10 Best Compact Miter Saw In 2022

A compact miter saw is a miter saw that has a blade that is less than 10″ in diameter. It does not only save time but since they are compact and smaller they can save you efforts while getting the job done. These are the most appropriate tools for jobs that require working on smaller workpieces as the sliding ones can get you 12 inches of cross-cut on 2x material. The most common compact miter saw sizes available in the market are 7-1/4”, and 8-1/5”.

Be it modern-day carpentry, fine woodworking, and general construction, you can achieve it all within an eye blinks time just with the perfect tools. So why not get something that would make cutting and crafting jobs easier for you? As they say, good things come in small packages; the compact miter saws available globally in the market proves this saying to be true!

Top 10 Compact Sliding Miter Saws Reviews 2022

We have gathered the top 10  compact miter saws which indeed are very good as we won’t recommend anything unless we’d actually use it ourselves and we want you to trust us with this list when deciding on buying that best compact saw. It’s all about giving you a genuine recommendation and providing an honest opinion of each product.

1. DEWALT DCS361B – Best dual bevel compact miter saw

Equipped with revolutionary features like accuracy, high cut capacity, essential lighting, dual bevel, and now dual power, DEWALT has persistently led the charge in miter saw innovation.

DCS361 is a cordless miter saw which operates on a 20 Volt Max battery which has a maximum capacity of 183 cuts on 2×4 pine or 275 cuts on 3-1/4 pine baseboards. This 7-1/4-inch compact sliding saw featuring a single left bevel from -3 degrees to 48 degrees offers an integrated XPS cross cut locating system to provide fine-tuning cut line indication for accuracy and visibility.

The in essence is a compact, lightweight design weighing 31.6 lbs. which allows easy carry, transport, and storage. It features a cam lock miter handle for quick and accurate miter angles, in conjunction with a detailed miter system and machined base fence support to optimize stability and cutting accuracy.

This saw can endure the most common cuts needed with a 3 1/2-inch maximum vertical, 3 5/8-inch crown nested, and 2×8 inch horizontal cutting capacity. Moreover, the adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate has 10 positive stops for value-added output and cutting accuracy; with an oversized bevel scale for easier exact bevel angle adjustments.

The Expert Opinion
This DEWALT’S 20V compact  saw makes mitering appear easy because it cuts easily cleanly about 8″ wide boards at a right angle and around 5-7/8″ on a 45-degree angle. It is a very useful addition for entry-level trim carpenters and flooring installers due to its lightweight and ease of use.
  • Swift, accurate miter angle stops
  • Cordless
  • High-quality built
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely quiet
  • Battery and charger not included

2. Makita LS0815F – Best for Baseboard

Makita’s growing line-up of the finest-in-class miter saws that provide accuracy and portability for a variety of cutting applications and the LS0815F is part of it. This saw is perfect for baseboard and installing crown moldings and wooden flooring, quality carpentry, cabinet, and furniture construction, general construction, and much more.

The LS0815F is an 8-1/2 inch sliding compound miter saw powered by a direct drive motor of 10.5 amperes with a soft start feature for users to experience a smoother start-up and persistent power without any belts to slip or replace. This miter saw is a combination of compactness and lightweight with an electric brake for added convenience.

Bonus features of the 31.1 lbs. weighing LS0815F include a transparent blade guard system for greater visibility of the blade, as well the line-of-cut together with the illuminating built-in LED light. The ergonomic rubber horizontal D-handle design provides for a better fitting and ease of use along with the large activation switch, designed for easier maneuver.

LS0815F sliding mechanism features a linear ball bearing system to produce reproducibility and accuracy. The larger 12” crosscutting capacity at a right angle, positive stops on both miter as well as bevel scales along with larger miters angle capacity of up to 60° on the right side makes the woodwork quick and efficient.

The Expert Opinion
Powerful yet portable, this Makita compact sliding miter saw is an ideal cutting solution for many projects oscillating from woodworking and carpentry to applications like finishing, trimming, and flooring, and crown molding installations.
  • Compact yet lightweight
  • Powerful 10.5-ampere motor
  • Delivers 5000 rpm
  • Easy job site portability
  • lesser maintenance required
  • Cheap plastic parts
  • The light behind the fence casts a shadow on the whole cutting area

3. Bosch CM8S – Extremely Stable

Bosch is a pioneer tool manufacturer providing power tools and their accessories. CM8S is an 8-1/2 inch single bevel sliding compound miter saw weighing only 37 pounds features a Bosch special design, providing a rational saw with a top transport handle at the center of gravity.

