooth and storage convenient. This metal cutting saw is equipped with a wide, steel base that makes handling and cutting longer pieces simple.

For users’ suitability, a spindle lock has been added that makes changing the cutting wheel fast and trouble-free, and the quick-release material clamp allows securing, cutting, and removal of material effortless, preventing it from warping.

The blade guard is situated in a place that allows easy access to the arbor bolt and also protects the hand while cutting. Craftsman gives you the power that you require in your power tool in an inexpensive way and possesses all the features to get the job done.

The Expert Opinion
Craftsman offers great user convenience and protection at a surprisingly low-priced package. This metal cutting saw is an ideal pick for both amateurs and professionals, you wouldn’t want to miss such a great deal.
  • Extra-wide steel base
  • Quick-release clamp
  • Easy to move and Lightweight
  • Spindle locks
  • No laser guide


9. Milwaukee – Abrasive cut-off machine

Milwaukee has introduced a great new abrasive cut-off tool to its metal cutting workers by offering a heavy-duty 15-ampere motor that puts out a maximum 4 horsepower, rotating the blade at 3900 RPM effortlessly cutting through angle iron, bundled drywall, pipe, conduit, channel, rebar or any other tough material you throw its way.

It is lightweight, coming up at a 40-pounds chopper makes moving it manageable. It also comes with an oversized wheel guard which protects the user from overheated debris and sparks by discarding the metal chips.

For extra protection, a spindle lock is added for fast blade changing. The package includes a vice clamp for securing stock and adjusting clamp when cutting different size materials, a 14-inch abrasive wheel, 3 rubber feet, and a hex wrench.

This cut-off metal saw can bevel both left and right up to 45 degrees and the pivoting fence allows quick and accurate miter adjustment up to 45 degrees without having to flip the heavy metal. It has around cutting capacity for a 5-inch stock, 4-5/8x 4-5/8-inch for a rectangular stock, and a 5×5-inch for square stock.

The Expert Opinion
When you compare power tool markets you mostly look for these three things: long-lasting, easy control, and flexibility and you’d find all that and more in Milwaukee.
  • Spindle lock
  • Oversized heavy-duty wheel guard
  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Doesn’t always cut perfect squares


10. Toolman DB0355 – With Spark Deflectors

Though it is not a very renowned power tool manufacturer still they offer a great value on their products. This metal cutter has a 14-inch blade and a 15-ampere power motor that produces 3800 RPM speed to cut through the toughest of materials including metal, aluminum, copper pipes, and more.

It comes with 2 replaceable carbon brushes for maximum productivity and long life. A pivoting cutting fence with easy to adjust miter setting up to 45 degrees, offers performance and accurate cuts. The sparks deflector has been installed so the users don’t have to endure sparks and overheating during cutting.

The blade guard protects users from debris and also their hands during cutting. It has a strong steel base for extra support and stability. The 6.6 feet cord is long enough that you can use this saw away from the socket without any trouble.

To lock down the machine, metal chains have been included in the saw. Another plus is the weight of the saw, which is so light that it makes maneuverability easy.

The Expert Opinion
Although it is a lesser-known brand it provides a faster, easier solution for cutting metal or pieces of metal at an affordable price.
  • lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comes with 2 carbon brushes, a Blade Wrench, and 2 PC Saw Blade
  • Blade guards don’t work well


What is a Chop Saw?

A chop saw is an abrasive saw also known as a cut-off saw. It is a power tool and a circular saw typically used to cut hard and tough materials, such as metals, tiles, and concrete. The cutting action is performed by an abrasive disc, which is similar to a thin grinding wheel.

The rotating abrasive wheel is fixed on a hinged arm that is brought down on to a secure, static workpiece to make the cut. The operating principle of a chop saw is that an abrasive disc that rotates at a very high rpm is dropped against the stationary workpiece.

These saws have the power required to cut through not just the sheet metal but varieties of metal along with actual thicker pieces of metal as well. You can use it to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminum, brass, etc. If you consistently need to cut thick pieces of metal, then these chopping saws could be your best choice.


What is the Main Difference Between a Chop Saw and a Miter Saw?

 If placed side by side, you may confuse because a chop saw looks similar in appearance to a miter saw. This is probably because both chop saws and miter saws have a saw blade mounted on a hinged arm that hangs over the saw table.

The main difference between a chop saw and a miter saw is that a chop saw cuts only straight right angles and is bigger (the blade is typically at least 14 inches). However, a miter saw cuts angled, beveled, and compound cuts and is more adaptable because it can rotate, as well as swivel both ways, left and right.

Miter saws operate similarly the chop saws, which makes one think that the two are interchangeable when it comes to jobs. Sure, you can cut 90-degree angles with a miter saw, just as the chop saw will, while miter saws can also prepare a whole range of angled cuts but chop saws only cut straight down. However, you are limited to the material miter saws will cut.

Which is Best for Cutting Metal: Chop Saw or Sliding Miter Saw?

 Although a miter saw can cut metal it isn’t the ideal choice though. First, you will want to confirm that you use a metal cutting circular saw blade and slowly make your cut to allow the blade to perform the labor.

