10 Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking 2022

Being into fine woodworking, one surely realizes the importance of a table saw, right? If you are eyeing to buy the portable table saw for fine woodworking, this article will definitely prove to be a great help.

Undeniably, table saws are one of the most significant innovations provided by the power-tools industry. However, as a matter of fact, most table saws are far too big and burdensome for most craftsmen and their workshops.

Nowadays, the new breed of table saws offers precise, light, portable, and lesser expensive options as compared to its big cousins, these saws are also known as portable table saws. They are small enough to be stored on a benchtop, light enough to heave in your trunk, and powerful enough for daily cutting, trimming, and fine woodworking, but with limitations.

10 Best Fine Woodworking  Portable Table Saws Reviews 2022

Buying a portable table saw is still a major investment; however, it can be difficult to figure out the best portable table saw worth your money and some space for it in your garage or workshop. Not to worry; we’ve done the needful researching, so let’s start with our portable table saw reviews of the best ones on the market today.

Here is my list of the Best Fine Woodworking  Portable Table Saws in 2022;


This  DEWALT DWE 7485 is an 8 1/4 inch compact table saw which provides ease of transportation and storage around the job site or the workshop. The 8-¼ inches blade is capable to make 1 ¾ inches deep cuts at 45° and 2 9/16 inches deep at a right angle with maximized accuracy and capacity.

The powerful DEWALT 15 amp motor with a no load speed of 5800 RPM, allows users to complete a majority of applications and woodcrafts. The DWE 7485 features a frictionless surface improving the cutting ability across the boards for fine woodworking.

The rack & pinion telescoping fence in this table saw allows for fast, easy as well as accurate adjustments and offers the capacity to rip 4×8 plywood or OSB sheet goods with a maximum ripping of 12 inches to the left of the blade and a maximum ripping of 24.5 inches to the right of the blade.

In addition to the on-board storage for blade guard assembly, riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, blade change wrenches, push stick and miter gauge, the Modular Guarding System permits for tool-free adjustment. Combined with the metal roll cage base, this portable saw offers a robust setup with great durability.

The Expert Opinion
It is a medium-range table saw for craftsmen on a job site, contractors, and carpenters. It ensures the power for tough jobs such as cutting hardwood or plywood hence is best for fine woodworking with clean and accurate cuts. This portable saw is worth every penny and is optimal for a limited budget.
What we Like !
  • Powerful motor for effortless wood cutting
  • Rips’ sheet goods up to 4×8 feet
  • Power loss reset (prevention of accidental restarting)
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Accurate and smooth cuts with on-board storage
Things to Consider!
  • A stand not included
  • Not compatible with a dado blade


SPT99-11 is a heavy-duty table saw from SKILSAW  featuring the legendary worm drive gearing. It is a 10 inch heavy duty table saw with a 24 Tooth carbide blade, a powerful 15 Amp Dual Field motor, and a 5,000 no-load RPM.

The dual field motor powers and keeps the motor cool throughout continuous applications such as ripping through full sheets of plywood and cross-cutting 4x material making this table saw ideal for all woodworking jobs as it works well with soft, hard, and engineered woods.

Featuring the Worm Drive power train this table saw supplies superior torque that rips through any wood easily making it a fine, quality tool for all woodworking tasks. With an aggressive 30-1/2-inch rip capacity and 3-5/8-inch depth of cut, this table saw can play with wood and materials without slowing down.

The precision rack and pinion fence system makes fence adjustments quick and smooth for accurate cuts. The rugged rolling stand delivers steady stability, along with the 16 Inch wheels which offer portability by easily taking stairs and rolling over uneven surfaces to reach anywhere the saws need to be set up.

