7 Best Gas Chainsaw Under $150

Your dream gas chainsaw awaits you—that too within a budget of $150.

Discovering the best gas chainsaw under $150 is indeed a time taking and daunting task because there’s a whole lot of gas chainsaws out there.

Therefore we have picked out some of the best cheap gas chainsaws which are really powerful and sufficient for most homeowners and DIY’ers, which can easily tackle low-risk tasks around the yard.

However, the truth is that Cheap doesn’t define a lack of quality and functionality; there are abundant choices to choose from that are made by some well-known and trusted brands.

7 Best  Cheap Gas Chainsaws Under $150 Reviews

Once you’re done reading the specifications and features of each product mentioned below, you’ll identify how to cut through the clutter and easily find the best gas chainsaw Below 150 Dollars for your needs based on unbiased customer reviews and ratings.

1. Remington RM4214CS Gas Powered Chainsaw – A Powerful Tool

Remington RM4214CS is a powerful gasoline chain saw. It is powered by a full crank, two-stroke gasoline engine with a maximum displacement of 42cc designed to deliver more power with less vibration which provides ample cutting ability to cut through all kinds of wood.

This chain saw comes equipped with a 14 inches bar with a low kickback chain design to enable you to slice through logs like a charm. The quick-start design enables this chain saw to get running instantly after pulling the string even in colder environments.

The saw is designed with a robust chain tensioning system which can easily manage in a tool-less manner. It also has an automatic chain lubrication mechanism to keep it sufficiently lubricated according to a stipulated setting or can be manually adjusted as per your need.

The ingenious design has the ability to access the key parts of the engine like spark plugs and air filters in a toolless manner for easy and quick maintenance. RM4214CS’s chassis is made out of durable and lightweight polymeric materials.

This along with the peculiar 3 point anti-vibration system and ergonomically designed grip makes this saw relatively lighter and comfortable with minimal physical fatigue making it a reliable yet powerful tool.

The Expert Opinion
RM4214CS is a great chain saw. The powerful full crank engine is spectacular at reducing the kickback and together with the anti-vibration system, this saw can be even be used by a novice. It is easy to maintain and comfortable to work with. Highly recommended!
  • Quick Start
  • Automatic Chain Oiling
  • 3 point Anti-vibration system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and durable polymer chassis
  • Relatively heavy despite polymer chassis

2. Remington RM4216 16″ Gas Powered Chainsaw – Perfect for suburban cutting

When on a budget, Remington always has the best solutions to offer to its valuable users.

The Remington RM4216 features a powerful 42cc, 2 stroke gas engine with a 16-inch sprocket tipped bar and low kickback chain design providing the best way out for your trimming and pruning jobs and worry not even if the branches are medium to large-sized.

Equipped with the QuickStart technology, The RM4216 Rebel chainsaw makes pull starts easier to accelerate and gets you straight to cutting provided with a steady power from the engine to effortlessly saw through branches and woods.

For precision and quality cutting, this chainsaw also has an automatic oiling system that is adjustable to keep the chain well lubricated and in good condition, and thankfully because of the die-cast framework and pro-quality constituents, the RM4216 is one durable machine.

For user comfort, this chainsaw is equipped with a 5 point anti-vibration system and cushion wrap comfort handle making it well balanced and comfortable while cutting operation.

However, for easier maintenance, this saw provides tool-less access to filter and spark plugs, while the included heavy-duty carry case permits for easier transportation as well as storage.

The Expert Opinion
The RM4216 Rebel chainsaw is a product prepared for homeowners as it can easily tackle a variety of wood cutting tasks and is ideal for suburban cutting. From your land maintenance to cutting logs or branches, this is a good choice for anyone who needs both power and comfort in a safe and sturdy compact saw design.
  • Reliable, Cuts easily
  • Well balanced
  • QuickStart technology
  • 5 point anti-vibration system
  • Perfect for land management
  • Some concerns with on/off switch

3. HUYOSEN 5520E 18 Inch Gasoline Power Chain Saw – The Limb & Trim Saw

The Huyosen 5520e limb n trim makes it stress-free to cut branches or cords of wood with the fast thermal design and it’s lightweight. The high output 54.6cc, 3.4hp engine roars up to 8500 RPM with an 18 inches bar and low kickback chain function for sawing woods and trees.

The Hard-wearing 18 inches long bar and chain can easily handle residential limbing and arbor up-keeping tasks. This chainsaw comes fully assembled, and its electric motor with an electronic ignition system can quickly cut a load of logs, or prune pine trees just with the push of a button.

An in-built safety switch that can be quickly stopped, low kickback safety function, and the electronic ignition system all contribute to reducing the risks throughout the operation.