In conjunction with an adjustable front foot, CM8S features an integrated extension base that could extend on both sides to stabilize the saw while supporting larger workpieces albeit the lighter weight of the saw.

The easy to read bevel & miter scales, miter detent override, and its peculiar bevel lock lever & turret stops positioned on a side collectively contribute towards easy and quick adjustment of bevel settings without the need to move front to back for adjustment every time.

With a crosscut capacity similar to a 12-inch blade, this 10-inch miter saw outperforms many of the miter saws available in the market while being 30% lighter. The exclusive design of the CM8S miter saw has a top carry handle at the center of gravity for definitive portability and a clear lower guard offers a lot more safety.

The Expert Opinion
This single-bevel miter saw has an excellent cutting performance, hence lets us plow through both thick and detailed cuts with effortlessness. Also when tested for sawdust extraction, if it is connected to a dust extractor, it also remarkably picks up a lot more sawdust.
  • The ergonomic design of the carrying handle allows portability.
  • After installing the appropriate blade, it can cut non-ferrous metals like aluminum
  • The see-through lower guard provides a clear view of the saw
  • No brake on blade

4. CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 – Cut Wood Without Power

Craftsman has made a name out of producing some of the finest power tools today. The CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 is a compact sliding saw which is amongst the most common models that are ideal for severe carpentry and construction.

This is a 20 Volts; very lightweight (21.8 pounds) cordless sliding miter saw powered by a powerful motor running at 3,800 RPM. It can easily cut through hardwoods, trim boards, and even lumber. The 7-1/4 inches sliding blade can be used for a cross-cut with a capacity up to 8 inches. Featured with a single bevel design and 9 miter detents, this saw is ideal for angled cuts.

The ergonomic design has side carry handles making it conveniently portable with its 21.8 pounds’ weight. The LED light marks a prominent cut line for reproducible, accurate, and easy Cuts. The 4.0 Ah battery allows it for a day-long working time (a maximum of 585 cuts are reported in 3-1/4 inch MDF base on a single charge).

The Expert Opinion
This cordless compact miter saw is a blessing for someone who will possibly be cutting wood where there is no power; however, this is not the best solution for a permanent shop saw.
  • Exceptionally convenient (would still work in places power)
  • Numerous cuts on a single charge
  • Legitimately Lightweight
  • Can cut up to 8” boards (square cuts)
  • The LED light makes a blade shadow to mark the cutting line
  • Dust bag included
  • Even with the attached dust bag, it spews a lot of dust.
  • Slide action isn’t very smooth.
  • Not as dominant as “plug-in” saws

5. DEWALT  DCS361M1 – Lightweight cordless small miter saw

DEWALT is one of the go-to brands for job site professionals around the world. The DEWALT DCS361M1 is a 31.6 lbs. lightweight cordless small miter saw which uses a 20V max battery pack (DCB204) to provide 183 cuts of 2×4 pine – or 275 cuts of 3-1/4 pine baseboard on average.

It proposes an integrated XPS cross cut positioning system indication for precision and better visibility which offers for an adjustment-free cut line. This 7 ¼” single bevel sliding miter saw features a single left bevel only ranging from -3Degrees to 48Degrees left.

This will handle most of the common cuts with a 3 1/2-inch maximum vertical, 3 5/8-inch crown nested, and 2×8 inch horizontal cutting capacity. To improve productivity and cut precision, the adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate has 10 positive stops with an oversized bevel scale to make accurate and easy bevel angle adjustments.

The strong machined base fence support of this miter saw optimizes durability and cutting accuracy along with a precise miter system and cam-lock miter handle which distributes quick and accurate miter angles. However, the lightweight design allows for easy transportation and storage of the saw.

The Expert Opinion
The  miter saw is tough enough built of heavy gauge aluminum, with a big enough battery to get you through an 8 hour extended cordless performance.
  • Easy setup and portability
  • Well-built and durable power tool
  • Accurate bevel adjustments
  • AC option not included
  • Poor run time is a major problem

6. Bosch GCM18V – Cordless Power Beast

This miter saw from Bosch power tools is a combination of professional cutting capability with ultimate portability to supply an actually mobile, cordless mitering solution to the job site. This 8-1/2 inch single-bevel, sliding compound miter saw provides a 3-5/8-inch nested crown cutting capacity, and an exceptional cutting range from 47° left to 47° right against the fence.

