10 Best Miter Saw for Woodworking of 2021

A wide range of miter saws are available for the woodworkers in the market, starting from the most basic one which bevels in only one direction; a compound miter saw who has the ability to do both bevel and miter cuts, and the most advanced one “sliding compound miter saw which has all the qualities of the above-mentioned miter saws with the added benefit of the rails” that allows the blade to slide forward and backward onto the material sculpting the most accurate cut.

With all these mentioned varieties, it sometimes becomes really difficult to choose the right woodworking power tool. These revolutionized tools have saved all the carpenters, woodworkers, or construction builders from the frustrations of tackling with the conventional power tools.

 Top 10 Best Woodworking Miter Saw Reviews

We have evaluated the 10 best miter saws for woodworking, have tried to answer your queries, and included a buying guide so you can choose an ideal, cost-effective tool for your workshop.

1. DEWALT DWS779 – Perfect for Wood Projects

True to their word, Dewalt is one of the best performing durable sliding compound miters saw available in the market. The 12-inch blade spins at 3800 RPM speed delivery optimum consistent results, and can easily cut through 6.75-inch-thick wood. DWS 779 series is equipped with a sharp carbide blade for smooth cuts and a blade wrench for quick adjustments.

Though it is a bit on the higher price side it is more than capable of delivering accurate cuts at a quicker pace. You won’t regret investing in this heavy-duty miter saw which has the capability to cut 2×14 inch timber at 90 degrees and 2×12 inch board at 45 degrees. The back fence is exclusively planned for handling huge crown moldings.

The adjustment can be made using the cam lock handle. Even though the XPS light guide system is missing in this series, but the price and features are exceptional. If you are a professional, then this definitely will be a very good purchase. The dust collection system has the capacity to collect 75% of sawdust and debris.

The Expert Opinion
Though this corded tool doesn’t come with the XPS cut-line system, if you have professional eyes then you wouldn’t need any other guide to make the precise cuts.
  • A 15-ampere motor delivers power and stability
  • The efficient dust collection mechanism
  • Doesn’t come with LED or laser guide

2. Makita XSL06Z – Best Quality Miter Saw for Woodworking

Makita has revived their image by creating new innovating technology like XSL06Z series has by introducing cordless and brushless features, they have combined revolution and edge giving their users an outclass cutting experience. It is an expensive tool but the level of quality it delivers is totally worth the price.

The brushless motor produces 4400 RPM speed with the auto adjustable speed to manage the speed and torque during cutting to deliver the best performance, eliminating carbon brushes for longer life and durability. Left to right miter and bevel angle with quick adjustment locks and miter stops for precision.

This 10-inch battery-operated dual bevel miter saw promises power and speed without the hassle of the cord getting in the way of cutting. The 2 rail sliding system allows smoother slide-glide and reduces the overall saw footprint. Another plus point is that the drive gearbox for smooth startups and guard system to increase the overall cutting capacity, for vertical its 5-1/4 and for nested molding is 6- 5/8.

Sometimes it could be really frustrating to decide which saw to buy, check this review of Dual bevel miter saw before you make the final choice.

The Expert Opinion
What’s not to like about Makita, this out-of-the-box perfect calibration and easy to use tool provide the finest performance anybody could wish for.
  • Electronically regulated motor
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • No belts to slip
  • 60T carbide blade
  • expensive

3. Metabo HPT (C10FSHCT) – Best for small workshop

Metabo is a 10-inch Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw with an integrated tool-less laser system that shoots a laser beam on the wood piece where the blade will make the cut, along with an LED light that will give users clear visibility, especially in dim surroundings. This 40 pounds easy to carry dual bevel miter saw is perfect for a tradesman. The overall compact construction of this saw makes storage convenient, and the weightlessness adds to easy transportation.

The Zero Rear Clearance Slide feature reduces the saw’s footprint, adjusting it against the wall without compromising the overall sliding of the saw guaranteeing the use of the saw for a number of versatile tasks. The fact that it has a reduced footprint means that it can easily rest flat on a wall or any other surface.

This multipurpose tool allows users to do miter cuts at an angle of 60 degrees to the right and 55 degrees to the left. Along with miter, angular, or other cuts, it can cut bevel to the right and left up to 48 degrees. The precision and quality cuts it achieved with the help of a built-in LED laser light that marks the exact position where you will be cutting is beyond words.

