7 Best Circular Saw With Laser Guide In 2022

The circular saw holds a significant place amongst the power tools for carpenters, hobbyists, and home repair devotees as well as DIY enthusiasts.

From cutting down thick boards to thin panels, a circular saw equipped with a laser, makes it easy to cut through the wood by indicating the cutting line across it. This versatile feature in the circular saws is a must for any DIYer or a beginner who does not regularly do a lot of woodwork.

Here in this article, we have collected the 7 best budget-friendly circular saws with an extra advantage of laser guidance in built-in them, making it a handier tool for making accurate and straight cuts.

Top 7  Circular Saws With Laser Guide Reviews 2022

We have narrowed down this collection to only 7 power tools that are best in class, and we will provide a detailed analysis of these circular saws featuring a laser, to help you make an informed decision which you won’t have to regret later.

1. SKIL 5280-01 – With Single Beam Laser

SKIL 5280 is a 7-1/4 inch is a powerful circular saw with advanced features designed for the skilled user, which is fit for almost every job including deck building. With a 15 Amp motor that delivers 5,300 RPM no-load speed, and a 24 tooth carbide blade, this circular saw has all the power and performance needed to cut lumber and sheet goods quickly and easily.

Equipped with the single beam laser guide, this saw helps to indicate the line of cut accompanied with the integrated dust blower which blows off the sawdust, and both these features together ensure straighter cuts with increased accuracy. This saw is equipped with almost every feature except LED light and electric brakes.

Not only the laser light but this saw also features an Indicator Light to inform you when the saw is powered on. For user safety, this SKILSAW features a Guarded Trigger which helps Minimize accidental startups and an Anti-snag lower guard lessens obstacles when making narrow cut-offs.

This 6.95 pound, Lightweight circular saw accommodates up to 51-degree bevel capacity, with a positive stop at 45 degrees and 2 3/8 inch depth of cut, while the spindle lock makes blades changes easier providing flexibility to this saw, offering a variety of cut options on various materials.

The Expert Opinion
On the Whole, the Skil 5280-01 is a unique and handy choice for accuracy because of the laser beam when choosing circular saws. However, it isn’t well-suited for industrial and heavy-duty usage. Although this might not be the best saw for tough jobs it surely is a user-friendly circular saw for hobbyists or minor home improvement projects.
  • Easy to use
  • Well balanced and durable
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Laser guide for accuracy
  • Runs on very low electricity
  • Red beam laser hardly visible under sunlight.

2. Makita 5008MGA – With L.E.D Lights & Electric Brake

The Makita 5008MGA is an 8-1/4 inch Circular Saw built of highly long-lasting magnesium components making it lightweight (11.4 lbs.) too and a powerful 15 AMP Makita manufactured industrial motor delivering 5,200 RPM, potent enough to cut through even the dense lumber and so is capable to meet the professional user demands.

The 5008MGA is a well-balanced and durable circular saw which is easy to use with a maximum cutting capacity of 3 inches, making it perfect for framing walls, flooring, and roofing jobs, as well as general contractors who require an engineered circular, saw ripping plywood, OSB and board panels as well as dense structural panels alike.

Additional design specifics include two built-in L.E.D. lights that illuminate the line of cut for helping the operator during the cutting process ensuring increased accuracy, as well as a wider space between the blade and housing allows the blade and measurement scale to be visible clearly.

The saw has a maximum bevel capacity of 50° and the most common positive stops at 22.5° and 45° for quick backward and forward changes with oversized numbers and ruler markings. The 5008MGA additionally includes an electric brake to bring the blade to a quick stop for maximum efficiency, followed by a large clearance between the rear handle and the blade case for a better grip to make single-handed adjustments.

The Expert Opinion
It’s the perfect choice of a safe, efficient, and quality circular saw. 5008MGA is a tool for hard-working carpenters and serious contractors with the best and perfect cutting and will give you maximum performance for a long time. This saw allows one to plunge cut, pocket cut and even cuts through masonry and metal when used with the right blades.
  • Easier to control and handle
  • It provides a smooth and accurate cut line
  • It’s safe to use on and off the track
  • A robust but quiet motor
  • Increased visibility for the user
  • Motor housing is below the plate

3. Rockwell RK3440K – with Laser Indicator

You must have heard that Precision and control go hand in hand; Rockwell’s RK3440K proves this right. The multi-functional and ultra-compact Versacut has a rationalized design that offers its users control by allowing complex cuts made single-handedly. The Versacut has the capability to go where others can’t; it can easily fit in tight areas which are not accessible by regular circular saws.

