10 Best Dual Bevel Miter Saw of 2021

When you decide on buying a compound miter saw, you should be informed enough about which type of saw you should buy mainly depending on the type of venture that you will be using it for. If you plan to make crown moldings that require compound miter cuts, the dual bevel miter saw will provide the fullest range of compound angles also that are both right and left, with effortlessness without having to deploy the moldings by hand on the saw in order to cut them.

Once you determine that you need a dual bevel miter saw you must know that the dual bevel miter saw allows for clear-cut, definite cuts for which you do not have to move or relocate the board again and again.

Although the dual bevel miter saw clearly is a better option for most woodworking projects and especially those with more complicated details. Mostly home users won’t have a need to own a dual bevel miter saw, but the double bevel miter saw is undoubtedly a better option for contractors and professional woodworkers.

Top 10 Double Bevel Miter Saw Reviews

To help you shop for the best dual bevel miter saw, we have listed the top Rated  10 Double Bevel Miter Saws in this category.

1. Makita XSL06Z  Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The XSL06Z is a cordless dual bevel miter saw with an effective brushless motor that distributes up to 4, 400 RPM for fast and efficient cutting, with automatic speed change, this advanced technology automatically adjust the cutting speed and torque under load for optimum level performance.

The direct drive mechanism utilizes gearbox configuration for smooth and consistent power transfer from the motor to saw eliminating replacement of worn-out belts. A special rail sliding in conjunction with a direct drive mechanism performs slide-glide cutting exquisitely.

A large metal base makes it sturdier and increases the stability of the saw while cutting longer / bigger pieces. This dual bevel saw miter can tilt at an angle of 0-60˚ on both left as well as right sides.

The Expert Opinion
This is a sliding dual bevel miter saw that allows you to trim over larger pieces of wood or even some smaller plywood rips. This should be the carpenter’s first choice all around saw.
  • Sturdy and solid built with a large metal base
  • Reasonably large battery time on a single charge
  • Spot on cuts!
  • The fence is not tall enough for cutting larger pieces

2. Bosch CM10GD Compact Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

Bosch’s CM10GD is a Dual-Bevel Glide miter saw with a 10-inch 60-toothed carbide blade and a powerful 15 Ampere motor working at 4000 rpm to cut large boards smoothly.

Innovative axial-glide system designed for a compact assembly provides even cutting control for tighter workspaces. Bosch’s slide-glide rails allow better alignment and improved cross-cut capacity.

The CM10GD with an easy-to-read miter and bevel scales can horizontally cut up-to 12-inch and 5-1/2-inch vertically along with a 6-inch crown capacity against the fence at 45 degrees. For nested crowns and base moldings cutting, chop locks have been installed which keeps the head in place. The quick and easy angle adjustments, upfront bevel controls and the square lock fence features are being offered for precision.

The easy to set-up powerful miter saw has precision locks and bevel controls and are complemented with a vacuum adapter. This upgraded dust collection mechanism helps keep the surroundings healthy.

The soft-grip handle is specially designed by keeping user’s comfort in mind, which eventually will help increase worker’s productivity.

The Expert Opinion
This fairly powerful glide miter saw with a pivotal axial-glide is most suited for odd-cutting and renovation works like handy-men.
  • The strong motor on an innovative glide assembly for smooth cutting
  • All controls are up-front and easy to use
  • Cutting marker such as LED or laser is missing
  • Vacuum adaptor design needs improvements

3. Cruzer 12 Inch Double Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

This Delta Cruzer 12 Inch sliding dual bevel miter saw comprises of 15 amp motor supported on a military-marked aluminum frame along with 18 dense bearings for super smooth wood cutting and ensuring a long-lasting of the saw itself.

The dual bevel miter saw has an 18-inch nominal cross-cut capability making it highly compatible. A 1.5 inches dust port for vacuum ensures excellent dust collection.

A 12-inch sharp-edged carbide blade and an extending robot arm on the compound miter saw helps you take over on the most challenging projects.

The saw’s unique compact design helps a lot in space-saving also making it easily portable. Because of this design, it can operate in a smaller workshop as compared to sliding miter saws with long rail systems which require a lot of space for operation.

Miter controls are easily accessible up-front and in conjunction with extending arms which is designed to reduce unwanted lateral movement during cutting allow a precise & quick alignment.

With a 15 amp powerful motor, this Delta Cruzer is designed to work efficiently, and accurately ensuring repeatability in plowing through timber and boards like a pro.