This cordless power tool weighs a reasonable 31.5 pounds and offers some excellent capacity for its size, providing a 10-5/8 inch crosscut capacity. It is equipped with an innovative BITURBO Brushless Technology, which is a brushless high-performance motor and drive-train system plotted to take full benefit of the additional power generated by 8 Ah and 12 Ah CORE18V batteries.

This saw exceptionally delivers 377 cuts in a single charge when running on a CORE18V 8 Ah battery. To precisely align the cut line to the blade, this miter saw features an accurate laser guide system with accurately centered sliding bars, resulting in a very smooth and easy saw sliding. It also offers a dust chute and dust bag, for an effective saw dust collection for a miter saw.

The Expert Opinion
The high-power cells in this compact  saw use enhanced 21700 cell technology, combined with advanced battery design for greater efficiency, can transmit more power for a longer period of time. This cutting-edge battery cell design is engineered to improve performance and can be of optimum use on the job site all day.
  • Would work all day on a single charge
  • Accurate laser guide system
  • The laser quickly gets choked by sawdust which is difficult to sweep clean

7. RYOBI ONE – Best for Small / DIY project

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ range has almost 175 innovative products providing solutions for a plethora of versatile jobs. Pioneering cordless tools with groundbreaking lithium-ion technology, RYOBI has a solution for anything you can think of from plumbing, cutting, drilling, driving, and rocking to trimming, edging, mowing, and clearing.

Ryobi’s new One+ is a cordless 7-1/4 inch 19 lbs. small size chop saw that works on an 18 volts battery. Powered by a heavy-duty 9 amp motor, it’s 24 toothed carbide-tipped blades can move at a whopping 5,100 RPM to make difficult cuts or a variety of small cuts neatly in wood.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it a great tool for any DIY projects around your home or moving from job site to job site as it has 2 x 4 inches cutting capacity and 4-1/4 inches crosscut capacity making it ideal for any small / DIY project.

This awesome saw features a machined and casts miter scale for accuracy with miter stops located at the most common angles for quick cut settings: 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45° left and right along with a spindle lock for easy blade changes. A large 1-1/4 inch dust port when connected to any standard dust collection system helps keep the work area clean by maximizing saw dust collection.

The Expert Opinion
RYOBI One+ compact compound miter saw is appropriate for molding and smaller jobs with an extended miter range from 47° left and right for a wide variety of cuts. This saw is most suitable for DIY’ers and homeowners, however, this saw is not recommended for a professional contractor but for guys like me, a do-it-yourself enthusiast, it’s perfect.
  • Very quiet motor
  • Accurate trims and cuts
  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely easy portability
  • no laser guidance
  • Battery and charger not included

8. Kobalt – Best for Molding and framing

Kobalt 7-1/4 inches sliding miter saw from Lowe’s, a tech giant in the fields of tools, home renovations, appliances, and more, is a light weighted (23 pounds) compound saw with a powerful 10.0 Amp ball-bearing motor roaring at 5,000 RPM for accurate cuts. This saw with innovative compact rail is designed for portability and reduced operational workspace.

On the upfront is mounted a tool-less adjustable laser guide system which highlights accurate pre-cutting line for detailed accurate alignment along with a dual slide rail system with linear bearings which allows for a smooth and precise cutting job. This miter saw provides miter cuts up to 50 degrees left and right with 9 positive stops at the most common angles.

It also features an electric brake and a spindle lock for safety with a tall, die-cast aluminum fence for additional support during setup and cutting procedure with the hold-down clamp which holds the workpiece firmly during miter, bevel, and compound cuts. This tool has a maximum crosscut capacity of up to 2-inches x 8-inches which is the ideal capability for molding and framing cuts.

The Expert Opinion
Overall this miter saw is sturdy and worth the money spent on it since it does cut well with a powerful motor. Though the laser guide is a bit incorrect, it shouldn’t concern the professional woodworkers.
  • The heavy power motor does not boggle during cutting
  • Accurate cuts
  • The slide mechanism works smoothly
  • The spring-based level bolt is unstable
  • Sawdust bag on the back/top is not very effective

9. Milwaukee 2733-21 – Best  for Big Household Projects

This is one of the best small miter saws from Milwaukee for heavy-duty ventures which can handle a lot of burdens. It can process a whole range of wood varieties with accuracy and robustness, guaranteeing the safety of use. When employed properly, this dual-bevel saw is sure to provide great results in smaller time frames.