Habitually used with abrasive metal cut-off wheels, chop saws are tough machines that will cut through just about anything and hence are much better for cutting metals as compared to the miter saws. Most of the major sliding miter saw blade manufacturers offer non-ferrous blades for cutting soft metals especially aluminum.

A Miter saw is not the best tool to cut steel with, however, with the correct blade; a miter saw can cut through steel because the wood miter saw spins at a different (much higher) RPM.  You will definitely yield better results using a cut-off saw with an abrasive wheel for metal cutting but if cutting steel with a miter saw make sure to watch out for sparks.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide of Best Metal Chop Saw

After looking at some of the better options available in the market for the best chop saw for metals, finally, it is time to know some key parameters which will help you make a better-informed decision. Below are some of the key features to be cautious and check when buying a metal cutting saw.

  • Power Source of the saw

There are various different chop saws available in the market that you can buy off-the-shelf. Most of these saws are electrically powered with a small number powered by gasoline. Depending on the nature of work you would be doing, you can choose either a gasoline-powered or an electric-powered chop saw. There is a further division of corded and cordless (battery operated) options in the electric-powered section.

Usually, gasoline-powered chop saws are lighter, powerful, and portable. However, these saws are way too noisy and just like any gasoline engine, require continuous maintenance.

  • Power and Speed of the motor

The most important question to ask before buying a chop saw is how powerful the motor is and at what speed it delivers the power? Generally speaking, metals are harder and more malleable than wood and therefore require a powerful motor cutting at relatively lower speeds for a clean-cut and safety reasons.

As a rule of thumb, a metal chopping saw should have a reasonable power between at least 12 to 15 amperes. The more powerful the motor is always better. Being quite hard, carbide-tipped blades require a lower speed of around 1500 rpm while an abrasive disc blade can only work with higher tool speeds of ~3000 rpm. Hence depending upon the type of blades, you can choose a suitable saw.

  • Size and Shape of Blade

It is common knowledge that any saw is designed for a very specific blade size and can only work with a blade that is explicitly the same size. So you should carefully consider your requirements before finalizing a purchase. While a saw with a 7-inch blade can work on most DIY projects, a professional chop saw usually has a 12 or 14-inch blade. Industrial saws may even have larger blades.

Teeth per inch (TPI) usually varies with the thickness of the metal you would be cutting with a common window of 6 to 25 teeth per inch for an accurate and clean cut. This TPI for metals is way larger than that required for wood i.e., 3 to 6 teeth per inch. It should be noted that an incorrect TPI dramatically reduces the life span of the blade.

  • Portability

In addition to your work requirements, the portability of a chop saw is also dependent on the power of the motor as well as the power source for your chop saw of choice. Additionally, the nature of work and requirements of your workplace are also important factors. For any pro working from his workshop, a corded electric chop saw is usually preferred. While any contractor who would be moving places with the chop saw, a gasoline-powered saw is more desirable for a casual project, a cordless chop saw is a good choice.

  • Locks and Fences

A saw for cutting metal is meant to be a powerful tool and would require a sturdy lock system to hold It in place when cutting thicker metallic pieces. The chop saw can either be anchored with the workbench surface using a sturdy vise or a saw stand with in-built lock systems can be used. Furthermore, there are fences to keep the workpiece in line and at the right angle. These options come in handy for a chop saw featuring miter or bevel angles.

  • Spark Deflectors

Although choosing a carbide blade reduces the sparks effectively, there still are sparks flowing off the workpiece. Therefore, chop saws for metal are equipped with spark deflectors similar to sawdust collectors. You have to carefully choose the chop saw with spark deflectors best suited for your work as these deflectors are a safety mechanism to help deflect the sparks away from you and your surroundings.

People Also Ask

Can a chop saw cut metal?
The chop saw is designed to cut through metal like butter. It can be used to cut through just about anything using the right blade, including steel. It is the best option for cutting metal effectively for larger projects with ease.
Can I cut aluminum with a chop saw?
Since aluminum is fairly soft so good carbide tipped tooth wood cutting blades work in a chop saw and will cut it cleanly. However, aluminum chips are fast and hot so it is recommended to wear safety gear and long sleeves while cutting aluminum.
Can you cut wood with a chop saw?
Chop saws can be used for cutting lumber and other non-ferrous metals, provided the width and depth collaborate with the size constraints of the saw. Although abrasive cut-off saws are more frequently used to cut metal, molding, decking, aluminum, or PVC, they can be configured to cut wood with a few simple tunings. But it is not recommended to use a chop saw for wood cutting because it would be a waste of the chop saw’s power.



Choosing the right metal cutting saw according to the type of your job is especially important. A metal cutting saw is one of the most important tools that you need while working on metal as these allow you to easily cut all kinds of metal pieces in a smaller time frame, due to their powerful motors and durable blades.

We have mentioned some of the Top chop saws  for the money for  Cutting Metal along with the features of the various chop saws present in this article. Since there are a few different types available, be careful and wise because selecting the wrong one could have disastrous results; however, with the correct choice, a number of home improvement projects could become much easier.

Happy Chop Saw Shopping!

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