The Expert Opinion
Since Delta makes quality built tools, this saw is like an engineering job well done! The saw maneuvers so free and easy providing very accurate cuts!
  • The robot arms mechanism is really smooth
  • The front controls are easy to adjust
  • Compact design
  • The saw sometimes jerks a bit when cutting even with everything locked down
  • The poor dust collection mechanism

4. DEWALT DWS716XPS Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw

This 12-inch Dewalt miter saw is an upgraded version of DWS716XPS with a new bolt design, longer base legs, larger bevel scales, and a 15 amp motor which produces 3800 rpm. It has a built-in carry handle for portability.

The patented cutline™ LED work light system is exquisite for indicating and adjusting the cut line quickly and accurately.

The cam Miter Lock system along with stainless steel Miter detent plates (having 14 common stop positions) ensures repeatable accuracy. The high visibility miter and bevel scale with a detent at the most usual stops make cutting the right angles convenient.

Taller fences to support larger crown molding for both board base, as well as nested molding, are being offered in this upgraded version. These sliding fences can be slipped away to make room for bevel cuts.

For safety purposes, a new verticle clamp  the removable table under guarding were included in the package.

The Expert Opinion
This mildly priced dual bevel saw provides for more precision work than rough carpentry, hence a must-buy for professional woodworkers. This is one durable job site saw that would blow through 2x4s like they aren’t even there.
  • Larger angle dials for quick glance
  • XPS system is dead-on accurate.
  • Strong motor
  • Built-in storage space for small tools like blade wrench
  • The table clamp is too far from the blade
  • The re-designed dust collector is located too high making sawdust difficult to be collected

5. Metabo HPT 12 Inch Compound Miter Saw

Metabo C12FDHS heavy-duty 12-inch compound miter saw has a powerful 15 amp motor to cut through hardwoods like tofu. It features up-to 52˚ alignment on both left as well as right miter scales with a tall fence with a pivotal design for crown molding.

The Elastomer help reduces vibrations and the large operating base secures the material during cutting.

This 12-inch Metabo miter saw is integrated with a laser marker system for accurate cut line assignment. There are multilevel adjustment knobs for macro and micro-adjustment of bevel and miter angles. The miter angle common positive stops can smoothly be operated with a thumb, just use the thumb to adjust the stops.

The provided horizontal handle is coated with elastomer compound for additional comfort and preventing any slippage. Along with the elevated, pivoting aluminum fence which stands high allowing crown moldings to be cut upright for convenience.

Hitachi would never compromise on their quality and will keep providing powerful tools.

The Expert Opinion
If you’re using this for framing and aluminum sashes and rough cuts through soft fiberboard or hardboard, Then this fantastic miter saw is for you.
  • The tall fence rotates out of way on a pivot for bevel cuts
  • Dust collector port is larger than most miter saws
  • Good price
  • The guard extensions are next to useless, they’re wobbly and more of a safety hazard
  • The laser installed isn’t helpful either

6. SKILSAW  Worm Drive Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

SKILSAW SPT88-01 is a mighty Miter saw comprising a worm drive gearing system possessing relentless power with smooth starting. The dual bevel sliding miter saw with a 12-inch blade is designed to be lightweight and has a smaller footprint giving both quality and portability.

The veteran worm drive mechanism delivers powerful torque from a 15 amp Dual-Field saw motor without concern of slipping of belts. The efficient power transfer unleashes inexorable force which can cut through any type of board or wood-like bean curd.

Dual bevel capabilities in this miter saw allow for both left and right cuts, corresponding with adjustable bevel stops and 4 x 14 cross-cut capacities for easy handling of any joints and junctions while woodworking.

This 51 pounds saw is the lightest in its class – making for easy transport alongside the provided convenient top handle.

The Expert Opinion
This mighty dual bevel miter saw works particularly well for baseboards and door trims.
  • Smooth cuts
  • Perfect angles
  • Easy to use
  • Recalibrating the saw is very time consuming

7. Metabo HPT C10FSBS Dual Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Metabo HPT C10FSBS is a 10-inch sliding dual bevel compound miter saw ideal for trim carpenters, framers, and woodworkers because it is elite in its formation as well as functioning.

This powerful tool really gets into those hard to reach places, its power knows no limit. Any carpenters would love this saw because of the beautiful miter cuts.

This miter saw features an electric brake for an instant halt to avoid over-cutting and an electronic speed control system to keep the RPM’s persistent.

It also features the linear ball bearing slide system for smoother cutting operation and the white on black miter scale for a prominent reading and greater accuracy.