And an automatic chain lubrication system helps in adjusting the oil supply to the wear-resistant, high quality, fast cutting chain that is not easy to jam as well.

Accompanied by a filtration system which helps by increasing the life of the air filter and reduces fuel consumption, this chainsaw also offers a fast and convenient chain tensioning adjustment.  The non-slip, cushion wrap handle on this gas saw is shock-absorbing, allowing you to comfortably work for long hours.

The Expert Opinion
According to the experienced woodsmen, this limb n trim, the 18-inch chainsaw is definitely worth the price. It can cut tree benches, logs, and tree branches effortlessly with its powerful engine. It is great for residential limbing tasks and arbor up-keeping.
  • High output 3.4hp engine
  • Electronic ignition system with 8500 rpm
  • Filtration system reduces fuel consumption
  • Automatic oil supply system
  • Ergonomic design
  • A 12-month warranty
  • Difficulty putting on the chain, initially

4. COOCHEER 20 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw – Great Tool for Home Use!

This 20 inch Gas Powered chainsaw from COOCHEER is nothing but power and is an ideal choice for landowners and DIY’ers who need to cut regularly.  The powerful 2 stroke engine with 62cc maximum displacement and can speed up to 8500 rpm to deliver power steadily to the 20-inch long bar and low kickback chain.

Thanks to the Super Air Filter System and the fuel-efficient mechanism, this chainsaw is capable to reduce fuel consumption up to 20% as compared to other gasoline models.

Thanks to the Real big rope wheel and easy starter, this machine starts up hassle-free and reduces its easy use and dependability because of its safety valve throttle switch.

The High-quality, temperature-resistant imported steel chain which is 5 times stronger than the ordinary chain is oiled by an Automatic Chain oiler extending the life of the chain and eventually the chainsaw.

This COOCHEER chainsaw is user-friendly as well with an ergonomic design combined with rubber, a slip-free primary handle as well as an additional handle, making this a well-balanced chainsaw that is easy to maneuver and convenient to use and comes with a storage bag as well.

The Expert Opinion
COOCHEER 20 inch Chainsaw is powerful, reliable as well as versatile to cut through trees and a variety of woods. And the 15.4 pounds of weight enhances your portability as well as minimizes operator fatigue, and is great for home use.
  • Powerful Engine
  • 550ml Average fuel capacity
  • High-quality, imported chain
  • around 20% fuel reduction
  • slip-resistant grip
  • Cheap plastic base

5. Abizoe CTCS52, 20 ” Gasoline Chainsaw – Perfect for Home Use

The Abizoe CTCS52 is equipped with a 52cc full crank, high performance, 2 stroke engine which delivers steady power to cut through trees and logs and is great to be used around your yards especially for clearing the storm mess. It is easy to assemble as well as a start.

The safety valve throttle switch on this chainsaw is a really smart safety feature for users. This gas-driven chainsaw has three exhaust holes for high-speed heat dissipation, which helps by not overheating or turning off the powerful engine due to the High temperature providing hours of nonstop work.

CTCS52 weighs only 15.42 pounds and is armed with a 20-inch long bar and top-grade, wear resistance chain, which is almost 5 times stronger than ordinary chains plus the side-mounted chain tensioning system is also easily accessible for rapid adjustments.

The comfortable handles are easy to hold because of the non-slip grip and being shock-absorbent, they dampen vibrations making it a lot more difficult to fatigue leading to a longer use, all day long.

Additionally, the quality carburetor, crankshaft, cylinder piston plus storage bag all contribute towards the powerful performance of this chainsaw.

The Expert Opinion
All the updated smart technology and the smooth performance, to cuts small branches and even small-diameter trees, are all very impressive. If you’re an ambitious arborist who wants to cut trees for a living, then this is quite a handy chainsaw to have in your arsenal. All in all, a very good and solid chainsaw perfect for home use.
  • Directions are very clear
  • Easy to start
  • 3 holes for heat dissipation
  • Includes storage bag
  • Lightweight
  • The pull start feels cheap

6. COOCHEER 20-Inch Gasoline Chain Saw – Good for Cutting Firewood, Tree Stumps & Limbs

The 20 inch Gas Chainsaw from COOCHEER is great for limbing , tree stumps, even tree felling, and firewood cutting and comes with 2 chains and 2 spark plugs.

This 2 stoke, 3.5 HP power engine with a maximum displacement of 62CC can speed up to 8500 rpm and offers improved fuel efficiency by diminishing fuel consumption up to 20% with lower emissions as well. The Super Air Filter System prevents dust from entering the engine.

