10 Best Reciprocating Saw For Cutting Trees 2022

Reciprocating saws and other power tools have totally modernized the concept of construction, demolition, and remodeling. It is a saws-all tool, along with pruning and trimming pesky trees, its versatile functionality can get the multitude of other jobs done around the house.

If you are reading this, then chances are you already know about reciprocating saw and their ability to cut trees, but maybe wanted to learn a few more details for your next project.

Maybe you are starting out or need some clarity or you might already have some knowledge but looking to further expand it. Either way, we’ll help you as best as we can.

10 Best Reciprocating Saw For Trees Reviews 2022

Fall and spring are probably the best time to clean your yards by cutting, trimming, and pruning the diseased or damaged tree limbs. Choosing the best value saw can be wearisome, considering the many options available in the market, so we have done detailed research by narrowing down the options for you that you can use time and time again.

Here is a list for top rated reciprocating Saw For Trees in 2022;

1. PORTER-CABLE (PCCK6118) – Best For Intense Yards

Porter & Cable has always focused on creating specialized power tools for professional carpenters, but now they have taken a more value-oriented approach for their consumers/ home users. You can get all these well-designed, powerful tools as they offer pretty good value at a very reasonable price.

This cordless tool kit is specially designed for carpenters, contractors, and tradies; providing them a top-notch 8-tool kit that will deliver outstanding performance without having to worry about the cords coming in the way of your work. The 20MAX battery is interchangeable with the other power tools in this series.

Though this kit comes with a lot of other tools our main focus here is the tool that is powerful enough to easily go through any material yet lightweight to conveniently carry it on the belt.

It features a high-performing drive train that has the capacity of creating 3000 strokes per minute (SPM) and 7/8-inch stroke length cutting through tree branches and yard shrubs without any hassle.

Comes with an ergonomic handle and rubberized grip for smooth handling. You can also control the speed using the variable speed trigger and the pivoting shoes provide you better control against the material you want to cut, all in all, it is an exceptional choice with all the innovative features and is more suitable for cutting light-duty material like trim branches, trees, cut plywood, and plastic.

The Expert Opinion
This specialized 20MAX lithium-Ion kit has everything that any pro would want. From Recip saw to a circular saw, Jigsaw, Oscillating Tool, impact saw, drill/driver, flashlight, and an orbit sander. It comes with a 3AH battery, a 1.3AH Battery, and a 20V MAX* charger that will provide your tool enough power to keep it running for a long time.
  • The keyless blade release mechanism
  • High-performance power engine
  • Comes with a flashlight and other tools
  • Comfortable grip and convenience
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Not the most powerful reciprocating saw

2. DEWALT (DW311K) – Best for All Seasons Tree Cutting

Dewalt is one of our all-time favorite power tool manufacturers, starting with great performance to being extremely budget-friendly; You’d find Dewalt in almost each of our power tool reviews, as we have previously mentioned, you could never go wrong with Dewalt, as it will smoothly get your job done.

An excellent performing saw with a 13-ampere power motor along with orbital action for increased competence and fast wood cutting and other heavy-duty applications cutting. The saw comes with a variable speed trigger by perfectly adjusting the speed for better control and increased versatility.

The saw’s motor is capable of making 0-to-2,700 strokes per minute (SPM) and a 1-1/8-inch stroke length offers quick, depth cutting on thicker materials, which makes cutting tree branches, limbs, dimensional wood/ lumber, or other materials hassle-free. You can also adjust the cut depth using the keyless adjustable shoe.

Weighing only 9-pounds you can easily carry it around using the carrying case, the anti-slip handle reduces vibrations and adds comfort, the weight along with comfort grips allows doing overhead work or other ladder-climbing work easy. Quickly and easily change the blade using the stainless-steel keyless clamp, which will also help to prolong the blade’s life.

The Expert Opinion
For this price, you are getting a lot of power, which is suitable enough to tackle some heavy-duty applications. The speed control if used perfectly according to the material type will further extend the saw and blade’s life. And the amazing orbital action helps speed things up by keeping the kerf clear while cutting wood.
  • Orbital action for fast wood cutting
  • Keyless blade change and adjustable shoe
  • Heavy-duty power motor
  • Good Power-weight ratio
  • The case provided is too small

3. Metabo HPT CR13VST – Best for Running Trees

Power, comfort, and convenience are always the case when it comes to Metabo formerly known as Hitachi. This model CR13VST comes with an 8-inch wood cutting blade and an 11-ampere motor that can deliver up to 2800 SPM with the variable speed dial that can be controlled with the trigger.