Also for easy-to-read dimensions and swift settings this miter saw provides positive stops on the miter and bevel scales and with a 45-degree dual bevel angle range, handlers can quickly turn over the saw blade leaving the material in place. Just put in any tough material in this robust tool and it would slickly cut through it.

The Expert Opinion
The 12 amp power and direct drive on this miter saw make it cut through hardwoods with effortlessness. Since this saw is for professionals so you will probably need a table or stand.
  • The operation and adjustments of the saw are really simple
  • The soft start on the motor is pleasant
  • The slide action is smooth
  • The trigger safety handle is nylon and weak
  • The dust bag is cheap and flimsy

8. Evolution R255SMSDB+ Premium Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

The Powerful 15amp hi-torque motor with enhanced gearbox & blade system allows for multi-material cutting. It can cut through up to 1/8″ mild steel, hardwood, and softwood even with embedded nails with a miter cutting capability of 50°. Rage with its aggressive ability to cut through any hard material is a treat for all the professional word workers.

This power saw can easily cut through wood plastic composite or plastic such as acrylic &  drainage tubes neatly without any burning or melting of the workpiece.

The premium TCT blade ensures durability, when in contact with the hard material, this blade doesn’t show any weakness and cut through every material with ease. Not only motor but both blade guards are up to meet every challenge.

With -45° to +45° dual bevel tilt, you are assured to get your beveled finish without having to flip your workpiece saving you time & trouble.

The rear carry handle which comes along allows for easy portability around the work station. Throw in any material at them, whether metal, PVC, wood, tile, stone, brick, or others, they are designed from the ground up to meet these additional cutting demands.

The Expert Opinion
An incredibly mildly priced dual bevel miter saw with Japanese tungsten carbide tipped multi-purpose blade that plows through the wood, steel, aluminum, even wood with embedded nails and plastic.
  • Affordable
  • It comes with an all-purpose blade that works well for all materials
  • When cutting something that is 2″ long you need to hold the material in place along with an additional clamping

9. Skil MS6305-00 Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw

This dual bevel sliding miter saw is 10 inches but is powered by a heavy-duty 15-Amp motor that delivers up to 5,000 RPM, conveying extended power and durability because of its quality construction.

A horizontal grip handle landscapes a central safety trigger for both left and right-handed use.

The stainless-steel miter plate has 9 detents and 11 miter locations permitting 50-degree cuts left or right. This dual bevel saw comes fortified with a cam miter lock knob for recurring accuracy and easy modifications and alterations, along with the elevated sliding fences which support vertical base (4.5″) as well as crown (6-1/4”) moldings.

This miter saw features an LED shadow line rather than outdated lasers hence help in ensuring exactness while cutting making the job easier, while with the lightweight design and integrated carrying handle, it becomes easy to move the saw around the job site.

The quick work clamp rapidly grips workpieces for harmless cutting.

The Expert Opinion
It is a solid and strong powerful dual miter saw for professional framers, carpenters, and woodworkers.
  • Sturdy and strong built
  • Lightweight design
  • Dual bevel feature is easy to use
  • The dust collection system needs improvement

10. JET 707210 Double Bevel Saw

The JET double-bevel sliding compound miter saw is one of its kind saw in your collection. It has a dual bevel capacity with easy upfront controls and proficiently cuts miters, bevels, straights, and compound angles with meticulousness and accuracy.

Included the 5-speed motor brake to adjust the speed according to your cutting demands.

This miter saw features a single motion thumb lever to change miter angles without any halts and enclosed linear bearings to ensure smooth and organized slide operation. You can efficiently use this versatile miter saw for flooring, to cut timber or crown moldings. Adjustable fences and table extensions provide great support during cutting.

A LED has been installed so you can easily work in dim surroundings.

The forceful 15 amp motor easily plows through wood with a user-friendly rubber grip handle providing extreme control of the mighty saw. A clear, highly visible red laser ray will appear on the wood piece to help you make the most accurate, in-line precise cut. A compact, portable miter saw which you can easily carry wherever you go.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw is a workaholic in your workspace that is also handy enough to be taken with you when you need a great tool on any woodworking venture.
  • It features both LED lights and lasers.
  • Dual bevel upfront controls are very useful
  • Made in China is a major turn off!

What is a Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw?

A professional contractor wouldn’t want to waste his time flipping the material to get the perfect cuts. In simple words, dual bevel sliding miter saw bevels in both left and right directions. You wouldn’t have to rotate the material because of the tilting head of the saw, you can make matching bevel and miter cuts fast, accomplishing your projects sooner. You are more likely to get precise, accurate cuts with a dual bevel sliding miter saw than with a single bevel saw.