While the Automatic Oiler keeps the chain well lubricated and the chainsaw in a good working state. The split sprocket internal structure is made of a three-tier gasoline filter to prevent it from turning off even when the temperature is high.

This Chainsaw can be installed in minutes. And thanks to the Spring-assist pull cord combined with the easy-to-use knob makes pull starts easier to roar and get straight to cutting.

The new ABS plastic materials surface is capable to bear high temperatures and prevents anti-aging; while the Throttle switch safety valve makes the 20-inch long bar, bear temperature resistance.

While the guide plate sets effectually protect the low- kickback chain and prevent it from rust; however, COOCHEER has chosen an imported, wear-resistant chain with 5 times more service life as compared to ordinary chains. And the luxury handle effectively reduces the vibrations on the machine allowing for a smooth operation.

The Expert Opinion
The COOCHEER 20-inch Gas Power Chainsaw comes with a chainsaw bag and provides consistent power to the 20-inch bar and chain. Ideal for cutting jobs in the garden or on the farm. It is one of the most powerful chainsaws and the perfect bar and chain length will help you tackle several kinds of woodworking tasks around the yard.
  • 3 tier gasoline filter
  • 20-inch long bar and chain
  • Automatic Oiler
  • High-quality chassis
  • Safety Throttle switch
  • Build quality is sometimes an issue

7. MANOR X-BULL Gasoline Powered Chainsaw – Good for Outdoor & Home Use

Manor’s X-BULL is a powerful gasoline-powered chain saw designed for cutting hardwood efficiently and easily. It is equipped with a full crank, two-stroke gasoline engine with a total displacement of 58cc making it one of the powerful gasoline engines available in the market.

The saw is offered with a 20-inch bar which rotates the anti-kickback chain at a whopping 8500 RPM by the powerful engine. The Eco Boost design of the gasoline engine is responsible for lower emission and reduced fuel consumption with ample power to slice through anything you throw at it.

The X-bull is equipped with a smart filtration system consisting of 3 tier air filter adjusted in a quick-release design to efficiently prevent debris and sawdust from entering into the engine and further enhancing fuel economy and reducing early maintenance cycles.

The anti-vibration design along with the chain tension adjustment system makes it very convenient for any user to get the most out of this powerful tool. The automatic chain lubrication mechanism is there to ease off your cutting of hardwood without burning.

Its chassis is made out of lightweight and durable polymeric materials in a 3 point shockproof design. A comfortable ergonomic handle is the most suited for fatigue-less cutting experience as expected of a powerful, high-end chain saw.

The Expert Opinion
The saw is easy to start and has plenty of strength, though it does consume a significant amount of gas. Do yourself a favor and get a full chisel chain for it; you won’t be able to believe how well it cuts and how powerful it is; I haven’t seen it bog down once!
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Eco-Boost fuel-efficient design
  • Start assist system
  • Automatic Brake
  • 3 tier air filter
  • Awkward position of On/off switch
  • Uses a lot of gas

The Buying Guide of Best Budget Friendly Gas Chainsaws Under $150

Looking for a gasoline-powered chain saw in under $150 for medium to heavyweight cutting to play around your yards or lands with; the following guide will help you decide the most optimal choice based on your needs.

  • Engine Power

The power rating of a petrol chain saw is measured in terms of the displacement capacity of its gasoline engine. Generally, these saws engines have displacements ranging between 25cc to 65cc.

The larger the displacement value, the more powerful chain saw is. Depending on the nature and frequency of usage, you can optimally choose the appropriate engine power.

  • Bar / Chain Length and Tensioning

As a rule of thumb, the longer bar/chain length requires a more powerful chain saw engine. Typically, chain saws have bar lengths in the range of 10-inches to 24-inches. The most sought-after gasoline chainsaws have a bar length of 16-inches or higher to cater to the need for the powerful cutting tool.

Also, the blunt chain heads can only cut through wood if has a certain degree of tension in the chain. In order to tackle the issue of chain tensioning, chain saws have chain tensioning mechanisms built into them.

Most modern chain saws have tool-less chain tensioning systems with some even have the system to operate automatically. Depending on your choice of engine power and bar/chain length, you can opt for a chain saw with a chain tensioning system appropriate for your needs.

  • Chain Oiling System

The chain in chain saw is relatively blunt as compared to blades in other types of saws which burns the cut surface especially in the case of hardwood like oak. In order to eliminate this burning, chain saws are equipped with a chain lubricating system that dispenses a layer of oil on the rapidly rotating chain.

Some chain saws have older manual oiling systems while modern chain saws are designed with an automatic chain oiling system which takes care of the lubrication by itself. Therefore you have a lot of room in terms of the chain lubrication system and should appropriately choose according to your needs.