Also includes an Orbital action switch function that helps to cut through wood quickly, just adjust the speed to match the material being cut to ensure long life and durability of the saw and the blade. This 1-1/8″ stroke length of this corded tool offers maximum speed for rough and hard cutting jobs.

The saw and the blade are specially designed keeping in view the homeowners or carpenter’s need to cutting trees or their limbs and branches. This powerful yet low-weight tool will be ideal for heavy demolition or light tree pruning situations as it will cause less hand fatigue due to reduced saw vibrations.

Weighing only 7.9 lbs, you can work for hours with this one and it won’t tire you. They have also added a rafter hook for convenience especially when working on a ladder or scaffolding. The blade change lever on the saw cover allows quick blade changing without having to touch the hot clamp.

The Expert Opinion
It’s a no-nonsense saw with a few frills but a motor that is powerful enough to handle the toughest materials without bogging down. There is not a single feature that you’ll find on other saw models but is missing on this robust saw.
  • This model includes an LED light
  • Vibration control mechanism
  • Blade change lever
  • Adjustable Pivot Foot
  • Bevel Gear Drive System
  • The base lever seems flimsy

4. SKILSAW SPT44A-00 – Best for Demolition tasks

A manufacturer that has been around here for ages, known for creating powerful, innovative tools for professional use. Though you’d wonder in the market of 15-ampere power saws, they are a bit slower offering 13-amps motor, doesn’t matter they have compensated this by introducing their Buzzkill technology.

This full-frame counterbalance system has ridiculously reduced the vibrations as compared to some other models, and though 13-amps sounds low it still has the capacity to easily cut through different materials even you can build planters out of wooden pallets or can do some other intense yard work.

When it comes to rough tasks demolition and remodeling, Skillsaw reciprocating saw will not disappoint you. The saw is capable of making 1-1/8-inch stroke length and 2800 SPM for maximum speed cutting and performance. Though this saw doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles features but is still used for pretty high-demanding jobs.

The variable speed feature keeps you in control when cutting different materials so you can adjust the speed when cutting special pieces. The saw’s body is designed in a way that will keep sawdust and debris away from you.

The Expert Opinion
This saw is aimed at homeowners who want power, basic functionalities, and control. It is strong enough to be a backup saw for construction workers without totally blowing their pockets, and by bringing balance to the force through the buzzkill tech they have excelled again.
  • Patented Buzzkill Anti-vibe technology
  • Variable Speed Dial
  • 1-1/8-inch stroke length
  • Great value for money
  • Doesn’t have an Orbital action feature

5. Bosch PS60BN – Best for Trimming Trees

This compact 12 volts Max Lithium-Ion pocket saw came around 6 or 7 years back but it is still one of the good performing saw in the 12V series, comes with the Exact-Fit tool layout or Click & Go system providing everything from organizing your tools to easily storing and moving them around, at the same time creating room underneath to store other tools.

The L-boxes provided, though you have to buy them separately, are crash tested making them shockproof, water-resistant, and durable. This saw offers everything you’d find in other heavier, pricy models including LED, a keyless knob on the shaft for quick blade change, a motor brake to protect against injuries, and a variable speed variable dial to deliver more accurate cuts.

The three top, side, and front comfort grip handles reduce hand fatigue. The batteries have Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) so they provide protection against overload current and under voltage and also guard against low/high temperature and overheating ensuring durable and long battery life and performance.

We know our main focus here is on cutting trees or trimming them, but this versatile tool offers great functionality and has the ability to cut other materials like copper and conduit, but make sure you switch to the right blade set. Though it is a flexible tool is best for cutting light-duty materials or thin wooden pieces.