The Expert Opinion
With the worm drive and direct drive, motor SPT99-11 is bound to yield impressive results in fine woodworking twice as much work output as the saw has an array of gears to make cutting through dense pressure treated sheets like a walk in the park.
What we Like !
  • Superb worm drive motor with proper gearing system
  • The worm drive mechanism produces a higher rip cut capacity
  • Good dust collection and emission
  • A steadfast fence movement system
Things to Consider!
  • The Fence movement system needs to get used to


DEWALT FLEXVOLT DCS7485B is a cordless table saw operated by a 60 Volt battery pack. The FLEXVOLT series is unique in its characteristic of automatically changing the voltage to the required level when switched from one tool to another. This together with a whopping speed of 5800 rpm makes DCS7485B gives the power of a corded table saw making it more flexible and capable.

The saw has a large 24 inch rip capacity with an 8-1/4 inch blade making it ideal for fine carpentry work. It has a maximum vertical cutting capacity of 2-1/2 inches. The table is coated for reduced friction thereby enhancing your cutting experience.

It features exquisite rack & pinion telescopic fence rails which makes quick and accurate adjustments very easy. Tool-free adjustments can easily be made owing to its modular guarding system.

It also has a resetting feature that is activated in case of power loss and avoids restarting the saw after the power is back on.

Weighing a total of 45 pounds, and a metal base fitted with rollers making it is more durable yet maintaining portability simultaneously.

The Expert Opinion
DCS7485B is a great investment in your tools with many novel features such as long life top of the line lithium batteries, smart and compact design with relatively large rip capacity, and an exotic telescopic rack-pinion fence system. This all in one power tool is ideal for woodworking and trimming.
What we Like !
  • Large ripping capacity with 8-1/4-inch blade
  • Powerful yet portable cordless saw
  • Telescoping fence for micro-adjustment
  • Site-Pro modular guarding system
  • Small blade and material support makes it ideal for narrow rip cuts
Things to Consider!
  • The battery pack and charger are not included


BOSCH’s 4100XC-10 is a powerful table saw with a 4 horsepower motor drawing 15 amperes for rotating a 10-inch blade at 3650 RPMs. It features a soft start technology that manages the jerking of the saw during start-up while ramping up the speed in a controlled manner thus enhancing the service life of electronics and motor.

It is also equipped with constant response electronics which keeps it at a steady speed during operation and a restart protection system to avoid un-intentional restarting after recovering from power loss.

Its large tabletop is made of cast aluminum which extends the available work surface and provides material support for large workpieces.  It has a maximum of 30-inch ripping capacity for workpieces as wide as 4 feet irrespective of fine or rough materials.

The square lock ripping fence is designed to effectively hold the workpiece in place to a high degree of accuracy. And the unique Smart Guard System consisting of anti-kickback pawls, a riving knife, and the blade guard is engineered for a non-obstructive yet safe cutting experience. An auxiliary fence is also included with this table saw for narrow woodworking.

The saw is mounted over the GTA47W gravity rise base unit which is equipped with 8 inch rubber treaded wheels for enhanced portability. The mechanism is designed in a single-action fashion for quick and easy setting up.

The Expert Opinion
Bosch’s 4100XC-10’s power, adjustability, and plenty of other features like the soft start and constant response circuitry make this table saw a good option for woodworkers of all levels of woodworking experience.
What we Like !
  • Powerful motor with a soft start function
  • Constant response circuitry
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Height adjustable wheeled stand
  • Smart Guard System with anti-kickback pawls
Things to Consider!
  • Micro adjustments are difficult for the fence design


This Dewalt table saw features a 10 inch, 24-tooth carbide blade, and a high torque 15 amp motor with a no-load speed of 4800 RPM which quickly rips through hardwoods and cuts pressure-treated lumber with ease making it an ideal woodworking tool.

This unit also has on-board storage making the Site-Pro Guard components easily accessible.

The DEWALT DWE7491RS is a 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw with the largest in class Rip Capacity of 32-1/2 inch (82.5cm) which allows easily cutting a variety of larger shelving and trim materials and is great for fine woodworking as well. This saw offers to make 3-1/8 inch deep cuts at right angles however 2-1/4 inches deep at 45 degrees.