With an ergonomically balanced design and a powerful 4.0-ampere rear-motor, this circular saw can make specialized results in wood, flooring, even plastic, ceramic tiles, or metal (using specific blades) by making use of the exclusive laser guide technology that indicates an exact cutting line helping you to plow through any of these projects with ease, every single time.

Plus the dust extraction adapter helps improve visibility furthermore by blowing off sawdust and keeping the cut line clear while cutting. The only 4 pounds Versacut’s slim grip handle improves user comfort in addition to decreasing fatigue. Its only drawback is the stiff plunge router/springs and requires a lot of effort to form bevel cuts.

For user safety, RK3440K features a lock-off switch to prevent accidental start-up; along with the robust all-metal inner and outer guard which accommodates safe and easy plunge cuts and into the bargain extends the product life too. Move the depth indicator to the required depth with the adjustment lever while the blade can be easily locked in.

The Expert Opinion
Rockwell RK3440K Versacut is a must-have because of the exceptional quality of the circular saw and its accessories. It is a compact, easy-to-store, portable, and powerful circular saw for regular carpentry or residential remodeling. Whether it is the laser point or the edge guide, this saw comes with all the features that are critical to domestic usage.
  • Compact, durable plus versatile
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Built-in laser guide
  • Suited for cutting aluminum, PVC
  • Good for plunge cuts and specified depths
  • expensive
  • Larger blade guard blocks view

4. BLACK+DECKER BDECS300C – with Laser

The BLACK+DECKER BDECS300C 7-1/4 inch Circular Saw features a 13 amp power to complete wide-ranging cuts regardless of the type of material, you are working on. The 13 amp motor rating with up to 5300 RPM blade speed accommodates various types of cutting applications to complete any job.

This saw has a laser guide for accurate cutting; this feature is particularly beneficial for beginners who are using a power tool as this cut line guide gives you the desirable confidence, assuring that this circular saw has the capacity to produce precision and accuracy in your cuts, regardless of the user.

With The BDECS300C circular saw, you can make easy-to-use bevel and depth adjustments with up to 45-degree bevel and a 7 ¼ inch thickness cutting range. Using this quality circular saw with its spindle lock design, blade changes can be made quickly and easily.

As opposed to most heavy-duty circular saws, the Black and Decker circular saw has a lightweight design weighing only 7 Pounds, diminishing any hand fatigue but is a well-built model all thanks to the durable and quality material construction.

The Expert Opinion
Overall, It is a convenient tool for beginner-level users and is a marvelous corded saw in its own league. However, it is strongly advised to keep your expectations aligned with the product’s price. It is recommended for smaller simpler projects like making wooden boxes, bookshelves, and stuff that doesn’t entail many angled cuts.
  • Easily Affordable and Durable
  • Spindle lock for blade replacement
  • Extra Hex Tool Key
  • Laser-guided vision
  • Suited for low-density materials

5. EnerTwist ET-CS-20C – with Laser Guide & Multifunction Cutting Blades

EnerTwist’s ET-CS20C is a cordless circular saw operated with a 4A h 20 volt Lithium-Ion battery pack charged through a 3.5-ampere charger. The powerful motor can rotate the 4-1/2 inch blade at a maximum of 3500 rotations per minute making it ideal for efficient cuts around tight corners.

With a gross weight of just 4.5 pounds, this highly maneuverable and lightweight saw is designed to cut 2×4 boards in a single swoop in addition to intricate trimming jobs. It has a retractable base making it more compact and an ideal candidate for plunge cutting. The cutting depth and bevel angle (0-45 degrees) can be easily adjusted for quick and accurate settings.

In addition to the parallel guide, this saw is also equipped with a laser light marker guiding the blade for precise and accurate straight cuts. The left-sided blade arrangement makes it sure to provide excellent cut line visibility. It also features a dust collection port which can be attached with a standard vacuum adapter for a clean environment.

It also has nice safety features like a battery protection circuit which safeguard against any overcharging and overloading. It is supplied with three different types of 4-1/2 inch blades; a 24 teeth carbide-tipped for cutting wood, a 60 teeth steel blade for cutting soft metals, and a diamond blade for tougher materials like concrete and stone. This saw is a great multipurpose mini circular saw for small tasks in tight spaces.

