9 Best Circular Saw Blade Sharpener 2022

As a matter of general knowledge, you must know how cutting wood will dull your blades eventually. And a serious woodworker knows the importance of having a sharp blade. Circular saws are incredibly versatile power tools, which you may want to, consider sharpening with the passage of time, and luckily there is a tool that can fix that!

However, there are basically 3 options to fix your dull circular blades: buy a new blade, get it sharpened by paying someone, or sharpen it by yourself. In the case of working DIY, you will need to buy the best circular saw blade sharpener out there.

9 Best Circular Blade Sharpeners Reviews 2022

Up next is a closer look at what features make the best circular saw blade grinders out of these 9 models that may work for you.

Here is my list of the Best Circular Blade Sharpeners in 2022;

1. Rhegene RHIN412 – With Bevel Design Handle

It is too time-consuming, and a waste of effort plus money to go to a hardware store, to get your circular saw blades sharpened every time they get dull. Rhegene’s has provided a perfect solution to all its product lovers with this industrial grade Grinder Milling Sharpener, with is worth every penny.

Rhegene’s RHIN412 is an industrial grinding machine designed to sharpen a variety of saw blades including carbide tipped blades with a range of sizes. The 250-watt motor can turn the grinding disk at a maximum of 2850 RPM.

It has a 5-millimeter grinding diameter and a maximum thickness of 700 millimeters. It is equipped with 22 millimeters grinding wheel which can be adjusted up to ± 20 degrees on either side. The handle is designed with a bevel design and can rotate up to 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right.

The tool can not only sharpen blades but also has the ability to grind wood, plastics, and even softer aluminum alloys for making decorations and furniture, etc. Its wide face is designed to support the saw blade teeth during the grinding process.

The tool is heavy as it weighs around 35 kg and is difficult to move around.

The Expert Opinion
A perfect heavy-duty sharpener, but a little heavyweight tool, easily usable for novice and pros providing razor-sharp and clean cuts on a variety of materials once sharpened.
  • Powerful grinding motor
  • Bevel design of the handle
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Low safety features

2. Techtongda’s 153035 – Budget Choice

Techtongda’s 153035 is an electric blade sharpener/grinding machine which is one of the best off the shelf grinder sharpener in the market. The powerful 250 watts motor operates at 220 Volts and has a maximum speed of 2850 RPM to drive the grinding disk giving intense sharpening power to the disk.

This tool is designed with a water box that injects a small water stream on the edge of the blade being ground. This mechanism not only helps to reduce the damage to blade teeth due to grinding but also keeps the temperature in check.

With a 125 millimeter (4.92 inches) grinding wheel, this tool can sharpen saw blades and grind several types of materials including hardwood, PVC, and aluminum.

The fascia is designed to support the blade teeth for improved grinding and together with its heavyweight (70.4 pounds), it has enhanced safety thereby avoiding any jerking/jumping off the blade during sharpening.

The grinding wheel can be adjusted to a maximum of 20 degrees on both sides while the handle can be beveled with a maximum range of 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees towards the right. These features allow this grinder to sharpen carbide tipped saw blades as large as 700 millimeters (27.5 inches).

The Expert Opinion
Techtongda’s 153035 is an ideal sharpener for newbies. The affordable and efficient tool can sharpen any blade safely and reliably. Its powerful motor and grinding disk also allow it to deal with different materials. All in all, this tool is a preferred budget choice for most casual workers because of its simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Durable sturdy design
  • Ease of setup and operation
  • Water box for reduced wear and tear during grinding
  • It may slightly be difficult for beginners

3. Chicago 120 Volt – Very Light Sharpener

Chicago’s 120 Volt is a portable circular saw blade grinder, this machine is a powerful tool with the ability to rotate a grinding disk at a maximum speed of 3800 rotations per minute (RPM). Made up of a die-cast aluminum base, it only weighs 12 pounds making it one of the lightest weight blade sharpener/grinder.

Its large 4-inch cutting diameter of the grinding wheel allows sharpening of all kinds of carbide and steel-tipped saw blades and that too in very less time. In fact, you can sharpen several blades using this tool in just one sitting.

The grinding wheel or the motor block can be adjusted to a maximum of 25 degrees on either side as required by the configuration of the blade being sharpened. This lightweight and portable blade sharpener is a to-go tool for off-site contractors.

Chicago has provided a powerful and effective yet budget-friendly as well as a user-friendly option to sharpen your saw blades with this 120 V sharpening machine, to save you the hassle to go to a blade sharpener paying lots of money.