The rolling stand provided in this saw is designed for easy setup and breakdown with great stability and attributes large, forceful wheels offering portability as they easily roll over steps, job site fragments, and other restrictions. And the 26-1/4 inch x 22-inch table provides more material support for bigger workpieces, however, allows this to be used for narrow rip cuts too.

The featured rack & pinion fence system allows making fast, smooth, and accurate fence adjustments, and the telescoping fence rails easily draw in and drawback, helping to form a small portable package and the flip-over ripping fence accommodates for narrow rip cuts.

The Expert Opinion
The DEWALT DWE7491RS is the best in class portable job site table saw and is highly recommended because it has great power, the largest rip capacity on the market, with the best mobile stand. The DWE7491RS is also really accurate and very well built.
What we Like !
  • Powerful with a great rip capacity
  • Features a rack & pinion fence system
  • The rolling stand makes maneuverability handy
  • Accurate and Affordable
Things to Consider!
  • Plastic parts on the fence
  • Not fully compatible with dado blades


SKIL TS6307-00 is a job site table saw with a powerful 15 ampere motor. It is built to house a 10 inch carbide tipped blade with 24 teeth which gives it a 25-1/2 inch ripping capacity and has a maximum vertical cutting capacity of 4 × 4.

It has coated aluminum tabletop for frictionless smooth movement of large workpieces. The exquisite rack and pinion fence rail design keep the fence aligned to the blade easily and firmly in conjunction with a parallel blade alignment mechanism which offers micro alignment of the blade for extreme accuracy.

The blade of TS6307-00 is designed with a 0-47-degree bevel movement with two most common positive stops at 0 degrees and 45 degrees with a quick-release lever. The tool is equipped with foldable legs that conveniently and seamlessly fold into a stand providing portability and convenience.

The integrated dust port is engineered in an elbow shape to efficiently redirect generated sawdust to a container. It also features an anti-restart switch that stops powering up the saw after a power outage.

The Expert Opinion
SKIL TS6307-00 is a table saw recommended for the DIY’ers and Pros on a low budget. This saw has the power and capacity to cut through hardwoods and trims alike. It also features foldable legs that convert into a stand. All in all, this table saw has many features to astonish a number of DIY’ers and home users.
What we Like !
  • Integrated folding legs which convert into a stand
  • The aluminum tabletop ensures frictionless movement
  • Stable and sturdy cutting
  • The efficient Dust collection mechanism
Things to Consider!
  • The number of teeth is on the lower side (24 only)

7. Delta 36-6013 – WELL MADE AND POWERFUL

For over 100 years Delta has been accommodating most of the challenging craftsmen from its quality power tools. The Delta 36-6013 is a 10-inch portable contractor table saw designed with keeping in mind, the professionals; it is boosted with precision, durability, and transportability making it a perfect choice for every woodworker.

Delta 36-6013 is a contractor grade table saw equipped with a 15 ampere motor. This saw is designed to handle the timber and wooden floor alike delivers woodworking crafts like a pro.

Its 10-inch blade gives it a 25 inch ripping capacity, 3-1/2 inch vertical cutting capacity, and a stacked dado capacity of 13/16 × 18 inches.

It has around 560 square inch surface as work area on the table surface and a steel tubing frame provides the stability for the large cuts. It has a telescopic rail mechanism that works in tandem with three fast change tabs for quick and accurate fence adjustments parallel to the blade.

The uniquely designed fence system with quick position tabs, along with the heavy-duty one-piece rail system maintains precision cuts every time. A special design of the fence also allows for cutting narrow pieces of wood or run of the mill. It also features a 2.5-inch dust collection port which can be connected easily to a vacuum providing for efficient dust extraction to keep your work area tidy.

