10 Best Miter Saw for Homeowner of 2021

It is of utmost importance to have the perfect tools that fit the purpose of your work before you start off with some crafting jobs at home by yourself. A miter saw is a multipurpose tool which helps you to handle different woodwork ventures inside of your home or any DIY projects because they allow you to achieve a wide range of cuts with much ease.

Miter saws of many different kinds having different features are being sold in the market under different brands; therefore, it can be difficult to choose the best miter saw for homeowner amongst the number of products available especially when it is a smaller home chore or a DIY work to do at home.

Top 10 Best Homeowner Miter Saw Reviews

Since there are so many options and things to consider while choosing the Top Rated miter saw for the homeowner, in this article we will help you to find the best miter saw which is the maximum value for the amount of money you invest in.

Here is a list of top rated Homeowner Miter Saw as per our editors;

1. DEWALT DWS780 – Best for Homeowner

This double bevel sliding compound miter saw with a 12-inch blade is a beautiful combination of precision and durability of a professional miter saw. The DWS780 provides accuracy, capacity, and portability for any type of woodwork from delicate to heavy-duty framing and deck building and is equally appreciated by cabinetmakers, trim carpenters, framers, installers, and even

The innovative design of DWS780 has the power cord routed through a rail on the back to a powerful 15-amp motor delivering 3,800 RPM. This design eliminates any possible interference with the wooden boards and/or slide.

The XPS cross-cut alignment system with an ultra-bright LED light to shine on the work surface help finding the exact position of the cut on the material. DWS780 targets the homeowners and DIY’ers by providing a combination of cut capacities along with a rail lock latch for holding the head away from the fence.

The Expert Opinion
The dual bevel system of this miter saw is easy to see and hence allows easy use for beginners and homeowners. Also that piercing, black shadow line the XPS puts on the material you are about to cut is really nifty and very helpful for the homeowner.
  • Easy to set up, and easy to adjust/readjust.
  • Dust bag included
  • Popular with homeowners and part-time carpenters for woodworking
  • XPS light system is excellent
  • The slide lock lever for optimal cut position during crown molding is missing

2. Bosch GCM12SD – Best for Professional

The Bosch’s 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw “GCM12SD”  offers an accurate performance with a space-saving design of the Bosch-exclusive Axial-Glide System providing a smooth cutting motion experience for wood lovers.

Precision woodcutting is ensured by the pre-aligned Square-lock fences. A soft-grip handle along with a combination of vacuum adaptor and dust chute add a lot to user comfort. Doesn’t matter if you have a small, confined wood shop or a job site, this is a fit for all miter saw, which can survive any hard task on the job site without disappointing you.

GCM12SD boasts easy-access upfront controls, an easy-to-read bevel, miter scales with detents at common angles, and large cutting capacity. This beast can handle anything from fragile maple to hard-to-cut rail-road ties.

The Expert Opinion
Usually sliding compound miter saw produces a lot of dust which causes the slide mechanics to gum up, restrict movement, and inevitably cut fingers off which is a big problem for homeowners but in this miter saw Bosch has taken care of this problem with their axial-glide system.
  • Easy to set up, and easy to adjust/readjust
  • Easy blade change
  • The bevel adjustment is in the front saves so much time
  • The saw can lean to both sides for miter cuts
  • It’s heavy
  • The guiding laser is not bright enough

3. Delta Cruzer – Best for Beginners

The Delta Cruzer 12 Inch sliding miter saw features a 15-ampere powerful motor to easily plow through heavy timbers and stock making woodwork incredibly easier for homeowners and beginners. The launch of the robot arm in this Cruzer series, much like the Bosch axle glide feature, allows the saw to perform similarly to a sliding miter saw.

It is designed with heavy-duty bearings for life long smooth cutting operation and its top-grade lightweight aluminum frame is fundamental to its stability and workmanship. The upfront bevel control and the easy access override switch brings a measure of precision during the overall cut.