Single vs Dual bevel miter saw: what is the  Main Difference?

A single miter saw can do the bevel cut in only one direction either left or right, to make the saw cut the other side you’d have to spin the board to achieve the other bevel cut. You can do the miter and bevel cut separately or together using the single miter saw but it takes more time, effort, and multiple cuts.

The blades on the dual bevel miter saw can be adjusted to make the bevel cut in both directions.This saw makes your life easier as you can conveniently make consistent cuts on longer workpieces at a much quicker pace. Achieve precise, identical bevel cuts without the difficulty of moving the piece around.

For ease of choice let us compare the two:

Comparison of Single and Dual Bevel Miter Saw

  • Weight
To accommodate the dual bevel system, it is usually heavy as compared to a single bevel saw which is easier to move around.

  • Price

When it comes to price and maintenance, the Single bevel miter saw is more affordable, whereas the Double bevel miter saw is a very precise and high-quality tool.

  • Ease of use

Single Bevel is very simple and easy to use, whereas dual bevel miter saw is a great tool for professionals.

The advantages of Dual Bevel Miter Saw in Crown Molding

  • Working with a single bevel miter saw means that you have to turn your workpiece around to make matching cuts especially when installing crown molding. However, this may affect the uniformity of the cut, and the cut on another side of your workpiece may not match exactly.
  • You wouldn’t have to deal with the same issue using a dual bevel saw.

Longer work time

A single bevel cut miter saw will take a longer working time when working on a more intricate project as compared to a double bevel miter saw.

What is Bevel vs Miter saw? (difference between Bevel and Miter Cut)

Bevel cut represents the vertical cutting angle where you can cut the wood/board diagonally across the thickness while miter cut is the horizontal angle by which the trim or log can be rotated on the saw table while the blade cuts vertically or at an angle along with bevel.

How to use a Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

Just having a miter saw doesn’t make you a pro. It is a dangerous tool so learn before you start operating the machine. Always remember to use safety gear and proper attachments before beginning the task. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to safely use the dual-bevel miter saw:

Step 1: Prepare the saw:
Mount the saw properly on a table or stand that can hold its weight and the timber you’d be cutting. Then check by using a small wood piece to make sure it is working properly.

Step 2: Mark the Wood:
The next step is to gently mark the wood you’d be working on with a pencil, an outline to exactly measure the cut, and then place the piece against the fence at the saw base. Vertical is an optimum position to efficiently cut the board.

Step 3: Adjust the clamp
The clamp is a very handy tool as it protects your hand from the blade. Place it at least 6-inches from the blade and secure it tightly with a knob.

Step 4: Adjust the Board
Adjust the board in a position that the saw blade aligns with the outline you have created. If the saw has a laser marker, that would just make your life super easy.

Step 5: Make the Angles
Adjust the miter and bevel angles to make the necessary cut for your project. As mentioned above miter saw’s horizontal angles are referred to as miter cuts and vertical ones as the bevel. You can also craft angled cuts and square cuts by adjusting the bevel degrees.

Step 6: Start the sawing process
After you are done with everything, start the saw and make the cut by moving the saw back and forth. Beginners should always take their time during cutting so they can always anticipate a problem that may occur and accordingly make the required adjustment. Once the wood is cut, you can release the trigger to stop the blade.

Step 7: Smooth the edges
A good miter saw doesn’t leave any edges behind but in case, some remain after cutting the board, you can smooth them using sandpaper.

Which Type of Miter Saw Do You Really Need?

This depends on the type of projects you are dealing with. If you are a professional and deal with long, thick boards for laminating a floor, crown moldings, baseboards, etc., then choose a 12-inch miter saw that can do deep, wide cuts. On the contrary, 10-inch miter saws are light-weight and less expensive and can effectively make small, aggressive cuts. You can choose the best 12- inch miter saw and the best 10-inch miter saw from the list we have created for you in these articles.

The Ultimate Buyer Guide of double Bevel  Miter saw

Since we have already provided the top 10 amongst the best double bevel miter saws, to help you further with the purchase and save you time, let’s have a look at the key features one should consider before buying the dual bevel miter saw out of the above-mentioned saws.

  • Power

The power of the motor is the prime feature to consider when buying a miter saw because the power the motor is, the easier it will cut through the wood. A strong motor hence ensures smooth cuts.

