10 Best Circular Saw For Framing 2022

The retail markets are full of various power tool manufacturer companies confusing one to select the right saw for framing. A circular saw is a purposeful and efficient workhorse, ideal for cross-cutting and timber framing.

Even a little bit of knowledge about its parts can help you operate it and lead you to make an informed decision to select the best circular saw regarding the completion of your framing work or later on to be used at home or for other cutting jobs occasionally.

To help you, we have researched and collected all of them in one list of circular saws which are great for framing. You can select any one of these which comes under your budget and is according to your choice.

10 Best Framing Circular Saw Reviews 2022

For better understanding, we have reviewed each one of the circular saws, revealing their specifications along with their pros and cons.

Here is a list of 10 Best circular saw for frame that we have picked as per our editors;

1. Makita 5007Mg Magnesium Circular Saw – Job-site workhorse

The Makita 5007Mg is specifically designed for framing applications. It features magnesium-based components for lightweight and a 7 1/4 inch ultra-coated framing blade having a 24 Teeth carbide tip configuration.

The framing blade has a unique M-shaped tooth design with two-pointed tips which create two faces with a 10-degree bevel for maximizing performance, giving you faster and cleaner cuts.

The positive detents at most common angles are provided on the bevel scale for quick and accurate bevel adjustment for precise cuts. The guard is designed in a lower stance to square the performance in narrow cuts.

The sturdy and lightweight saw is made up of factory-grade Magnesium alloy and includes embedded ball bearings for efficiency and clean cuts. These things give it an excellent power-to-weight ratio for powerful and flexible cuts.

It also has some value-added features including dual LED lights to illuminate the cutting surface along with the built-in dust blower to blow away the chips and sawdust. The flat motor housing is engineered in a well-balanced design to give you a feeling of stability and performance.

The powerful 15 Ampere corded motor is designed for power and can deliver a no-load speed of 5,800 RPM delivering an excellent & smooth cutting operation. Combined with a maximum bevel angle of 56 degrees and a 7-1/2 inch blade, the Makita 5007Mg has a large cutting capacity of up to 2-3/8 inch at a right angle.

The Expert Opinion
Excellent, job-site workhorse. If you can ignore the slight weight, it is very appealing for a prosumer, homeowner, or DIY’er. It’s extremely durable because of its magnesium components and heat-treated carbide-tipped blades with a larger cutting depth for time-saving and increased output with projects from handling plywood to lumber framing.
What we Like !
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy construction
  • Cut-Ready™ depth precision
  • One of the quietest motors
  • Dual-Field Motor
  • Simple to use and accurate
Things to Consider!
  • Somewhat intense vibrations

2. DEWALT DCS577T1 FLEXVOLT Circualr saw – Best Cordless Framing Saw

DEWALT DCS577T1 is a cordless circular saw designed for performance and maneuverability. Featuring the patented FLEXVOLT technology from DEWALT, this circular saw is supplied with a 6.0 Ah battery pack with a maximum of 60 V.

The uniqueness of the FLEXVOLT battery pack lies in the fact that one battery can fit all the tools in the DEWALT universe and it automatically changes its voltage when connected with a different tool. It is supplied with a fan-cooled fast charger to quickly energize the depleted battery packs.

It is supplied with a brushless motor in a worm drive configuration for efficiency and smoothness which can rotate the 7-1/2 inch carbide tipped blade at a whopping 5800 rotations per minute (RPM) making it one of the most powerful cordless circulars saw available in the market.

The strong and sturdy saw’s shoe is made out of high-grade magnesium alloy for lightweight and strength. The blade is arranged in a right-handed arrangement where the blade is at the left side of the motor with a handle in the rear so that it is easy for the user to clearly see the line of cut.

This feature is further accentuated with the provision of an integrated dust blower to clear out debris and sawdust from the cut line path. It has a maximum bevel capacity of 53 degrees with positive detents at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees for quick and accurate adjustments.

