10 Best Horizontal Band Saw For Metal Cutting 2022

Have you ever heard about the new types of band saws accessible in the market today which are specifically plotted for metal cutting?

These are most definitely known as the metal cutting band saws which are either horizontal or vertical, but the more popular ones are the horizontal band saws for metal cutting.

If you need to cut long, lengthy pieces of metal, a horizontal band saw is the tool to resolve your query as they are very multipurpose for the reason that you can do whatsoever you want with them. Although they are a bit pricey, the investment will prove to be worthwhile.

10 Best Horizontal Band Saws For Metal Reviews 2022

Choosing the finest model amongst the vast variety of horizontal band saws available in the market may seem challenging, but in this article, we have managed to bring about the 10 best products with a detailed description of which best for metal cutting.

Here is my list of the Best Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw  in 2022;

1. Baileigh BS-210M – Home Hobbyist Saw

The Baileigh BS-210M is a 415 pounds’ horizontal band saw from the quality metal machinery manufacturers, the Baileigh Industrial. The BS-210M will prove to be a great performer and your favorite tool in your small or large shops, or the garage at your home since it operates at only 110 Volts.

To mention the key features of this horizontal band saw, a Variable AC Speed Inverter controls the variable blade speed from 66 to 280 fpm allowing the user to achieve quality cuts and extended blade life.

It also provides a choice for the operator to control the descent either manually using a trigger button and handle, or by converting it to use a hydraulic descent. With the hydraulic descent option, the descent pressure can be controlled to attain perfect cuts and automatically stopping the blade when finished cutting.

This Baileigh horizontal band saw runs on a 0.75Kw high torque, 1 horsepower motor. The swivel head has a miter adjustment range of 0 to 60 degrees and a vertical maximum capacity of 6.75 inches round. To keep alignment straight, the modifiable blade guides, conjoined to ball bearings, remain closer to the material, promoting blade life.

The Expert Opinion
This saw is definitely a winner with a combination of good features and benefits and above all an outstanding price. With the flexibility to be used anywhere, from small to large machine shops or even at-home garages, it will become your favorite very soon.
  • Very precise and very reliable
  • 1 HP High torque motor
  • Versatile and Compact design
  • Variable speed function
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty cutting

2. JET 414459 – Ideal for Professionals

HVBS-7MW (414459) is a horizontal band saw by JET designed to cut through a variety of metals from aluminum to steel. The sturdy structure of this saw is made of a cast-iron bow and bed and is equipped with a ¾ horsepower motor balanced by a manual blade set for efficient and smooth cutting.

It features a worm drive mechanism for greater and efficient power delivery from the motor to the blade which is an important addition for consistent and long-lasting performance. The blade speed can be varied at preset values of 85, 130, 180, and 285 feet per minute (fpm) giving you flexibility in cutting.

It has a capacity of 7 × 12 inches to accommodate larger and thicker workpieces. The saw is automated to have a hydraulic down-feed system which ensures smooth cuts. The built-in vice can be beveled at a maximum angle of 45 degrees which in addition to adjustable material stop and a throat depth of 5 inches makes your cutting more flexible and smooth.

It is provided with a complete coolant system that delivers the coolant to the cutting surface through the blade guide. Precision is ensured by adjustable roller blade guides in addition to the material stop mechanism. The saw is programmed to automatically shut down after each cut thus avoiding accidents.

The Expert Opinion
HVBS-7MW is a high-quality bending saw costing a hefty amount of money. It however has the additional features to compensate for that. The versatile saw is a great deal for professionals and has enough flexibility for occasional users.
  • String, sturdy built
  • Precise and reliable
  • Material stop mechanism
  • Auto-shut-down system
  • Built-in coolant system
  • Requires an experienced user

3. JET (414468) – Superior Cutting Experience

HBS-916 is another one of JET’s band saw with a horizontal design for metals. It is powered by a powerful 1.5 horsepower operating at single phase 415 volts. It features a large hand wheel and a built-in gauge for micro-adjustments delivering a superior cutting experience.

The vice on the table can be positioned quickly and easily to any bevel angle between 0 to 45 degrees to hold the workpiece firmly in position. The redesigned coolant mechanism evenly distributes coolant over the blade and blade guides thus elongating the life span of your blade strip.

The carbide blade guides made out of a double row of parallel ball bearings are always in contact with the blade for enhanced safety. The fully adjustable hydraulic down feed is another important feature that has a separate on/off valve for ease of cutting.