The Milwaukee M18 fuel is a 7-1/4 inch sliding compound compact dual bevel miter saw, weighing a light 35 lbs. which is designed to increase output & efficiency on the job site with accuracy, portability & high performance working on a battery.

Dual bevel functionality provides users the ease of use with maximum productivity to make a diversity of cuts without needing to flip or turn the workpiece again and again, with a combination of the power state brushless motor & M18 red Lithium XC5.0 battery which can deliver an incredible over 600 cuts in a single charge for use all day long.

This tool has a capacity to go through 10-12-inch-thick hardwood, plywood, and even plastic, without any scuffing or gashes however this saw doesn’t have a laser but the shadow of the blade is used as a reference for exact cutting. So it can be used for hardwood flooring, trim work, installing decking, and a variety of other stuff without any distress.

The Expert Opinion
The saw glides pretty smooth and is perfect for people who are working on big household projects and don’t want to change the tool every time for little details although it doesn’t have a laser but does use the shadow of the blade as a reference.
  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty cutting
  • Perfect for slicing
  • Heavy

10. Metabo HPT C8FSHES – Best for Trim Carpenters

Hitachi power tools have renamed Metabo HPT with the same quality tools but a new name. The Metabo HPT C8FSHES 8-1/2 inch sliding compound miter saw weighing only 36.8lbs is an ideal choice for woodworkers and cutters working with trim and frames who request precision, reliability, and mobility in one tool.

It is powered by a 9.5 Ampere motor with a no-load speed of 5,500 RPM to smoothly handle all the hardest cutting tenders with a linear ball bearing slide system which provides for added comfort and greater accuracy with lightweight portability.

This chop saw is capable of precise compound cuts with a 48-degree bevel angle left and 5-degree bevel angle right with positive miter stops for quick adjustments to both left and right at common 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 angles.

The perfect miter saw features a laser for exact alignment and anticipated blade placement along with the LED which lights up the table from any angle for bright visibility. The Adjustable pivot fence structured broadly holds the workpiece in place, such as crown molding lying flat, for better stability while the cutting procedure.

The Expert Opinion
This  miter saw is a sturdy construction for standing up to job site portability and tough tasks while maintaining accurate measurements with the laser marker and an adjustable LED work light for cutting accuracy, with a good dust collection system.
  • Adjustable pivot fence
  • Electronic speed control
  • Dust collector attachment
  • However not as smooth as an old Hitachi

What size does the Compact Miter Saw come in?

A miter saw is a very skillful tool in a hardware shop, it’s an essential carpentry gadget as they are designed to make crosscuts and miter cuts in a workpiece by drawing a mounted circular saw blade down onto that piece which has already been placed below on a flat surface. A compact miter saw falls under the category of a less than 10-inch diameter blade; they come in 7-¼ inch, and 8-½ inch size. An efficient solution for smaller wooden articles but the sliding ones can still cut 12-inches of crosscut for your 2x material.

These compact miter saws are light enough to go anywhere with you and small enough to fit anywhere whether it’s a small bench or mounted up on the wall. When it comes to performance, these ones are no less than the bigger saws.

You’d find almost the same 12-inch miter saw features on these compact ones like high torque power motor, soft start, XPS, electric brakes, and ball bearings for smooth, linear slide, and many more. These compact portable miter saws are ideal for all carpentry jobs, from woodworking trims to floor and baseboard installations. The smaller size gives you the extra cutting capacity to work on moldings or baseboards.

A 7 ¼ inch miter saw has a 2×8-inch horizontal cutting capacity, along with a 3 ½-inch vertical base and 3 5/8-inch nested crown. The slider on them allows 8-inch cross-cut at 90 degrees angle and 5.5 inches at 45 degrees.

And an 8½ inch compact saw has a 12-inch crosscut capacity at 90 degrees and an 8-1/2-inch crosscut at 45 degrees. Even some models like Bosch can crosscut a 12 ¾ inch board same as their 10-inch saw and is lighter in weight.

A lot of good can be done with this small tool and at a very good price. Though compact miter saws have a good cross-cutting capacity you cannot expect to get big construction or wooden jobs done with these ones. A perfect tool for beginners or Diyer’s looking to build simple furniture or cabinets or installing trim moldings or baseboards.

The Complete User Guide of Best Small & Compact Miter Saws

With miter saws, one doesn’t require a lot of learning as they are normally easy to control and run for even beginners and the compact miter saws give one more control and offer a lot more portability as well.

