Dewalt Dws779 vs Dws780 – Which One’s Perfect ?

As times are progressing there is more and more competition in the business world as each product produced is even better than the last one. The same is the case in the woodworking business where the need for a powerful and efficient tool is undeniable. A tool that can give swift clean cuts with precision and requires minimum time to do so. A tool that can be used by professionals and beginners alike.

Dewalt is a renowned brand that has an admirable reputation for delivering world-class high-end power tools. They have been operating since 1923 and producing a wide range of professional quality tools that are durable and handy. We have narrowed it down to two such Dewalt miter saws and compared them to assist users in deciding which one should work best for them.

Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw Review

The Dewalt (DWS779) Sliding compound Miter saw has a 12” blade and has a motor speed of 3800 RPM, uses 15 amp of current, and a voltage of 110 volts. It has multiple useful features like a system that collects 75% of wood dust so there is very little to sweep up when you get done.

Most of its features are easily adjustable without much use of any tools. This miter saw is powerful and accurate, cuts up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×12 at 45°. It has proven to be tough and durable in the field as well. Tall sliding fences support 7-1/2 in. of crown nested. It also has a cam lock miter that makes working with repetitive angles a lot easier.

Dewalt (DWS779) has dimensions of 21x17x17 inches and weighs about 58 pounds. It uses a metric measurement system to deliver precise square clean cuts. This saw is built to be extremely user friendly, therefore it is very easy to arrange and get started with. Moreover, it contains safety features that make it handy and convenient for beginners as well.

  • Features and Specifications

The DWS779 miter saw has a 12” blade. It is dual beveled and has a corded power source and no batteries. The miter type is a sliding compound. The tool uses 15 amp and a voltage of 120V. The motor type is brushed and has a no-load speed of 3800rpm.

Miter angle to the left is 50 degrees and to the right is 60 degrees. The tool weighs around 58 lbs. and the arbor size is 5/8 inch. It has a cut guidance system but is not compatible with wi-fi. The dimensions of this DWS779 are 24.75”x23”x17”. The blade size is not changeable from 12”.

  • Mitering System

The DWS779 miter saw has a detailed and accurate miter system and machined base support. The saw is capable of miter cuts of 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left. It has a very strong and durable detent plate that is made up of stainless steel that has 10 positive stops.

The miter angles are set keeping in mind the most commonly used angles. With other tools, the user has to constantly check the alignment but because of the predetermined stops, the user is able to save time while achieving maximum precision.

Moreover, the miter is made up of stainless steel which due to its weight does not move much. This gives an added advantage because this way the working surface does not move much during cutting and the user does not have difficulty when using it.

  • Dual-Bevel Adjustment System

The saw has a dual bevel adjustment system which means that the material does not have to be flipped when the user is working on it. The bevel angle can be set using detents (stops) for the most commonly used angles 0°-48° both left and right. There are positive bevel stops at 0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°, and 48° and the vertical cutting thickness is up to 6-3/4 inches.

The bevel scale is intentionally kept big in size so that reading stops are easier for the user and efficiency is further increased.

  • Cam Lock Miter Handle

DWS779 has a cam-lock miter handle that has a detent override which is a very useful feature if you are working with the same angle over and over again. This way you do not have to set the angle continuously which in turn saves time and increases efficiency without having to compromise on the quality of the work.

  • Efficient Dust Management

This miter saw comes with a dust collection system that makes working with this saw even more convenient. The dust chute and port collect all the dust and transfer it to the dust bag. About 75% of dust is collected this way giving another advantage to the user as dust is not constantly blown around which is harmful to health and also saves the time which would otherwise be used to sweep up the dust.

  • Back Fence Design

Tall sliding fences provide support when cutting tall crown molding. It can cut nested crowns and base moldings that are 7.75 inches tall and has a vertical capacity of 6.75 inches. The back fence design gives the user the option to cut up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×12 at 45°. Furthermore, Innovative gearbox and belt-drive design increase vertical cutting capacity.