Weighing 620 pounds, this horizontal bending saw has a sturdy built and provides you with a 9 inch × 16 inch cutting capacity. The adjustable material stop along with self-propelled blade brush features is the value-added items on this saw.

The Expert Opinion
If needing to cut long, lengthy pieces of metal, this horizontal band saw is worth consideration. Precision, efficiency, and functionality are the words best describing this saw. Equipped with a full set of sturdy features, this saw is able to compete with other saws in the market.
  • Larger cutting capacity
  • Simple adjustment of blade
  • A removable chip tray
  • Four cutting speeds
  • Redesigned coolant system
  • Heavy and non-portable

4. Grizzly Industrial G0622 – Multifunctional Saw

Grizzly Industrial’s G0622 is a metal cutting band saw running on a single phase ¾ horsepower motor rotating at 1725 rotations per minute. With three cutting speeds of 78, 108, and 180 feet per minute, this saw is ideal for any small shop.

The importance of variable speed comes into play when you have to switch between different metals like steel or aluminum or brass that require different cutting speeds. It includes a 64 1/2-inch blade band of 14 teeth per inch with a maximum blade width of ½ inch.

The peculiar features of tilt and blade tension adjustment make it a quality product with precision and ease of use. Weighing 127 pounds, this saw is manufactured with a sturdy built and a wheelbase for portability from one job site to another. It has a maximum cutting capacity of 4-1/2 inch × 6 inches allowing for larger workpieces.

G0622 is designed as a versatile multifunctional saw with an automatic shutoff mechanism and vertical cutting attachment required for particular cutting specifications. The ball-bearing-based blade guides keep the blade straight during cutting ensuring its long life.

The Expert Opinion
It’s a pretty good saw. The quality blade is able to make decent vertical cuts. The 45-degree vice bevel comes in handy. However, it is strongly recommended to add cutting fluid to the blade. Overall, considering the reasonable price tag, Grizzly has a pretty impressive performance.
  • Automatic shut-off safety system
  • Three different cutting speeds
  • 14 teeth per inch blade
  • 4-1/2 inch cutting capacity
  • Ball-bearing blade guides
  • Heavy despite the wheeled base

5. JET (414458) – For Professionals

JET’s HVBS-56M is a powerful and sturdy horizontal band saw powered by a single-phase ½ horsepower motor. The ½ inch carbon steel blade is rotated via a specifically heat-treated steel worm drive with a bronze gear in an oil bath. Great for the home shop, this robust saw quickly and efficiently gets the job done.

The saw features three-speed controls able to operate at 80, 120, and 200 feet per minute. Weighing 121 pounds, the saw is designed with a 14-gauge steel heavy-duty stand providing rigidity, and solid wheelbase, and a built-in handle for portability.

The 5 inches wide throat depth gives it a maximum vertical cutting capacity of 5 inches × 5-3/4 inches and 4-1/2 inch × 3-inch capacity at 45 degrees beveled angle, offering more flexibility and control over each project. The saw is designed to offer consistent performance and results even after years of heavy usage.

It also features adjustable materials stop and automatic shut-off features enhancing personal safety. It has a ball-bearing-based blade guide, a built-in handle, and supported wheels for long life and durability. The saw comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

The Expert Opinion
HVBS-56M is quite expensive but worth the money. An efficient worm drive delivers power consistently making it ideal for many different kinds of tasks and materials including metal. The tool is highly recommended for professional users.
  • Large blade wheels
  • Worm drive Mechanism
  • Built-in handle and wheelbase
  • Adjustable leveling pads
  • Ball-bearing based blade guide
  • Too heavy for movability
  • Costly

6. SHOP FOX W1715 – Best Budget High performing Band Saw

This versatile bandsaw from SHOP FOX offers the best price-to-quality balance, sometimes it becomes really difficult to decide which saw to choose as all saws are not worth investing and those which are, are so overpriced that a general user cannot afford it. But with W1715, you’ll definitely get what you paid for.

This economical saw comes with a variable speed dial, the speed can be adjusted by altering the V-belt placement that allows the users to go through various hard materials including metals, wood, or plastic. The ¾ HP motor spins at 1725RPM combine with the sharp blade and the adjustable speed allows achieving efficient outcomes.

