Best Miter Saw For Beginners In 2022

When you start searching for the best miter saws for beginners, you will come across a handful of options. There is a wide range of products in the market, each with its own set of features and specifications. But to ensure that you choose nothing but the best, we have compiled a list of the top ten highly-recommended miter saws for beginners.

Top 10 Beginner Miter Saw Reviews 2022

1. DEWALT DWS780 – Best Beginner Miter Saw

The DEWALT Compound Miter Saw comes with all the features that you should be looking for in a beginner-friendly miter saw. It is easy to use yet powerful which makes it a great addition to any toolkit.

When using the DEWALT Miter Saw, you will have all the power in your hands. Equipped with a 15 amp motor with a speed of 3800 RPM, this miter saw will cut through the materials with ease. This enhances the power of the motor and allows the miter saw to glide through the material smoothly.

This is one of the best miter saws for beginners because it comes with a precise miter system. Moreover, the adjustable miter detent plate allows the users to take control of the miter saw while the dust collection system captures around seventy-five percent of the dust generated during cutting.

Special efforts have been put into the design of this miter saw. It comes with an easy to grip handle, and an XPS cross cut positioning system that allows users to cut through the material without having to draw a cut line. The belt drive design and the innovative gearbox allows the saw to be used for vertical cutting.

The Expert Opinion
It is a powerful miter saw that combines utility, efficiency, and ease of use – all in one product, thus making it an optimal choice for beginners. The features and design of the miter saw surely make it an excellent choice.
  • The dust collection system collects 75% of the dust
  • Powerful 15 amp motor with 3800 RPM speed
  • Easy to grip handle
  • The saw is not packaged properly
  • Saw bearings loosen up with use.

2. Bosch GCM12SD – Best Rated Chop Saw

The Bosch Power Tool miter saw should be your go-to choice if you are looking for a saw to help you make cleaner cuts. The sharp blade and powerful motor are a great combination that enhances the functionality of this miter saw.

The Bosch Power Miter Saw features an axial glide system that saves workspace yet allows the miter saw to be glided and moved to make smoother cuts. The blade is adjustable and comes with a bevel detents range of 0-333.9 degrees and can be rotated at an angle of 45 degrees in both directions to further enhance the accuracy of the cuts.

Users do not have to be concerned about safety hazards when using this miter saw because it comes with the square lock release system. The lock holds the fences in place and can also be released at a single touch in case the users have to adjust the fences. Moreover, all the miter saw controls are placed upfront so the users can customize the settings and adjust the cutting according to their needs.

If you want to get done with the cutting as quickly as possible, this miter saw will come in handy. It has an extended capacity that can be used to cut through 14 inches of material horizontally and six and a half inches vertically. You can cut two times the material at the same time when using this miter saw in comparison with other miter saws.

The Expert Opinion
Made for accuracy and precision, this miter saw is easy to use and offers a wide range of adjustability and customization for the users. It is a versatile miter saw that can be used to make a wide range of cuts with ease and convenience.
  • High-precision square lock mechanism
  • Blade and bevel are marked for easy adjustment
  • The extended cutting capacity allows more material to be cut at once
  • The set screw is drilled incorrectly
  • It is a noisy miter saw

3. DEWALT DWS779 – With a Super efficient dust collection system

The DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw is powerful as well as durable. It is a miter saw that you will be using for years to come.

The Cam Lock ensures that the blade remains in place and ensures safety while the users make use of the miter saw. It comes with a twelve-inch carbide blade that is not only sharp and corrosion-resistant but is also strong so it can easily cut through the material. The diameter of the blade allows it to be used to cut through a wide range of materials.

This miter saw also comes with a dust collection system that collects around seventy five percent of the dust. The dust collection feature not only makes cleaning easier but also clears the work surface so the users can cut through the material with ease.

This miter saw features a compact design and is made out of lightweight material. Therefore, it is easy to handle and use making it an ideal choice for beginners.

The Expert Opinion
The quality and performance of this miter saw is nothing but impressive. The dust collection system allows it to keep the work surface clean and enhances the visibility of the workstation.
  • Durable and sturdy carbide blade
  • Versatile sliding miter saw
  • Comes with a three year warranty period
  • It does not come with an LED light

4. Metabo HPT C10FCGS – Best Budget Miter Saw

Easy to use yet powerful, the Metabo Compound Miter Saw is especially designed for beginner level users so that they can make clean and sharp cuts with ease. It allows a larger degree of customization and is suitable to be used for a wide range of projects.

This compound miter saw comes with a powerful 15 amp motor. This motor is a high-performance motor that can offer a no-load speed that can go up to 5000 RPM. There is a security clamp that keeps the material in place while the users cut through the workpiece without having to worry about it moving around.