The Expert Opinion
Delta 36-6013 is well made and powerful and is designed for the demands of the professional user and serious woodworkers and is also backed up with its 5-year pledge. Cut after cut, it delivers an impressive ripping capacity.
What we Like !
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy metal construction
  • Foldable for faster storage and transportation
  • The unique fence system with quick position tabs
  • The powerful motor offers a huge ripping capacity
Things to Consider!
  • Complicated construction manual


The 46 pounds, Goplus 10 Inch Portable Table Saw is equipped with a 15 Amp high-power motor maintaining low noise, and delivering 5,000 RPM powerful cutting performance to rip through various breeds of hardwoods and softwoods with ease. This Ergonomic Benchtop Table Saw can be used without the stand which is useful in the case of outdoor wood cutting.

With a height-adjusted large hand wheel to control the blade lifting, this table saw is convenient for slotting, ripping, or cutting, also offering a premium experience in fine woodworking. With The Double Bevel cutting from 0-45°, this saw gives 3-inch vertical cross-cut (right angle), 2-1/2 inch deep bevel cut at 45 degrees and the sliding miter gauge ranges from -45 to +45 degrees and can be adjusted anywhere within this range for cross-cutting.

This unit features a 36 Tooth carbide-tipped Blade and Coated aluminum tabletop with a 26 inch rip capacity to easily rip through larger wood material while reducing any extra friction providing smoother sliding. The blade comes with a transparent guard and riving knife to protect you from accidental injuries as well as any flying chips.

The provided heavy-duty stand efficiently prevents the table from wobbling during cutting. And the self-aligning rip fence with a corresponding guide on both sides supports precise and stable cutting without any rollover. The on/off safety switch available provides overload protection.

The Expert Opinion
When it comes to the best budget table saw, the Goplus 10-inch is definitely up there. As it comes with a dual bevel cutting, adjustable height, and the sliding miter gauge which can be modified from -45° to 45° for cross-cutting, this one is definitely recommended.
What we Like !
  • Ergonomic Benchtop Table Saw
  • Double Bevel cutting offers a big rip capacity
  • Self aligning rip fence
  • On/off safety switch
Things to Consider!
  • Some parts aren’t of good quality
  • Not for beginners as it is difficult to handle


The Rockwell RK7241S 10 inch table saw is the best combination of power, precision, durability, and portability designed to deliver utmost versatility on the job site, workshop, or cabinet shop. This one claims four times the cutting capacity of its equivalent 10 inch table saws on the market cheer to the 30 inch table to the right of the blade, with 11 inches to the left.

With its extra-long, 30 inch Expandable fence, it provides the widest rip capacity and a maximum cutting depth of any saw in its class. Its maximum cutting depth at right angles is 3-9/16 inches and 2-9/16 inches at 45 degrees. This table saw competently can cut a 4×8 sheet of plywood in half and can cut through a 4×4 piece of lumber in one chop down plunge.

An integrated laser displays exactly where the blade will cut the material, in addition to automatically re-adjusting if the blade angle is beveled and so never needs fine-tuning, improving accuracy and consistency of cuts.

With 15 amps of power and a rated no-load speed of 4,800 RPM, the RK7241S is also ideal for dealing with fine woodwork projects proficiently. Being light in weight and with the integrated wheels plus an extended leg which can be used as a pull handle; this saw can effortlessly be transported from one job site to the next.

The Expert Opinion
The Rockwell RK7241S also comes with a dust collection bag which is a nice addition; however, the main highlight of this table saw is the unique laser technology that makes sure the accuracy of each cut is absolutely sound. With the largest depth of cut, powerful motor, and 30 inch rip capacity this is an absolute beast and is totally recommended.
What we Like !
  • Adjustable laser display offers precise ripping
  • 15-ampere power motor offers great ripping capacity
  • Dust collection bag for efficient dust accumulation
  • Foldout Fence provides effortless transportability
Things to Consider!
  • Some parts are made of plastic
  • Foldable legs have a tendency to get unstable after sometimes


The Hitachi C10RJ features a direct drive universal high power 15-amp motor which generates 4,500 RPM to rip through the toughest hardwoods quickly and easily. This table saw features a soft start function to reduce noise and recoil when turned on and an electric brake to halt the rotation of the blade within seconds for increased safety and maximum productivity.

