10 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw In 2022

In general, miter saws fall under the category of the cutting tool which is efficient and safer mainly because of the inherently fixed structure and fences. When not cutting, the saw head is tilted backward and is only lowered during the cutting process. Sliding compound miter saws are easy to set up and relatively portable among different types of miter saws and are robust enough to not needing much re-adjustment when moved from one place to another.

As the name suggests, sliding miter saws are distinguished by being able to move the blade / saw head along a sliding rail thereby increasing the cutting capacity in terms of size. They also have a locking mechanism to hold the board/log in place for straight and pull down cuts which do not require blade depth adjustment for repeated cuts of different thicknesses.

These saws have a rotating stage or table while the workpiece is held flat at an adjustable scale with positive stops at commonly used angles called miter cuts. The blade head can also be tilted at an angle for accurate diagonal cutting called bevel cuts. Depending on whether the head can be tilted in one direction (generally counterclockwise) or in both directions, the miter saw maybe a single or double bevel.

Top 10 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw Reviews 2022

The Editor  shortlisted the top 10 sliding compound miter saws and will discuss each of them in detail to help you choose the best one according to your needs.

1. DEWALT (DWS779) – Best Dual bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT DWS779 is a sliding compound cord miter saw that comes with a 12-inch carbide blade and an add-on blade wrench. This beast weighs a good 56 pounds and cut across a maximum of a 6.75-inch thickness of wooden boards. The double bevel sliding design is powered by a 15 amp motor working on 3,800 RPMs.

The dust collection system is innovatively designed to capture most of the dust (approximately 75%) generated during cutting. Although a dust shoot is standard with the saw, the port can be attached with a vacuum system through the hose to increase the efficacy of dust collection.

DWS779 is designed for professionals and thus lacks an LED or laser marker (which is sold separately) to show the line of cut.

However, the emphasis on safety is nevertheless seen in the exclusive back fence and cam-lock miter handle. It can easily cut through wood and laminates. for more details on a 12-inch sliding miter saw, check our previous detailed review on them.

The Expert Opinion
This is one well-built sliding miter saw which can withstand some serious work. They make accurate cuts and are easy to adjust. They are a bit heavy and burdensome but you won’t mind that since it is a 16 inch straight cut capacity saw.
  • The exceptionally smooth sliding action
  • The innovative design of sawdust port to collect most of the sawdust
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Exclusive back-fence
  • No LED or laser marker included

2. Bosch GCM12SD – Best hefty portable Miter Saw

As opposed to the regular slide-type design, GCM12SD features an axial glide system, which allows the miter saw to cut wider across the board. Bosch’s propriety space-saving glide system design ensures accuracy, ease of use, and smooth cutting motion saving you up to 12 inches of workspace while allowing broader cut lengths.

The 15 amp corded motor can produce a torque of almost 3 horsepower (3,800 rpm) for this 88.2 pounds heavy saw. However, the integrated sliding material support holds the boards/workpieces in place while cutting.

The easily readable undeviating bevel and stainless steel miter scales with marked detents on this sliding miter saw provide easy adjustments.

GCM12SD is great with respect to ease of use due to upfront all-metal bevel controls and lock lever ensuring quick bevel settings directly without the need to reach the back of the saw, plus the 1 touch lock/unlock to slide fence for supplementary care. An ideal miter saw for crown moldings, use this one and get the desired results you are looking for.

The Expert Opinion
Even with the standard rough blade, this miter saw is capable of cutting base molding, 7 1/4 inch trim base well as well as 2×8’s and 3/4” plywood. This is one of the best hefty portable miter saws available which leans to both sides for miter cuts with easy adjustability.
  • Rock-solid, accurate axial glide system
  • The angle controls for miter or compounds easily accessible
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Rational noise level
  • The sawdust collection is not great
  • No laser guide

3. Cruzer Delta – Best for smooth Cutting

Delta 26-2241 is 61.9 pounds dual bevel sliding compound miter saw equipped with a 10-inch blade and a versatile flip-down fence which enhances the nominal crosscut capacity to 16 inches. The 15 amp motor complemented with blade brakes provides power with safety. The innovative design has the miter control as well as bevel release on the front with 7 positive stops across the 45° bevel angles and 10 miter detents.

