7 Best Pole Saw For Trimming Palm Trees 2022

Either you are looking to get rid of the dead palm tree branches or even ferns, or you wish to maintain a beautiful landscape with trimmed branches on your palm trees, forget the hassle to hire someone and spend your precious bucks, go get yourself a pole saw.

Although very satisfying as it is likely to save you a fair amount even if used just a few times a year, but it can be laborious as well as hazardous. So, take a trip with us in this article to find the much-needed information about pole saws along with a detailed buying guide.

7 Best Pole Saws For Trimming Palm Trees Reviews 2022

After researching a lot of markets if still, you are not much successful in finding your compatible Pole Saw for Trimming Palm Trees then welcome to this page. Here you will be obviously amazed by having our collection for best Pole Saw for Palm Trees anyways.

1. Oregon Cordless PS250 – Best for Trimming Palm Trees

Many of you might never have heard of Oregan, or maybe those who have or seen the tool weren’t much impressed with its first look, with this review we hope to change your perception. This pole saw gives you power, precision, and telescopic reach to places where a traditional chainsaw cannot reach, it’s a chainsaw on a stick.

Instantly start the saw without worrying about the cords getting in the way of cutting. This unique user-centric high torque motor produces 2817 fpm chain speed and is controlled by a planetary gear reduction system for efficient power transfer and the 4.0 Ah battery has the capacity to easily make around 500 cuts on 2-3-inch branches.

A strong 40 volts lithium-ion battery that gives you enough charge to smoothly power through the day’s tasks.  This cordless saw offers a perfect weight to balance ratio carefully trimming and pruning the trees. The mid-mount motor balances the saw and makes it easier to first cut the ends of longer limbs, and then smoothly prune the branches that are closer to the trunk.

The ideal 13.5 LBS weight and the shoulder strap reduces hand fatigue while providing better control to smoothly extend the length from 7 to 10 feet with the aluminum branch hook offering almost 15-inches reach to easily remove the limbs or other hard-to-reach cuts.

The Expert Opinion
You’d surely be paying big bucks for this Pole saw, but the quality and professional design you are getting for this heavy-duty durable pole is so worth it. After this detailed review if you are still skeptical then you can visit their online store confirming their authorized status.
  • Starts instantly
  • Compact Cutting head
  • Powerful battery and motor performance
  • Light-weight maneuverability
  • Ergonomic design
  • A bit pricey

2. Greenworks PRO PS80L210 – Best for Pruning Palm Trees

Enjoy the art of landscaping and trimming your favorite palm trees with this 10-inch high performing bar and chain saw from Greenworks that is equipped with a brushless motor providing high torque power allowing you to smoothly cut the small, tight, difficult-to-reach tree spaces.

This saw with its incredible 80-volts Lithium battery has the capacity to make around 80 cuts in a 4×4 dimensional lumber. The battery is strong enough to deliver tremendous results and works ruthlessly without slowing down and the battery gets fully charged quickly.

The battery is interchangeable with Green’s 20+ other tools. A pole saw is a dangerous tool that can cause severe injury, always protect yourself by wearing the Green GWSHO safety helmet. With just a push of a button, power up this battery platform that gets your work done without making much noise, vibrations, and mess, and the best part it doesn’t require much maintenance.

The saw’s automatic oiler and translucent oil tank provide continuous lubrication so you can immediately start your work, ensuring the chain’s long life and durability. The sturdy pole on the saw can reach up to easily cut the branches but the motor is located in the saw’s head which sometimes creates some balance issues.

The Expert Opinion
You can now easily cut the overgrown bushes with this Pro pole saw, which may seem like a small saw but can do wonders in your garden. This multifunctional saw can be used as a trimmer and a chainsaw. Most of the saws in the market come in an 8-inch bar and chain but this exceptional power performing saw comes in a 10-inch size.
  • Convenient, no cord to pull
  • Smooth, powerful operation
  • Zero gas, emission & maintenance
  • Less Noise
  • One Charge, ample power
  • Motor located in saw’s head makes it a bit heavier

3. Remington RM25PS – A Flexible Trimming Top Choice

Remington is well known to bring about reliable and easy use Power Tools. Their outdoor yard tools are designed to be efficient and durable, so they can undertake tree trimming tasks to shaping up and an overgrown yard.

The RM25PS Pole Saw features a 7-foot long extension pole, providing the freedom to work at different lengths for different tasks. With The 8 inch, bar and chain fixed on the extension pole, the user can reach up to 12 feet in length without needing a ladder.

This pole saw has a 25cc 2-cycle powerful gas engine but is also lightweight to maintain control and allows you to cut through tough branches recklessly. The Maverick pulls an easy start with the QuickStart Technology and also offers an automatic oiler system to keep the chain always lubricated properly.

The 13.9 pounds RM25PS is flexible as it easily accepts many brand attachments, and it can be turned into a blower, hedge trimmer, edger, and many more like brush cutter to get any yard tasks done quickly.