DWS779 does not come with an LED (but it can be bought separately) or laser cutting guide, but if you are a professional, then the best guiding system is your eyes, which can help you cut any angles accurately.

  • Arbor Size

Most tools have only one fixed arbor size making it specific for small or large projects. But DWS779 has two arbor sizes: 5/8-inch and 1-inch which makes it easy to use for big as well as smaller projects.

Does Dewalt dws779 have a laser?
No, Dewalt dws779 doesn’t come with a laser guide system. But you can buy an LED guide separately as some users would find it difficult to operate without this system. LED is not a laser but it puts a shadow line on the wood piece where the blade will cut, which has proven to be good enough for most users as it is sufficient to handle different types of surfaces and provides good accuracy and in a very reasonable price, LED will basically turn it into the expensive DWS780 model.
What blade comes with the Dewalt dws779?
Dewalt bundles the DWS779 with a 12-inch 60-tooth fine finish blade. This blade is made up of stainless steel and is durable and is able to withstand tough work conditions.
How to unlock a Dewalt miter saw dws779?
Unlock the head, down lock, push-lock, and angle lock simply by pressing their knobs. To unlock the Knurled Knob Lock you just have to twist its knob anticlockwise and it will open. To unlock the bevel lock slide the stopping pin that is usually at the base of the saw.
  • 12-inch stainless steel blade
  • Durable stainless steel miter detent plate
  • Cam-lock miter handle for cutting materials of the same measurements
  • Two different arbor sizes (5/8-inch and 1-inch)
  • Considerably cheaper than other saws
  • Doesn’t come with an XPS system
  • An insufficient dust collection system
  • Doesn’t have a blade guard

Dewalt DWS780 Miter Saw Review

The Dewalt DWS 780 sliding compound miter saw has a 12-inch blade, powerful 15-amp 3,800 rpm motor with an integrated XPS cross cut positioning system that enables adjustment-free cut line indication with improved precision, better visibility, and repeatable accuracy.

The innovative blade alignment feature requires no recalibration after changing blades or with continued usage along-with making it more durable. It is a dual beveled corded power source saw that runs without batteries. Comes with a new handle design that enhances portability.

The machine-based fence support added stability, and an exclusive back fence design cuts up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×10 at 45° and miters 60° and 50° to the right and left respectively offers increased capacity and durability.

  • Features and Specifications

The adjustable stainless-steel miter detent plate with ten positive stops help achieve accuracy coupled with better productivity that is bound to deliver a smooth sliding action. This miter saw comes with an improved built-in dust accumulation mechanism that captures up to 75% of the dust generated from woodworking.

Cam lock miter, electronic soft start, detent override, bevel crown stops, blade wrench, innovative gearbox, and belt drive design with easy miter and bevel adjustments are some of the top class features this tool offers, ensures repeatable accuracy that further provides efficiency, and mobility that every carpenter, woodworkers, and installers require.

Further, the miter saw’s stainless steel detent plate and strong- safeguard features such as bevel adjustments, machine-based moldings, and fences exhibit the ability to resist job site tough conditions and supplements durability and accuracy. It weighs around 56 lbs.

  • Mitering System

This Dewalt DWS 780 is a dual-beveled saw with a detailed and accurate miter system, powerful base support, and a corded power source. The saw features an adjustable stainless-steel miter detent plate with ten positive stops that combined with an integrated XPS cross cut positioning system enables adjustment-free cut line indication with improved precision, better productivity, and repeatable cutting accuracy.

The miter angle can be set at 0° to 60° to the right, 0° to 50° to the left (common ranges 0°, 15°, 22.5° 31.62°, 45°) for maximum cut capacities, bevels 0° to 45° degree left and right, exclusive back fence design that cuts up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×10 at 45°, baseboard lying flat has the capacity to cut up to 16 inches horizontally and against fence up to 6-3/4 inch vertically with crown molding up to 7-1/2 inch vertically nested to support tall sliding fences.