The Expert Opinion
Although, for this amount of money one cannot expect much out of this sharpener, this is a value for money deal. The first time setting to fit the blade angle is tedious as the instructions aren’t very clear. However, once you successfully set it up, you can sharpen a blade in less than 5 minutes.
  • Powerful, efficient, and accurate
  • Portable, lightweight design
  • Easy set up in about 15 minutes
  • Capable to handle a variety of blade sizes
  • First time setup by newbies is tedious
  • Vague instruction manual

4. Mophorn Sharpener – Powerful

This Mophorn blade sharpener is a pro tool when it comes to grinding and sharpening. This beast has a powerful 370 watts motor that can rotate at a speed of 3400 rotations per minute (RPM).

The special grip design makes it ideal for cutting the surface of super-hard alloys blades thus enhancing their service life and saving you a lot of $. Additionally, it can easily grind other softer materials like wood, plastics, aluminum alloys, etc. with similar ease.

The blade sharpener is designed to sharpen any type of saw blade for performance and precision. With a grinding wheel adjustment of up to 20 degrees on both sides and a maximum handle bevel of 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right, it offers flexibility and accuracy.

The 5-inch large grinding wheel gives it the ability to cater to any size of the blade up to 700 millimeters (27.5 inches).

Weighing 30 kg (66.14 pounds), this grinder/sharpener is mediocrely heavyweight and its sturdy built provides it with additional support for pinning down the tough saw blades during the process.

The Expert Opinion
It is a powerful tool for sharpening blades of miter saws, table saws, or circular saws. Easily grinds the surface of tough carbide tips to keep them sharp and ready for action. If you require your tool blades sharp and don’t want to spend too much on getting them sharpened, this is a must-have tool for your workshop.
  • Powerful motor and Sturdy built
  • Excellent performance
  • Wider grinding area
  • Rotary angle mark for better efficiency
  • Heavyweight makes portability limited

5. YWTR  Sharpener – With Blade Index Arm

YWTR offers this portable electric, budget-friendly circular saw blade grinder machine operating at 120 volts. The 140 watts’ motor rotates the grinding wheel at 3800 RPM for giving your blade the finesse and sharpness you require.

The sturdy die-cast aluminum base provides the tool additional stability to cater to the grinding of hard carbide material. The sharpener can easily be used for saw blades ranging from 89 millimeters (3.5 inches) to 400 millimeters (15.75 inches).

It features the grinding wheel adjustment or motor block tilt of 25 degrees both towards the left as well as right sides to handle different types of tooth configurations. It also has a blade indexing arm to adjust the grinding wheel quickly and easily.

Weighing a mere 14.7 pounds, this saw blade sharpener is a combination of portability and efficiency as it can make multiple blades anew in a single sitting. It is supplied with a 4-inch diamond grinding wheel and a 4 inch Emory wheel for all in one role.

The Expert Opinion
The tool itself is good but the direction/instructions are not very clear as to how you should proceed with the sharpening process. According to expert’s opinions, it is better to start with an old or inexpensive blade for first use. Afterward, gradually try out with newer or expensive blades to figure out the working of this grinder.
  • Shorter profile (11-inches)
  • Compact design for storage under shelves
  • Blade index arm for quick adjustments
  • Low-quality grind wheels

6. Universal Blade Sharpener – With Diamond & Emory Wheels

This portable blade sharpener is a great tool for any metal worker or woodworker that wants to make their circular saw blades last for long!

The 96687 Universal saw blade sharpener is constructed of a die-cast aluminum base and indexing arm, which makes it both light in weight as well as long-lasting. With a motor block tilt of 25 degrees in two directions, both left and right, it is extremely flexible in accommodating different configurations.

Being highly flexible, this saw blade sharpener can lodge several structures of saw blades, with the capacity for blades ranging from 80mm and 700mm. This tool provides a 4 inch diamond wheel for sharpening carbide tipped blades. Along with another 4 inches, the Emory wheel specialized for grinding steel-tipped blades.

This 120 V Universal Circular Saw Blade Grinder is only about 10.83 pounds in weight, which allows you to transport the tool with ease.

This sharpening machine can reach a maximum speed of 3,800 rotations per minute, with a motor that calls for a power supply of 120 volts. This sharpener saves you time and gets more sharpening done in one session.

The Expert Opinion
However, it is A bit of a pain to set up and sharpen the blades correctly, but it works pretty well-sharpening blades, just takes longer. So, all in all, it’s worth the money. However, it is not recommended for more professional use or a business.
  • Easy Operation and portable
  • Can sharpen two or more blades at a time
  • 2 wheels for grinding carbide and steel tips
  • The blade tooth can be adjusted with the 25 degrees tilt.
  • Time is taken to set up the equipment.
  • The grinder loses accuracy.

7. Hanchen Sharpener – For Carbide Blade

This sharpener is capable of sharpening most of the round saw blades in the market within a Blade diameter of 110mm to 500mm (4.5 inches ~ 21.5 inches). This high-end tool provides sharpening for large blades with a High speed of 20min/ piece, making it a perfect fit for construction sites, furniture factories, or industrial shops.