The miter angle can be adjusted and tilted at an angle of 0-52 degrees that further enhances the flexibility of this miter saw. The bevel range of the miter saw can also move between 0-45 degrees, which further allows the users to make clean cuts with precision and ease.

The flexibility and rotation range of the miter saw allows it to be moved all-around. Moreover, it weighs merely 24.2 pounds. Therefore, it does not weigh the hands of the users. You will be able to use this miter saw for a long period of time without tiring the hands or affecting the quality of the cuts.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw offers a larger work surface, and the highly adjustable blade and bevel positions allow the miter saw to be moved in both right as well as the left direction. The thumb activated positive stops allow the users to control this miter saw with ease.
  • Thumb activated positive stops for control
  • Powerful motor with a speed of 5000 RPM
  • Larger work surface
  • The assembly of this miter saw is hard
  • The blade is a bit wobbly

5. Hitachi C10FCH2 –  Best for money

The Hitachi Bevel Compound Miter Saw comes with a laser marker so that the cuts can be guided with ease. Moreover, it has a motor with a speed of 5000 RPM that slides the blade smoothly through the material for clean and neat cuts.

This compound miter saw can be titled at both the right as well as the left side. The fifteen amp motor is extremely powerful and features a speed of 5000 RPM, which allows it to cut through the different materials smoothly. The miter saw features an angle range of 0-52 degrees for the right and left side, while the bevel angle range is between 0 and 45.

The miter saw features a soft and smooth handle. The handle is easy to grip and made out of a soft material that does not feel hard against the hands of the user. The handle is aligned horizontally so that the user can grip it with ease. The handle also reduces vibration, so the hands of the users remain at ease, and the user can work in a stable manner.

This product features a 15 amp motor that is powerful and reliable. It enhances the speed of the blade and thus allows the material to be cut in a single attempt. The pivoted flip fence keeps the blade slightly elevated and allows users to keep track and take control of the cutting. The users can cut as well as molding a crown vertically.

The Expert Opinion
If you are looking for a miter, saw that would allow you to cut through materials with ease and accuracy, investing in a Hitachi miter saw will be a decision that you will never regret. Equipped with a powerful motor and the structure of the saw makes it easy to use and thus a perfect option for beginners.
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • A Sharp, elevated blade allows maximum control and precision.
  • Lacks a warranty
  • The steel base is prone to cracking

6. DEWALT DWS713 – Lightweight

Almost all DEWALT miter saws are reliable and dependable, but the DWSS713 is specially worth mentioning. It is equipped with a powerful motor and a sharp blade that helps cut material smoothly and cleanly.

This miter saw features a stainless steel blade that is easy to control and glide yet cuts through the material smoothly. The steel features fourteen different positive stops that allow it to make cleaner and more precise cuts. The blade glides through the material while the base fence support holds the material in place.

The blade of the miter saw is not fixed, rather, it can be adjusted, and the angles can be changed as desired. This allows the saw to cut at both vertical as well as horizontal angles. The bevel has an angle of adjustment that lies between 0-48 degrees towards the left while it can be moved to an angle of 0-3 degrees to the right.

Since it is targeted towards beginners; therefore, it is very easy to use. From the assembly to the usage and even the cleaning and maintenance, each and every aspect of this saw is associated with ease and convenience.

The Expert Opinion
If you are looking for a versatile yet easy to use a miter saw, you cannot go wrong with the DEWALT DWSS731 compound miter saw. It is a powerful tool that is easy to use.
  • Crosscut capacity of 45 degrees
  • Tall sliding fences for cleaner cuts
  • Stainless steel miter blade for sharpness
  • The fence is not aligned properly with the blade

7. Genesis GMS1015LC – With Laser cutting guide

The Genesis miter saw is easy to control and can be used for smaller as well as commercial-scale projects. The laser cutting guide assists the process and allows the users to make precise cuts.

This compound miter saw can be used for a wide range of projects. You can use it for crown molding, picture frames, shadow boxes, and many more cutting projects. From minor cuts to the ones that are deeper and more intricate, this miter saw will be helpful for a wide range of projects.

The miter saw features a laser cutting guide that allows the users to cut through materials accurately and with precision. The laser guide allows cleaner cuts, and the users do not have to mark the material in advance. They can get straight to cutting and be a hundred percent certain that the cuts will be straight.

The precision miter can be used to make cuts that are accurate to an angle of 45 degrees. Furthermore, there is an electric brake that can be used to halt the miter saw immediately. All in all, the controls allow the users to cut through the materials with maximum control and draw precise cuts with a sharp blade that is easy to use.