The Expert Opinion
An excellent choice for those who wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on buying a saw. The click & go mechanism further saves the storage and transporting time of today’s busiest carpenters, professionals, plumbers and remodelers, and every other user trying to improve their production by reducing the time wasted sorting through various tools.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Click & Go system
  • Low and high-temperature protection
  • Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
  • The Exact-Fit insert tray
  • Needs to work on the vibrations

6. BLACK+DECKER (BDCR20C) – Best for Pruning Trees

A well-renowned manufacturer of power tools, this reciprocating saw has gained a lot of impressive reviews from professional carpenters, homeowners, and DIYers alike. An incredibly lightweight saw for some intense backyard work or light tree pruning with a variable speed dial so you can adjust the speed according to the type of material you are cutting.

Another great feature is its tool-less blade changing, which keeps the user safe from any injury and gets the work done quickly. A durable and reliable tool usually purchased to fix the greenery in the gardens but the 20 Max lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to also be considered by some serious craftsmen for heavy construction work.

You can seamlessly sway the battery between its other power tool. This cordless versatile tool can be operated in any extreme weather conditions and it would still perform efficiently.  With its 7/8-inch stroke length, you have to be more careful while doing some delicate work, you can easily make up to 3000 SPM on a variety of materials.

Probably the lightest in the reciprocating saw market with the highest Power Connect performing battery system, easy to maneuver design, and adjustable shoes to smoothly cut through the material when altering the angle. The powered electric brake enhanced user safety and control.

The Expert Opinion
Along with all the great features, they have introduced the dampening technology that considerably reduces vibrations thus hand fatigue, and offers the user more comfort and control over the tool. But unfortunately, this is a bare-tools so you’d have to buy the battery and charger separately.
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Great tool for pruning
  • Electric brake
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Adjustable shoe & tool-less blade change
  • Battery and charger purchased separately

7. WORX WX550L – Best for Branches

This axis 2-in-1 convertible reciprocating saw from WORX eliminate the need for any other tool. With the quick mode changing push button and the pivot of the head, you can change your jigsaw into reciprocating and then back in a matter of seconds. This tool’s battery is perfectly compatible and interchangeable with 20v and 40v tools and lifestyle products.

Comes with the Orbital action mode which gets the job done quickly by pushing down on the cutting stroke followed by raising up of the blade on the return stroke, the overall circular motion makes the saw more efficient in comparison to the back and forth traditional stroke movement. It runs at ¾ inch stroke length and 3000SPM enough to cut through several materials.

Another great feature that you wouldn’t find in other saws is the in-built dust blower which keeps the cut line clear by blowing the debris away. This compact tool is great for trimming trees and courtyard shrubs and other delicate stuff, offering great functionality for indoor activities as well.

You can also get in tighter spaces to cut pipes or drywall with this one, this cordless saw provides you more control and has the capacity of cutting complex designs with lots of turns and twists. This saw offers a lot including vibration-absorbing handle grip, the LED headlamp, the off switch to avoid accidental startup, and the tool-less blade change, what more can we ask for, right?

The Expert Opinion
This tool offers great power to weight ratio and can be incorporated in tight spaces to make the cut. It takes the whole cutting experience to a new level. With this fully functioning 2-in-1, you can save the expense of one and have the convenience of taking one less tool on the worksite.
  • 2-in-1 jigsaw to Reciprocating saw
  • Accept several blades
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Compact and reasonable
  • Off-switch trigger and LED headlamp
  • Not long-lasting battery life

8. Milwaukee M18 – Best for Cutting Trees

Hackzall combines durability, performance, and long battery life and makes it an ideal tool for small farmers, and yard work. Also known as Sawzall, this saw is incorporated with a brushless motor for overall efficient performance and increased cutting speed, and cuts 50 times faster than its competitors.

This lightweight compact saw has all the professional, high-end features that its bigger companion the Milwaukee 2720-20 possess. To reduce accidents this Hackzall is equipped with a 7/8’ stroke length for quick material removal per cut and in case you are trimming a branch the pivoting shoes will get the things done with minimum vibrations.

Incorporated with the Powerstate brushless motor technology and M18 Relithium Battery, this one has the capacity to do more work than any other one-handed saw. The counterbalance mechanism reduces user exhaustion by minimizing the vibrations up to 4 times more than the usual saws.

Their advanced Redlink Plus Intelligence offers overload protection thus guarding your assets against over-discharge, overload current, voltage, and overheating. They are doing everything to prolong the saw’s life against debris and water by including a rubber seal and weep holes.