The maximum cutting depth at the right angle is 2-7/16 inch which is one of the largest in this category. In terms of safety features, the saw is provided with a blade guard and an electronic blade brake which stops the blade from rotating as soon as the trigger is released.

The Expert Opinion
A powerful circular saw which can handle pretty much everything. The well-built and efficient run time of the battery pack is also good. This highly recommended saw has the power of a corded and the functionality of a cordless one. A rafter hook is also added to the mix to let you hang your saw conveniently. It’s a great tool for everyone.
What we Like !
  • Brushless Worm drive motor
  • FLEXVOLT 60V max battery pack
  • Larger cutting capacity in a single charge
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Electronic blade brake
  • Rafter hook
Things to Consider!
  • Costly

3. Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 Circular Saw – Ideal for Framers & DIY’ers

Weighing just over 11 pounds, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 is the lightest worm drive saw in the market. With a lightweight magnesium construction, this saw is designed keeping the needs of framers, homeowners, and DIY’ers in mind.

It is powered by a powerful 15 amp Dual-Field Motor with copper windings, serving the dual purpose of providing power as well as keeping the saw cool. The use of lightweight magnesium alloy in the construction of this saw helps reduce fatigue while significantly reducing downtime.

With a maximum bevel capacity of 53 degrees, this saw can be quickly adjusted at 0 and 45 degrees and in between and provide a maximum vertical cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inch. The cutting depth can also be easily adjusted at the required depth with just a push of a lever thanks to the patented Cut-Ready™.

The presence of an anti-snag lower guard is also quite beneficial as it protects the user from flying chips and debris. These features facilitate the even operation for the small cut-off pieces in the hands of a casual user and pro alike.

The saw is designed with a durable magnesium foot which can endure the beating a job site has to offer. It is provided with a hook for rafter placement adding to the convenience. SPT77WML-01 follows the tradition of SKILSAW in terms of accuracy, quality, and durability.

The Expert Opinion
With an amazing price-to-quality ratio, the SPT77WML is a worthy investment for keen professionals as well as DIY fanatics. If you’re looking for precision, this machine is good enough to cope with several projects without any concerns especially framing applications.
What we Like !
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy construction
  • Cut-Ready™ depth precision
  • One of the quietest motors
  • Dual-Field Motor
  • Simple to use and accurate
Things to Consider!
  • Somewhat intense vibrations

4. Milwaukee M18 2630-20 Cordless Circular Saw – A Versatile Saw

Are you looking for an affordable, cordless option for your woodcutting especially framing applications? The heavy-duty 2630-20 from Milwaukee is a 6 1/2 inch; 18-volt lithium-ion powerhouse with some add-ons that will deliver utmost power and durability.

With a powerful motor enclosed in solid magnesium guards on the top and bottom of the blade and rotating the 24T Carbide blade at up to 3,500 RPM, this versatile saw will be able to tackle most of the framing jobs without bogging down.

Weighing at approx. 7 Lbs.  Milwaukee 2630-20 has a lightweight profile with a compact and ergonomic design with a soft-grip handle for user comfort as well as precision cuts. An excellent compact solution for those who are not looking for deeper cuts.

This saw has taken well into consideration the safety features, like electronic brakes to stop the blade quickly when you’re done cutting along with the magnesium guards and aircraft aluminum shoe for greater accuracy and stability to help meet your framing demands.

The onboard fuel gauge keeps you aware of the leftover battery charge. And a depth and bevel adjustment system located near the foot allows for a bevel of as much as 45 degrees with its depth up to an inch and a half for versatile cuts.

The Expert Opinion
This circular saw is for enthusiastic users having prior experience with worm saws. It is exceptionally quiet, with very low vibrations, and could prove to be a resourceful power tool in the right hands. With the reputation of power and durability, this one will give you a huge level of flexibility in your cuts.
What we Like !
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • M18 compatible
  • Good Safety Features
  • Highly Affordable
  • Always On fuel gauge display
Things to Consider!
  • No LED Indicator
  • 3500 RPM is not an ideal speed

5. Makita 5377MG 7-1/4 inch Hypoid Saw – Framing Tool for Professionals

Makita’s 5377Mg is another one of the corded circular saws for professionals. Similar to 5007Mg, this saw also features a magnesium-based alloy construction giving it lightweight as well as sturdiness.

