Best Circular Saw Blade for Hardwood 2022

Ripping through dense hardwood is not always an easy task, you need to pair your saw with a sharp circular blade to pierce through the hardwood. When you pair a good blade with proper cutting techniques, the cuts are clearer with a smooth finish.

There are a number of factors that are considered while choosing the most reliable blade. These factors include blade size, teeth count and arbor size. The blade sizes range from 8 inch to 12 inches, that you can choose based on your requirements. The larger blades tend to make deeper cuts while 8 inches blades are more firm and steady.

Top 5 Circular Saw Blades For Cutting Hardwood Reviews 2022

You might have seen numerous blades in the marketplace but not all of them are usable enough for hardwood. These blades have a little life spawn and that’s why we have picked the sharpest circular saw blades that you can add to your shopping cart right away.

1. Freud D12100X

Diablo offers you a 12-inch blade that can be used to cut through the dense hardwood. This blade is made from Carbide material which is famous for its durability. The blade features 100 sharp teeth that makes cutting even more reliable without imposing much force.

The blade only weighs 3 pounds which is not that heavy for a circular  saw. The Freud D12100X blade gives you a maximum RPM of 6000 which is pretty hilarious considering its number of teeth. This is the very reason that it can easily cut through the tough materials like hardwood.

The Expert Opinion
The blade is very stable on most Circular saws but some users face vibrating issues . Overall, the blade leaves a smooth finish on your hardwood without cutting too deep. It is also compatible with a wide range of miter saws. Hence, it is highly recommended for heavy usage.
  • on Stick Coating
  • Sharp Cuts through dense wood
  • Carbide material Blade
  • Vibratory issues

2. DEWALT (DW9196)

This is probably the most precise saw blade that one can use to make accurate cuts. The blades measure 6 and a half inches which is relatively shorter if we compare it to other circular blades. The blade is kept short and ultra-thin to fastly cut through hard materials.

The carbide material is used in the manufacturing of this blade which ensures the strength of carbide tip. It features 40 teeth for reliable cutting. The small diameter of this blade allows you to make smooth and sharp cuts with a much higher accuracy as compared to a larger blade.

The Expert Opinion
If you are someone who wants to cut hardwood with great precision and details then nothing can work better than this DEWALT Circular Saw Blade. This is an ultra thin kerf blade that ensures the utmost quality cuts without much vibration.
  • Anti-Stick Rim
  • Anti kickback Design
  • Tough Carbide Material
  • Small in Size

3. TWIN-TOWN Blade

If you are planning to buy a heavy usage, multi-purpose blade that can cut like a hot knife then TWIN-TOWN’s circular blade might be your might choice. This blade is specifically made for wood materials and it is sized at 7-¼ inches.

This blade features 60 teeth which are good enough to cut through hardwood, plywood and even chipboards. It can reach a maximum RPM of 8300 which is pretty surprising as it allows it to cut sharply and rapidly. The 1.8mm kerf design of this blade also makes it a reliable option to cut wood accurately according to your decided measures.

The Expert Opinion
The blade is made from high-grade carbine which ensures its 3X longer life spawn. Despite of it’s material, it has got a really good max RPM which can really facilitate you in cutting almost any type of wood. The blade size and number of teeth on this blade are exactly aligned with your requirements to cut hardwood.
  • C4 Construction Grade Tungsten Carbide
  • Simple Design
  • Excellent RPM speed
  • Makes a lot of noise

4. Freud D1050X

This ATB combo blade is considered excellent for ripping and crosscutting. The teeth have small gullets in-between that make crosscutting more reliable with such extraordinary blades. The blade size is 10 inches and the number of teeth is 50.

The stabilizer vents on this blade work well to prevent any noise of unnecessary vibrations. Cuts are also nearly accurate due to the ATB combo used in this blade. The blade is also pretty lightweight, made from carbide material. Anyone who owns a miter table saw can deliberately use this sharp blade to get the job done.

The Expert Opinion
The ATB Combo makes this saw blade special. Normal blades are normally weak in crosscutting but this one by Diablo is extremely accurate for ripping or cross cutting hardwood. The thin kerf is another considerable point to buy this blade.
  • Laser-Cut Kerf
  • TiCo High-density Carbide
  • Multi-purpose blade
  • A little rough cuts

5.  Rockwell RW9282

Sometimes, carbide blades are not just enough to cut through most of the materials. If you want something more rigid than Rockwell brings you their Steel circular blade that you can use for almost all hard materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum and even metal.

This is a 4-½ inches blade which is obviously shorter in diameter but this largely increases the stability and accuracy of this blade. There are 60-teeth to cut through the most dense materials and a maximum RPM of 10000 is something extraordinary.

The blade pairs well with RK3441K Rockwell Compact Circular Saw but you can also use it with other miter saws. The thin-kerf also gives it a little edge to cut sharply through hard materials.

The Expert Opinion
Undoubtedly, this is a tough blade that can last for very long. However, the blade becomes a little wobby when you try to cut through aluminum like surfaces. Still, it is a considerable option for hardwood.
  • Thin Kerf
  • Excellent RPM
  • Cuts through multiple materials
  • Becomes Flexible while cutting through Aluminum


All these blades are exceptions for hardwood cutting but the decision comes down to your purpose. If you want to achieve greater accuracy then go with the blades having a shorter diameter while if you want to make deep cuts then 12 or 10-inches blades are recommended.

Moreover, you should also check the blade material. Both the Carbide and Steel  blades are good for wood cutting. So grab your favorite circular blade and cut through wood like a hot knife.

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