The smoothness of the slide with the arms of this dual bevel sliding CRUZER Miter saw is incredible, the powerful blade(s) cuts through wood with ease. The bright LED shadow light is comparable to a guidance laser. The light weighed space-saving design is easy to transport.

The Expert Opinion
The 15 amp power of this miter saw and the speed of the blade cuts through wood with ease. Moreover, The LED shadow light is bright hence very helpful for homeowners.
  • Bright LED marker to show the point of cut
  • Compact design for saving space
  • Sliding robot arm
  • A little too lightweight causing to sometime jerk with heavy cutting
  • The slide extension sometimes have alignment issues

4. DEWALT DCS361B – Best for Woodworker

DEWALT DCS361MB 20V Max is a compact, lightweight (31.6 lbs.) cordless miter saw with a 20V battery which can cut 183 2×4 Pines (on average) in a single charge. The integrated XPS cross cut positioning system guides through a precise cut line for enhanced visibility and a machined base fence support for optimized durability providing cutting accuracy helpful for homeowners.

The cam-lock handle delivers quick and accurate miter angles. The stainless steel miter detent plate is made out of stainless steel. 10 common stops on detent plate along with a large bevel scale provide quick and accurate cutting and improve productivity another notch.

It is supplied with DW7116PT 60Teeth Precision Trim Blade for a smooth surface finish. The 7-1/4 blade features ultra-sharp optimized carbide tips complement the usefulness of the DCS316B 20V Max miter saw which can handle most of the common cuts needed with less vibration and better cut quality.

The Expert Opinion
This saw is a lifesaver for house projects and because of the lightweight and quick little cuts, it provides all around the house.
  • Lightweight and compact design of miter saw
  • Extremely quiet and new design results in less vibration
  • This cordless miter saw is a little less powerful than the corded models

5. Hitachi C10FCH2 – Best Portable Saw for Homeowner

The Hitachi C10FCH2 compound miter saw is a 10-Inch saw which helps smooth and accurate miters &crosscuts with wood, plywood, and decorative panels. It can even be used for all kinds of aluminum sashes, hardboard, and fiberboard. The flexibility of miter angles along with compound cutting capability makes it an ideal tool for woodworkers, trim carpenters, and framers which provide versatility, precision, and reliability.

A comfortable elastomer grip handle aligned horizontally reduces vibration efficiently and keeps homeowners in control of the saw at all times. The built-in clamping system with a larger table provides a stable guide and sturdy support for the saw.

The C10FCH2 compound miter saw weighs only 26.5 pounds making it the lightest tool in its class. It also features Hitachi’s exclusive Laser Marker System for pin-pointing the exact line of cut, providing predictability to the alignment of the blade.

The Expert Opinion
The Hitachi 15 Amp 10 inch is a great saw for at-home projects because it is great for beginners as it is one of the lighter but power-packed and most portable miter saws.
  • Simple and Easy to use a lightweight compound miter saw.
  • Despite the lightweight, the build is strong with no wiggles or vibrations
  • Laser shine is relatively dim
  • Alignment of dust collecting bag only collects about half the sawdust

6. SKIL 3821-01 – Best for crown moldings

This 46.3 pound 12-Inch compound miter saw comprises of the Quick Mount System, a laser, extension arms, and a 1500 amp powerful motor with 4500 RPM  makes it an ideal choice for any woodworker. And because of its great power, it leaves one with smooth cuts.

This miter saw is artless to adjust and convenient to use and because of the provided laser, it is highly acclaimed for woodwork and other construction. The best part is the laser light which takes away the guesswork on where the saw will cut.

The SKIL compound saw is a great miter saw since it has no problems cutting oak and cuts pine-like butter. The provided blade is a multipurpose one, though not a finishing blade still cuts smoothly.