It is furnished with patented shadow line technology where LED light illuminates the working area and the blade casts a shadow line on the wood marking the position of cut for consistent and accurate cutting.

The two trigger design has an additional safety trigger on the large molded handle which is suitable for both the right and the left-handed.

Extensions of a robot arm and dust collection chute along with the ability to extend wings on each side improve the cutting experience while increasing the efficiency. It can easily cut 5-1/2 inches base molding and 6-1/4 inch crown molding and can be utilized for many different types of workman-ship. And it comes with a 5 year Delta Warranty.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw can easily cut the 90’s, 22.5, and 45’s. Because of the accurate shadow guideline, the cuts come out pretty accurate, it’s actually an LED light shining on the blade forming a perfect line on the boards.
  • Designed for tight spaces
  • Easy bevel adjustment due to the forward location of bevel lever
  • Its robot arm is designed to work closer to the wall
  • When extended out, the saw head flexes and alters the angle

4. Makita LS1019L – Best for Professional

Makita LS1019L is a dual bevel sliding compound miter saw with a 10-inch blade that can rival the capacity of a 12-inch miter saw in terms of crown molding cutting. It provides miter angles between 0 to 60° left and right; bevel angles 0 to 48° left and right.

Innovative direct drive gearbox with linear ball bearing system and guard system is devised to deliver the thrust of power for efficient & accurate cuts. This replacement of gearbox with belt mechanism ensures smooth start-ups & fully transfers the power from 15-ampere motor working at 3800 rpm to blade without reduction.

This Makita 10 inch sliding compound miter saw has a huge aluminum base for efficient cutting and comes with a laser to convey accuracy and hence is able of cutting big materials easily. Moreover, it features an electric brake for expediency as well as safety.

The most compact size of this miter saw allows for increased portability along with the single slide-glide operation which allows easy operation against a wall. A dual bevel miter saw bevels in both directions, you can make the opposing bevel cuts on the same wood piece.

The Expert Opinion
with a vertically nested crown molding capacity of up to 6-5/8 inches, Makita LS1019L is a dream come true for woodworkers, carpenters, and professionals.
  • Direct drive motor
  • The motor is surprisingly quiet
  • Solid built
  • Not too heavy
  • Horizontally the saw is impressively square over an 11-1/4″ wide board
  • It cannot cut square vertically
  • The saw cannot cut straight

5. Metabo HPT – Best for Carpentry

Metabo HPT’s (the rebranded Hitachi power tool’s) C12RSH2S is a 77.8-pound heavy-duty compound miter saw powered by a 15 ampere motor for cutting tough boards and difficult trims. It is supplied with a 12-inch 60 tooth TCT blade, dust bag, a vice, and a wrench.

The new compact slide system is designed to eliminate the rear clearance requirement as the saw head can slide along fixed rails. This slide mechanism reduces the footprint of the C12RSH2S by up to a foot making it one of the most compact saws in the market.

In addition to a laser marker for indicating the line of cutting, it features a larger sliding fence which makes it suitable for cutting larger chunks and pieces. These fences can be raised up to 5-1/8 inches for a vertical crown molding job as high as 7-1/2 inches.

A large miter angle of 0-57 degrees towards the right gives it the ability to do difficult jobs with ease making it ideal for trim workers and homeowners providing both precision and reliability.