Alike the 5007Mg, it is also supplied with a 7 1/4 inch ultra-coated framing blade which has 24 M-shaped teeth with two pointed tips. These tips make two faces with 10-degree rotation between them to allow maximum performance and cleaner cuts.

It features a powerful 15 Ampere corded motor in a worm drive arrangement which delivers a no-load speed of 4,500 RPM giving you high torque and power for smooth & clean cuts. The oil bath technology means that the motor is connected to the blade via steel gears which are encased in a sealed housing dipped in oil thus requiring less maintenance.

The 7-1/2 inch blade gives it a large vertical cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inches. It also features a large bevel capacity of up to 51.5 degrees, with positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees allowing for quick and accurate setting.

Weighing just over 13 pounds this saw has good power to weight ratio and is well balanced. Setting this saw is extremely comfortable and easy owing to the oversized markings and rubberized levers so much so that you can make the settings with one hand.

The rubber grip on the handle also serves the purpose of a better and comfortable grip of the tool. It is supplied with a ten feet long reinforced power cord that is able to withstand the beatings of any regular job site.

The Expert Opinion
A compact and powerful hypoid saw from Makita. Tough and durable built to bear the job site abuse. Supplied with a framing blade, it can handle anything you throw at it. The oil bath gear housing is good for low maintenance. All in all, this one is highly recommended.
What we Like !
  • Sturdy built based on magnesium alloy
  • Lightweight reputable saw
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sealed gear housing with oil bath for reduced maintenance.
  • Hook for rafter placement
Things to Consider!
  • No dust management system

6. Metabo HPT C7SB3 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw – Best Corded Budget Circular Saw

Metabo HPT, previously known as Hitachi is an excellent power tool manufacturer for both home and professional use.

Metabo C7SB3 is a powerful, revolutionary saw which features a 15-ampere corded electric motor that swivels at a no-load speed of 6000 RPM giving this saw the capability to tackle a variety of projects, like cutting through OBS, plywood, and framing materials effortlessly.

This saw is supplied with a 24 teeth premium blade for framing. With a maximum bevel capacity of 55 degrees, its vertical cutting capacity is 2-7/16inches. The tool-less adjustment design can easily be adjusted to any depth or bevel angle in a single-handed fashion.

It is designed with a heavy-duty aluminum base with a total weight of just below 10 pounds; this compact and lightweight circular saw is designed to reduce the fatigue that comes from excess usage. The integrated dust blower of the saw keeps your line of cut clean of any chips/debris or sawdust.

The ergonomically designed soft grip handle allows comfortable and fatigue less cutting sessions. It also features a cord support holder to avoid any accidental cable cutting. Metabo C7SB3 also holds the 2020 award for best Corded Budget Circular Saw for Professionals by Pro Tool Reviews.

The Expert Opinion
It is a quality saw that can tackle anything. The combination of 6,000 RPM high speed and 24-tooth premium blade makes it perfect for smoother and faster cuts. The weight is well distributed and balanced along with a handle having a soft but firm grip. It is perfectly suitable for framing applications.
What we Like !
  • Budget-friendly
  • Powerful motor with high RPM
  • Ergonomic design with soft-grip handle
  • Tool-less bevel and depth adjustment
  • Integrated dust blower
  • 2020 Award for the best circular saw for Pros
Things to Consider!
  • Only a soft carry bag (no hard casing)

7. Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Saw – Powerful and Durable Framing Saw

With its innovative features and contemporary design, the 7-1/4 inches’ circular saw comes with a worm drive motor which in comparison to sidewinder saws are considered kings because of their sheer power, ultimate strength, lasting durability, and superior cut line visibility.