It is built of heavy-duty and hard material leaving it very solid and safe. The extended arms on each side also have been very favorable. The angle markings are spot-on; it has an advanced design with positive stops for setting common miter angles.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw is recommended for general household maintenances and also for doing compound work for cuttings and Crown moldings making it a good choice for homeowners.
  • It is very easy to set up and adjust.
  • Great saw for the price.
  • Laser light
  • The blade bolt is tightened beyond what a usual person can undue
  • None of the angles are exact

7. Genesis GMS1015LC – Best for Diyers

For the homeowners, make this miter saw the foundation of your next DIY project as this Genesis 10 inches compound miter saw features a laser and a powerful 15 amp motor. The provided 60 tooth blade is sufficient for quality carpentry and obviously, you don’t have to spend additional money for a blade to start your home ventures!

The laser Guide system propositions accuracy and an electric brake stops the blade within a few seconds of pushing the button. The arbor lock provided in this miter saw makes blade changes quick and stress-free.

The clamp provided with this miter saw is very handy for smaller pieces of wood with the option of having to move the clamp to the right or left side and helps with holding the labor in place for safer operation!. Also, the blade is solid so this miter saw cuts like a pro and could be easily used to trim out windows and doorways because it cuts easily.

The Expert Opinion
If you’re looking for a professional sort saw, this won’t be it, but for the average homeowner or dad around the home, this is a good chop saw for a few projects here and there.
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Does not tremble
  • Sufficiently lightweight
  • Strong and sturdy
  • The laser guide assists with alignment.
  • The angle indicator is misaligned a little so the angled or beveled cuts are not accurate
  • Badly manufactured with design flaws (knobs and bolts don’t fit well)

8. Delta S26-262L – Best for Professional Carpenters

Shop Master 10 inch miter saw comes with a battery-operated laser that makes aligning the blade to the workpiece more expedient and accurate. This miter saw comes with a Spindle lock that holds the blade in place during changes. It is perfect for the DIYer in the family or the homeowner for everyday use.

It features a powerful 15 amp motor and the blade spins at 5500 RPM which cuts through wood like butter. The battery-driven laser guarantees an accurate cut every time which is much of a relief for homeowners who don’t work with wood regularly.

The electric brake installed in these corded power saws helps prevent any injury that may occur while using the blade, the moment you release the trigger, the saw movement stops. The saw is capable of left bevel cuts from 0 to 47 degrees. One advantage is that it works almost effectively with all miter saw stands so preventing you from spending an extra penny.

The Expert Opinion
This 10-inch miter saw should be very sufficient for the do it yourself person (homeowner) for small house projects.
  • Lightweight unit
  • Works well with almost all miter saw stands
  • Easy to move, even from job to job
  • The positive stops are so subtle
  • The parts are cheaply made and are prone to breaking easily

9. Makita LS1221 – Best for Carpentry

The Makita LS1221 is a smart miter saw designed for a variety of trades like professional carpenters & woodworkers, cabinet installers, DIY’er decking, and flooring applications, homeowners, and general contractors. This Makita LS1221 compound miter saw is a multipurpose tool for workshops and home projects making it a wide choice of homeowners, DIY’ers, and woodworkers.

The 4-1/2-inches tall fence on this compound miter saw can support crown molding for up to 5-1/2-inch.however for insight on crown molding, check the crown molding miter saw. The extra-large cutting capacity is ideal to handle a 4-by-6 board at 90-degrees.

The high-torque 15 amp corded motor of Makita LS1221 operates at a whopping 4,000 rpm for strength and smooth cutting. The miter scale is large and easy-to-read has default stops at most popular angles at both left as well as the right sides of the miter. The 12-inch carbide-tipped blade with a 1-inch arbor complemented with a horizontal D-handle design gives an accurate and comfortable cutting every time.

The Expert Opinion
This saw weighs a reasonable about 35 lbs. and can easily cut about 8″ wide which is good enough for just about everything homeowners and DIY’ers will do. Accuracy of cut and strong power makes it work like a charm in any woodwork you can imagine.
  • The precision-machined aluminum base ensures accurate cuts.
  • Very accurate and tight miter saw.
  • Powerful motor with a quicker start
  • Moderate noise
  • The sawdust collection bag has to be held properly for clearing up all of the dust

10. Makita LS1018 – Best Lightweight Miter Saw

This highly portable, professionally created is ideal for carpentry, construction jobs, home renovations, and smooth woodworking., high-quality 10-inch sliding compound miter saw with its 13-ampere direct-drive motor with a soft start feature. The clear blade guard system provides greater cut-line and blade visibility resulting in clean, cut firm cuts.