The Expert Opinion
The Genesis Compound Miter Saw can be used for a wide range of projects. It features a powerful motor and sharp blade yet is easy to use and control making it an optimal choice for beginners.
  • The laser cutting guide allows precise and straight cuts
  • Comes with a comprehensive set of accessories
  • Suitable for a variety of projects
  • The miter saw is prone to smoking

8. SKILSAW SPT88-01 – Dual bevel cutting capacity

The SKILSAW Dual-Bevel Sliding Miter Saw is convenient to use miter saw whose settings can be customized as needed. It is a durable and powerful miter saw and is a purchase that you will never regret.

The 15 amp dual-field motor is the reason behind the power of this miter saw. The motor provides power so that the saw can cut through the material as smoothly as possible. At the same time, there is a motor cooler that ensures that the motor does not heat up.

A special focus has been laid on the design and construction of this saw. The material chosen for the saw is not only durable but is lightweight as well. The design of the saw also distributes the weight evenly, so the hands of the users do not feel tired or weighed down whenever they use this saw.

This miter saw can be moved either way. Unlike other saws that can only be moved in one direction, this saw is flexible and can be turned both left as well as right. The cuts can be adjusted at an angle between zero and forty-five degrees that not only allows accuracy but also makes the saw suitable to be used for a wide range of projects.

The Expert Opinion
The SKILSAW Bevel Sliding Miter Saw is a lightweight, and specially designed miter saw that is best for beginners. The handle can be gripped with ease, and the flexibility and bevel angles allow the saw to be bent in both directions and used for a wide range of projects.
  • Motor cooler prevents overheating of the miter saw
  • Lightweight design with an easy to grip handle
  • Bevel angles between 0-45 degrees for accurate and precise cuts
  • The plastic construction feels cheap and flimsy

9. SKIL 3821-01 – With Quick-mount system

The SKIL Mount Compound Miter Saw is very easy to setup. Therefore, you will be able to get to work ASAP when using this miter saw. The laser cutline will help you make precise cuts while the blade moves through the material to divide it in two.

The users will not have to mark the material or struggle to achieve the perfect cut when using the SKIL mount compound miter saw. This saw features a laser cutline guide that will help you make clean and straight cuts. Your work will become a lot easier since you will have the laser line guide to help you make the cuts.

Setting up and installing this miter saw is very simple and easy. It comes with a quick-mount system that allows the saw to be set up within a couple of minutes. You will not need to struggle or go through a complex process to prepare the saw for use.

It is a heavy-duty, high-performance miter saw that comes with a powerful motor with a speed of 4500 RPM. This motor, paired with the nine positive stops for settings, allows users to make smoother cuts while allowing the users to take control of the cutting.

The Expert Opinion
This is a good quality miter saw that combines ease of use, convenience, power, and efficiency. It has all the features that a miter saw for beginners should have to offer.
  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • Table extensions to enhance the workspace
  • Laser cutline guide for accurate and clean cuts
  • Changing angles when using this saw is difficult

10. WEN MM1011 – With dust bag

The WEN Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a very popular choice amongst beginners. It is known for the comprehensive set of accessories and an extended capacity which makes it suitable for commercial use.

The WEN MM1011 Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a beginner-friendly saw that is extremely easy to use. It comes with angle markings that can be used to adjust the material and cut at the right angle. Other than this, it also comes with a laser guide that helps users draw straight and clear cuts.

You will surely get your money’s worth when you buy this miter saw. This is because this saw is equipped with a number of different features. When you buy this miter saw, it comes with a comprehensive set of accessories that includes a carbide blade, table extensions, a clamp assembly, dust bag as well as a dust port adapter.

The saw features a 15 amp motor that allows it to cut up to twelve inches in length and three and a half inches in thickness. It has an extended capacity that will help you get work done faster without compromising on the quality of the cuts.

The Expert Opinion
The WEN Compact Sliding Miter Saw is a beginner miter saw that is powerful yet easy to use. You will not face any trouble when you are using this miter saw to cut any material. In addition, the warranty is an added security for the customers.
  • Two year warranty period
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories
  • Powerful motor paired with a strong carbide blade for clean and smooth cuts
  • The marking is paper-based stickers that come off easily

What Are The Basic Types of Miter Saws?