The adjustable rip fence and telescoping table extension allow for up to a 35 inch rip capacity to the right and 22 inches to the left with fast and accurate cuts. The blade height and bevel controls are congregated on the front of the saw; with a large bevel range between 0 to 45 degrees, this saw offers useful cuts 3-1/8 inch at 0 degrees and 2-1/4 inch at 45 degrees.

The onboard storage on this saw allows tools and components to be organized while remaining easily accessible whereas the fold and roll stand adds convenience and stability with less wobble ensuring accurate cuts and offers maximum portability.

The 22 x 28-3/4 inches tabletop surface handily offers a generous workspace and the rear out feed support assists when cutting larger material. An oversized power switch with emergency off is designed at knee level for immediate shut down as a safety cover. These manifold features and fine adjustments certify suitability for all woodworking projects.

The Expert Opinion
The Hitachi C10RJ brings everything you could wish for from a top-in-class table saw designed for the professional user. It incorporates a wide cutting area, a powerful direct-drive motor that features a soft start and an electric brake, and a 10 inch blade that can handle anything, making it a highly recommended choice. From rip cutting to fine cutting, it can handle the toughest of jobs.
What we Like !
  • Professional design and high-quality
  • Easy unlocking and adjusting the bevel
  • Excellent stability because of the folding stand
  • The paddle lever to lock the fence
Things to Consider!
  • A rather complex design (less useful for hobbyists and beginners.
  • Confusing user manual

Advantages of Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking

The advantages of portable table saws are as follows:

  • They have higher productivity and produce strong power that can smoothly rip through thicker material which makes them perfect for fine wood cutting
  • They utilize lower energy as compared to industrial table saws, enabling you to save a significant amount of money on a project
  • Portable table saws are generally safe because of their relatively small size and compactness
  • An efficient saw for ripping the wooden board lengthwise to make it smaller/ narrower
  • It has the ability to work on both large and smaller wooden pieces.
  • Easily handle light to medium wood cutting tasks such as plywood and softwood.
  • Compact design offers ease of transportation to job sites
  • They are capable to work on both huge and small types of fine wood

Disadvantages of Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking

The major disadvantages of portable table saws are as follows:

  • They are not suitable for big projects as bigger and sturdy woods have the capacity to damage the portable saw blade
  • The compactness and light weightiness of portable table saws creates intense vibration during operation, which affects the machine’s capacity to make straight cuts in wood
  • They are too noisy as they have no cabinet to enclose their motor
  • They lack adequate stability seen in stationary table saws

Safety Tips for a Portable Table Saw

Here are a few safety tips for operating the portable table saw:

  • Use the blade which is suitable for the material you are working with.
  • Always unplug the saw when you change the table
  • Maintain a stable foothold and never outreach
  • Firmly secure the workpiece before cutting. Never hold the cutting material with your bare hand or across any of your body parts
  • Always keep the saw power cord out of your way and far away from the line of cut
  • Make sure that the blade is clean and sharp enough to prevent any kickbacks during usage
  • Avoid overheating the portable saw

The Ultimate Buying Guide Fine Woodworking Table Saw

If you are looking for a table saw for fine woodworking, your craftsmanship requires the best of the best that fits your requirements in your budget.

We have gathered some important points to help you choose the best table saw which is as follows:

  • Power of Motor

The first and foremost consideration should be the source as well as the power of the saw motor. As a rule of thumb, the more powerful a motor is; the better it is at cutting harder workpieces and vice versa and cordless motors are generally low powered although exceptions can be found.

Generally, portable table saws can only deliver between ½ and ¾ horsepower which might be a little too low for your fine woodworking requirements. The powerful motors, on the other hand, are a bit costlier so you should be looking for a compromise between power requirement and budget when buying a portable table saw.