The built-in mobility is not rare, but at this price it is; the compact saw features a sturdy base and wheels that significantly increase the overall portability of this item. The beveling vise bevels 0-60 degrees to the left, firmly holding the material in place for precise, angular cuts.

Comes with a cast iron stop function to achieve consistently repeated cuts for efficient performance and results, a vertical attachment for curved cuts, an automatic shut-off trigger, and a feed rate that can be controlled by twisting the handle clockwise and counterclockwise to add and remove tension from the spring.

The Expert Opinion
In our opinion, W1715 can surely be a good investment as it is not only equipped with a lot of great features but the price at which it is available is perfect. The performance it offers is almost similar to other expensive models which will cost you thousands of dollars, and though it weighs almost 200 lbs the wheels make things manageable.
  • High-quality functionality
  • Easy to use and move
  • Can cut almost any application
  • A beveling vise to hold material
  • Versatile and compact design
  • The cooling system is missing

7. KAKA BS-712N – Ideal for Home and Small Businesses

The KAKA BS-712N is an Industrial Grade Metal Cutting Band Saw which is flexible enough with several cutting settings. With a capacity of 7” x 12” this band saw can handle thicker metals, like aluminum and steel with four cutting speeds, to be used for both home and small businesses.

This horizontal band saw features a quick clamping mechanism to secure and release your materials quickly with a beveling range from zero to 45 degrees, making it flexible for any project. Additionally, this saw duos as a vertical band saw making it versatile.

The BS-712N horizontal band saw features a hydraulic feed to tune in a seamless feed-rate, a power break protection device, an adjustable material stop with modifiable roller blade guides to help in easily adjusting the angle of the saw to the optimal position where you need to cut.

Finally, it weighs about 350 pounds but is highly portable because of the 4 affixed bottom wheels that help you move this band saw around easily, however they lack wheel-locks so you have to find a mechanism to lock the machine. Overall a great addition to your home garage cuts metal like butter.

The Expert Opinion
BS-712N is a very versatile machine with a 1.5 horsepower motor and you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical modes as per your project needs. It has great safety features including a blade guard, automatic shut-down, and a cooling system to prevent any injuries.
  • Powerful with a 1.5 HP Motor
  • Large Capacity of 7-inches
  • Easily changeable from horizontal to vertical mode.
  • Good safety features
  • Angled Cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Lacks wheel-locks

8. HRT2 Horizontal Band Saw – Perfect for small to medium size metals

HRT2 is a compact saw designed to cut small to medium-sized metals efficiently and quickly. A reliable 3-speed band saw comes with a 1 horsepower powerful motor that has the capacity to accurately cut 4×6 inches rectangular and 4-1/2-inch square stock by simply adjusting the horizontal and vertical positions of the saw.

This inexpensive unit is a good option for both home and small businesses, the 3 dial speed function allows the user to quickly and accurately cut through various metals including aluminum, brass, alloy, and tool steels, whereas the speed can be adjusted with respect to the application.

It comes with a sharp 14 TPI (teeth per inch) blade and a heavy-duty stand to handle longer pieces. The band saw’s beveling vise miters 0-55 degrees to the left keeping a firm hold on the material during cutting ensuring precise angular cuts. In a horizontal spot, you can even adjust the gravity feed cutting pressure.

The 2 built-in wheels on the stand ensure flexibility and convenient movability. The saw’s fully adjustable blade guides keep the blade stable and the blade’s ball bearing supported wheels add longevity. HRT2 is also equipped with a safety lock and a 2 position rocker switch so you get to complete your work without any safety concerns.

The Expert Opinion
A few users sure complained about the flimsy stand but overall this Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band saw is a very reliable tool with good functionality and efficient cutting abilities. You can cut hundreds of pieces with this blade without worrying about the blade getting dull or the motor getting extremely hot.
  • A powerful motor for cutting metal
  • Variable 3-speed dial
  • Beveling vise for angular cuts
  • Adjustable blade guides
  • Compact built doesn’t take much space
  • Has a flimsy stand

9. Baileigh BS-250M – Great for Fabrication Shops

Baileigh BS-250M is somewhat a creation between a miter saw and a horizontal band saw combining the precision of a miter saw but a raw power of a band saw, most band saws have fixed motor speed but this one with its huge cutting capacity has the speed control ranging from 66 to 280 FPM (feet per minute) in increments.

This single miter horizontal cutting band saw has the capacity of cutting around 9” round metal stock at 90 degrees and can miter up to 60 degrees, conveniently changing the miter angle without messing with the vise. The inverter-driven variable speed dial allows the users to adjust the speed as per the material requirement.