It has extended cross-cutting and miter cutting capabilities so it can cut the 12-inch-wide board at 90 degrees and a provided linear ball bearing system aimed for accurate cuts. a soft-start feature helps to prolong the saw life. the dust collection bag attached behind the blade helps achieve a healthy, clean work atmosphere.

This versatile tool with its precise cutting capabilities will tackle even the hardest, demanding jobs without affecting production. the light-weight aspect of the saw makes mobility on construction sites convenient. The electric brakes add the extra value, which stops the saw the minute you press it.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw is very useful for general construction (remodeler/homeowner). It can be used for crown molding , baseboards, trim work, in addition to outlining and roofing.
  • The sliding action is smooth and accurate
  • Makes graciously accurate cuts
  • Portable
  • Not too heavy
  • Dust collection is not great
  • No laser system
  • So much vibration on startup

What is the best miter saw for homeowners?

A flexible miter saw with the best performance fitted with the most useful features is what we consider the ideal choice for homeowners. Miter saws can do a variety of cuts like straight cut, compound cut, miter cut, bevel cut and angular, and many others.

The miter saws with their razor-sharp blade, tooth count, and bar can make the deep, clean cut without leaving any rough edges behind. The types include:

Compound miter saw

Compound miter doesn’t have rails so nothing gets in the way of cutting arm, a better choice for cutting thick material.

Sliding compound miter saw

The rails on the Sliding compound miter saw allows the blade to cut wider material by moving forward and backward on the slide.

Sliding Miter Saw V/s Compound Miter Saw; which one is the Best?

Depending on your usage, you can choose from a sliding rail miter saw or a compound miter saw. The blades of sliding rail miter saws can move forward and backward hence increasing the overall width of lumber/board that it can cut. On the other hand, if you need the miter saw for angled cuts, you will need a compound miter saw.

If you wish to buy a sliding rail compound miter saw, the rail device of the machine will be an important parameter since it will add or reduce the type of cutting you can do with your miter saw. Sliding rail miter saw usually come equipped with fences that help keep your board/wood secure during cutting and jerking the saw forward.

These fences come in different heights, and some fences even slide out and support longer pieces of wood. A taller fence is required for cutting tall crown moldings. However, sufficient support on either end of the table is essential in this case to ensure keeping flimsy stock on a solid surface.

In short, choosing between a sliding rail miter saw and a compound miter saw totally depends on the usage you are looking forward to.

Single bevel

Single bevel is light, affordable, easy to move around the home, this saw is capable of beveling in one direction only, to cut in the opposite direction, you’d have to move the board to the other side to make the cut in the same direction.

Double bevel

You wouldn’t have to flip the board or change direction to do a double bevel cut, the saw head allows it to move in both left and right direction. You can easily make the hand-crafted custom made items including trimming and crown moldings with a double bevel miter saw.

It is recommended to the homeowner to choose from a variety of above-mentioned miter saws. But in our opinion, they should go for DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch miter saw as it is a Double Bevel as well as Sliding Compound Miter Saw which is the best option for a homeowner as it provides a quality product in this price and can be reserved for later uses for longer even delayed periods of time.

The Buying Guide For  Homeowner Miter Saw

There are some important arguments to ponder upon before buying a miter saw for the homeowner to find the one that will be the most useful for your home use. it’s a good saw for the average homeowner and weekend woodworker.

  • Size of Blade

For most DIY’ers and homeowners, the first and foremost thing to focus on is the size of the blade before buying a miter saw. The most common blade sizes for homeowners are 10-inch and 12-inch blades.