  • Portability

Old school table saws used to be quite heavy and you were required to specify a fixed place for it in your workshop or garage. The recent improvements, however, have resulted in lighter and portable table saw weighing between something 60 to 100 pounds.

Most of these modern table saws also feature wheeled folding bases for easy transportation with easy assembling / disassembling of the saw making it ideal for most woodworkers who require moving the table saws often. Hence, the more portable a saw, the better it is.

  • RPM (Rotations per Minute)

RPM rating of a table saw measures how many rotations it can make in a single minute. And according to general knowledge, one knows that the higher the RPM is, the smoother, more effective, and accurate the saw will be. So, any saw with an RPM higher than 4500 is preferable for fine woodworking leaving behind less visible rips and jagged edges.

  • Blade Size and Type

Most commonly, portable table saws are designed to work with either 10 inches or 8- 1/4-inch carbide or steel blades, although larger or sometimes smaller blade sizes can also be found. In addition to the size of the blade, the other most important parameter is the number of teeth on the blade which may range from between 24 to 100.

Generally, a 10-inch blade with 24 teeth (carbide) can easily accomplish a rip capacity of 30 inches. Another consideration may be the direction of the tilt of the blade or hook angle which is crucial if your workpieces vary in toughness.

  • Safety

A table saw is an inherently dangerous piece of machinery to deal with. So it’s important to ensure that the one you buy fulfills your personal safety requirements.

  • First off, look for a model with a power switch to avoid accidental startups
  • Another one is the provision of a blade guard, which protects against the probability of most blade-related accidents
  • Next in line is the kickback control. A table saw having anti-kickback pawls ensures that your saw does not react to sudden torque under pressure
  • Also, watch out for the riving knife. It’s attached to the arbor of the saw and is attuned according to the blade depth setting, preventing two segments of the wood piece from closing together

Accuracy and Smoothness

One of the misconceptions about portable table saws is that they don’t offer as much accuracy as stationary models.

With the improvements in technology, it is no longer true; modern portable table saws have ensured reliable accuracy which is of the utmost importance when doing fine woodworking. The extent does vary depending on the model, however; mostly table saws with a fence can offer high accuracy along with the in-built aligning rules and miter gauges, so watch out for these options when deciding on buying your table saw.

The drive type of a table saw can also determine its efficiency and accuracy. Direct drive saws happen to be more lightweight and compact and are safer to operate as well.


A lot of people think buying a power tool isn’t a big deal, and many consumers make a huge mistake by buying the first machine they like. Instead of rushing your purchase, you should get as much insight as possible about the particular model you like.

And to help you make your decision easier, we’ve also drawn up a comprehensive buying guide along with detailed, honest, and unbiased reviews. We bet that after reading this article, you can choose for yourself a suitable table saw with excellent features and great design.

So do not despair; read the reviews, and buy the perfect tool for yourself.

Happy Fine Woodworking!

People Also Asked Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Do I need a portable table saw for Fine woodworking?
When it comes to fine woodworking, some people won’t consider a portable table saw which is sheer injustice because there are many portable table saws available in the market today that are more than capable of the accuracy which is required for wood crafting.
What size of Portable Table Saw is most suitable for fine woodworking projects?
A 10-inch table saw is the most appropriate size as it will elevate your woodworking projects to novel heights of finesse.
What RPM (Rotations per Minute) is most suitable for the finest Woodworking Projects?
4800 RPM is the ideal speed for fines woodworking projects, as it displays the perfect amount of precision and accuracy. However, one can settle for 3650 or 3850 RPMs as well when working on medium-range woodworking projects.
Are portable table saws accurate?
Yes, they are pretty much accurate, especially when making use of the 10 inch carbide tipped blades which are most capable to cut through the thickest and toughest stocks easily and accurately. Also, the rack and pinion telescoping fence systems mounted in most portable saws and the direct drive motors, make them reliably accurate.

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