  • Accuracy and Power

One of the main features worth considering when looking for a small size miter saw is how smoothly and accurately it cuts through different materials. Keeping in view your requirement for whether you need the miter saw for the crown or base molding of timber, pine, aluminum, or pressures-treated boards, you can experiment with different chop saws for power as well as the accuracy of cuts.

The average power of a saw (cordless or otherwise) is usually around 10 amperes and it may undergo varying levels of vibrations while cutting through tougher materials. You have to experiment with cross cuts, mitering, beveling, etc. to check how clean it leaves the cut and how easily it can be calibrated.

  • Portability

Portability is the next big thing for a miter saw as it makes up for the loss in cutting capacity. Generally, portability is measured in terms of easiness to carry a miter saw around and one of the main factors is the weight of the saw.

Generally, the weight of the saw varies from around 20 pounds up to approximately 35 pounds. Anything heavier than this would be difficult to move around and hence may not be suitable for contractors and DIY’ers. Also, it is a general trend that the lightweight a miter saw is, the more it has been compromised on power.

  • Cutting Capacity

The standard cutting position is at right angles but this does not mean that miter saws can only perform 90° cuts; you can swap the blade to different common angles, most commonly 45° which lets users make swift angled cuts for different workpieces.

8 ½ inch saw with their excellent cutting capacity can easily slice a 12-1/4 timber board at 90 degrees and 8-5/8-inches wooden board at 45 degrees. Though these saws are less in pounds they have a full crosscut capacity on up to 2×12 inch timber and a 45-degree cross capacity on a 2×8 inch board.

  • Miter and Bevel capacity

The cutting capacity of a miter saw cannot be fully described without discussing miter and bevel angle capacities. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can opt for a miter saw with either a single or double bevel design. Although most compact saws only have a single bevel design. You should expect wider miter and bevel angle ranges with positive stops at the most common angle positions for quick adjustment.

Also, better saws have an easier-to-use bevel and miter controls and can be ranked higher for being a choice of professional contractors enabling them to change cut settings quickly and easily.

  • Cut Line Markers

Cutline markers are the next big thing to look for when purchasing a chop saw. The most common method to get a cut line marker is either to use laser light or an LED indicator. The laser has its own advantage in marking the exact place where the blade would be cutting but it needs calibration and in some cases, it is positioned such that sawdust accumulates on top of it.

In comparison to the laser marker system, the LED indicator system utilizes the so-called “shadow line” where an LED is placed above the blade such that it casts the shadow of the blade underneath on the cutting board. And since this system can be used from little to broad daylight, shadow line markers are more popular with pros.

  • Dust Collection mechanism

Since a miter saw is a cutting tool, it generates sawdust and a lot of it. Dust collection is much of a challenge for almost any miter saw in the market. All miter saws have designs having a dust collection port behind the blade to sweep the generated sawdust in. This port either has a dust collection bag attached to it or a vacuum system can be connected to the port for easy extraction of dust.

A new improved design of the dust collection for miter saws can direct more sawdust into the bag than the previous models. Most of these ports are compatible with the common vacuum system hoses existing in the workshops.


Compact miter saws are a great strength for your frequent or occasional woodworking. Not only does it facilitate cutting and beveling, but the best miter saw still functions as a compact, capable power tool for Pros helping you in perfecting your crafts. Acquire a lighter miter saw for regular in-house repairs, DIY projects, or choose a heftier one to do some heavy-duty cutting. Go get hold of the Top compact miter saw out of these and turn the tables with just the right skills.

People Also Asked About For Compact Miter Saws 2022

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Can a small miter saw cut metal?
Miter saw is a versatile tool with adjustable angles that can cut a variety of materials but they are specifically designed to cut wood and composites for different construction and woodworking jobs. Sometimes your job requires you to cut thin sheets of metal, read the miter saw manual to confirm if that saw and blade is suitable for cutting metal. But in our opinion, it is not very safe to cut metal with a compact miter saw; you can always use the hacksaw which is an original metal-cutting tool.
How to cut outside corner baseboard on a small miter saw?
Cutting baseboard outside angle is different than cutting any 2×4 board because baseboards require immaculate cuts and clean edges. You’d have to cut outside corners for all four walls by setting the bevel at 45 degrees and the miter to 0 degrees. Mark the measurements on the baseboard using a pencil and cut the board keeping the front side a little bit longer than the backside to easily join the corner after everything has been cut. Take your time cutting so your corners don’t mess up and always test the fitting before you nail them.

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