The Expert Opinion
A powerful yet portable mini circular saw; for cutting anything from wood to concrete owing to its variety of blades. It cuts smoothly and quickly but doesn’t cause too much kickback even with a single hand. It’s ergonomically designed grip is integrated with a safety trigger simultaneously providing comfort and control in one hand.
  • Battery operated powerful motor
  • The laser as well as parallel guides
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent for tight spaces
  • Blades for wood, soft metals, and tougher concrete
  • Supplied only with a single battery pack

6. GALAX PRO GP76321L – With Laser Guide and Graduated Ruler

It is a corded circular saw from GALAX PRO which specializes in power tool development. It runs on a powerful 12-ampere copper winding motor which can rotate at a shopping 5500 RPM. Its hardened gears and steel-reinforced chassis allow it to cut anything from wood to metals and ceramic tiles.

In addition to the graduate ruler, it also features a laser guide system for accurate and precise thickness adjustable cutting operations. It has multiple value addition and safety features like a robust plastic blade guard, a powerful blower for clearing the sawdust away, and a double switch to avoid any accident.

This saw has an excellent maximum cutting depth of 2-1/2 inches with up to 45 degrees bevel adjustments providing it with the flexibility of cuts. It is equipped with a 7-1/4 inch 24 teeth long-life carbide tipped blade for smooth cutting.

With a gross weight of 9.3 pounds and an ergonomic handle, GP76321L is designed for long cutting sessions without any fatigue. It is also provided a hex nut for quick and easy blade replacement. Equipped with a double controlling switch to provide maximum safety and easy access.

The Expert Opinion
This reasonably powerful saw is sturdy with a rigid base. It’s a medium to a heavyweight circular saw and is excellent for DIY’ers and pros alike. The dual laser and ruler guidance system is good for accurate cuts and overall good value for money.
  • Steel reinforced chassis
  • Laser guide for straight cuts
  • Graduated ruler for controlling the thickness
  • Hex nut for quick blade change
  • Makes a splintered mess.
  • Big toothed blade

7. POPOMAN SL-MTW80B – With Double Switch and Laser

POPOMAN’s SL-MTW80B is a battery-operated mini circular saw with a motor operating at 3400 RPM designed for light cutting. The 20-volt replaceable battery packs are compatible with standard 2Ah POPOMAN and TECCPO batteries and can be used interchangeably. It is supplied with a 2-ampere fast charger which charges it fully in just an hour.

The saw features a parallel guide as well as a laser guiding system to ensure precise and accurate straight cuts. The red laser shines to enhance visibility and convenience. Designed with a 9.5 inch wide thickened base plate, this saw has a sturdy built for handling larger workpieces, and can conveniently be operated single-handedly.

It has a maximum 1-11/16-inch vertical cutting capacity and a maximum of 45 degrees bevel angle which can be freely adjusted to any required value by the push of a button. The saw is supplied with a carbide-tipped blade for wood cutting and a high-strength steel blade for cutting metals.

It features a safety switch and blade guards to ensure safety. The battery pack at the rear of the saw along with 4.8 pounds weight and an ergonomic design, saw intends for a comfortable and fatigue-less cutting. The cordless saw also has an elbow-style dust port for keeping your workpiece clean for accurate cutting.

The Expert Opinion
The POPOMAN’s 4-½ inch Mini circular saw (SL-MTW80B) is one of the best mini cordless circulars saw currently available in the market. The sturdy and robust saw gives precise cutting without any doubt. An excellent choice for casual users and for do-it-yourself folks.
  • Cordless motor with 2Ah battery
  • Fast charging (1 hour)
  • Wider and thickened base plate
  • Double safety switch to avoid any accident
  • Two blades (one for wood other for metals)
  • Low battery time
  • Relatively costly

Is It Worth Having a Laser Guide Circular Saw?

Indeed, it is worth having a circular saw with laser guidance. Since the laser allows one to follow a cut line on a material or plywood sheets, And because it extends several feet in front of the saw, it becomes easier to get the cut going straight, leaving behind very accurate cuts.

Especially For cutting down sheet goods, the laser on a circular saw is one of the best applications added to this tool. However, if you find a good quality L.E.D light on your circular saw, it is a lot more convenient and helpful than laser guidance.

What Are The Benefits of a Circular Saw With a Laser Guide?

Laser guides are most helpful for newbies, homeowners, and DIY’ers who just have to do woodworking occasionally because they help achieve accurate and straight cuts. Professionals do not require laser guidance as much as occasional woodworkers do, however, who would mind an accurate and bright laser when it comes at a reasonable price with a circular saw.