This knife(blade) sharpener from Hanchen, which works well on round carbide blades and most of the others made from metals like grind-able tungsten steel, HSS, etc. It has 2, 80mm diamond grinding wheels with a large center hole of 13mm which helps you set up the blade.

Weighing only (13.5kg) 30 pounds, the sharpener is easy to store and move whenever and wherever you need it to sharpen your blades. The Framework of this Saw Blade Sharpener is all steel, which makes it strong and durable, intruding the sharpener from vibrating.

With surround shaped saw blade frame, multi-angle of swing (0°~30°; Back and rake angle) and  colored and easy to read gauges with thin lines combine for greater accuracy and easy operation under any condition.

The Expert Opinion
This Hanchen Blade Sharpener is highly recommended to anyone who needs a Sharpener for a small shop and is suitable for private use too, though it is a bit tricky to use, it’s an excellent tool for nonferrous metal, plastic, and woodworking. However, it is not an ideal choice if you want to go into business with sharpening…
  • It can handle blades more than 21-inches
  • Strong steel construction
  • More durable than aluminum
  • A cutting angle up to 30 degrees
  • Expensive especially for the beginner
  • A lot of adjustment needed on this setup

8. Makita 98202 – Water Feed Prevents Overheating

Makita once again delivers precision, accuracy along with capacity and innovation to woodworkers. This Horizontal Wheel Wet Blade Sharpener is designed for use in high production setups and in-home shops, alike.

As are other Makita products, the 98202 with its innovative technology is planned for woodworkers and general contractors in search of a best in class sharpener for circular blades and more. This Makita blade sharpener takes in a water feed to keep the blades cool, preventing overheating, so is called a Wet Blade Sharpener.

The Makita 98202 Wet Blade Sharpener features a quiet 1.1 AMP motor with no load 560 RPM to provide for a fine finish on the planers, saw blades.

It has a large aluminum oxide wheel approximately 7-7/8 inch, which is plotted for effective sharpening and is capable to sharpen blades/ knives up to 400 millimeters (15 3/4 inches) long.

Weighing at just 24.3 pounds, it calls for easy transportation as well as, its compact providing for easy storage. Along with a 1,000 grit grinding wheel, it also includes a blade holder, a wrench, and a rule assembly.

The Expert Opinion
It won’t take long to justify the price of this sharpener as it does a better job of sharpening than what could have done by a shop. However, this machine requires some practice to get great results. (It is suggested to read highland’s white paper about its use from their web site, to achieve professional results.)
  • Plated steel parts resist rust
  • Cast iron platen
  • Flat & true Japanese water stones
  • No wobbling or vibration
  • A bit loud motor

9. Techtongda 110V – Self Adjustment to the Cutting Edge

It is much of a hassle to go to a hardware store to sharpen your circular saw every time it gets dull. For preventing this kind of uncooperative situation, the manufacturers at Techtongda offer a first-rate saw blade sharpener with a range of features.

This sharpener is specially designed for a number of carbide-tipped circular saw blades ranging from the size of 80 millimeters to 700 millimeters. This 110V Sharpening Machine is equipped with a quality electric motor, which provides an average rotational speed of about 2850 revolutions per minute to the large grinding wheels.

Like most other blade sharpeners, it is suitable for blades serving different purposes such as cutting wood, plastics, or most non-ferrous materials like aluminum and alloy. The sharpener is pretty heavy at about 70 pounds in its weight. With multiple angle guides, this tool provides accuracy and is easy to use too for different dedications like furniture built-up or decoration.

The wide front part on this blade sharpener can support the teeth of blades as well as other parts with the purpose of preventing jumping, providing safety, and improved grinding quality as it naturally adjusts to the cutting edge point.

The Expert Opinion
It naturally adjusts to the cutting edge point and gives a uniform honing impact. If you are looking for a good quality electric saw sharpener within a medium budget, you should try this because the framework is made of durable materials, which makes the sharpener last long. Oneself focusing on the tight clamp is another great factor.
  • Suitable for any chain design
  • Accurate sharpening
  • Multiple angles guide
  • Not easy to set up
  • Vibrates too much sometimes

How to Use a Sharpener to sharpen the circular saw blade?

A blade sharpener should be used in the following ways:

  • Never attempt to sharpen the blade when it is still on the saw, you need to remove the blade from the tool first before beginning for sharpening purposes.
  • Make sure to ascend your sharpener to a flat but stable surface.
  • Choose the best-suited sharpening wheel according to the blade tips i.e.; diamond for carbide-tipped blades, Emory for steel-tipped blades.
  • Clean the saw blade that is required to sharpen. Ideally, soak it in laundry detergent mixed with water for about half an hour, and then scrub it using a brush. After drying it properly, spray it with any rust protective solution.
  • Now attach the blade to the sharpening arm.
  • Next, set your sharpener to a suitable degree scale.
  • Don’t forget to lock the sharpening arm up next.
  • In the first round, sharpen every other tooth, then adjust the angle and sharpen the teeth that were left behind during the first round.