Worm drive circular saws are usually framers and carpenter’s number one preference. Bosch’s motor with the left side blade placement runs at 15 amps delivering a 5,300 no-load RPM and a 53 degrees’ bevel capacity with a positive detent at 45 degrees, making it convenient for professionals to cut a variety of angles.

The rigid motor housing completely removes the blade wobble ensuring accurate cuts. The easy-to-access metal levers for adjusting the cut depth and bevel level allow the users to quickly make the necessary modifications for advanced projects.

It comes with a built-in saw hook for easy storage, serviceable brushes, and an easy-to-manage spindle lock for blade replacement. CSW41 features an anti-snag lower guard along with a soft ergonomic grip for smoother operation on smaller pieces without tiring you out after a long day of work.

The lightweight, magnesium housing keeps the motor cool and enhances the tool’s life. The die-cast magnesium footplate adds strength and durability. The saw is constructed using five ball bearings and an innovative lubrication system ensuring stability and longer gear life.

The Expert Opinion
For general contractors, carpenters, and framers, the Bosch CSW41 circular saw is built with ease of use features, providing stability and durability. It can easily cut through a variety of wood or boards. On the whole, the worm drive motor gives it a well-balanced, stable feeling offering superior performance to the woodworkers.
What we Like !
  • The powerful worm drive motor
  • Strength and durability
  • Lightweight and reasonable
  • Ergonomic grip handles
  • Multi-functional onboard wrench
Things to Consider!
  • No carrying case

8. Big Foot 10-1/4-Inch Circualr Saw – Made for Framers

Obviously, when you are working late trying to meet your deadline, the last thing you’d want is having to make several tries to make the perfect cuts on the 2x or 4x material. You’d need a tool to get your job done perfectly, that’s where Big Foot saw comes.

Backed by 27 years of on-the-job professional framing and remodeling experience and still being perfected by their framers, remodelers, and carpenters who understand the growing job site demands, this original 10 ¼” worm drive beam saw can easily cut 4x material in one go.

The worm drive beam saw with its 15 amps high torque motor spins at 5300 RPM flexibly cutting through wet materials, making the cut line more visible as compared to the sidewinders. Its ability to get the task done makes it a winner in the industry.

The aluminum and magnesium lightweight design of the saw allows the user to work long hours without exhausting themselves. Comes with the 75º custom-made swing table and allows the framers to fully cut through bearing rafters, glulams, beams, micro-lams, and more.

The 10 inches 36 TCT blade along with the swing table has a 3-3/4 inch depth of cut capacity at 90 degrees and 2-3/4″ capacity at 45 degrees. A thin but strong steel plate along with the sharp carbide teeth resists blade flex and creates true, clean cuts prolonging the saw’s life.

The Expert Opinion
Who wouldn’t want to finish their tasks quicker with far better results? Big foot beam saw was designed by the professional framer who not only wanted to create a better tool, but something that is powerful, compact, and reliable, but be careful… you’ll never want to use your old saw again once you get to use this one.
What we Like !
  • High torque power motor
  • Cuts 4 x 4 material in one pass
  • Perfect for timber frames
  • Ideal weight-t0-power ratio
  • Lightweight magnesium built
Things to Consider!
  • Weak upper guard design

9. Metabo HPT C7UR 7 1/4-Inch Saw – Best Budget Framing Saw

When deciding on a circular saw, the most important aspect is its ability to get the job done. Besides the renowned Metabo name, C7UR RipMax Pro was endorsed by Pro Tool as the Best 2020 Corded Circular Saw.

The award-winning Ripmax is a 7-1/4 inch circular saw designed for sheer power and ultimate 6800RPM speed, 40% faster than previous models. Featuring a sturdy all-metal body, strong stamped aluminum base with scales, and reinforced ribbing adds durability and accuracy.