Before going ahead and purchasing a miter saw, it is immensely important that you are aware of the different types of miter saws. The main component of a miter saw is a table that can be pivoted from left to right and a blade that cuts through the material. The capacity and power of the miter saw depends on the type and the diameter of the blade. But there are some additional features that form different types of a miter saw, and each type of miter saw has its own utility and usage. Here are three main types of a miter saw:

1. Sliding Miter Saw:

As indicated by the name itself, a sliding miter saw is the one that can slide back and forth. It comprises rails on either side of the cutting blades that help the saw glide. These miter saws are heavier and larger in size; therefore, they are not an ideal choice for people who want to buy a saw that can be carried around with ease. But if your projects require deeper and precise cuts, investing in a sliding miter saw would be your best bet.

2. Compound Miter Saw:

If you are looking for a saw that can make miters but also be used to make bevel cuts, a compound miter saw would be the best choice for you. A compound miter saw is a lot more powerful and thus can be used to cut through wood as well as metal. It can be found in both the simple as well as the sliding variation, and users can pick a version that is best based on their needs.

3. Dual Compound Sliding Miter Saw:

The Dual Compound Sliding Miter Saw is specially designed for people who want to get rid of the hassle of rotating the material and adjusting its position during cutting. Since this miter saw features the miter table, sliding rails, and a beveling rail, the saw can be moved both left and right. These saws are more expensive as compared to the other two types of miter saws but are an excellent investment for people who have to work on a diverse range of projects.

How do you use a Miter Saw For Beginners?

Mark the material that you wish to cut align the miter saw accordingly, clamp the material in place and let the saw run until it reaches the set speed. Now slowly cut through the material and switch off the miter saw once done.

Using a miter saw may seem intimidating and scary, but in reality, it is quite simple and easy. If you are a true beginner with no prior experience, here is a stepwise guide that will help you use the miter saw with ease.

Step1: Safety Comes First

Make sure that you have your safety equipment in place. Use eye goggles so that the dust and wood pieces cannot fly and hurt your eyes. Your workstation should be clear so that you can focus on the work and the chances of accidents can be reduced further.

Step 2: Mark The Material

Before you start the cutting process, you need to draw marks on the material that you are about to cut. You can use a marker to mark the material and draw lines so that you can cut exactly as per the need. After marking the material, you will set it in place under the blade.

Step 3: Install and Start The Saw:

After fixing the material, you should start the saw and wait till the blade reaches the set speed. Now carefully place the blade along the marking and cut through the material. You can glide the saw to change the angles and cut at the desired depth and length.

What to consider when  Buying a Beginner Miter saw

A miter saw is an essential component for any toolkit. Therefore, it is essential that you pick the right miter saw that can truly deliver what you need. To make sure that you pick the most reliable and top-rated miter saws, take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Blade Sharpness

The major component of any miter saw is surely nothing but the blade. Therefore, you should pick a miter saw that comes with a sharp blade that can cut through the material with ease. A blunt blade not only requires more effort to cut through wood or metal but will also affect the quality of the cut. Therefore, always pick a saw that comes with a sharp blade that is made out of a reliable and corrosion-free material so that it remains durable.

  • Type Of The Miter Saw

There are several types of miter saws. Each type of miter saw has its own set of uses. Therefore, before you go ahead and buy a miter saw, take some time, and asses your true needs. Then go ahead and select the type of miter saw that can truly fulfill the right purpose.

  • Flexibility

When you are looking miter saw for beginners, pick a miter saw that comes with the right bevel angle. The miter saw you should be flexible so that it can be moved in all directions, and you can create powerful and clean cuts at all angles.


There are so many miter saws in the market. But if you will be spending money on getting one, you need to ensure that you pick the right product, so truly get your money’s worth. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the Top Rated miter saws for beginners.

Other than the product lists, we have also shared some things that you should consider and answered the most frequently put forward questions so that you can pick the right product and get the best possible product.

People Also Asked About For Miter Saw Beginner’s

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Do you really need a miter saw?
A miter saw is immensely popular for a reason. The biggest perk associated with using a miter saw is being able to draw clear and precise cuts. Miter saws are a lot easier to use and allow a better range of cuts due to their flexibility.
Is a sliding miter saw better?
This depends on your needs. A sliding miter saw also features a rail system alongside the cutting blade. This rail system allows users to cut through the material and increase the maximum cutting length. Moreover, the rail system facilitates the movement of the miter saw and allows it to be moved backward as well as to the front. If you want to take full control of the cutting and adjust the position of the miter saw in all directions, you will find a sliding miter saw to be better than a regular miter saw.
Are miter saws dangerous?
Yes, they are dangerous because they have a sharp blade that has the capacity to cut through the material and make clean cuts and bevels. Therefore, it is an obvious fact that miter saws are dangerous. But these saws come with a lock mechanism that holds the blade in place while the dust collector collects as much sawdust as possible. There are safety features, but it is still recommended that a miter saw should be used with due diligence and while ensuring all the safety protocols.

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