The Benefits of Quality Circular Blade Sharpener

The goal of having a circular saw blade sharpener is to reuse the blades, which would save you money. Buying one of these tools may not seem to save you money all of a sudden, especially if you have a home workshop because it may take a bit longer unless you dull blades but, the blade sharpener will have paid for itself in case of being used by professional carpenters or general contractors.

First off, the blade sharpeners are intended to be set at an angle, providing an accurate grind angle. This will also let you replicate that angle for a constant sharpening on each saw blade tooth maintaining proper tooth configuration.

Secondly, you will be able to sharpen your saw blade more quickly with a blade sharpener as compared with a file by hand. It may take a bit to set it up, but it will allow you to contact each tooth fast afterward.

Once you have set the angle and size of the saw blade set, your blade sharpener will allow you to move quickly through multiple blades.

Finally, having your own blade grinder will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to take your blades places and pay someone else to sharpen them either won’t you have to buy a new circular saw blade whenever your old one becomes dull.

How Do You Know When Your Circular Saw Blade is Dull?

Generally, experts can tell when your circular saw blade is dull just by looking at it but if you are a novice, run your fingertips over the edge of the blade, if the blade does not feel sharp but is rounded, it needs to be sharpened. Some signs are:

  • The blade will cut slower or will show more resistance when you are cutting.
  • The blade will produce more chipping than normal.
  • The blade will produce burn marks on the wood being cut or may even start smoking. Burn marks are a signal of a weary blade.
  • There will be a change in the sound of the motor and the blade because a dull blade overworks the motor leading to decreased tool life.

The Buying Guide of Circular Saw Blade Grinder Sharpener

When shopping for this type of tool for your circular saw, these are some important considerations you need to keep in mind.

  • Maximum Blade Size

The general size distribution of common circular saw blades ranges somewhere between 4-1/2 and 12 inches which some even as large as 16 inches. While you look for a blade sharpener, you should choose one with a relatively larger blade size capacity as it can also be used to sharpen larger blades of circular, miter, or table saws.

  • Sharpening Motor Block Tilt

Depending upon the design of teeth on your blade, the sharpener is required to be tilted to the appropriate angle for grinding. This feature is the most important to keep the configuration of your blade conserved during sharpening. A majority of the sharpeners offer a maximum tilt angle of 25 degrees to cater to a variety of blades. Hence, you should get one with at least 25 degrees’ maximum tilt angle.

  • Grinding / Polishing Disks

Another important feature is a type of grinding/polishing disks that grinds against the blade for sharpening. There are two different grinding disks available in the market namely diamond disk for coarse removal of a blade material/carbide and the Emory disk for finer grinding.

The polishing disks are subsequently used to remove rough edges or to clean the buildup of pitch thus increasing the service life of your blade.

  • Blade Support

For the sharpening purpose, the saw blade has to be attached with a sharpener via a tightening screw that holds it in place. Some sharpeners are designed with a small extension of the rod for extra support so that the blade does not slip during the sharpening process. You can always use the rigidity of the support for added safety as well.

  • Warranty

As the blade sharpener is not a very cheap tool, make sure to find a good warranty pledge on the one you buy.


A weak blade may wear out your motor, putting your saw underneath unnecessary pressure, leading to decreased life of your circular saw. Hence, a sharpener is a must keep maintaining sharp circular saw blades. It is tough to find out the perfect blade sharpener from the market because of the thousands of sharpeners available in the market.

But all of them are not powerful and steady, so, in this article, we’ve provided unbiased reviews that will help you find out the best one for your circular saw blade. We hope these reviews will turn helpful for you to find out the best blade sharpener .

People Also Asked For Best Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

Is it worth sharpening circular saw blades?
Yes, it is. Usually, one can get the blades professionally sharpened, but that procedure can be expensive. Generally, blades that are expensive are worth sharpening but it is better to replace the cheaper, low-quality blades. However re-sharpening the blades reduces wastage as well as saves money in the long run especially if you are using quality, expensive carbide blades.
How many times can you sharpen your circular saw blade before it needs to be replaced?
Keep in mind that not all blades can be sharpened however, As long as the circular saw blade is not distorted or severely damaged, the blade should be sharpened. And more specifically speaking, a good quality carbide blade can be sharpened at least 3-4 times before some of the teeth fall off or need to be replaced.
How long should a circular saw blade last?
Usually, some quality circular saw blades can be re-sharped several times in a span of up to three years. However, more specifically they can last between 12 and 120 hours of non stop use, dependent upon the quality of the blade along with the material being used to cut.

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