The impressive 15 amps power motor along with the well-constructed bevel scale easily accessible with the adjustment lever allows professional bevel cuts ranging from 0-55 degrees’ to the left with positive stops at 0, 45, and 55 degrees angle.

The 24 tooth premium blade is made keeping in mind the various cutting needs required for professional framing or other construction works with the capacity to cut 1-27/32-inch panel at 45 degrees and 2-3/8-inches lumber at a 90 degrees angle. Advanced anti-vibration mechanism offers comfort and control.

Comes with a dust blower to keep the area clear of saw debris, an onboard hex wrench storage for easy and quick blade replacement, and a unique hook to reposition the cord during cutting. The saw’s slim handle grip is designed to provide maximum comfort to the user without fatiguing the arm.

The Expert Opinion
Metabo HPT C7UR RipMax Pro was made to cater to the needs of professionals as well DIYers or homeowners (who can complete the tasks at their own pace), bringing out the best cutting speeds required by the framing crews, it is a perfect lightweight solution for those who are tight on budget but refuse to compromise on power.
What we Like !
  • The saw is built to last
  • Maximum ripping capacity
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Lightweight and Affordable
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
Things to Consider!
  • Doesn’t comes with a depth scale

10. RIDGID Fuego 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw – Casual Circular Saw for Framing

The RIDGID R3204 Fuego is a classical compact saw specifically designed for framing. With a powerful 12 ampere motor, this saw provides the fastest rotations per minute in its category by rotating the blade at a whopping 6,100 RPM powered through a 10 feet power cord.

It features a thin kerf carbide-tipped blade with 18 teeth for smooth rips and crosscuts. The design includes a magnesium alloy base which gives it durability and toughness along with a light weight of 8 pounds.

With a maximum bevel of 50 degrees and positive stops at most common angles, the saw is easily adjusted to your desired settings. It has an excellent vertical cutting depth of 2-1/8 inch which may be the largest in this category. It is equipped with ratcheting (tool-less) bevel and depth locks for quick settings.

It is also supplied with a full-length kerf indicator both at the front as well as rear providing additional precision. It does the work of a larger saw with its small blade with its thinner kerf. This lightweight yet powerful saw has all the awesome features you’ll need to quickly cut through a variety of materials.

The built-in dust blower serves to keep your line cut free from any chips, debris, or sawdust. The ergonomically designed shock absorbent pommel handle also reduces fatigue for extended usage.

The Expert Opinion
Ridgid R3204 did excellent work with this smaller 6-1/2 inch blade which still cuts through framing lumber. The small but powerful motor along with the thin kerf blade effortlessly cuts through lumber. It does the work of a larger saw with its small blade. Recommended for all casual and home users.
What we Like !
  • Magnesium alloy base
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and capable
  • The tool-less depth and bevel adjustments
  • Full-length front and rear kerf indicator
Things to Consider!
  • Does not have an LED or laser
  • Issues with corner-cutting

The Buying Guid Of Top Rated Circular Saws For Framing

Buying a power tool can be tricky as there are a ton of different features in a variety of off- the shelf models. In the following, we have short-listed the main features you should know about when buying a circular saw for framing.

  • Power Rating of Circular Saw

The first thing to focus on when searching for a power tool is the power rating which is a measure of electrical power it consumes when operated. As common sense dictates, the higher amperage gives more cutting power to your saw.

Since circular saws are available in both corded as well as battery-operated models, we can distinctively rate both categories separately.

In the case of corded circular saws, the most common way to describe power rating is the amount of current it uses also called amperage. You can easily find circular saws with a power rating of a minimum of 10 amperes to 18 amperes. Generally, a common standard of 15 amperes rating is mostly available.

Compared to the corded versions, the power rating of battery-operated circular saws is measured in terms of the voltage of their lithium ion-based batteries.

An additional rating is sometimes given in terms of ampere-hour which indicates the run time of the battery. There are battery-operated circular saws with a typical rating between 5 to 9 ampere-hours.