The Expert Opinion
A miter saw is a powerful precision tool for carpenters. Woodworking involves ripping large pieces to size, buildings windows, door frames, and Metabo is perfect for all.
  • Improved motor with more power and torque
  • Zero Rear Clearance Slide System
  • Perfect for small workshops and garages
  • LED laser technology offers a better cutting experience
  • No Soft start feature

4. SKIL 3821-01 – Budget-friendly

Skil is the right miter tool with the ideal weight that it’s neither too heavy nor flimsy, so won’t easily fall out and produces the right amount of power to cut through the thickest of materials with ease. The laser guide included gives you the perfect precision you are looking for in a miter saw. You’d get the preview of the cut-line so you can adjust the blade to get the exact angle.

This 12-inch miter saw with the heavy 15-ampere motor can easily do common miter cut with 9 miter stops at various angles. Easy to use and easy to mount on the Skil miter saw with table extension to cut long, large wood pieces. The integrated handles help moving the saw and the dust bag creates an efficient working environment.

The 4500 RPM speed can be adjusted according to the type of material you are working on. A perfect miter saw for a woodworker or intermediate DIYer who loves to do cabinets, or wooden racks, frames, decks, or other home restoration tasks. Though it doesn’t have a lot of features it sure gets the job done.

The Expert Opinion
The slide-out table extensions with left/right rails provide greater support when cutting longer pieces which makes it one of the best miters saw for cutting crown moldings.
  • Valuable saw in as economical price
  • Laser guide for alignment and accuracy
  • 4500 RPM rotational speed
  • 4×6-inch maximum cutting capacity
  • Bevels in only one direction
  • Doesn’t have a fence

5. Delta S26-263L – Lightweight Miter Saw

A power woodworking equipment that every carpenter would want in their workshop. From trimming to cutting furniture or cabinets or even doing moldings, this 10-inch Shopmaster has an amazing 12-inch crosscut capacity. The 15-amp spinning motor can do both bevel and miter cuts allowing you to complete tough tasks at a faster rate.

Delta is a lightweight, easy to carry 10-inch sliding miter saw that has the ability to make a bevel cut to the left from 0-45 degrees and a nominal 2×12-inch at the full bevel. The front lock control mechanism with 10 positive miter stops on the miter detent plate allows quick alteration between common miter angles, the front latch locks the angle for you.

You’d find laser in most of the miter saws but this one with the on/off button and electric brake creates a top tier cutting experience for its users. The spindle locks, work clamps, brakes, and cord at the rear shows how much significance, safety has for them. The cord placed at the back is protected by the blade.

The Expert Opinion
Feel free to review other 10-inch sliding miter saw to compare with this one, but believe me, it is a great deal for your woodworking projects, it has all the specs and much more than what you’d be looking for in a miter saw.
  • 15-ampere power motor
  • Work clamps to secure the material
  • Electric brake to stop the blade
  • Spindle locks hold the blade securely while the blade nut is removed
  • Dust bag misses most debris

6. Hitachi C10FCH2 – Best for small wood projects


Making smooth cuts on an extremely expensive material can be a bit of a headache without a proper tool. Hitachi C10FCH2 is one tool that would work perfectly fine on such materials. Hitachi is known for its precision and alignment. A really good saw for beginners with the laser marking, giving users the confidence that the blade is in the right cutting angle.

The 10-inch blade spins at 5000 RPM allows bevel cuts up to 45 degrees to the left with adjustable bevel stops for accuracy and miter cuts to the left and right with thumb actuated positive miter stops for accuracy. Like most of the saws, its ability to collect sawdust is not very efficient but the light 26.5 pounds facilitates maneuverability.

The large, pivoting fence that has been raised up to 4 inches for supporting the material can efficiently handle complex, intricate cuts, the raised fence is ideal for vertically cutting crown moldings. The simple structure and dead-on accuracy allow getting optimized results every time you use it. For first time users, the out-of-the-box accurate settings is an added bonus, without worrying about the angles, simply focus on learning to cut.

The Expert Opinion
It is an awesome single bevel miter saw for smaller wood cutting tasks but if you are a professional carpenter then you should check our reviews on the best 12-inch sliding compound miter saw.
  • Great price, great performance
  • 15-ampere powerful motor
  • Miters and bevels effortlessly
  • Large Pivoting fence
  • Limited cutting capacity
  • Not for heavy construction projects.