The saw operation is 2 ways; the manual descent where you pull down the arm and the trigger to start the blade and coolant. But for more production runs, use the hydraulic descent to switch to metal cutting which will cut using the pressure you decided and will automatically shut down once the cut is completed.

Comes with an industrial level coolant pump for efficient removal of metal chips from the blade, keeps the blade cool and the lubricant increases the blade life. The saw’s cast iron head and bow reduce overall vibrations resulting in more accurate cuts. Equipped with a patented blade tension liquid-filled gauge to check and correct blade tension.

The Expert Opinion
For more than 2 decades, Baileigh has been serving its consumers with tools/machines increasing overall work productivity by bringing continuous quality results. From serving large-scale industrial fabrication shops to the small passionate homeowner, this horizontal mitering band saw is a must-have.
  • 5 HP high-torque motor
  • Inverter driven speed control
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Hydraulic Descent control
  • Great metal cutting capacity
  • Expensive

10. Dake SE-712 – With Anti-Resistant Table

The medium-duty band saw is equipped with a ¾ HP and 120 single-phase voltage to smoothly cut through various hard materials. This horizontal floor-standing band saw offers some great safety features such as auto shut, blade guards, safety interlocks, low voltage, and overload protection maximizing users’ experience and saw’s durability.

Horizontal band saws are better than vertical ones as they securely hold the workpiece for straight and other large-scale production cutting. This band saw has a hydraulic control system for feeding stock regulating the speed for different materials and the head can also be adjusted and locked at any height.

This cutting appliance has 4 blade speeds of 85, 130, 180, and 235 feet per minute (fpm) allow the user to calibrate the speed for cutting materials like carbon, steel, bronze, brass, and more. Materials can quickly be swapped using the quick release vise. The saw’s heavy steel base and anti-vibration table improve the cutting accuracy.

The quality coolant pump helps clean the blade and metal piece before and after the cut and keeps the blade cool prolonging its life. At a right angle, the saw has the capacity of cutting 7″ round stock, and 7″ x 12″ rectangular stock. Adjusting the angle at 45 degrees and will cut the round stock at 4-1/2″ and rectangular at 4-1/2″ x 7″.

The Expert Opinion
Dake offers almost everything you’d find only in expensive saws. From accurate cutting to the hydraulic control system and a robust gearbox, this saw is perfect for cutting metal and can also be used for wet or dry cutting, and once you are done with all the cutting, easily clean the metal chips using the provided brush blade cleaner.
  • 4 blade speeds
  • Hydraulic control mechanism
  • Blade guards and safety interlocks
  • Overload protection
  • Vibration resistant table
  • Suitable for medium-sized cutting

What is the Difference Between a Metal Cutting Band Saw And a Wood Cutting Band Saw?

The major difference between the two is the speed and the blades. Skip tooth blades are ideally used for cutting wood, non-ferrous metals, or other soft material getting clean cuts, whereas for aggressive metals hook tooth blades are recommended as they cut quickly.

The metal cutting band saws run at a slower speed than the wood cutting saws because they have to cut tough materials, which generate heat during cutting so you have to slow down to the right speed to properly go through the material, that’s the reason they have adjustable speed dials, wider thick blades and a strong drive mechanism.

Wood on the other hand doesn’t generate a lot of heat and thus can easily be cut at a higher blade speed, which means faster cuts but with lower forces on the blade achieving more accurate cuts. When dealing with wood-cutting band saws, you’d usually find one speed that is fast.

The Buying Guide of Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw

Looking for a band saw for either personal or professional use but got confused after seeing the various options to select the best one. Here is the buying guide with all the crucial band saw information to guide you properly and let you make the decision that perfectly fits your needs. So let’s get started…

  • Size

Both vertical and horizontal metal-cutting band saws are available in various sizes, ranging from the benchtop, floor-standing, portable and stationary mounted on a table; your selection should be focused on the type of your work.

Also, while choosing one, pay close attention to the table size, it should be large enough to support and hold longer pieces you intend to use during cutting. Moreover, to prevent aching muscles make sure to pick the right height, right throat size, and right cut depth to get the perfect angles.

Whichever saw you choose, make sure to get the correct sizing of the material as well.