If you are a novice or casual/infrequent user, you may get a circular saw of 10-12 amperes. Although the price difference is not that great between these power ratings, you should opt for the one most appropriate for you.

  • Mechanical Drive Mechanism and speed

Although the electrical power rating is a direct measure of the cutting ability of a circular saw, the mechanical drive mechanism which delivers the power from the motor to the blade is also significantly important.

There are two drive mechanisms available in different models of circular saws namely sidewinder drive and worm drive. The costly and efficient worm drive mechanism is designed with a motor sitting just behind the blade while the power is transmitted through a worm gear.

The handle in these saws is positioned behind the blade giving them a well-balanced structure. Despite their higher cost, these saws are more popular with professionals and experienced woodworkers due to the fact that the worm drive transmits more torque to the blade making them more powerful.

Sidewinder or direct drive is the cheaper and most commonly available mechanism in the market.

It allows direct transmission of power via a spur gear from the motor which is placed just by the side of the blade.

As a consequence, these circular saws have high RPM but less torque as compared to saws with worm drive; so that these have excellent maneuverability, especially for applications involving operation in high over the head places.

Also, the speed of the blade rotation without any load is another good measure of the saw power. As a general rule of thumb, the more rotations per minute (RPM) a motor has, the more powerful it is. You can get a circular saw from the market with a no-load speed of 2500 RPM to 5500 RPM.

  • Corded Vs Battery Operated

As described above, the circular saws can be found in both corded as well as battery-operated versions. While the corded models are generally more powerful, the latest innovation in battery technology resulted in power tools with more power and operation time.

Therefore depending upon your work requirements, you can choose the appropriate circular saw.

  • Blade size, cutting, and bevel capacity

One of the most important factors when deciding a circular saw is the blade size which directly affects the cutting capacity of your saw. Generally, any saw is designed to accommodate only a specific blade size; hence you are pretty much restricted with the blade size for any given model.

The cutting capacity is a direct measure of the blade size. The larger the blade is, the deeper it has the ability to cut. Also, the blade can be tilted up to a certain angle (usually up to 45 degrees). The extent of cutting and beveling can add value to the efficiency of your circular saw.

  • Safety features

As you may have already known that power tools are dangerous if not used carefully. Therefore, it is always reasonable to look for any or all safety features available with the circular saw.

These safety features may include a blade guard and an electric brake which allows you to stop the blade quickly and safely and can potentially avoid a dangerous accident.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of being a professional framer or a DIY’er, one must use the best circular saw to get the framing done right and on time. Usually, every power tool business sells a circular saw, so choosing the right one for your framing needs can be challenging.

A good, reliable, powerful saw will help cut short work on a variety of tasks, from breaking down plywood sheets to making quick cuts for framing lumber.

So, whether you’re a DIY’er in quest of a lightweight cordless option or a professional seeking of a feature-loaded, heavy-duty, corded classic, our product reviews along with the buying guide will help you get a grip on what to look for.

Good Luck Framing!!!

People Also Asked For Best Framing Circular Saw

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

What is a framing circular saw blade?
The tooth-count on a blade is the deciding factor for the kind of project a blade will work best for. The lower tooth-count tends to make the rougher cuts. Usually, Framing blades have 24 teeth, while Plywood blades have at least 100 or finer teeth and speed is also important.
Should I buy a corded or cordless circular saw for framing?
A corded circular saw is ideal for construction jobs, cabinet-grade work, and heavy-duty framing; However, if your projects require occasional, small, or medium-sized framing job or breaking down plywood sheets, along with saving money, then go for the more affordable cordless circular saws.
Is it possible to use a circular saw to cut wet wood?
A circular saw is not recommended to cut wet wood because they have a fine-toothed blade, chainsaws, or other rough-toothed saws that are more suitable for cutting wet wood. Also cutting wet wood with Circular saws is dangerous because wet wood gets twisted and bent, making the blade load and bind on damp wood.

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