7. Genesis GMS1015LC – Ideal by Homeowners

An inexpensive, reliable miter saw with a 15-ampere strong motor is one of its kind. You’d get all the essential features that a good miter saw should have and all that and much in a super economical deal. It has the capacity to do both bevel cut to the left and miter cut to both left and right up to 45 degrees.

The 9 positive miter detent stops points at the common angles lock firmly for the most accurate cuts. It has the ability to perform smooth compound cuts for cabinet making, crown moldings, fencing, picture frames, and more. Genesis is made with a die-cast aluminum base and a foldable compact design that makes storing and moving this tool stress-free.

The integrated laser installed provides a guide for accurate cutting alignment and straight in-line cuts. The 60T carbide blade designed for tough construction jobs brings precision, clean cuts, and exceptional finish and stays sharp for a really long time. Clamps for holding the material down during cutting so the material wouldn’t warp.

The Expert Opinion
Genesis is a user-friendly, reliable miter saw ideal for homeowners, with electric brakes installed, which you wouldn’t find in many miter saws, but to them it is important.
  • Arbor lock for blade change
  • Two table extension wings for extra support
  • AAA batteries for laser
  • Heats up quickly
  • The clamps lock loosens during moving

8. Delta S26-262L – Safety Equipped Tool

Delta shop master is a feasible pick for all the woodworkers and carpenters, considering the value it is providing at such a minimal price. This heavy-duty 15-ampere power tool with its battery-operated laser guide technology for accurate blade placement and precise cut. The 10-inch blade spins at 5500 RPM can cut a 2×6 board in one pass.

It has a cutting capacity of nominal 4×4 and 2×6 at 90 degrees, above this measurement, it won’t to able cut as smoothly, so this one is more suitable for smaller projects. The saw cuts bevel on the left at 0-45 degrees and miters with common positive stops from left and right. This 25 lbs. lightweight, compact power tool fits in almost all miter stands and makes storage convenient.

The transportable attribute makes it a good choice for those workers whose job requires them to move the tool from one site to another. A valuable addition to your workshop and a handy tool to meet the growing cutting demands equipped with the safety features like a fence, electric brake, which stops the blade from spinning once the trigger is released.

The Expert Opinion
Delta has increased the chances of success for all your woodworking projects. This sturdy tool with its sharp blade can impressively cut through various types of wood.
  • The spindle lock will hold the blade while you replace it
  • A stable base means minimum vibration during use
  • Electric brake
  • Laser batteries run out quickly
  • Poor dust chute

9. WEN MM1011  – Best for Bevel and Miter cut

You can do every sort of woodworking cuts with this economical, single bevel sliding compound miter saw. The compact yet expansive saw with the 15-amp motor has the capacity to cross-cut crown moldings. The 9 positive miter stops at the most common angles can do both miter (both right and left directions) and bevel (to the left) at 45 degrees.

For any specific cut, the miter lock attached allows the saw to lock the angle between the stops. The 4500 RPM per minute blade rotation can effortlessly cut 12-inches wide and 3 ½ inch thick board, that’s not it, present an even thicker, wider board for compound (both miter and bevel) cuts, Wen MM1011 would smoothly tackle that too.

The 40-tooth carbide blade allows doing a smoother cut designed for enhanced ripping, crosscuts, and tough materials like floor laminations, paneling, MDF, etc. Along with the blade, the class II laser highlights the cut-line path on the board so you can cut with confidence without having to worry about alignment.

The Expert Opinion
Wen’s 10-inch miter saw is a preferred woodworking tool for professionals, looking to accomplish piles of work in a short time frame.
  • Two table extensions to secure the material
  • Clamp for holding the fence
  • Dust bag and a dust port adaptor for vacuum
  • The slide system is a bit rough

10. Metabo HPT C8FSHES  – With Adjustable Pivot Fence

Have you ever tried cutting wood without a miter saw or cutting mitered corner angles with a single bevel miter saw, if yes then you must have a very clear idea of how time-consuming or tiring it could be? Metabo like its other popular series is designed using the finest material and the aptitude to cut through most woods.