The Expert Opinion
The Remington RM25PS Maverick pole saw is a recommended, reliable and pocket-friendly tool. Being gas-powered with numerous features like unique quick start technology and an auto oiler, lead to its unique, quality performance.
  • Quick start technology
  • Automatic oiling system
  • 2-year warranty
  • Compact and durable design
  • A renowned manufacturer
  • Hard for novice users

4. Remington RM1035P – Extra Power Tree Trimming

Remington is a reliable, user-friendly power tool brand, whose products are easily available everywhere. This electric 2-in-1 functionality 10-inch saw can also be converted to a chainsaw from the pole saw with just a push of a button for you can easily cut those downed limbs.

Maintaining the yard can be daunting but Remington has totally got you covered. From trimming your yard to pruning your pretty lawn, this 8-amps powerful yet lightweight electric saw will immediately cut the overhead branches without much kickback.

You can also adjust the upper and lower poles using the locks and clamps; the non-slip grip is comfortable and quickly secures the pole length. Equipped with a wrap handle so you can conveniently move the tool around without any fatigue. The hand guards and cords always remain at the bottom to avoid any hazards during cutting.

This tool is designed to tackle the high branches and limbs that were once difficult to reach has now become reachable by simply rotating the shaft that will extend the pole up to 10-feet so you can easily reach up to 15 feet high branches. Once you have cut and taken down the branches, disconnect the pole and cut them into a more manageable size using the chain saw.

The Expert Opinion
RM1035P Ranger II is a versatile tool that is engineered to take on any outdoor yard tasks, whether it is minor trimming, pruning of some trees, or whipping of an overgrown yard, the tool is built to be efficient, durable, and with enough capacity to effectively get the job done.
  • Extendable aluminum upper and lower pole
  • Flip and lock clamp system
  • Full wrap handle for maneuverability
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • Anti-rotation pole offers steadiness
  • A bit heavier

5. BLACK+DECKER (LPP120) – Flexible for Overhead Limbs Trimming

One of the most popular and brilliant lithium-ion tools in a wide range of saws decked out for cutting and carving old tree limbs and transforming them into a real beauty. LPP120 is a flexible, cordless pole saw with the ability to cut up to 6-inch total diameter logs with an extendable reach of up to 14 ft.

You wouldn’t have to climb the ladder to cut the stubborn limbs, it has the competence of doing more than 100 cuts on a 1.5″ pine on a single charge. The battery is interchangeable with Black & Decker other power tools and is powered by its 20V MAX* Power connect Battery system.

This lightweight saw with its in-line powerhead ensures maximum accuracy and visibility between branches, and the saw’s center extension allows the user to set various heights according to their usages. Moving and storing has never been easier, simply dissembles the saw and take it wherever you go.

They have equipped the tool with a safety blade guard to avoid any injury. As it is a battery-operated tool, which means it releases zero emissions thus reducing your overall carbon footprint, also there wouldn’t be any trouble if fuel runs out or the cord getting in the way of cutting so zero cord zero problems.

The Expert Opinion
LPP120 runs on the idea of work harder and longer whenever and wherever you need it. This 8-inch bar and chain saw can cut thicker branches without much effort, thus making the whole sawing process breezy. Black & Decker is a very good alternative for those who want power but are restricted by their budget.
  • Lightweight with plenty of power
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Easy Storage
  • 2-years standard warranty
  • Good cutting capacity
  • The plastic guard and bolts are flimsy

6. TrimmerPlus PS720 – Perfect for Cleaning up the Hedges

It is an 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chain that is suitable for trimming, pruning, and cleaning up your hedges that are really hard to reach and cut. This tool can easily be connected to all attachment-capable string trimmers without using any tool, which allows extending the tool up to 12-feet high.

The add-on attachment allows to trim and prune the overhead or top branches of the tree without having to use the ladder. The benefit of the reach bar pole attachment is it can easily be used with most of the other trimmers that have the same split boom capabilities or the models that have a 3/16″ square male shaft.

The attachments include a self-lubricating system and an extension boom which not only makes this chain and bar saw durable but the automatic oiler keeps it well lubricated to maintain optimum cutting performance. This feature allows you to easily convert your trimmer into a pole saw offering 2 height adjustments.

TrimmerPlus allows you to stack up two tools in a single package. This is a gas-powered tool which means you wouldn’t have to worry about power outlets or extra batteries at all times. At first look, PS720 looked like a cheap model out of an infomercial, but once you get to try this reliable tool, you’d absolutely love it.

The Expert Opinion
A few of the users complained about the machine not properly oiled; at times it becomes difficult to thoroughly oil the products when sending via mail so it is always recommended to check the oil or other instructions given in the manual before firing up the machine.
  • Automatic oiler Lubrication
  • Peak cutting performance
  • 2-years warranty
  • Compact and Powerful
  • 2 extensions, 2 height options
  • Few complaints about the oiling process

7. Greenworks 22272 – Best for Trimming Hedges and Bushes

Like all the Greenworks other cordless garden tool series, this one is also a brilliant saw designed for homeowners and DIYer who are not looking for a lot of bells and whistles but great power and cutting performance to get their work done.

This unit comes with a G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery Mechanism that has the competency to power several other tools for complete restoration of your yard. This 22272 offers easy and controlled cutting capabilities, you wouldn’t have to worry about oil leaks or gas making you lightheaded because of no exhaust or cord being cut.