The Expert Opinion
It is one of the most compact dual bevel sliding miter saws available in the market at a reasonable price. This sliding miter saw provides accuracy and reliability along with the 15 amp strong motor makes it an ideal choice for trim carpenters, framers, and woodworkers.
  • Laser light for indicating the line of cut
  • Large sliding fences for larger vertical crown molding
  • Largest miter angles of 0-57 degrees offered in the market
  • Flexible rubber boot for efficient dust collection
  • Blade guard blocks laser light( and even obstructs extreme bevel angles)
  • General quality issues are reported

6. SKIL 3821 – Best for Homeowner

Bosch’s low end but branded SKIL 3821-01 is a 12-inch compound miter saw with a powerful 15-ampere motor working at a  maximum of 4,500 rpm. Weighing at 46.3 pounds, this beast can be utilized in a quick-mount fashion on a SKIL miter saw stand with ease, allowing portability and efficiency.

SKIL 3821-01 is equipped with a laser light guiding line of cut for quick and accurate woodwork for DIYer’s and homeowners.

It features table extension with rails on both left as well as right sides for larger / longer trims and workpieces.

It has 9 positive stops for directly setting the most common miter angles. Moreover, this saw is very easy to adjust and simple to use, and the miter saw declares well of its safety because it is built of durable and tough materials.

The Expert Opinion
This reasonably priced 12-Inch Quick Mount compound miter saw with laser guidelines is highly endorsed for woodwork and other stronger fabrications making it an ideal choice for beginners and DIYers as well as homeowners.
  • Solid built
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy portability
  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • The position of the laser is awkward that sawdust accumulates over it & muddies the light marker

7. Metabo HPT C10FSBS – Best for Picture framers

The Metabo HPT C10FSBS is a 10-inch sliding dual compound miter saw with a 12 ampere motor for specialized power for the hard-hitting cutting jobs. It also features a soft start function which diminishes noise and recoil throughout the start-up. This ultimate in system and function saw is great for trim carpenters, framers, and woodworkers.

Large angle (57 degrees miter angle towards the right) with positive stops for common angles on both miter and bevel scales inscribed in white on black ensure visibility along with quick & easy setting to desired angles.

C10FSBS is equipped with a linear ball bearing slide system which gives dead-on accuracy with a smooth cutting experience. Complemented with a significantly larger pivoting fence, it can effortlessly support larger trims and boards providing stability and flexibility during the cutting operation.

Operators can swiftly flip the saw blade too with a 45-degree dual bevel angle range while keeping the workpiece tight in place. This saw also features an electric brake and electronic speed control to keep the RPM’s constant while avoiding any constant unintentional and accidental cuts.

The Expert Opinion
This is one relatively cheap sliding miter saw with ultra-power and direct drive which marks easy swift cutting through hardwoods with effortlessness. But since this saw is for professionals so you will need a table or stand to set it on and operate with it.
  • Soft and smooth startup
  • Easy & simple adjustment to desired settings
  • Operation of the saw is artless
  • Non-smooth sliding action

8. Truper Sinco – Best for all types of wood

Truper’s SINCO-12X is a medium weight (57.4 pounds) double bevel sliding miter saw with a 12-inch 60 toothed tungsten carbide blade. The powerful 16-ampere motor moves at a whopping 4,500 rpm to deliver sheer power to the cutting head. This saw also offers the additional laser feature to make cutting easy.

The telescopic cutter head on sliding rails has a built-in safety lock to keep the distance fixed during cutting. The ergonomic design of the handle with an orifice for padlocking un-authorized access and retractable optically transparent protective guard add to the safety of the saw.

The miter, as well as bevel scales, have positive stops at 0˚, 15˚, 22.5˚, 30˚ and 45˚ towards both left as well as right sides for quick and easy adjustments. It features a vertical as well as a horizontal press to keep the workpiece bound to the saw during the cutting operation. Sidearm rail extensions spread on the table to efficiently support longer and wider workpieces in conjunction with several levels of presses gives the user better cutting control.

The Expert Opinion
This miter saw perfectly cuts all types of wood well at all angles and without exceeding the allowed thickness. Although this sliding miter saw is expensive but is also very versatile for working with wood, with a greater capacity in cross cuts as compared to other high costing equipment.
  • Good quality and resistant saw easy to use
  • Sliding rails for efficient slide-glide function
  • Expensive

9. JET 707210 – Versatile Miter Saw

The 54 pounds JET 707210 is a medium-heavy sliding-type dual bevel compound miter saw with a powerful 15-ampere motor punching maximum at 4,200 RPM. Embedded linear bearings with up-front bevel controls permit for controlled and smooth slide and cut operation.