Though it is an 8 ½ inch miter saw but with its 9.5-ampere motor which produces a maximum rotational speed of 5500 RPM is designed for cutting even the toughest of materials. The Linear ball bearing system for smooth slide function is ideal for woodwork, trimming, moldings, and framers who require precision and alignment.

A fantastic tool for doing compound cuts with the miter detent plate for quick miter angle adjustments. Positive miter stops to both left and right at 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 angles help to make alterations effortless. Created with the laser maker and LED light setting for illuminating your work table for visible angle variations and precise cutting experience.

The Expert Opinion
A reliable compact, sliding compound miter saw with a blade diameter of 8 ½ inches, ideal for smaller woodworking projects with the capability to save time and effort.
  • Positive miter stops at common angles
  • 8 lbs. Lightweight tool
  • Adjustable pivot fence for extra stability
  • Flimsy material
  • Small dustbag

What is the Best Miter Saw Blade for Cutting Woodworking ?

You can cut different sorts of material including wood using this sophisticated tool. But choose a blade with at least 40 or 80 teeth that can easily cut through large amounts of wood at a quicker pace.

Wood is not that hard to cut, so go for a carbide tipped steel blade that is ideal for cross-cutting wooden boards. You can easily find a lower teeth blade, that would surely get the job done but will leave rough edges behind. So doesn’t matter if you choose a 10-inch blade or a 12-inch one, pick the one with the higher teeth count.

How to Cut Wood With a Miter Saw?

how to cut wood properly with miter saw

The primary job of this powerful tool is woodworking. Learn with us how to perfectly cut wood making angular cuts and crosscuts for cabinets, door frames, moldings, and other carpentry jobs. Equip this tool with the right set of blades and the versatility it provides is beyond words. Here is the step by step guide of how to cut wood with a power-driven saw:

1. Mark the angles

The most important step before you cut the material is to mark it appropriately. Mark the piece using a pencil. Miter saw is a powerful tool for making tight-fitted joints and an ideal tool for door frames, baseboards, crown moldings, and other trim work.

2. Adjust the board

A miter saw is a perfect tool for cutting long pieces of timber. Place the board flush against the saw fence at the base rear. Then, carefully select the bevel angle at the front of the gauge or to cut the miter angle, adjust the angle on the miter detent plates to carefully cut the board.

3. Adjust the angle

Vertical angles are usually referred to as bevel cuts whereas the horizontal one is known as the miter cut. Adjust the settings to cut the desired angle.

4. Align Secure it properly

Align the blade accurately with the cut-in line on the board. It takes practice to carefully align the blade with the cutting mark. Some saws have a laser guide for precise cutting.

5. Secure the material

Use the workpiece clamps, which will properly hold the material for accuracy. This tool helps keep your hand away from the blade too. Most have small knobs to tighten the blade.

6. Start sawing

Once the angle is set, press the trigger to turn on the saw. Once the blade reaches the top spinning speed, slowly lower the blade down to cut through the wood until the cut is complete.

7. Pull the trigger

Once you have cut the wooden board, press the trigger to completely stop the blade. Once the blade fully stops, lift it.

8. Safety

Must use all the safety gears like blade guard, clamps, hearing protection, dust masks, and safety glasses to protect yourself while using the saw. And, always keep your hands away from the moving blade.

How to Make Notches in Wood With a Miter Saw?

To make your woodworking product durable, learning to cut a notch in wood is an essential trait that will give your project a definitive finish. For carpentry joints, these notches work really well. For a secured fit, the joints shouldn’t be too tight, if they feel so, use the saw and then a rubber mallet to adjust them.

This may look like a tricky job for beginners, it is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of tools. To cut a notch you’ll need a miter saw, a hammer, a chisel, gloves, safety glasses, pencil, rulers, vise clamp, and a workbench.

1. Prep the wood

Measure the notch and mark the wood with a pencil or a marking knife, then use the chisel to outline the marks.

Use all safety precautions while doing the cut. To use a miter saw cutting the notch, securely hold the wood against the fence and start cutting along one of the marked outlines until you have reached the cut depth, now repeat the same process until you have reached the other marked line.

Now place the wood flat on the surface and start chiseling the teeth out to rough in your notch, the miter saw has made chiseling the wood in your notch easy.

