Best Petrol Chainsaw For Home Use 2021

In the market for chainsaws, you’d find a lot of choices: petrol, gas, corded, and cordless, and in their most basic forms almost all offer the same functionality, further confusing you as to which one you should buy.  Though they all look similar they differ in their driving mechanism and daily operation.

So here’s the truth…

When it comes to severe, robust cutting, the petrol-driven chainsaws are unbeatable.

We all know that the petrol chainsaws are more demanding, powerful, and noisy as compared to their cordless or corded counterparts, but we also know that the latter options are not intended for challenging jobs; leaving us no choice other than to go for the petrol ones.

So instead of tricking a homeowner to buy a semi-efficient tool, we refer them to the best petrol chainsaw available in the market for home use so they can finish their job like a pro.

Best Petrol Chainsaw For Home Projects

If you’re unsure of what kind of chainsaw you need, check out our product review and buying guide before making that final decision, because these petrol-driven beasts surely are capable of taking down the entire tree without so much as breaking a sweat.

1. Kunkung 52CC Engine Petrol Chainsaw – Ideal for Homeowners

A chainsaw especially a petrol-driven, is an indispensable tool if you own a massive property with a lot of trees, it is a versatile tool that can save you a lot of time doing numerous chores around the house.

This robust chainsaw is powered by a 2-stroke engine delivering high speed and acceleration, a 52CC petrol engine producing a maximum 2000W power output to truly chop the entire tree or its thick limbs down.

The engine is equipped with a reliable ignition system creating more power and less noise making it reliable to be used in residential premises. The electronic ignition system ensures the powerful running of the machine delivering a 3080 RPM idle and a maximum 10310 RPM speed.

Offering a perfect blend of excellent performance and convenient operation, this saw is handy enough to be used during a long day of woodcutting, pruning, and trimming shrubs.

The considerable lightweight and the 20-inch long bar length makes it an ideal household choice, and the 3HP power output creates genuine admirable outcomes. It’s a sprocket nose guide bar that helps to steadily transfer the power to the chain for efficient cutting.

A mixture of petrol and engine oil is needed to run a petrol-powered engine. The consistency of the petrol and oil is critical to the engine’s performance and longevity.

The 550ml fuel tank capacity and the 260ml oil tank capacity provide enough lubrication to keep the chain in optimum condition; allowing it to run smoothly without much friction and heat.

The Expert Opinion
Kunkung chainsaw can save you a lot of money especially when a summer storm season gets started, letting you do all the storm cleanup yourself, making it an excellent choice for both professional and domestic use. It is pretty light in weight for a petrol chainsaw without being extremely loud for your ears.
  • Great for domestic tasks
  • Cuts quickly and efficiently
  • Light and comfortable to use
  • Sturdy and Reliable
  • Powerful 2-stroke engine
  • Not a well-known brand

The Buying Guide of Petrol Chainsaws For Home Use

While searching for a gasoline-powered chainsaw for your casual / home use, there are a number of factors that you can play around with. These petrol/gasoline-powered chain saws are generally designed for heavyweight cutting and have a tilt towards the higher-end side of the spectrum.

A casual user thus may not need the most loaded and powerful model. Our following guide will help you decide the best gasoline-powered chain saw best suited for your needs.

  • Bar / Chain Length and Engine Power

As the gasoline-powered chain saws are powerful and made for heavy-duty cutting, they usually have a longer bar and chain lengths. You can find a gasoline chain saw in the size ranges of 16 to 24 inches.

Similarly, to push the chain through tough wood, these saws are equipped with powerful engines typically ranging between 30 to 65 cc of engine displacement.

Since you are looking to get a chain saw for your home use, we take it that you would only casually by using this tool on your property and therefore recommend not going too high end.

Another important feature is automatic chain oiling which comes in very handy especially when cutting tougher woods like oak.

  • Weight Consideration

The gasoline-powered chain saws are generally heavier than their electric counterparts with similar cutting abilities. Also, the larger saws tend to add to the weight and need a firm hand for utilizing them.

The skill level and physical strength of the user thus becomes an important factor that requires a sturdy hand and ample maneuverability easily achieved with relatively lightweight models.

With the increase in skill level and/or physical strength to handle the more powerful models, you can switch to your desired one.

  • Fuel-Efficiency and air-injection system

Since most of the petrol/gasoline chain saws are equipped with two-stroke engines, these saws have notoriously high emissions along with very poor fuel efficiency. Only some of the latest high-tech and costly tools have reasonable fuel efficiency with pro-level performance.

Another important feature is the so-called air-injection system in a gasoline-powered saw. It consists of a centrifugal cleaner which removes the sawdust, debris, and chips from the air circulation before they could reach filters. Try to get one that has a proper air injection mechanism.

This system is very efficient in making your tool low maintenance and gives it a better fuel economy along with increasing the life span of the chain saw engine.

  • Vibration Dampening and Grip

Since the only support of a chain saw during cutting is your grip, these heavy-weight tools tend to generate a lot of vibrations and kickbacks. A prolonged usage thus causes fatigue or even physical damage to tissues.

A two-prong strategy of installing shock reduction coils in the saw to work as an anti-vibration system along with designing an ergonomic handle with a soft grip. These two innovative additions to the chain saw reduce the vibration with a comfortable, fatigue-free cutting operation.

  • Maintenance

Although modern chainsaws are designed with several integrated features to keep maintenance of tools at a bare minimum, there still is a requirement of periodic maintenance.

Higher-end saws are equipped with features like jam cleaners, tool-less chain tensioning and air injections for filters to keep the chain saw operable.

Nevertheless, a gasoline engine requires maintenance similar to your motorbike every now and then. It is always best to find a tool whose maintenance is easy and can be done by yourself in a not-so-professional way.

  • Safety Considerations

As with any other power tool, gasoline-powered chain saws are powerful tools operating at very high speed and can be dangerous in the hands of a novice especially if they lack proper safety features. It is always best to have a petrol chain saw with layered safety features.

The primary safety features are chain brakes, safety guards, anti-kickback chain design, and others to name a few. While the secondary safety considerations include using proper safety equipment like goggles, non-slip gloves & boots, etc.

It is advisable not to skim on the safety features even if they cost you some additional money and make sure to follow the instructions to operate the chain saw for safety purposes.

It is always good to carefully analyze all the features and carefully weigh down the pros and cons and compare these with your requirements and budget when making a choice.

Wrapping Up

Obviously, it’s the only choice and not a very renowned one, but we have never disappointed you with our previous reviews and we hope to maintain our reputation with this one as well. This chainsaw is packed with great features and is powerful enough to easily go through several DIY jobs around the yard.

We tried our best to come up with a choice that’d satisfy your preferences. You can easily use this petrol chainsaw around the house to tackle various cutting tasks, keeping your home and your backyard tidy; carefully and smoothly trimming the overgrown bushes to your taste.

We plan to review more gasoline saws later but for now, that’s all we have got for you!!

People Also Asked For Petrol Chainsaw For Home Use

Are petrol chainsaws better than electric?
You can never go wrong with a petrol chainsaw, especially when it comes to power and durability. They’re your best option if you plan to do some sort of commercial cutting. Electric saws are well-acclaimed too, as they’re a lot quieter, easier to start and handle, and don’t emit any fumes. The final decision depends on how you intend to use it.
Are petrol chainsaws safe to use for home?
That usually depends on the type of work you are into, but in our opinion, it is better to get an electric or battery-operated saw as that is simple to use and maintain. Petrol chainsaws are usually more powerful and loudest than all other types, making them less suitable for residential premises and more suitable for large-scale projects.

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