This cordless pole and hedge trimmer come with a durable 20-inch steel blade ensuring optimal cutting performance and long life. The dual-action steel blade along with the 6.5 feet shaft extension and the 5/8-inch cutting capacity combine does a great cutting job.

From pruning shrubs to trimming hedges and bushes, this pole hedge trimmer with 3 positions pivoting head and extended reach handle will smoothly adjust the blade while allowing you to prune or cut the dead palm tree branches at various angles. The head is adjustable but because it weighs the most, sometimes becomes difficult to balance it.

The Expert Opinion
Though the 40V G-Max battery is not cross-compatible with 40V Lithium-Ion Batteries, they are with G-Max 2.0 Ah and the G-Max 4.0 Ah batteries. All in all, it is an excellent, lightweight, no-cord saw with 3 adjustable lever positions and enough battery power to easily clear your pond bank on one charge.
  • Comes with a 2AH Battery and Charger
  • 2-in-1 Pole and Trimmer
  • Dual-action steel blades
  • 3 Position pivoting head
  • Extendable reach handle
  • The locking clamps need improvement

How Do You Trim a High Palm Tree With a Pole Saw?

Remember, it can be very dangerous working on a high palm tree, so make sure to follow some simple but vital steps involved in using a pole saw on high woods, mentioned below:

  • Cordon off the work area and a few of its surroundings, where you need to start cutting off the branches.
  • Try to reduce the weight of single branch by making preliminary horizontal cuts before making the final cut.
  • Now hold your pole saw firm with both hands on the cutting position with the maximum of the saw’s weight resting on the branch (but not in case of a jump cut).
  • Hold your pole saw end at your chest level as such that your pole should not be directly up and down rather at an angle while you are cutting.
  • Make the early strokes maintain control and slowly generate a groove in the tree branch which will assist you in the latter, faster strokes.
  • Now you can move on by increasing the stroke speed but be careful enough as the branch approaches the point of dropping because pole saws cut on the pull blow, facilitated by a gravity.
  • Also, be ready to safely retreat if needed.

The Buyer Guide of Palm Tree Trimmer  Pole Saw

Here we have mentioned a few things that will help you in decide on the best pole saw for trimming palm trees, available on the market. The following mentioned focal points will help you determine the saw goodness:

  • Power Source 

Generally, pole saws are powered either electrically or by a gasoline motor. The gasoline-powered pole saw is the most powerful on cutting bigger trees but noisy and due to the need for fossil fuel, its use may be limited to specific tasks/areas.

For the electrically powered pole saw, you can either purchase a corded model allowing a relatively more powerful motor at a cost of maneuverability or a flexible battery-operated saw for off-site cutting at the expense of power. Depending on your usage requirements, you can choose any type of pole saw.

  • Ability to extend the reach

Generally, the reach of a pole saw is defined as a sum of pole saw the length and your arm. While the most common reach of 10 feet should be enough for a home user, it might not be sufficient for a pro.

Some manufacturers thus offer pole saw models whose reach can be extended either by virtue of telescopic design or by using a locking mechanism for off-the-shelf extensions. If you are a pro or have quite tall trees to deal with, you can choose the appropriate extension size offered by the manufacturer for the pole saw of your choice.

  • Versatility of usage

Generally, the motor (and allied mechanism) of a pole saw can be attached with other power or gardening tools like trimmer or leaf blowers. Depending on your gardening requirements and budget, you can choose the best suitable option for yourself.

  • Type of Blade

Pole saws are available with a variety of blade types ranging from chain type or steel blades. These blades have their pros and cons when it comes to the type of wood (tree) to be cut by them. You should carefully do your homework and then decide on the type of pole saw blades.

  • Weight of pole saw

Last but not least is the weight of the pole saw which most importantly is dependent on the power source. the gasoline pole saw requires you to carry a small gasoline tank while a battery-operated saw also carries the extra weight of battery packs which is not present in the case of corded models.

  • Safety

Remember safety comes first, so whichever pole saw you choose, try to stay firm and sturdy on the ground, holding the saw stable, controlling its weight, and make sure that the handle is oil-free, as personal safety should be the main concern when working with any power tool.

Wrapping Up

Pole saws are an easy and convenient way to do gardening and are easy to be used by almost anyone. However, it is important to understand this tool so that you remain safe when using it.

Depending on how you like your pole saw, corded electric, battery-driven, all the above-mentioned pole saws should do a fair job in trimming the palm trees by saving you some money and hassle required to get this process outsourced.

People Also Asked About For Best Palm Trimming Pole Saws

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

How much does it cost to have a pole saw for trimming palm trees?
Many good quality pole saws from renowned manufacturers are easily available in the market within the range of $150 to $350. The pole saw is not a very expensive piece of equipment, and not only reasonable; it is easy to use too.
Is a pole saw worth it?
A pole saw is definitely worth the price as it gives you the flexibility to cut and trim at extended heights. The pole saw motor also features an additional advantage in terms of usage as its motor can be attached to other gardening/power tools like leaf blowers etc. A pole saw, therefore, gives you value for money.

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