2. Polish the wood

Now you have to polish your work to get the perfect chiseled squared notch. You’ll achieve that using the hammer and a small chisel to remove the extra wood from the notch.

3. Fit the notch

The notch shouldn’t be too wide or too narrow, you’d want a perfect snug fit. Check that by placing the wood piece into the notch, it will notch with.

4. Repeating the process

Notching woods adds a finishing touch to your job. Once you are satisfied with the notch, repeat the same with the next piece to join the two pieces together.

What to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw for  Fine Woodworking?

  • Weight, Cost, and Portability

As weight & portability are directly related to each other, you need to consider your requirements & search for the best saw in the correct weight ranges according to your job description. Usually larger and heavier saws (>50 pounds) are best for a wood workshop where they are not required to move much. Lighter weight miter saws offer more portability in terms of weight and size. These miter saws are usually cheaper than the heavier ones.

Another key feature is whether the saw is corded or cordless. Usually, high power miter saws are corded, however, the converse is also true with a given operation time (number of cuts of standard 4-inch timbers). If your work requires the miter saw to be moved around, you should go for the lighter and/or cordless version and vice versa.

  • Electric brake and safety clamps

These features are not deal- breakers but you can consider them before buying a saw. Safety clamps are used for securing the board and lockout triggers an electric blade to prevent injuries, like the spinning of the blade stops within seconds of pressing it.

  • Dust bag and blade guard

You cannot ignore health and safety while using this huge, intimidating tool. If you are learning these woodworking techniques, transparent blade guards help protect your hands from cuts and don’t obstruct your view during cutting and the dust collection bag or dust port for vacuum collects sawdust which helps keeps the surroundings clean.

  • Single vs dual

If you are a beginner who needs a miter saw to do basic woodwork then it’s better to choose a more cost-effective, lightweight single bevel miter saw, on the contrary, if you are a professional who is looking for perfect alignment and precision and has to work on complicated builder tasks then investing in a dual miter saw is a smart choice.

  • Other factors

Miter saws work best when they are mounted on the wall. Always try to go for a compact, lightweight saw if your job requires you constantly moving. And the most important trick for precision is to choose the blade that is perfectly compatible with your miter saw.

Wrapping  Up

We have compiled the top of the line miter saws for woodworking by systematically appraising the key features and best attributes of each saw. This comparison will enable you to thoroughly consider what you need and make the best choice for yourself.

Whether you need this miter saw for extending your ramp, to do floor laminations or any other woodworking; this article will help guide you through your purchase. With our help, you can easily find the miter saws with your desired aspects for your next woodworking ventures according to your needs and budget and hence make your life easy!

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People Also Asked For Miter Saws For Woodworking Projects

Can you cut wood with a miter saw?
A miter saw is a multipurpose tool, perfect for cutting wide, thick, longboards of wood, but obviously, it is difficult to cut them with hands, so use a clamp to hold the board against the fence. Always use a sharp material to cut through the material. Miter saws are typically designed to cut wood but with the right blade used, they can also cut other materials. They can do miter, bevel, straight, square, compound, and a couple of other cuts.
How thick of wood board can a miter saw cut?
The saw’s capability to cut wood precisely depends on the size of the blade. A 10-inch can easily cut 5 ½ inches wide board and a 12-inch saw can easily cut up to 7 ½ inches wide board, sufficient for 2×6-inch and 2×8 inch timber respectively. You can make both miter and bevel cuts using the miter saw. A miter is made across the width of the board, whereas a bevel is cut through the thickness of the board. Both cuts can be made depending on how you place the saw on the board.
Can you use a miter saw like a table saw?
Yes, a miter saw can either be used as a table saw or it can be set up on a miter saw stand usually sold separately with the miter saw. Depending on the type of miter saw, it may require variable bench clearance behind the saw. A compound miter saw with a robotic arm requires more space than a sliding rail miter saw for cutting smaller, low width workpieces.
how to cut wet wood with miter saw?
The sliding miter saws are pretty handy when you have to cut big wood pieces, but not a great tool to use on wet wood, neither are circular saws. Because working on wet wood is dangerous, as it could get distorted while cutting. A chain saw or a handsaw can only cut them because they are already lubricated with oil, so the extra moisture won’t be an issue cutting and the chainsaw will keep functioning well.

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