The Expert Opinion
It can be a welcome addition to your tools inventory, offering just the perfect blend of power, precision, and adaptability. You can easily navigate through trees limbs and branches and cut whatever you intend to without having to worry about the cord getting in the way or the power outlet to plug your cord into.
  • Ergonomic one-handed design
  • Counterbalance reduces vibrations
  • Overload heating protection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • It’s a bit pricey

9. VonHaus – Best for Treetop and tight spaces

This 5-amps compact saw with a small 8-inch blade is ideal for intricate places and provide easy access to tight corners like woody stems, tree limbs, and treetop, also has the capacity to cut through thick branches and other material, this sturdy motor offers a ½-inch stroke length providing maximum strength and control.

The 5amps motors run at 3000 SPM smoothly power through sheet steel, wood, and more. Equipped with a pressure-sensitive switch, the trigger allows you to successfully adjust the speed of the cut. The harder you push the button, the quicker the cut will be.

You can also lock the speed using the locking mechanism for maximum consistency. Though it is a corded tool, the cord is almost 16.4 ft. long so it wouldn’t restrict the movement in tight spaces. You can quickly and easily change the blade using the keyless blade changing mechanism and save your time.

This 9.9 lbs lightweight tool has an over-mold ergonomic rubberized grip and sturdy die-cast aluminum gearbox to provide easy handling of the tool and use in places where the space is limited. It also includes 8x superior quality blades, 6 for wood cutting and 2 for metal cutting blades, everything in a single kit.

The Expert Opinion
This tool has the capacity to tackle a wide range of homeowner, DIYer, and construction projects. It has a modernized, brushed motor with the maximum cutting capacity of 4 – ½-inches, its cutting power and a wide array of innovative features will overall enhance the quality of your task.
  • Change blades without tools
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Speed Locking Switch
  • 2-stage trigger switch
  • Versatile, user-friendly
  • A bit heavier and thicker

10. GALAX PRO – Best For Tree Branches and Shrubs

The 20volts Lithium-ion battery on this saw runs at 3000SPM and ½ inch stroke length for controlled, quick cutting of stems and shrubs for your yard. The 2Ah battery comes with a charger for quick charging as well as a battery power indicator. The saw’s design and capabilities offer an extreme amount of strength even in small spaces.

The powerful cooling mechanism of the saw extends the motor life by effectively reducing the motor temperature. The power motor offers the best, long-lasting performance by smoothly going through the toughest of materials. You can easily control and lock the speed using the variable speed trigger and lock-on for uninterrupted, consistent cutting operation.

You can even adjust the output for materials that require slow speed. The blade changing mechanism has become even more convenient, simply use the lever for quick swapping the blade, without having to employ any further tools. This Pro tool comes with three 6-inches wood blades and two6-inches metal blades as well.

The soft, rubber ergonomic handle rightly fits in the hand, overall improving the saw’s mechanism by minimizing the vibrations providing the users more control over by saw by reducing the hand discomfort. The silicon grip is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

The Expert Opinion
This saw has been designed to deliver smooth and efficient cuts and is capable of cutting different depths and various types of thicknesses. The saw must feel comfortable and right at home in your hands, and Galaxy has all these mandatory features that make it a brilliant saw.
  • Highly durable, user friendly
  • Ergonomic silicone handle
  • Electronic speed trigger
  • Lever-actuated blade changing
  • Powerful cooling mechanism motor
  • Not ideal for bigger projects

How Much Thick Wood Can You Cut With a Reciprocating Saw?

We cannot give you a specific answer, but normally you can cut three tree branches of up to 12 inches’ diameter without much effort.

The longer the reciprocating blades, the deeper they can cut, usually range between 3 to 12 inches long. For thick, aggressive woodcuts, ¾-inches to 1-inches wide blades offer more stability, but for 6-inches or more length consider a thicker blade so your blade doesn’t bend during cutting. Woodcutting blades reach from14 to 24 Teeth-Per-Inch (TPI).

Most suitable blades for cutting wood are high-speed steel, carbide grit or carbon steel, each has their own benefits some are flexible, other have durable teeth and some lasts longer and all are considered best for cutting trees, choose as per your cutting requirements.

The Buyers Guide Of Reciprocating Saw For Cutting Trees

Before starting the saw, make sure to wear safety gear at all times and always keep a firm grip because the saw may sway and bounce from the continuous back and forth reciprocating motion. Here are the detailed ins and outs of what you should expect and look for when buying the saw.