Following are some listed benefits of a laser guide in a circular saw:

  • Most circular saws feature a built-in laser guide to help you make specified and accurate cuts.
  • Laser guides work by projecting a beam of light onto the workpiece to be cut and help to improve cutting accuracy.
  • The laser guide offers you to make perfectly straight cuts even along bigger, longer boards with much ease and lesser effort.
  • Laser guides eliminate the need for escorts or clamps to assist you in making straight and precise cuts.
  • A built-in laser guide can prove to be really helpful if you are a new user of the saw.
  • As circular saws equipped with a laser indicate the location of the cutting line, this is a very handy feature for making straight cuts.

The Buyer’s Guide of Laser Guide Circular Saw

To ease you off in your perusal of the best circular saw with a laser guide, here we present some of the key features that you should carefully consider before buying one:

  • Laser guide

As we are mainly focused on the best saw with a laser guide, the very first thing is to look for the primary feature: The Laser Guide. Laser guides relieve you from the need for conventional guides or clamps for making accurate and precise straight cuts which some models still have.

There are several models of circular saws available with laser markers available in the market and most of them use a similar design. Depending on your eyesight/vision in sunlight as well as indoors, you should look for an appropriately colored laser that you can easily identify.

  • Motor Power

As a general rule of thumb, the power a circular saw is, the better it will perform. The power of a circular saw motor is generally measured in terms of operating current (ampere) and rotations per minute (RPM) essentially mentioned on the tool itself.

Another feature influencing the power of a tool is the drive mechanism by which the power is transmitted from the motor to the blade. Most of the power tools have direct-drive also known as sidewinder designs wherein power is transferred to the blade through a spur gear.

Although these are relatively less powerful and less efficient than the second type (worm drive) they hold the advantage of being cheaper.

  • Size, Type, and Changeability of saw Blade

Generally, any saw is designed around a specific blade size which means that once a circular saw is purchased, the blade size is fixed. Therefore if your requirement is cutting larger workpieces then it is recommended to purchase a circular saw with a larger blade.

After a saw is purchased, you can only play with the type of blade. Many manufacturers these days supply you with more than one type of blade along with the saw unit so you need not worry about types of blades.

In such cases, it becomes more important to look at the blade changing mechanism carefully. A spindle-type lock allows you to change the blade quickly and effortlessly and can save a lot of time.

  • Corded Vs Cordless

One of the major differences in circular saws is regarding the power source. While most of the circular saws available in the market are corded AC versions, there are some very good cordless models operating on a battery pack.

Despite a little underpowered, these battery-operated circular saws are quite handy for off-site and/or overhead jobs. You can choose the type of circular saw as per your needs and budget.

  • Bevel/cutting capacity and additional features

The cutting depth of a circular saw is mostly a function of its blade size. Nevertheless, most of the circular saws accommodate similar bevel capabilities.

Additionally, these saws have supplementary features like dust collection/clearance mechanism and cutting/metallic guides, etc. These features play an important role and provide value addition in terms of improving accuracy, efficiency as well as saving time.

  • Safety Features

Power tools are inherently dangerous and reasonably sufficient safety considerations have to be taken in order to avoid any accident.

The circular saws offer a variety of safety elements starting from blade guards to electric brakes and double safety trigger switches all of which help ensure user safety and any decision to purchase a saw must take this factor into account.

Wrapping  Up

Circular saws are the most affordable, easy to use, and flexible power tools in one’s tool arsenal. Most of the circular saws available in the market are budget-friendly and provide some extra features to come in handy for novice users and homeowners.

Laser guides help improve cutting accuracy, especially when cutting down plywood sheets or lumber, the laser on a circular saw is one of the best applications added to this powerful tool. It is a lot more convenient and helpful to cut materials with laser guidance, so choose wisely as we have enlisted the best circular saws with laser guides in this article.

People Also Asked About For Circular Saws With Laser Guide

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

How much does a circular saw with a laser guide cost?
You can easily find a number of good circular saws with many extra features like the laser guideline Below $100.
Which size of the circular saw should I buy with a laser guide?
The most common and useful size of a circular saw for DIY’ers and novice workers who require laser guidance the most is 7 and 1/4 inches. Saws this size are suitable for most medium-sized projects because they will cut through more than 3 inches thicker materials, and most of them are multi-purpose as they offer a wide variety of blade selections for cutting materials other than wood.

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