Power is typically measured in amperes and the easily available power ranges for a miter saw are 10 amps, 13 amps, and 15 amps. Most of the miter saws possess a 15 amp power motor which is intense and could lead to accidents for beginners however a 10 amp motor would also do fine for an average woodworker which would produce up to 3500 rpm.

  • Blade

The next deciding factor is the blade, the quality of the blade tip, and the size. The commonly used and available blades are 10″and 12″ with up to 60 teeth. A larger quality blade with a bigger tooth count is sure to cut smooth and neat.

Mostly the blades that come together with the miter saws work perfectly well, so need no changing them and save yourself some bucks by looking at the blade information carefully when deciding on buying your tool.

  • Dependable lock

Always assure your miter saw has a reliable lock to keep the workpiece in place while cutting so your material does not move at all so as to ensure the exact cutting.

  • Positive Stops

Positive stops at miter and bevel scales are usually set at the most common angles enabling the saw handler to make and change the cuts swiftly, explicitly for these angles.

  • Dual Bevel

Since you are buying a dual bevel miter saw, you should check the dual bevel angle ranges of the saw because it allows the tool to tilt both sides and rotates the saw base around the center.

  • Safety Features

Along with the technical features, one should never ignore the safety features as your safety is the first priority whilst making any purchases regarding the chop saws. With advancing progressing technologies being introduced by many companies, they have also introduced built-in safety features to prevent any accidents; you must take them into account before buying.

  1. The first safety consideration is the presence of a saw guard which will prevent you from getting into any kind of mishap.
  2. The second thing to account for is the base of the saw. This purpose could be served by using a good quality miter saw stand and also the base of the saw should be strongly built and sturdy.
  3. The latest invention saws include the electric brakes which will bring the blade to an instant halt. God forbid if any body part or unwanted material comes in touch with the saw blade, it can be made to stop within a few seconds. This safety feature guarantees to control any type of dreadful accidents.
  • Fences

Mostly the dual bevel miter saws come with tall pivoting aluminum fences which help to press the workpiece against the fence to not let it move out of place while cutting.

  • Table Extensions

Table extensions usually help the woodworkers to keep the large wood pieces on it making the job easier, so make sure to check out the specifications ahead of the final purchase.


Although a double bevel miter saw is a quirky tool, you can make the most out of it by following the right procedures and directions to use it. Either you are a professional woodworker, contractor, or homeowner, the double bevel miter saw is going to be the best selection for you.

In this writing, we have detailed the best double bevel miter saws that might prove useful for you. There are definite positives that go with each of these saws however the features cited in the buyer guide would further help you deciding the purchase to meet your individual needs best.

People Also Asked For Dual Bevel Miter Saws

Is a double bevel miter saw worth it?
A double miter saw is totally worth it when you want to do the precise, accurate cuts at a quicker pace without the need to reposition or flip the material to get the matching bevel cuts. These miter saws increase the cutting scope and help to get a large volume of work including crown moldings, fencing, or trimmings done faster.
Do I need a single or double bevel miter saw?
This totally depends on the type of work you need to get done. Both of these are useful in making bevel cuts. Single miter saws are suitable for small projects, a convenient tool for amateurs, and do-it-yourselfers. On the other hand, if you are a professional woodworker with huge projects and strict time limits, then go with a dual miter saw.
What is the difference between miter and bevel?
These two most common cuts are used to create some beautiful masterpieces. At the bottom of the saw, you’d adjust the miter cut, whereas, on the back of the handle, the bevel angle is set. Use a sharper blade while doing the miter cut. Miter cuts are usually done for photo frames while for crown moldings, bevel cuts are done. Miter cuts are intended to join with their 45-degree cuts made at the end of each side to create a perfect 90 degrees. The bevel on the other hand cuts through the thickness of the board. A bevel cut is inclined towards the vertical plane, cut along the edge, unlike the miter cut which is angled through the horizontal one.
how deep can a 12 Inch dual bevel miter saw cut?
A 12-inch miter saw with its heavy motor, huge blade, and razor-sharp teeth can rip the entire 4×4 timber in one go. It has a maximum cutting width of 12-inches and a crosscutting capacity of 2×12 inch board with finesse, without leaving any rough edges behind.
What does dual bevel mean on a compound miter saw?
The compound miter saw blade with its pivoting arm can do both miter and bevel cuts. A dual bevel compound miter saw allows you to do compound cuts in both directions without having to flip the board, you wouldn’t have to manually adjust the saw to make the right cut, just select the compound angle and do the cut, saves you time and inconvenience.

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