  • Variable Speeds

Generally, you’d find band saws with only 2 or 3-speed settings, but today’s innovative tools are equipped with variable speed dials so you can select the best operating speed when cutting a variety of pieces because some metals like steel require 100ftm whereas aluminum works well with 1000 ftm, so choose wisely.

A recommended and typically found variable speed in a metal-cutting bandsaw ranges from 80 to 300 surface feet per minute, which helps improves customization and versatility.

Blade speeds also play an important part when deciding the saw as the strong blade will allow you to cut all sorts of metals at different speeds.

  • Motor Power

The motor is a crucial part of band saws usually range from 1/2 HP to 3 HP in power, and sometimes it’s measured in amps as well. The motor speed usually is measured feet per minute (FPM), the time taken for the blade to move through the material in a minute.

Nearly all band saws can rip through thin sheets and boards, but for hard metals like steel, you’d need a band saw with a high HP power motor (not blade speed) that can easily cut through these materials.

Along with a powerful motor, you’d want a sharper blade, clamping system, quick lock vise, coolant, smooth guide rollers, blade guards, lubrication, and right tuning to manage blade tension.

  • Mechanism

When buying a band saw for metal cutting, check whether you want a manual saw, a hydraulic one, semi-automatic, or the automatic one. The automatic ones will be like robots, they will lift themselves up after completing the cut, but obviously, they’ll cost you a huge amount of money.

  • Design

These band saws come in two variations: one is mobile and the other immobile.

The immobile stands constant and is kept at a place to do all the heavy cutting, also known as floor band saw ideal for making straight cuts and curves on a piece of material and also for thinning them down. This saw comes as massive and powerful making it a top choice of professionals.

The portable one is almost the same as the constant saw except it is a bit smaller in size and can move from one place to another, but is not suitable for heavy-duty cutting.

  • Portability

Wheel portability is a very critical factor if your job requires you to move the saw from one area to another or when you have to work at multiple stations in your shop. If you could find something with not only wheels but a proper wheel lock mechanism that would be great as it will help avoid accidental rolling of the saw or any other personal injuries.

  • Blade Angles

A good band saw should have the ability to cut at multiple angles, most new versions have the competencies to cut up to 90 degrees, offering great round, square and rectangular cutting capacities. Now, as much as you are looking for a band saw to cut several angles, ensure that the saw allows you to effortlessly switch from one angle to another.

  • Safety

Safety is a key factor when it comes to operating dangerous machines. Before using the saw make sure that you are protecting your eyes and ears. Try to get the one with an interlocking mechanism and auto shut-off so the moment you complete the cut; the blade will automatically stop spinning.

By covering the blade with the blade guard, you’ll protect your hands and fingers from the sharp edges of the blade. Use proper protection when changing blades, and never ever touch the spinning blade.

Make sure to use a high-quality coolant so that the motor, blade, and gear mechanism remain cool during operation. In case you are not using the coolant, avoid touching the blade as it will be too hot to touch.

Wrapping Up

A word of advice: Never use a band saw in dim-lit surroundings and always make sure that the area is clear of debris.

A horizontal metal cutting band saw could be a great addition to your workshop, so as long as you have the right space, need, and resources to do so, go ahead because if so you’d be extremely happy with the kind of outcomes this purchase will generate, especially if you choose one of the above mentioned 10 band saws which are selected for you after thorough research.

But before picking, think wisely after evaluating your choices, and carefully review the entire run-down, go through the buyer’s guide, the safety measures, and then make a decision.

People Also Asked For Best Horizontal  Metal Cutting Band Saw

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Can you put a metal cutting blade on a wood band saw?
Yes, you can use a wood band saw with a metal cutting blade. It is recommended to use a coarse blade for cutting soft materials like wood and plastic and for harder materials like metal a fine blade is used & for cutting thin sheets also use a fine band saw blade, probably one with a higher number of teeth per inch. Always choose the blade according to the task at hand.
What speed does a metal band saw run at?
Generally, soft materials like wood or plastic, etc. are cut at a higher speed, and hard materials like steel and other metals are cut at a slower speed. For cutting aluminum or brass the speed should be between 500 to 1000 FTM (feet per minute) and for steel, the cutting speed range should be from 40 to 400 FTM, depending on the material.
Can a horizontal band saw cut aluminum?
Yes, a horizontal band saw offers a cost-effective alternative for aluminum sawing, and can most definitely be used to cut aluminum. It is recommended to cut 6 inches or larger diameter aluminum stocks using a band saw.

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