Further, the angle adjustments between different detents made swift with the functionality of a cam lock miter switch. Furthermore, the saw’s capacity for vertical cutting increases with the inclusion of an innovative gearbox and belt-drive design that creates an overall productive, accurate, and convenient work experience.

  • XPS Positioning system

Dewalt DWS 780 saw has introduced a leading and innovated XPS integrated system that has an ultra-bright LED light to show the user where the blade will cut the surface thereby defining the cutting angles with greater precision. The additional advantage is that the user does not need to adjust the blade every time as the LED light produces a shadow line on the work surface that is suitable for cutting in all environmental settings (even in dark or low light working conditions).

  • Dual-Bevel Adjustment System

The dual bevel process built in this saw enables swift and accurate bevel adjustments in both left and right direction and its highly visible scale along with the XPS positioning system makes it compatible with all work conditions. Bevels from 0° to 45° degrees can be fixed with stops (detents) at 0°, 15°, 22.5° 33.90°, 45° in both directions with detent override allowed for precise angle adjustment. The angle adjustments for bevel structures can easily and accurately be made with the availability of oversized bevel scales.

  • Handle Design

Multiple carrying handles have been provided considering the size of the saw (56 lbs), one on the top of the saw, and others on each side of the table for flexibility and ease of transporting. However, handle design has been further improved for enhanced mobility and flexibility. When moving always make sure to lock the saw head down.

  • Efficient Dust Management

Unlike previous versions of miter saws, Dewalt is continuously upgrading their dust collection system providing better efficacy. The system collects more than 75% of the debris and dust produced by the saw. Not only a dust bag but a vacuum hose/adaptor has been provided that can be plugged in any workshop to ensure a healthy, tidy work environment. The dust bag has a zipper located on the bottom of the bag for easy cleaning.

  • Cam Lock Miter Handle

DWS780 has a cam-lock miter handle that has a detent (stops) override which is a very useful feature if you are working with the same angle repeatedly. This way you do not have to set the angle continuously which in turn saves time and increases efficiency without having to compromise on the quality of the work.

Does Dewalt dws780 have a laser?
DWS780 has an advanced XPS guide system instead of a laser that uses bright LED lights that cast a shadow line and tells the user exactly where to cut with minimum effort ensuring great efficiency, accuracy, and precision.
How to square up & align Dewalt dws780 miter saw ?
To square up the saw make sure it’s clean and then check the blade. Make sure the table on which the saw is mounted and the fence are aligned properly. Then adjust the miter angle and bevel angle. After that make crosscuts at 0° to check accuracy otherwise repeat the process. Now to align the saw first make sure the saw is squared up and then loosen the miter tightening knob on the detent plate. Then simply adjust the angle to your need and tighten the knob to hold the angle.
How to change the blade on a Dewalt model dws780 compound miter saw?
First of all, make sure the saw is unplugged, and then take off the shroud by taking the screws out. Then unscrew the blade screws and replace the old blade with the new one. Now simply put the screws back on. The blade should automatically align itself at 90°. Just make sure you don’t tighten it too much because it may affect its function.
  • XPS positioning light system
  • Lightweight design
  • Transparent blade guard
  • Innovative gearbox and belt drive design
  • Improved portability (due to the top handle)
  • Durable carbide blade
  • Expensive
  • Single Kerf plate
  • Ineffective dust bag


Once you have unpacked the saw you will realize that Dewalt’s products have been made to give maximum ease and convenience to the user. They can be arranged and used without much guidance. A stable mounting is required though for ensuring no accidents take place.

Users can further buy a rolling stand to make it even easier to move around. It is sold separately and could easily be purchased at Dewalt as an accessory. The user doesn’t have to use much effort because it literally glides through the wood.

No major setting up is required as these saws are quite ready to use. DWS779 does not come with an LED or XPS system though so the user will have to see how important is that feature for the type of work he wants to get done. While it is true that the XPS system definitely provides more convenience by providing more accuracy and saving time one will have to decide if the price difference is worth it.