While a larger blade can cut thicker materials; the smaller a blade is, the shorter will be the point it can reach. When choosing which size of blade to buy, you must carefully think of the degree/extent to which you will be using this compound miter saw to cut.

  • Portability of Saw

Although a larger miter saw is more sought after, portability in terms of both size and weight is an important factor when buying a miter saw. If your requirement includes the need to transport the saw to different places, your focus should be on miter saws with a lower weight. On the other hand, if you need a miter saw for your home or DIY projects, you have a larger variety to choose from among lighter as well as heavier ones.

Generally speaking, 10-inch miter saws are the best sliding miter saws for homeowners as they are commonly used for DIY projects such as renovations, decks, and fences. On the other hand, larger 12-inch sliding compound miter saws are mainly used for professional purposes as they can cut larger sized boards.

  • Motor Power

Since a miter saw is meant for cutting wooden or even hardwoods and aluminum boards, it needs to have a powerful motor. However, most powerful motors need higher electrical power and hence are corded tools. There are several options for the corded miter saw with 10-amp, 12-amp, or 15-amp motors.

If your use includes doing a lot of wide crosscuts like needed for building a garage, you should opt for a miter saw with a relatively powerful motor. On the other hand, cutting composite or trim pine can be done with a miter saw having a less powerful motor too.

The power of the motor is accentuated with portability factor too, where portable miter saws have lower power motors and vice versa.

Additional Features

Many miters saw in the market are offered with some added features to make the use of machines easier or comfortable. When you are considering which machine to buy, these additional features that come with the product should be noted and compared carefully.

1. Laser Markers

The most important added feature which provides help for homeowners is cutting markers that help you to see where the machine will cut so you can easily cut straight. Many machines are equipped with some sort of LED light markers while laser guides are also available in some offered makes/models.

2. Dust Chute

Another important feature that should be considered while buying is the dust collection system which keeps the sawdust to gather in a bag and prevents it from flying and dispersing everywhere. Some miter saws have a dust collection bag installed while others have a vacuum port to where a vacuum hose can be fitted. Depending on the type of materials you will be cutting, you can choose from either of them.

3. Safety

Almost all miter saws come equipped with certain safety features. Most of the time you have the option to choose from different types of safety features. While purchasing a miter saw choose carefully if you are a new user, DIY’er, or a homeowner who will not be using it very often.

4. Warranty

Since miter saws are electro-mechanical tools and used for hard cutting jobs, it usually is not enough to find the best miter saw. The additional coverage of the warranty is also very important so that any mishap can be averted. In order to save your money if anything goes wrong, you should check the warranty opportunities of the machine during the process of purchase.


We have listed the 10 best miter saws including, compound and sliding rail, 10-inch/12-inch bevel miter saws along with their qualities and flaws to help you choose the correct / best miter saw for your home projects as this article is specially intended to help homeowners. You can choose either one of the miters saw types with the help of a buyer’s guide and you won’t regret your decision. Thank us later!

People Also Asked For Homeowner Miter Saws

Should I get a 10 inch or 12-inch miter saw for Home?
Both these miter saws serve different purposes but both are very useful for woodworking. A homeowner can choose either as per their specific need: For smaller projects a 10-inch miter saw is fine but for a bigger one, you should go with a 12- inch miter saw. My recommendation would be to go with a 12-inch miter saw because its high power motor can produce fine, precise cuts in minimum time. Though it is a bit pricey it can work with both 10-inch and 12-inch blades.
Can you put a miter saw on the floor?
Miter saw is a versatile, powerful tool, and using it on the floor won’t damage the machine It is a bit tricky to use the miter saw on the floor as it is a powerful tool which produces vibrations while using, so if you are cutting longer boards it might be difficult to support the piece during cutting.
Can a miter saw cut plywood?
In any home renovation project, good plywood sheets are a must. So, yes you can use a miter saw to cut plywood, but you need to use the right blade and use it properly, so it is wise to invest in an 80 TPI (teeth per inch) plywood blade, carefully operate the saw to get the perfect finish.

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