This miter saw features an additional single motion thumb lever to change miter angles quickly. Unlike many miter saws, it has an ergonomic rubber grip handle for maximum control. An included thin sharp high visibility red laser provides precise cut line position and the LED light provides supplementary visibility in low lit workspaces.

The JET dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw is one of the most multipurpose saws in your shop. This also has a dust port with a provided dust bag and 2-1/2 inches connector to get the most dust collection possible.

This saw is a workhorse that is also portable enough with adjustable left and right fences and extension tables for support with a 5 second out motor brake to provide greater versatility. Also, the miter detent override provides good adjustments for unlimited miter angles.

The Expert Opinion
This saw is a workhorse in your workshop that is also portable enough to be traveling with you wherever you need a great saw on the job. It proficiently cuts miter, bevel, straight and compound angles with precision and exactitude over a hand saw.
  • Upfront bevel controls
  • 4200 RPM power output
  • LED and laser both are included
  • Chinese made

10. Evolution R255SMS+ – Best for Wood Plastic

Evolution is a 42.1 pounds 10-inch compound sliding miter saw with a Powerful 15 Ampere hi-torque motor with an improved gearbox & blade system which allows you to cut through a wide range of materials without even the need of changing blades.

This saw comes with a Japanese Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped blade with more teeth for a cleaner cut, so much so that it can cut through up to 1/8 inch mild steel.

This 15 amp saw with adjustable depth and laser precision guidance has quick click miter stops at 0˚, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45˚ both left & right.

The quick-release hold down clamp allows not only for a faster clamping adjustment but also secures the workpiece. With the extended neck and fence on this miter saw, the cutting capacity increases as well as you can cut a bigger workpiece.

A rear carry handle permits comfortable to pick up and safe transport around the workshop or job site with the 13ft long cable means that provides an extended spread for your saw, abolishing the need for extension cables.

This saw is capable to cut within 0° – 45° bevel tilt using the clear bevel scale and 50˚ to – 50˚ miter angles by using the base detents with laser-guided precision for assisted straight-line cutting to guarantee the perfect angle & finish on your next woodworking venture.

The Expert Opinion
This monster provides ready-to-weld cuts through mild steel, whether that is a sheet or angle iron. This single bevel miter saw can cut through hardwood, softwood, and timber, even wood with embedded nails! Moreover, it can cut through wood plastic composite for your summer projects with ease as it cuts through plastic such as acrylic & drainage tubes cleanly without burning or melting them.
  • Steel cutting beast
  • Easy portability by the front/back handle
  • Attractive price
  • Immovable extensions
  • The provided blade is not of very good quality

what is a sliding miter saw?

The sliding miter saw can cut a much wider board as compared to a non-sliding miter saw and also you do not have to frequently flip the board to cut the other side. So if you are frequently cutting wider, bigger boards, the sliding miter saw is what you need.

What is a sliding compound miter saw?

A sliding compound miter saw can cut across materials that are beyond the reach of the blade of a compound miter saw. But the big difference is that the sliding miter saws also have sliding rails which help to move the saw head back and forth on those rails,  comparable to a radial arm saw. This kind of saw also allows locking of the rails to use it to make straight, tear down cuts. A sliding miter saw also helps in easy dealing with huge and wider materials.

What is the difference between a Compound Miter Saw and a Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

What is the difference between a Compound Miter Saw and a Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A sliding compound miter saw is almost alike to a compound miter saw in the respect that it also makes both miter and bevel cuts. The sliding miter saw can do all the same things that the compound miter saw would do however, a sliding compound miter saw can cut across thicker wider wood that is beyond the reach of the blade of a compound miter saw, and that too without any flipping.