  • Corded & Cordless

The reciprocating saws come in both corded: the one that needs to be plugged in a power outlet and cordless: they run on batteries and offer great portability. Though corded are considered more powerful you can carry the cordless tool anywhere you go.

Cordless would fit even in tight spaces and are suitable for a variety of uses. Though they are less powerful they are lightweight enough so wouldn’t tire your hand much. Both offer several benefits but you’d have to decide whether you want strength or portability.

  • Motor

The Power motor is a key factor in any power tool. It comes in two forms: Brushed and Brushless. Brushed is a pretty standard motor in any reciprocating saw with carbon brushes that may be worn with time, making the saw ineffective. But brushed are low-cost, and efficient creating smooth motion even at low speed.

As the name suggests, Brushless, these motors don’t have any carbon brushes and are replaced with an electronic circuit to draw power to the blade, eliminating any possible friction equals heat caused by the brushed motor thus providing a constant flow of energy.

  • Stroke Length & Stroke Rate

Stroke length (A length of the blade moving upwards and downward) and Stroke rate (how fast it moves up and down in a minute) are two very important features of a reciprocating saw. So the higher the stroke length and rate are, the more effective the saw performance is.

  • Switch & Speed trigger

Usually found on the inside of the handle, once the switch is triggered on, it will allow the electricity through the saw. The variable speed trigger help manage the speed of the saw, by adjusting it as per the material being cut, thus avoiding damage to the piece or the blade.

  • Blade Clamp

A very important safety feature for firmly securing the blade in place, which can either be loosened on tightened using an Allen wrench key or now through a keyless technique.

  • Adjustable Shoes

This feature offers more stability during cutting, when pressed down against the material it allows you to cut in different angles using various blades.

  • Anti-Vibration

Whether using a corded or a cordless tool, the amount of power the saw is exerting, there will be kickbacks as a result, which can affect the quality and accuracy of your cut, so if you are a beginner or even a pro try to get the one with anti-kickback pawls as they will help reduce injuries or accidents. This feature is usually found on the handle of the saw.

  • Blades

A most important feature in any saw: Blade, its design and teeth. As no matter how powerful the saw is, it will be useless without a good blade.

Teeth per inch usually range from 2 to 24, lower TPI blade is more suitable for wood whereas a higher would be for metals.

Blades are usually made of two composites: high carbon steel, and high-speed steel, and the combination of these creates a Bi-Metal blade.

High-carbon blades are low cost, extremely flexible, and don’t break when bend but they also are the least durable blades and are commonly used for cutting softwood and plastics.

High-speed blades are more sturdy but less flexible than carbon ones and would break when press to bend and are more suitable for cutting hardwood and some metals.

Bi-Metal blades are a combination of flexibility and durability, a little pricey but a preferred choice for most professional contractors.

Wrapping  Up

Everybody has their own choices and need, but in our opinion, the overall best professional reciprocating saw is Milwaukee 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL, it is hands down an outstanding saw with excellent power management and battery system that has the ability to cut large wooded lots and courtyards.

We hope you found this rundown of the best reciprocating saw for trees both helpful and useful, we have tried to cover everything from power capacity to angle to value so that you can find the one that perfectly meets your sawing needs. Always remember that the saws and the trees can cause injury so try to be safe.

Happy Backyards Cleaning!!!

People Also Asked About Reciprocating Saws For Cutting Trees

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

Can you cut trees with a reciprocating saw?
Yes, you can surely cut small trees or limbs and branches using a reciprocating saw, it is mostly used to cut fixed materials. Be reasonable about the tree or branch size you want to cut because if you are talking about a very large or thick tree, then the saw may shake it rather than cutting it through.
Can you cut 2x4 with a reciprocating saw?
Yes, the saw can very easily cut a 2×4-inch log, wood, or other material even with a wrong blade, as this saw is commonly used for demolition and restoration.
Explain the difference between a Sawzall and a reciprocating saw?
There really is not any difference between a reciprocating saw and a Sawzall. Sawzall is a trademark given by Milwaukee (a popular tool manufactures) to their reciprocating saws. It is like any other reciprocating saw a handheld device designed to cut everything and anything.

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