  • Weight Consideration

As compared to corded or cordless electric chain saws, gasoline-powered chain saws are relatively heavy. Although they pack enough power to cut through hardwood, the added weight requires a firm hand to effectively and efficiently utilize these power tools.

While choosing a gasoline-powered chain saw, your personal physical strength and skill level are the most important factors with respect to the weight consideration which may hinder the maneuverability and control over the power tool.

It is therefore recommended that you should choose according to your own skill and strength to tackle the power and pressure of running chain saw.

  • Fuel-Efficiency and air-injection system

Although not a deal-breaker for a casual user, fuel efficiency may be crucial for a professional or regular user. The gasoline-powered chain saws are typically equipped with two-stroke engines which are notoriously inefficient in terms of fuel economy and have high emission values.

Also, the fuel efficiency of a chain saw can be enhanced by using the so-called air-injection system which cleans the air being used by the engine by removing sawdust and debris/chips through a centrifugal cleaner.

It has the added advantage of keeping your chain saw clean and reduces the need for maintenance thereby increasing the service life of your tool. It is therefore imperative that you invest in your chain saw according to your usage and power requirements.

  • Ergonomic Handle and Vibration Dampening Mechanism

The chain saws fall in the category of power tools that need to be held by hand during usage. Therefore, despite the heavy chain saw weight, the rapidly rotating chain can generate kickbacks and vibrations.

These working conditions are not comfortable especially for longer cutting sessions as it can cause fatigue or in the worst case, even damaging hand/arm tissues.

The chain saws are therefore designed with ergonomic handles which are generally padded with soft rubber for better and comfortable grip. Also, there is an anti-vibration system installed in the chain saws to further reduce the kickbacks and vibrations making your cutting job comfortable and fatigue-free.

  • Maintenance Cycles

The modern gasoline-powered chain saws are designed for low maintenance usage. These however still need periodic upkeep to maintain the operability of your chain saw when you require it.

Generally, the costly, high-end gasoline saws are provided with features with air-injection systems and jam-cleaners which effectively reduce the maintenance cycles.

In a nutshell, gasoline chain saws are effectively similar to your motorbikes and require a similar type of upkeep to retain their operability. Therefore, try looking for an easy-to-maintain chain saw which can be handled by either yourself or an average neighborhood mechanic.

  • Safety Matters

Power tools are notoriously dangerous if handled without care or appropriate skill. Gasoline-powered chain saws are therefore offered with several safety features like safety guards, chain brakes, anti-kickback chain designs, etc.

For added safety, the user is advised to wear protective gear like non-slip gloves and boots, safety goggles, headphones, etc.

It is strongly suggested that safety features should not be skimmed even if they cost additional money and properly follow the operating instructions for safe usage.

In your search for gasoline-powered chain saws under $150, it is always good to carefully analyze the available features while weighing down the pros and cons of different models and making a choice only after comparing everything with your needs.

Wrapping Up

Speaking of chainsaws, you must have heard that gas is the king.

Talking about quality, performance, and functionality, gas-powered chainsaws can’t be beaten. But conversely, gas tools are not for everyone either. Getting to the end of this article, you must have discovered that you don’t have to empty up your bank account to get a quality gas chainsaw.

Although we have only provided a small selection of 7 best gas chainsaw picks under $150, but these are all good and valuable choices available to one when on a budget. So, no more need for neglecting the cutting and pruning jobs around your yards and property maintenance because of the lack of either a chainsaw or money.

People Also Asked About Best Rated Gas Chainsaws Under $150

What is the best cheapest Gas chainsaw?

Generally, cheapest is not the best; however, each of the above-described chain saws offers good value for money. Basically, it all boils down to features you deem absolutely essential for your cutting job and the amount of money you are willing to spend on it.

I would personally recommend the Remington RM4216 Rebel with a 42cc gasoline engine bearing a 16-inch chain bar. It has a compact size with almost all the features any homeowner would use.

How long should a Gas chainsaw last?

This question has one very obvious answer that is as long as you keep its engine maintained and the replacement parts are available in the market, any gas chain saw would be ready to chop at your disposal.=

That being said, a quality chainsaw is generally fabricated with a design life of at least 10 years. This service life can easily be elongated to the double or even triple with care storage and proper maintenance to return many of your money’s worth manifolds.

Can you put a shorter bar on a Gas chainsaw?

Yes and No. While you CAN put a shorter bar on your chain saw, it must bear the same design/pattern of chain or put simply made for the same make and model.

Since you want to go to shorter bar lengths, it generally is difficult for the wrong one to fit. However, if you manage to put a shorter bar on your chain saw, it would grant you more power and maneuverability.

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