Let’s lookout for some major differences:

  1. A compound miter saw provides a greater cutting arc unlike the sliding compound miter saw because it does not have any arms/rails to limit the cuts.
  2. If you need to cut corner joint moldings, it will be better to use a compound miter saw because the sliding rails will not get in the way of you cutting moldings.
  3. A compound miter saw can only cut wood(lumber) up to 6 inches wide.
  4. The rails on the sliding miter saws allow you to slide the saw head back and forth as you cut.
  5. Sliding compound miter saws are often used for cutting wider woods, lumber, and baseboards almost up to 12 inches.
  6. Sliding miter saws are usually a little more dangerous than a non-sliding miter saw and hence require professional guidance.

Single bevel vs Double bevel miter saw: Which one to buy?

In contrast to a single bevel saw which can only be rotated towards a single side, a double bevel miter saw can cut at an angle on both sides of the wood piece simultaneously, eliminating the need of flipping the board around during the cutting procedure.

However, both compound miter saws, as well as sliding miter saws, feature single or double bevel models. However, either single bevel or double, sliding saws are every so often used for cutting thick, broader logs, lumber, and baseboards.

Due to the versatility of allowing cutting at an angle concurrently on both sides, a double bevel miter saw is generally much heavier and consequently a little pricey than a single bevel miter saw.

Generally, a double bevel miter saw is a much more precise and helpful tool because it also saves you time, hence perfect for professionals while a single bevel miter saw is more suited to homeowners and DIY’ers. So choose wisely!

How to use a Sliding Compound Miter Saw?

The sliding miter saw with its sliding rails and vertical pivot tilts the blade both horizontally and vertically to make the desired cut. They have the advantage of creating miter cuts, bevel cuts, angular cuts, and more.

When it comes to doing important woodwork projects, a sliding compound miter saw is an essential tool to make an accurate and precise cut. Sliding miter saw may look scary to use but once you carefully follow all the proper guidelines, you’ll start sawing like a pro.

1. Angle and thickness of the wood

Before marking the wood, determine the angle of the cut and the wood thickness that will come in contact with the blade. Make the necessary miter and bevel adjustments as per the manufacture’s guidelines.

2. Mark the wood

Mark the piece with a pencil and drop the blade on the board to check the alignment before you start to cut. You can even place the saw on the saw stand to make exact cuts.

3. Board Placement

Place the board against the fence at the back of the saw and secure it with a clamp at least 6 inches away from the blade. Keep your hand away from the blade and onto the handle.

4. Start the saw

Start the saw and once the motor jumps to speed, lower it down to the board to cut, moving the saw back and forth. Once you have successfully cut the board, release the trigger and wait for the blade rotation to stop before raising the saw.

How to change a blade on a sliding compound miter saw?

Changing a blade on a sliding compound miter saw is almost similar for all brands of miter saws. There are some basic skills you need to learn to replace the blade. Always choose the blade compatible with your miter saw.

  • The first step is to unplug the machine to avoid any injury/li>
  • Raise the blade and then the blade guard, which at times may be tightened using screws. If it refused to move upward, ensure that the blade arm is not locked
  • You’d find the spindle lock on the back or front of the saw, press it to secure the blade, must lock the blade as it holds the saw blade in an immobile position.
  • Using the wrench, unscrew the bolt and remove it carefully not to touch the teeth
  • Insert new blade and tighten all screws
  • Finally, check if everything is properly installed and perform. a small test cut

What are the advantages of using a sliding compound miter saw?

  • Sliding compound miter saws are intended to cut all the way through wide materials
  • No flipping/ repositioning of workpiece required
  • While cutting miter and bevel angles into wide boards, a sliding miter saw is the best choice
  • The sliding feature makes the saw a little easier to work with
  • Sliding saws are often used for cutting wider, thicker woods and boards
  • The sliding miter saws are well-thought-out to be portable bringing up their price quite a bit

Why is the Dewalt 10” bevel sliding compound miter saw cheaper than the 12″ one?