Most users are happy using DWS780 because of its affordable price and feel that the XPS system is not worth the price increase because it is possible to buy XPS light to DWS779 model separately at a much cheaper rate. It comes fully adjusted by the manufacturer.

In case any fault occurs during shipment or handling, the saw could usually be adjusted by following the manual, very little tweaking is required.

DWS779 and DWS780 miter saws come with a 12” blade. The blade size cannot be varied according to the user’s need; however, these saws enables varied angle adjustments to ensure accuracy and flexibility. This blade could only be replaced by another 12” blade in case the previous one is damaged.


Safety should always be the primary concern when using this equipment. Make sure you are using protective gear and make sure the tool is unplugged before adjusting or cleaning or changing blades. Under no circumstances should the equipment be taken apart.

If a problem occurs with the tool professional help should be taken from customer care or authorized company service centers. It has a 3-year warranty provided by the company that further confirms its durability and ensures customer satisfaction.

what is the difference between Dewalt dws779 and dws780?

The main difference between the two models is that DWS780 has a different guide system namely the XPS crosscut positioning system. Dewalt 779 Doesn’t have any laser guide system whereas dws780 has a shadow projection feature that uses an LED light to project a shadow that becomes sharper as the blade approaches the work surface which in turn shows the user exactly where to cut. This helps to align the device without too much effort.

DeWalt DWS779 has a bevel capacity of 48° whereas DeWalt DWS780 wins by just one degree and gives the bevel capacity of 49°. Both of them have similar positive stops but a difference of 1 degree only makes a difference to experts.

DWS780 also has a top handle whereas DWS779 does not. Apart from making it convenient to move the miter saw it is used to keep the tool in place without disturbing the miter and bevel settings.

Also, there is only a slight difference in the weight of these two saws. DWS779 has a compact, portable design and is affordable, as compared to DWS780 which is a bit heavy and expensive.

What are the Similarities between DWS779 vs DWS780?

  • DWS779 and DWS780 are actually quite similar. Both of these models are double-bevel miter saws and have a large 12-inch blade which has the same vertical cutting depth of 6-3/4 inch. Both DWS779 and DWS780 have a powerful 15-amp motor that has a load speed of 3,800 RPM so the cutting speed is the same
  • Both have reasonable dust collection systems that collect up to 75% of debris material. Both the saws have a powerful, reliable motor that has the capability to cut through the material in a clean, precise manner
  • The angles and the miter/bevel adjustments are also the same. Both the saws are able to cut the same dimensions of lumber i.e. 2 x 14 inches of dimensional lumber which can increase up to 16 inches with a back fence setup. Also, both have a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer

Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 miter saw blades: which one is perfect?

They have the same cutting capacity with the ability to complete 6.75” depth cuts and horizontal capacity of either 2”x16” 90° crosscuts or 2”x12” bevel cuts at 45° on dimensional lumber. Both have stainless steel blades but some older models do not have a carbide blade.

While stainless steel can become rusty with time, a carbide blade has proven to be more long-lasting due to its composition. It can withstand higher temperatures and is more resistant to corrosion while cutting hard surfaces and getting in contact with liquids therefore it needs to be replaced less often.

The Expert Opinion
In conclusion, DWS780’s carbide-tipped blade is more perfect, as it is engineered to provide a smooth sliding experience with improved precision and repeatable accuracy.


The two miter saws are quite similar to each other. The only major difference between the two is their guide systems. While DWS779 has a traditional laser guide system the DWS780 has a more advanced XPS system. When choosing between these two saws one simply has to decide how important the guide system is for him.

Both these 12-inch sliding compound miter saws with their innovative features are engineered to provide a smooth sliding experience with improved precision and repeatable accuracy. Pick whichever meets your requirements as both are brilliant power tools used in the carpentry business for the purpose of achieving precision and accuracy when cutting wood.


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