The DW717 is a 10-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw whereas the DeWalt DWS779 is a very popular choice and commonly used 12-inch dual bevel sliding compound miter saw. A 10-inch miter saw is typically the widely used one as it provides more detailed work because the smaller blade can spin at a higher RPM and the blade normally has smaller but sharper finer teeth on it to make neat cuts, however, the 12 inch miter saws are nearly always better at cutting thicker stock…. That’s one of the main reasons the 10-inch is cheaper than the 12-inch saw.

The same is the case with the DW717 and DWS779 as both feature a 15 Amp motor but the 10” saw can spin its blade to a maximum no-load speed of 4,000 RPM as compared to the 3800 RPM of the 12” saw. While the Dewalt 12” bevel sliding compound miter saw has a cutting capacity of 2×14 inch lumber at a right angle and up to 2×12 inches at a 45˚ angle but the cutting capacity on the DWS717 is exceptionally good for a 10-inch miter saw as the 45˚ bevel cut capacity on lumber is 2×12 but it is because of its unique back fence. The 12-inch unique specs make it a bit expensive.

How to choose Best Miter Saw Sliding Compound?

How to choose Best Miter Saw Sliding Compound

Having reviewed the top 10 amongst the best sliding miter saws, you can easily make a choice among these for the best sliding miter saw available in the market. To save your valuable time, let’s summarize the main features you should remember before your final selection of any sliding miter saw to buy out of these.

  • Power

The very first thing to consider when purchasing a sliding miter saw is the power of the motor. A more powerful motor is required to cut hardwood while a relatively moderate powered motor can be sufficient for normal trim cuttings. Hence the power of the motor is needed to be figured out according to your use.

The power of a saw motor is typically measured in amperes and just like for any other miter saw, sliding miter saws are generally available in a range of powers, for example, 13 amps, 15 amps, and 16 amps. Most of the sliding miter saws are installed with a 15 amp power motor with a maximum no-load speed of 4,000 RPM which is more than enough power for smooth, neat cuttings or crown moldings.

  • Size and Weight

The sliding miter saws are heavier and require more workspace because of the extra rails and a few more parts with a broad base.so decide your purchase keeping in mind the size and weight of the saw and the kind of portability you expect from it.

  • Size of Wood

Sliding miters saws are designed to cut through wide thicker wood boards more than 8” and up to 12” wide without the hassle of having to reposition or flip the boards.

  • Dependable locks & clamps

As a miter saw is a powerful cutting tool, you should thoughtfully consider the reliability of locks and presses along with the presence of clamps. It is always important to check the sliding rail for required distance and the various clamps to hold the workpiece in place during cutting.

  • Safety Features

Whether you are a professional or otherwise, you have to be considerate of the safety features on the sliding miter saw that you are purchasing. Your safety should be the first priority even if it is costlier when purchasing a powerful chopping tool. All the sliding miter saws incorporate some kind of built-in safety features to prevent any accidents.

The first and foremost safety consideration in any miter saw is the presence of a saw guard which a plastic covering the blade above the cutting line thus providing safety from any accident causing due to the open rotating blade. Most modern miter saws have electric brakes these days which will bring the blade to an instant halt in any emergency situation. This safety feature is a  significant innovation ensuring safety in case of any dreadful accidents.

  • Blade

The quality and the size of the blade is also an important deciding factor when considering a sliding miter saw. The most common blade used in miter saws is 10-inch and 12-inch with usually 60-80 teeth. Although a larger number of teeth on a blade can cut smoothly, it also adds to the cost. However, the teeth on a 10-inch blade are finer and provide a neater cut than a 12-inch blade with the same teeth count.

Most of the sliding miter saws are offered with tungsten carbide tipped blades but you can always choose from any blade of the shelf for any special cutting needs like aluminum or laminates. It is therefore important to look at the blade information carefully and compare it with your needs when choosing a sliding miter saw.

  • Crosscut, miter, and bevel cutting capacity

One of the key features when choosing a sliding miter saw is to check the cross cut miter and bevel cutting capacity. These cutting capacities are usually dictated by the maximum angles to which miter and/or bevel can rotate however the sliding miter saws are not capable of cutting extreme angles. Also, the bevel can be single or double depending upon whether the blade can be tilted on one or both sides. Generally speaking, a single bevel sliding miter saw is cheaper than a double bevel one.

  • Fences and Table Extensions

Mostly the sliding compound miter saws come with tall pivoting aluminum fences to support angle crowns and the built-in table extensions to support longer boards. So make sure to check out the specifications ahead of the final purchase.

  • Laser and Dust Collection

Make sure to check for the availability of a precise laser or an LED guideline in case you need an accurate cutline image for ease of cutting. and since you would never want all the sawdust in your face while you are operating the miter saws, make sure to look out for an efficient dust collection system in your final purchase.

  • Other factors

One of the important things to consider is the stability and sturdiness of the sliding miter saw. The base of the saw has to be stable enough to not only keep itself steady but also to hold while cutting large pieces. Heavyweight saws are sturdier and the side extensions help to hold larger workpieces tight.  You can also look for a good quality miter saw stand so that a sliding miter saw can be safely put on it and against a wall.

Miter saws are designed to be mounted on the saw stand in your shop, but if you have to use it on different work sites, then it’s better to choose a compact, portable one. Also, buy the blade that is compatible with not only your miter saw but also your project.


We have compiled these best-selling single and double bevel sliding compound miter saws after thoroughly reviewing the best attributes each saw possess and creating a comparison table so you can make the best choice because of these decisions a little overwhelming.

Whether you want to do your floor laminations, install crown moldings, any historic renovations, or just make a simple nightstand, these miter saws have all the qualities you are looking for in your next woodworking projects, choose whichever you wish according to your planned projects keeping in view of your needs and budget because these saws would make your life breezy.

Happy Saw Shopping!

People Also Asked About For Sliding Compound Miter Saws 2022

I have compiled the most asked questions that people ask about at different platforms;

How to cut a 2x4 with a 10inch sliding compound miter saw?
In order to proceed with the cutting procedure; make sure to wear the safety gear, you always must keep your hands at least 6inches away from the saw blade because safety comes first. Generally, the bigger is the blade, the deeper and broader is the cut that it makes. In the case of a 2 x 4, a 10-inch sliding compound miter saw will cut a 2 x 4 at a 45 degrees angle. However, a 10-inch blade is sufficient to cut a piece of (2×6) two-by-six lumber.
What is the longest slide in the sliding compound miter saw?
A sliding miter saw allows you to cut huge wider boards with very little hassle as compared to the non-slider ones. The sliding compound miter saw can easily slide/ reach out to 12 or even 16 inches, which is almost, double the width of a non-slider miter saw.
How wide crosscut can a 10-inch sliding compound miter saw make?
A 10-inch sliding compound miter saw is the best combination of precision, cutting capacity, power drive, cost, and portability. However, because of the size, the ten-inch blade has a restricted cutting capacity and will only easily cut up to a six-inch piece of wood. Usually, a 10″ miter saw will allow you to cut a 2 x 6 inches piece of wood at 90 degrees and a 2 x 4 inches piece of lumber at 45 degrees. However, the non-sliding saws, although are consistently accurate, light in weight, and less expensive but lack the crosscut capacity of sliding miter saws up to 50 percent less.
Do I need a sliding compound miter saw?
A sliding compound miter saw is a focused tool with the qualities of the compound miter saw with an added punch, the sliding feature that can do both miter and bevel cuts on a wide board. So if you are to work on thicker workpieces especially wider than 8-inches, (which is more than what a non-slider saw cut) and also cutting crown moldings or baseboards without having to reposition the pieces, a sliding miter saw is what you need. Moreover, a sliding miter saw allows you to cut huge wider boards with very little effort as compared to the non-slider ones.

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